Telnyx Review: Pricing, Features & More

Telnyx is a trusted partner for enterprises in addressing their most pressing connection and communication requirements. You may design a custom connection solution that meets your company's needs since they handle the tough issues of infrastructure and APIs.
Telnyx Review: Pricing, Features & More

Telnyx overview

Telnyx is the industry-leading communications platform, serving as a trusted partner to Global 500 companies in need of cutting-edge solutions. Telnyx's portfolio of solutions is intuitive and safe since its architecture was built with the cloud in mind and puts a priority on APIs (application programming interfaces). The design is also tightly controlled, resulting in minimal resource use. These systems were developed specifically for the most demanding scientific and industrial tasks, so you can be certain that they will support your company reliably from start to end. Telnyx is very flexible and may be modified to meet the requirements of a broad range of use cases. It has the potential to be utilized for genuine voice and data processing and storage on the cloud.

The mobile and voice network used by Telnyx is state-of-the-art since it makes use of carrier-grade, cloud-native, and global resources. Telnyx provides a secure, high-capacity network that features a myriad of phone and data services, guaranteeing that your business will always be reachable, engaging, and safe. The most sophisticated carrier voice platform, the most advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, and intelligent telephone routing are only some of the solutions offered by Telnyx. With Telnyx, organizations can easily deploy, maintain, and expand the services and applications they provide thanks to a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

What Telnyx has to say about itself

Telnyx is the corporation that oversees the development and expansion of worldwide connections and is responsible for doing so. Because they operate their very own multi-cloud global IP network, they are able to offer connection, wireless networking, storage, and a wide range of other services right up to the hyperlocal edge of their coverage area. The organization has centralized user-friendly application programming interfaces (APIs) in a single place in order to make access to the underlying infrastructure more manageable and less complicated. They provide connection, wireless networking, storage, and other networking services from inside the constraints of a private IP network that spans the globe and contains several cloud computing environments.

Because it is built on 10 distinct multi-cloud Points of Presence (PoPs) that are dispersed around metropolitan regions all over the globe, it is trustworthy and resistant to latency, downtime, and packet loss. This is because PoPs are spread out throughout metropolitan areas. Because Telnyx is the owner of the private fiber connections that run between its many places of presence, it is able to get access to all of them in a prompt and uncomplicated manner. These connections, which serve as a secure and private backbone, are essential to the process of data transfer since they provide the necessary support. You will be able to cut the amount of time it takes to build your software in half with the help of user-friendly application programming interfaces (APIs), software development kits, and detailed development documentation.

If the standard service that a business provides does not satisfy your expectations, it is simple to adapt the application programming interface (API) of the firm so that it does satisfy those requirements instead.

Telnyx Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasUSA, CA, GB, NL, DE, Asia, AU
Service TypesTelnyx provides cloud-based communication for all company sizes. They provide voice, SMS, MMS, fax, number management, video calling, and customisable communication APIs. The company offers number portability, virtual DIDs (local, toll-free, and worldwide), and call tracing for corporate needs. Finally, provide developer-friendly Secure SIP and WebRTC for fast application deployment and scaling.
FeaturesSMS API, IoT SIM Card, Microsoft Teams, Global Numbers, Voice API, Zoom Phone, SIP Trunking, Storage, Global Edge Router
CertificationsTelnyx has the following certifications: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS); HIPAA compliant; SOC2 Type II; GDPR compliant.

Telnyx price policy

Telnyx's clients enjoy high-quality communication services at affordable rates. The firm has a straightforward and very efficient pricing structure. Customers have the option of either a flat monthly rate or per-use billing. The set monthly charge is available upon request from the service team. At a flat rate per message, both incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS messaging services are offered. In addition, they provide worldwide toll-free phone lines for a variety of countries and toll-free bridges that can accommodate up to 500 users at once. Many businesses have been able to afford steady and dependable connectivity thanks to the cheap costs of telecommunications thanks to competition in the market.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, Bitcoin, and ACH.
Payment discountsWhen your total number of calls and texts exceeds a specific level, you will immediately be considered for discounts, even if you haven't reached that threshold yet. And collaborate with a devoted sales professional to come up with reduced pricing depending on the quantity of the service that is utilized on a monthly basis; this will be done in conjunction with the service.

Telnyx online reputation

According to the favorable reviews left by customers, Telnyx seems to be a dependable and reasonably priced supplier of telecom services. Customers have said that the customer service is exceptional, there is a diverse selection of options, and there is a great deal of price freedom. On the other side, several clients have voiced their dissatisfaction with unpredictable uptime as well as periodic outages. If consumers are aware of and prepared for any possible setbacks, Telnyx seems to be an excellent option for corporate communications solutions. This, however, is only true in the larger context.
Telnyx is in charge of all of our toll-free traffic management. We really hope that they can take care of even more of our traffic in the future. The Telnyx portal puts everything you need in the palm of your hand. Number Routing, Call Forwarding, Endpoint Configuration, Reporting, and even a very user-friendly porting tool are some of the features offered by this platform. The gateway has all that we need right at this particular now. Support is only a phone call away for any inquiries or worries that may arise. They are wonderful, by the way! The Telnyx product has a significant amount of redundancy at many levels. It is by far the most trustworthy SIP service that I've come across. There are never any problems with the service for us. They make it very simple for users to communicate with 3cx systems. In spite of the fact that the interface's design is not stingy at all, there is a distinct design framework that the developers must adhere to in order to produce a functional echo system. There are a lot of things to appreciate about Telnyx, such as how easy it is to use the website, how clearly the porting procedures are outlined, and how, in a nutshell, the service is effective. When interacting with your account through the phone, it is a pleasant experience to interact with actual people. - Jonathan A.
I cannot express how unhappy and dissatisfied I am with Telnyx. For promoting a product launch in Australia and informing their consumers that they need to terminate their accounts in order to change currencies and really utilize the capabilities that are available in Australia in order to do so. Customer service informed me that in order to switch from USD to AUD, I would need to delete my account and create a new one from scratch, which would mean losing all of my previous information, including my content, my money, and my phone contacts. Their support but two have acted in a manner that is quite unprofessional, and it profoundly disturbs me that they give support that is of such a lower grade for wholesale customers when compared to the actual interface and the obviously bright people who developed it. When we are reselling to smaller carriers, it would be fantastic if we could be given the flexibility to supply private label subsections to the reseller. This would help us decrease the expense associated with the transaction, notably for number lookup and porting. - Waseem K.
Before putting the Telnyx solution into production, I tested it for a period of two months. Both throughout that period and in the subsequent ten months, it remained consistent. I have increased the amount I use it and have even suggested it to several of my friends. The amount of money I have saved is tremendous, yet the quality of my service has not diminished. I have reached out to support on many occasions, and each time has been a very satisfactory experience. The people who provide help are both patient and educated. I provide SIP trunks to a number of different small enterprises by making use of telecom PBX servers manufactured by Avaya and AllWorx. I am now offering fax services to a number of different locally owned companies. Because of the cost reductions, I am able to generate a respectable profit while also saving a significant amount of money for both myself and my clients. The SIP trunks provide a lot of useful features. Because there is a range of price structures to choose from, I may choose the one that will be most beneficial to each individual client. The level of technical help that was offered was satisfactory to me. - Bradly O.
The one thing that bothers me about this service is that key services, such as SMS integration and failover to PSTN for DIDs, come with additional recurring monthly expenses on top of the pay-per-use model. To utilize, you do need to have a fundamental degree of technological understanding. But even with a limited amount of information, you should be able to get by and comprehend the technical assistance. There is a need for improvement in the documentation pertaining to the configuration of the services. If you are not making use of a widely used PBX, then selecting the appropriate settings will need some effort on your part. A straightforward SMS send-receive interface or connection with a front end such as is something I'd be really interested in seeing. The problem arises when an accidental call costs more than the typical amount of $ per month. That is intolerable, and for certain users, it even has the potential to be so. Bear in mind that the pricing list was NOT accessible at the time, as was shown in the previous demonstration. Because of just this one problem, someone could choose reimbursability rather than quality, which is not what Telnyx is about given the quality of their infrastructure and services. - Julie G.
Telnyx is, without a doubt, my preferred VOIP service for call termination and origination, as well as SMS options; nevertheless, I have integrated a great number of other VOIP providers. Highly competitive rate decks for low and mid-tier volumes, which are fantastic for small and medium-sized businesses, and even better pricing for big quantities of traffic. SMS and some speech feature integrations were made much simpler by the presence of a well-documented API with a large number of samples. Telnyx offers excellent support, and if you ever have any questions or run into any issues, you can easily get in touch with a technician who a) understands the problem you're having and b) is quick to respond and even takes the initiative to provide you the information or answer you want. Telnyx is distinguished by its ability to rapidly connect customers with helpful representatives through the telephone. In general, I'm really happy with the service, and I have no reservations about recommending Telnyx to others. The provisioning of resources takes almost no time at all, and call quality has been excellent throughout. - Damien K.
The cost of the first mistaken call, which was made to a costly location, will not be repaid right away. To expect someone who does not charge more each month to pay is, in my opinion, a little bit ridiculous. It may be an even greater challenge for a larger organization. The communication with the server is not carried out in high definition. Certain service providers in Europe maintain the communication in HD in order to ease the transition to higher-quality codecs, should it be viable. It ought to be easier to understand, even for an inexperienced user, why it is necessary to implement encryption, given that the IT man obviously understands or will know what to do. In general, though, the call quality may range from very excellent to exceptional. Last but not least, the website need to reassure users that forcing their IP address to be visible to the outside world is feasible and ought not to divulge the identity of the customer or user even if the receiving software is able to strip the sip address hidden behind the number. This ought to be done in place of randomizing the IP address or at the very least permitting a common root for the whole user team. - Steven T.
I have fast access to dependable Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services that can be easily scaled up or down at a reasonable price thanks to Telnyx. When we ran into technical problems (which were not caused by Telnyx), having a dependable VOIP provider and good technical assistance was quite beneficial. Dependability and Adaptability, as well as, Multiple SIP registrations provide us with the flexibility to route each individual DID to a separate SIP registration, which makes it possible for us to incorporate redundancies. is not difficult to set up, and it has the potential to have excellent call quality. Prices are reasonable for the vast majority of locations. The 711 a/u codec is generally accessible practically all of the time, and it is a positive development that the codec sometimes makes its way into HD 722. The majority of my work with Telnyx was resolving fax-related problems with customers and making adjustments to CNAM output. They were supposed to be used for additional SIP trunk traffic, but we simply couldn't justify making the transition or putting in the time. - Joan L.
The reporting process might be simplified, and expanded reporting is something that would be valued. It is challenging to run reports for numerous tenant accounts at the same time. Report formatting, as well as the need to first schedule reports and then download them. Why am I unable to see a customer's DID prices and consumption in conjunction with one another? The question that keeps popping up in the corner of the screen asking whether I need assistance is the MOST ANNOYING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED! Clippy was a character in Microsoft Office; do you remember him? Was there really anybody who wanted that? Do I have to use the same login information for each part of my account? What should I do if the accounting department at my company wants to run reports, but I don't want them messing with the connections? Never really got my head around outbound profiles... why can't I have a client that is both conversational and fax certified? The porting process still seems to be highly manual. Pricing might be improved; do you charge for setup? I get that you want to maintain the loyalty of your client base, however, in most cases, we are not the ones making these kinds of choices. - Richard P.
It works... perfectly (in contrast to the services offered by other suppliers). The assistance and function of the service are both of a very high caliber. The gateway is easy to use and very strong, making it an absolute joy to interact with. Porting is the one aspect of Telnyx that stands out to me as being superior to the others, despite the fact that it is one of many aspects that we like about Telnyx, including its performance, platform, people, and pricing. It is a delight when compared to the porting procedure that is required by the other providers (and yes, I did just use the term "porting" in the same phrase as the word "pleasure"). There aren't enough superlatives to describe how incredible these guys are. Not only is their customer service really exceptional, but the vast majority of the time, you won't even need it. Their online interface is user-friendly, their prices are incredibly reasonable, and the service they provide is typically rock-solid, to begin with. Outstanding customer service is provided by them. I've never dealt with a telecom business that provided help of such high quality; most organizations are dreadful, but these individuals are above and above satisfactory; in fact, they're fantastic! When I've had problems at two in the morning, they've responded quickly and effectively, regardless matter how significant the problem is. - Gregg L.
Support is mostly provided via chat and email. There are occasions when it is not quick enough in an emergency scenario, or we do not feel that it is fast enough. Calling someone to have a conversation about a problem could be preferable to exchanging emails back and forth at some times. A significant reduction in the tension caused by waiting as well as the sensation of not being understood and improved levels of comprehension. Its velocity. I have tested it from a variety of browsers and on my smartphone, and there are occasions when it takes too long to make modifications. This may be a problem in urgent circumstances. Accounts will, on occasion, be deregistered without prior warning. When anything like this occurs, the technical support team doesn't seem to comprehend what the problem may be. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it lasts for anything from five to ten minutes at a time. And only some of the connections are lost; the fact that all of my devices access the same website leads me to believe that the problem is not on my end. - Josh S.

Telnyx Social media Subscribers
It would seem that Telnyx's clients, on the whole, are extremely pleased with their service. People like that it has clear pricing, a comprehensive feature set, dependable connection, and outstanding customer service. They have had a really positive experience as a client overall, and as a result, they are quite enthusiastic about suggesting the service to others. Telnyx has surpassed its rivals and emerged as a leading alternative for cloud-based services that call for a communications solution that is both dependable and effective. These services are used by corporations as well as people.

Telnyx average reviews

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Telnyx Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use platform
  • Robust APIs
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited international calling rates
  • No landline phone numbers
  • Setup process can be complicated for some users

Telnyx Final Conclusions

Telnyx seems to be a reliable and quick-to-respond business, offering a variety of voice over IP (VoIP) and communication choices, as well as first-rate support. The great majority of Telnyx users report improved communication quality and faster transaction times after switching to the service, and they are pleased with the results. Prospective customers should read up on the firm and the services it provides before joining up, since some customers have reported issues with the company's technical support and billing.

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