OSI Affiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

The OSI Affiliate Software is a web-based platform that assists you in developing and managing an affiliate program related to your company. You can improve sales by providing promotional coupons to your clients. An affiliate program that enables your customers to promote your business across social networks may be started using OSI Affiliate Software, which provides all you want to get started.
OSI Affiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

OSI Affiliate overview

You can quickly set up and maintain an affiliate program for your company using OSI Affiliate Software. Simple affiliate management software that streamlines the process of finding and enabling influencers and affiliates to market your business. OSI Affiliate offers affiliate software to expanding companies of all kinds. With OSI Affiliate, any business can create and run its referral program and grow its client base.

Enable your consumers to become brand ambassadors to raise brand awareness, improve customer loyalty, and spur rapid development. Modern referral marketing software from OSI Affiliate is designed to assist companies just like yours in converting happy clients into vociferous brand advocates. Offer your partners discount coupons to post on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This allows businesses to provide discounts to customers they bring in and makes advertising easier for them. It's an easy approach to give promotions and promote your company. With OSI Affiliate, organizations can use the marketing potential of their current client base, regardless of experience level.

By recruiting other online marketers with access to your target audience, you can utilize OSI Affiliate Software to develop an internal affiliate program to increase the number of marketing channels available. When they refer you to a successful transaction, you will provide these partners, affiliates, and resellers a commission. The fact that your site has so many links going to it will also help your SEO. The referral software gives expanding companies all the resources they need to set up and run their referral program.

What OSI Affiliate has to say about itself

Businesses can develop their customer referral program with the help of OSI Affiliate. Website visitors and customers may join by just providing their email address. This is the only need for registration. They can swiftly "share" the company's profile on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Every plan comes with complete integration with Facebook and Twitter, making it simple for your affiliates to post their link across various social networks.

The OSI Affiliate program will automatically track any successful sales these referral partners send. Using your domain for affiliate links and account URLs ensures that your brand remains consistent. Businesses can reward their referral partners in any manner that they deem appropriate, such as by sending them a gift card or a paid commission, for instance. Encouragement of recommendations may also be accomplished via competitions, incentives, and discounts.

Administrators can check sales and click data and commission invoicing from their central admin dashboard. On the other hand, referral partners can monitor the incentives they have received in real time from their referral partner dashboard. You can effortlessly connect with the most successful affiliates through premium influencer directory and communicate with audiences worldwide. Facilitate one-on-one support sessions with customer success team members by scheduling them.

The affiliate programs offered by OSI Affiliate are a strong and cost-effective marketing tool that any developing company can use. Are you interested in expanding your program by instructing affiliates to acquire further affiliates? You will also have an easier time setting this up thanks to the OSI Affiliate multi-tier capability.

OSI Affiliate Review

Year Started1999
Company Websiteosiaffiliate.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesOSI Affiliate is a company that specializes in offering complete affiliate marketing solutions to companies to support them in developing and administering their affiliate programs.
FeaturesAffiliate Program Management, Referral Marketing Solutions, Affiliate Tracking Software, Marketing Collateral, Reporting and Analytics
CertificationsSOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001, HIPPA

OSI Affiliate price policy

The cost of services at OSI Affiliate varies according to the plan chosen and the extent of services required. They usually have pricing tiers, with the number of affiliates, features needed, and functionality of the selected plan all impacting the final cost. Usage-based fees or monthly subscriptions are pricing structures often customized to accommodate various company sizes. It is advised to speak with an OSI Affiliate directly or obtain a quotation for exact information on expenses and programs that fit certain company objectives. This guarantees a more precise evaluation and maximizes expenses according to specific needs.
PackagesBasic - $47USD (monthly access), Professional - $97USD (monthly access)
Payment optionsCredit/Debit cards, PayPal or Stripe, Bank Transfers
Payment discountsOSI Affiliate gives promotional discounts or special deals depending on various conditions, such as seasonal specials or volume-based pricing. There are discounts available for greater commitments or higher subscription quantities. For new subscribers or during special events, occasional discounts or specials may be available. Offers financial compensation for bringing in new customers or companies to their services.It is recommended that you check out the official website of OSI Affiliate or contact their sales staff directly to get the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or promotional deals that OSI Affiliate gives. Because businesses often modify their discount schemes, direct connection with OSI Affiliate would offer the most up-to-date information on the now available discounts.

OSI Affiliate online reputation

According to the consensus of comments, OSI Affiliate is well regarded for its user-friendly platform and accurate monitoring of affiliates. The precise tracking of affiliate activity, such as clicks, conversions, and rewards, has received great praise. For some consumers, price structures may be difficult to understand or predict effectively — the occasional worries over the restrictions placed on the ability to customize certain campaign aspects or features.
OSI Affiliate was the solution to our problems after we had four unsuccessful attempts with other affiliate software programmes. Due to the fact that we had been informed that it would only take five minutes to put it up, we were completely unprepared for it. In contrast, OSI Affiliate has a straightforward step-by-step setup that includes tutorials and the ability to fill in the gaps. Indeed, it was just a matter of five minutes! Amazing programme, and the live support is really fantastic. After just one hour, we will be prepared to go. If the advertisements had been prepared before the setup, we would have been finished. OSI Affiliate is, all things considered, an excellent option for anybody who is seeking for an affiliate marketing solution that is both comprehensive and loaded with features. The user interface is very straightforward and simple to use, and the analytics make it possible to readily monitor conversions and performance for your business. It is an excellent option for any affiliate programme due to the extensive collection of marketing tools and services that it offers. - Melissa S.
One of the drawbacks of using OSI Affiliate is that it does not come with a payment mechanism included into it. In order to collect payments from affiliates, you will be required to integrate a third-party payment processor. This is because of the circumstance described above. Furthermore, the price plans may be on the higher end of the spectrum for organisations of a smaller scale. One of the most significant drawbacks is that there is no built-in payment system, and the pricing plans are in comparison to other available choices more costly. In order to do what I wanted, I need some very precise tracking that would require some more code that just would not fit inside what they did. The fact that various commission amounts cannot be offered for different goods is something that I find inconvenient. It is also rather challenging to use the programme, and it does not have an intuitive interface. The fact that it is accomplished using this programme makes it seem to me that it is a really difficult task to do something that I had anticipated would be easy. The idea was that I could produce a limitless number of links for my highly creative affiliate to utilise in a variety of various ways, and that I could simply monitor them so that she could know which ones were most successful. - JOY F.
Despite the fact that I have no clue how they are able to be so friendly and accommodating, I am quite grateful for its presence. Within the first few hours of signing up, I was contacted for the first follow-up call. They assured me that they would make an effort to connect my webpage/checkout software, and they did it! Despite the fact that it was not shown as an integration option. They integrated and deep programmed it once more without charging me a single penny, which was truly necessary since I had to transfer software. Your client service is, first and foremost, of the highest calibre. We are quite grateful that you assist us in setting up everything. This is a great benefit. In addition to that, you continue to instruct us on how to achieve success with our affiliate sales. That is done by who? Please accept my sincere gratitude. They are committed to providing you with the highest possible level of outstanding customer service right from the start. I have been having trouble installing this programme on my website, yet they continued to work until it was finished, even though the most of people would have given up by that point. They take things extremely slowly. Never forget to pick up the phone. I like the manner in which they interact with others; my experience was really pleasant, and it continues to be so to this day. - Carrie D.
Prepare yourself for disappointment if you expect anything more than a straightforward commission structure or if you want an affiliate programme that is completely automated. The absence of API capabilities and the absence of payment alternatives are the two aspects that I find to be the most frustrating overall. By way of example, OSI Affiliate will link with CRMs; however, they will only supply the name and email address of the customer. As a result, any additional information, such as the telephone number, address, business name, and so on, will need human updating. When it comes to payments, the only choice that OSI Affiliate offers is PayPal; however, they do not provide a method to connect to their Mass Payout API (their support documents still refer to the previous mass payout option that was withdrawn by PayPal), which means that you are required to manually pay each invoice. In addition, the information foundation is lacking in a great deal of respect. Many times, there are detailed explanations for components that are quite straightforward, yet there are no explanations provided for items that are completely ambiguous. To give you an example, I was unable to get a straightforward list of OSI Affiliate's field variables anywhere. As a result, I had to contact the support team for particular information that I ought to be able to see there. - Adam M.
Service to customers that is unparalleled. This firm has salespeople that are extremely patient and nice to work with. The technical department responds in an unsurpassed manner at all times. Additionally, they are extremely patient and always honour their appointments, whether they are made by phone or zoom. When it comes to customer care, OSI Affiliate is exceptional. Within a span of less than thirty minutes, the support team was able to get me up and running without any difficulty all. On the other hand, the support personnel made me feel like a valued customer, in contrast to my prior vendor, who treated me as if I were a bother and offered me absolutely no help at all, which is the reason I left them. There is a significant difference between OSI Affiliate and other vendors in that I am aware that the technical support team at OSI Affiliate has my back. This gives me the confidence to concentrate on the things that are most important to me, which is my business, and know that I will not have to worry about a loss in revenue as a result of technical issues. - Filip V.
Due to the fact that I am unable to completely customise the affiliate dashboard to make it conform to my website, the price appears to be a bit excessive. However, if this programme is successful, I can see it being able to pay for itself. Only time will tell. With regard to the manner in which I am required to pay my affiliates, I would be extremely delighted if you could design a technique that is automated. What it required was a number of times of going through and examining the system in order to acquire a good understanding of how it functions and how it flows together. Despite the fact that I had gone through the procedure with a representative, it was still rather perplexing for someone like me who was utilising the Affiliate programme for the very first time. It was helpful for me to genuinely grasp the flow and procedure by using myself and an actual Affiliate that I joined up for as samples for Tier 1 and Tier 2. Given the age of the product or the firm, maybe some cosmetic changes might be beneficial (albeit UI and UX are already strong). Having said that, at the end of the day, this is a pretty subjective perspective. - Andrea A.
In terms of the OSI Affiliate software, I do not yet have sufficient knowledge whatsoever. The fact that I can arrange a free call to obtain answers and walk throughs is, however, something that I am quite grateful for. It was a pleasant surprise that the one who had introduced me was also the one who had a conversation with me today. Due to the fact that this is a lot for me to take in, I am thankful that the tape includes screen views. Additionally, I will be sharing this tape with the other individual who is participating in this project and who is more proficient with computers than I am on my own. As a result, it was a really reassuring experience, and I got the recording in a timely manner. Amazing and highly hands-on customer assistance is at your disposal. Even the process of integrating the programme is being handled for you by them. As stated before, OSI Affiliate is an excellent option for the development of simple affiliate programmes. They provide a pricing that is far lower than what some of their rivals charge, and their customer service staff is of the highest quality. - Maria G.
The feature of collecting leads, such as email addresses and customer addresses, as well as a downloadable CSV file including email addresses, is missing. If you do not integrate an external mail programme, you will not have the option to send emails to affiliates from inside the software. It would be awesome to have a method for calculating commissions depending on individual criteria that are chosen by the user. The commission was the aspect of this programme that we disliked the most. We could really benefit from more stackable commission choices, such as regulations that state if an affiliate makes a certain amount of money each unit. Due to the fact that there are so many different choices and locations to search in settings, there were instances when I was unable to do what I wanted on my own. I had hoped that each coupon would be different for each affiliate, so that when it is redeemed at the shop, we would know who to pay for it. I am really interested in expanding the number of referral programmes available to meet my various requirements. Some of my requirements consist of only monitoring without receiving any incentive; I only track my sponsored advertisements. - Elbert C.
OSI Affiliate's support representative is the greatest part of the company since they are quick to respond and helpful. Using the affiliate dashboard is a straightforward and easy process. An excellent option for rapidly putting modest affiliate programmes into operation from the ground up. With regard to the deployment of software for affiliate and direct sales, I am an experienced professional. There is no doubt that OSI Affiliate provides a plethora of possibilities inside their platform; nonetheless, the execution is remarkably sensible. My support representative was extremely patient with the onslaught of questions that I hurled at her, and the support crew is quite timely in responding to my inquiries. It is possible for her to pass with flying colours! The decision to become an OSI Affiliate was the best one for our business! During the one-on-one training that I received, the support staff was a delight to collaborate with. My decision to go with OSI Affiliate for my affiliate programme rather than one of the other providers was strengthened by the team's assistance, which was more than helpful. - Jacqueline A.
The only restriction I can think of is that there can be only one Admin on the account, but that is not a huge deal. Although there are certain features that are not yet available, the team is quite receptive to taking note of your recommendations and keeping you informed on the state of development. Additionally, it would be convenient to be able to add many persons to a support request, since there are times when numerous members of our organisation need to see or offer input. Due to the fact that it was somewhat technical, I was unable to set it up on my own. However, this is mainly due to the fact that I am easily confused by the technical side of things. Obtaining affiliate data does not need the usage of a REST API. Prepare yourself for disappointment if you expect anything more than a straightforward commission structure or if you want an affiliate programme that is completely automated. - Charl S.

OSI Affiliate Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@osiaffiliatesoftware562 Subscribers
Discussions on Reddit provide differing perspectives about OSI Affiliate. Its precise affiliate monitoring and user-friendly interface may be appreciated by certain users who consider it an effective tool for managing affiliate programs. Others can voice worries about the intricacy of the price or the limits on personalization.Various Reddit comments may provide different viewpoints on the monitoring and usability advantages of OSI Affiliate and any possible disadvantages concerning cost and customization.

OSI Affiliate average reviews

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OSI Affiliate Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly interface
  • Accurate tracking
  • Customer support


  • Pricing complexity
  • Limited features
  • Сomplexity of setup

OSI Affiliate Final Conclusions

To facilitate the effective administration of affiliate programs, OSI Affiliate has emerged as a platform praised for its intuitive user interface and precise monitoring of affiliate activity. Users like how simple it is to use, and they praise the responsiveness of customer care. On the other hand, concerns center on the complexity of price systems and the random restrictions placed on customization.

The overall usability and monitoring features of OSI Affiliate have garnered recognition, which contributes to the effective operation of affiliate programs. A further increase in its attractiveness and user satisfaction might be achieved by resolving complaints about the complexity of pricing and expanding the customization choices.

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