Mango Voice Review

There is no frightening or confusing technology involved, the user interface is simple and easy to use, there are ground-breaking integrations, user-friendly features, unrivaled customer support in the United States, and Mango Voice is really concerned about the success of your company.
Mango Voice Review

Mango Voice overview

A complete unified communications platform called Mango Voice, which is based on the cloud, gives companies the chance to remain connected and communicate in a way that is both practical and simple to use. Businesses may use Mango Voice without paying anything up advance. The technology creates a single, effective, and reasonably priced suite that integrates the capacities of making phone calls and sending and receiving texts. Mango Voice is in a position to assist enterprises in the maintenance of a communication infrastructure that is both closely connected and as effective as possible thanks to the specialist hardware and software it uses.

Because Mango Voice eliminates the need for expensive local hardware installations and a substantial amount of environment-related maintenance, respectively. Its architecture, which was created in the cloud and is scalable and flexible, enables businesses to add new customers and provide them with the most recent features. Because it works with both desktop and mobile apps, users have access to a wide variety of accessibility choices.

VoIP, auto attendant services, voicemail to email, SMS messaging, conference bridge, call forwarding, web conferencing, call routing, corporate messaging, analytics, transcriptions, and call recording are just a few of the many capabilities that Mango Voice makes available. Its mobile application, which works with mobile devices running either iOS or Android, enables users to make and receive calls, organize conferences, transfer calls, and check voicemail. Messages may be sent and received in addition.

What Mango Voice has to say about itself

The origins of Mango Voice may be traced back more than 14 years to the field of telecommunications. They began as an internet service provider, first providing its services throughout the states of Utah and Nevada via wireless and fiber optic connections. After that, the corporation began offering telephone service to households and businesses, after which it expanded its operations to include schools and hotels. Mango Voice rapidly became aware of the difficulties involved in installing and updating unwieldy PBX servers as well as maintaining all of the company's infrastructure. And if there wasn't one already, they made one for themselves.

Only one system is needed, and it must have the capacity to send system upgrades to all users simultaneously. The idea that the failure of a single server would affect all users was one that Mango Voice hoped would become obsolete in the future.

The establishment of server farms at several locations around the country ensured that the business and its clients would not be adversely affected in the event that a single system failed. Additionally, Mango Voice wants to do away with conventional huge phone systems and make cumbersome, oversized equipment a thing of the past. In traditional phone systems, the typical user was expected to have the technical expertise of a qualified professional in order to make adjustments to their phone line. Instead, they came to the conclusion that what was needed was a method that was user-friendly enough to be implemented by anybody, anywhere in the globe.

When they were building the Mango Voice phone system, they built the features that users wanted for, as opposed to those that were supplied by Telco companies. This is what sets their system apart from other systems on the market.

Mango Voice Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesMango Voice offers Hosted PBX, VoIP, call routing, auto attendant, unified messaging, and interfaces with major corporate apps. Mango Voice also provides mobile integration services that let customers make and receive calls, retrieve voicemail, and utilize on-call resources from their phones.
FeaturesMango Voice, Mango Mobile, Mango Web App, Mango Text, Mango Fax
CertificationsSSAE-18 SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS 3.2.1, ISO 27001, FedRAMP/ATO – Impact Level 4 and V2.0, HIPAA, and HITRUST CSF Certification.

Mango Voice price policy

The cloud-based communication and collaboration platform Mango Voice can be linked with many corporate applications. The platform delivers VoIP, unified communications, contact center solutions, and more. Mango Voice prices depend on features and services. Auto attendant, call forwarding, and voicemail to email are included with basic VoIP services for $28.95/month per person. VoIP services for businesses start at $33.95/month and include call queues, analytics, conferencing, and web integration. The Mango Voice Contact Center offers real-time omni-channel AI routing and analytics for advanced analytics. It also offers voice recognition, automated customer service, sentiment analysis, and more. Mango Voice customizes programs for enterprise-level companies. Individual needs determine the pricing of these unique programs.
PackagesMANGO - from $28.95 per user/monthly; MANGO PLUS - starting at $33.95 per user/monthly
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). It also accepts PayPal, ACH payments, and wire transfers.
Payment discountsProvides its regular clients as well as its corporate customers with a variety of various packages to choose from. By signing up for an enterprise account, businesses have the opportunity to save costs on plans that include a variety of add-ons and upgrades. Individuals may get price reductions for bespoke software that is developed specifically to match their requirements. In addition to that, they may sometimes run discounts and deals on certain items of hardware in order to assist consumers in getting the most out of their plans.

Mango Voice online reputation

Mango Voice is a cutting-edge, all-in-one communications platform that provides its users with a substantial number of options and functions. There are several examples, including conferencing, transcription of voicemails, and virtual meeting rooms, among others. On many occasions, clients of the company have conveyed their contentment with the platform's use as well as its durability to the company. Customers have expressed their discontent with the company's customer service, the faulty software, and the company's reluctance to expand. Customers are unhappy with Mango Voice since it provides a diverse range of communication alternatives, but these options are only of a satisfactory standard. This is present in the vast majority of instances.
Our medical practice was brought up to date as a direct consequence of the availability of these services since Mango Voice now provides VoIP services that are compatible with the Yapi application. As a direct result of this progress, our typical activities throughout the day have become far more productive. Caller ID, the link with Yapi, personalised phone settings, and call recording have all proved to be extremely useful to the development of our dental business over the last several years. These features have also provided us with more tools, which enables us to provide our customers with support that is of a higher quality. These technical advancements have also made it possible for us to extend the range of services that we provide to our customer base, which is something that we are very grateful for. Because of these improvements, we are now in a position to give higher-quality medical attention to our patients than we were previously able to. - Sandra W.
The mobile application could be in need of some enhancements; for the most part, notifications are not supplied, and it would be beneficial if voicemails could be accessed on the mailbox after being listened on the mobile application. In addition, it would be amazing if the mobile app had access to extra functionalities that could be used. The sound quality of the call recording is fairly quiet, and it may be difficult to hear at times when the tape is played again for the other participant in the conversation. Due to the fact that we run a busy practice, I do not have the time to spend checking the internet for a response throughout the whole day. Despite this, the support person who has been assigned to our office is not very good. When we try to contact them using the online chat, we are prompted to provide our email address and phone number so that they may get in touch with us; however, they never call us back. After I had written an unfavorable evaluation of the firm, the only time I was approached once again was after I had posted it online. I gave the customer support employee who responded to my negative review an explanation as to why I had given them such a rating; despite my explanation, the issue has occurred several times in the time since then. - Chelsea D.
Because of how often our plans change, I like how easy it is for me to switch the phones on and off, as well as to record and save my own unique voice messages. This is especially useful while we are traveling. Integration was a breeze to do because to the wonderful assistance that was provided. I was able to express my preferences to the staff, and they did their best to fulfill them within the constraints of the program while still allowing me to do what I wanted. We have had a generally positive experience with Mango, and we like making use of it when it operates in the manner that we had anticipated it would. As a result of the cheaper price, some disadvantages, such as the need to contact customer support in order to make modifications, are considered to be acceptable trade-offs in return for the reduced cost. I really wish there was a higher level of automation and the option to change the settings on the phone at a more granular level. - Richard S.
It would be wonderful to have only a step down plan, in which we are not charged for features that we are unable to use or that are redundant to the services provided by applications into which Mango integrates. This would be a beautiful solution. This is a wonderful item to have in one's possession. This is a fantastic option that should be taken into consideration. In addition to this, we are of the opinion that the quality of the service is inconsistent to a certain degree. There has been a visible increase in the number of calls that are either lost or disconnected, and I am certain that at least some of this can be related, at least in part, to issues with the internet on our end. [Case in point:] There has been a demonstrable rise in the quantity of calls that are either lost or disconnected. We have been working with this matter for some time now, and the fact that the call logging is highly dependable is a point in our favor since it has made it very simple for us to remain on top of the problem. - Jenny V.
Integration was a straightforward process that was easy to finish. Even if the mobile app for Android does not let you to listen to voicemails from inside the app, I still find it convenient that I am able to do so via my email. The mobile app does not have this function in its current iteration. We have been unable to communicate with anybody through phone for the last two weeks as a result of issues that have been occuring with our phones. The level of irony is rather high given that they operate a phone company. The capacity to listen to prior phone calls in order to verify facts and the option to establish a schedule for the phones to be transferred to a personal smartphone at specified times are two of the greatest features that Mango Voice has to offer. Mango Voice was developed by Mango Technologies. Because of this, we are in a position to continue assisting our patients even after the office has closed for the day. It is a wonderful added convenience that we can also use this application to send and receive faxes; this functionality is included with the program. - Nicole G.
The mobile application that is meant to go along with this program is now operating a little bit behind schedule. This is the case despite the fact that this program comes with such a high-quality phone system. also stops any calls from going through at any time, and also stops me from getting any calls while we are away from the office. This is the case regardless of the accuracy of the information that is shown on the caller ID. At the very least once each week, I am required to remove the program from my computer, make the necessary adjustments, and then reinstall the application. - Laura H.
Since I joined Mango Voice almost four years ago, everything has gone swimmingly for me here. There are certain occasions when there are technical difficulties, but they strive to repair it as soon as they can. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time learning how to utilize the features since the program is easy to use. Excellent for situations with a rapid tempo. Mango is delicious. I simply wish that our scheduling software could be coupled with theirs, and that they could send automated appointment reminders to us. Aside from that, they offer excellent customer service and will assist you as soon as possible. We are able to simply alter our outgoing messages and route after-hours calls to the right staff member by using the switchboard, which also enables us to make these changes. I find myself saying a lot of the same things, so having these pieces to go to is quite helpful. My patients really like it when they can text me, since I can respond to their messages much more quickly than I can to emails. When they call and I am unable to answer the phone, I like that they are sent an automated text message instead. The flow of the communication is altered as a result of this. I also like the fact that it is connected to the medical records of my patients. - Benjamin D.
The aspects of Mango that we find less appealing than others. The service's quality is inconsistent, and we've had trouble finishing calls on occasion. Not so long ago, a three-hour outage occurred during regularly scheduled business hours. Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust the business schedule or switch to voicemail when the firm is closed or when staff are needed to be away from the office for training during normal business hours. I believe we can do this assignment while still in the office; but, we will need to make contact with the support staff to make the necessary arrangements. While a phone call is in process, it is difficult to understand the other party. We made a concerted effort to encrypt all of the numbers that are commonly known as Customer Contact Numbers; but, suddenly and for no apparent reason, they all vanished.
In comparison to our previous VOIP telephone service, the price point was substantially more affordable, and the software and personalization options were significantly better developed. The switchboard is one of my favorite features since it allows us to reroute calls in the event that members of the team are out of the office, and it does so without needing patients to go through a time-consuming menu. Because the cloud-based soft-phone provides us with access to our system from any place, it enables us to contact patients utilizing OUR number regardless of where we are located. Because of this, we no longer need to use our personal cellphones to interact with patients during emergency on-call hours, when we need to shut down because of a weather emergency, or any other event that is analogous to these circumstances. The software is simple to use and requires just a little period of training to become proficient with it. - Daniel J.
The mobile application might potentially benefit from being hosted on a more reliable platform. When I make an effort to contact somebody using the office number on the version of the app that I have installed on my Android phone, it isn't always successful. When I joined up, they were in the process of building a more complex version for both platforms. I was assured that the android version would have more capabilities than the bare minimum that they had accessible at the time. This was at the time that I signed up. Even though it has been nearly a year, I am still very much looking forward to getting this "enhanced version." Due to the fact that Mango Voice employs Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the software will become unusable if your internet service provider goes out. However, despite the fact that Mango is not to blame for the outcomes that result from your choice to use Mango Voice, you are accountable for those outcomes. You are required to take this into account before determining whether or not to use this application in order to arrive at the best decision. - Jamie M.

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Mango Voice Pros&Cons


  • Cost Effective
  • Feature Rich
  • Reliability


  • Limited International Reach
  • Limited Support Options
  • Limited Third-Party Integration

Mango Voice Final Conclusions

People who have used Mango Voice have given it a wide range of reactions. Even though most customers have praised the company for how reliable its services are and how helpful its customer service staff is, a few customers have pointed out that there have been occasional problems with installation, response times from customer service staff, and billing.

Others have sometimes raised worries about, among other things, how easy it is to install, how quickly support staff responds, and how accurate the billing is. Despite this, the vast majority of people who use Mango Voice say that the service is highly suggested because it has trustworthy features and an easy-to-use design.

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