Clarus Review: Pricing, Features & More

Using Clarus technology, human operators are replaced, simplifying and improving how medical offices handle patient communications. The alerts sent to providers are received within a few seconds of a patient leaving an urgent message. Both the iOS and Android operating systems are supported by the application.
Clarus Review: Pricing, Features & More

Clarus overview

Clarus is a solution for medical practices that may be used both during the day and after hours. The conventional operator service is replaced with a SaaS platform, eliminating the possibility of human mistakes associated with call routing. This ensures that only the appropriate calls are received by physicians, that patients get treatment more timely, and that office personnel can examine complete documentation about call activity.

Technology that is driven by artificial intelligence and innovative in handling patient messages. The clinic personnel uses the dashboard to take patient calls throughout daytime and after-hours appointment times. Clarus provides services to medical offices across various technologies in the healthcare industry. MSOs, independent practices, and provider groups inside health systems have all been shown to get assistance from this.

Clarus's mission is to improve the productivity and happiness of providers and the administrative teams that support them in their work. With this, patients can get the highest possible level of care. The Clarus system makes handling patient calls throughout the day and after hours more efficient. It gives help around the clock, ultimately improving both the pleasure of patients and the efficiency of operations.

What Clarus has to say about itself

When managing patient communication at any moment of the day, the Clarus dashboard provides a complete solution for staff members. The healthcare industry is undergoing a fast transformation. The technology Clarus developed can accommodate various organizational systems for medical offices. Independent practices use Clarus, managed service organizations (MSOs), and health systems to improve operational efficiency. Clarus' North Star is developing ways to improve the quality of work life for these individuals to assist clinicians and administrators in providing the highest possible level of care to their patients.

Clarus intelligent call routing ensures incoming calls are sent to the appropriate department or people, guaranteeing that replies are correct and delivered promptly. Thanks to its message management function, which uses artificial intelligence to transcribe and arrange communications, you can prioritize and effectively handle important things. The Clarus app makes it easier for physicians to handle patient calls that come in beyond normal business hours. Clarus assists managed service providers in standardizing and improving call management across all practices, decreasing operating costs, and optimizing resource utilization.

Clarus can assist your practice and patients at any time, whether during normal business hours or beyond ordinary business hours. Its extensive reporting capabilities give you useful insights into call volume, response times, and client interactions, allowing you to make choices driven by data to improve your practice. Clarus transforms the antiquated patient call management business process to assist medical service organizations (MSOs) enhance their practice operations and delivering cost savings.

Clarus Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesClarus primarily offers a range of services in unified communications and collaboration.
FeaturesUnified Communications (UC), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Collaboration Tools, Contact Center Solutions, Business Phone Systems
CertificationsSOC2, PCI-DSS

Clarus price policy

The various plans, features, and range of services that companies need from Clarus all affect how much a plan costs. Their bespoke solutions are frequently offered, so it's important to consider the number of users, necessary features, and certain service packages. Charges for minutes or data consumption may depend on usage, and sophisticated capabilities may incur extra fees. Monthly membership fees are also possible. Examining Clarus's official website or contacting their sales staff for accurate cost information and various plans customized to meet unique company demands before committing to a plan that will maximize expenses and match strict standards.
PackagesClarus has not provided pricing information for its services.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
Payment discountsFor some conditions, subscription numbers, or collaborations, Clarus offers promotional discounts or special deals. These discounts and deals are designed to attract customers. Discounts or promotions provided by Clarus may include the following: reduced charges for greater use volumes or bigger commitments; occasional discounts or offers for new subscribers or during special events; and several other types of discounts and promotions. It is highly recommended that you view the official website of Clarus or contact their sales or customer support staff directly to get the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or promotional deals made available by the company. Because businesses often update discount structures, it is advised that you communicate directly with Clarus to get the most recent information.

Clarus online reputation

Customers are grateful for the availability of a diverse selection of unified communication and collaboration solutions. Positive comments have been made on the dependability and quality of their communication solutions. Some consumers may find the price structure difficult to understand or predict. Concerns arise from time to time about the timeliness or efficiency of customer service.
I really like how simple and straightforward the whole system is to use. Although I have been working in the call center sector for six years and the real estate investment industry for two, I must say that the resource center and assistance are among the very finest I have ever seen. I attended a teleconference in which Jane gave a presentation about the system. She was questioned, yet she managed to keep her calm during the whole process. She has a good understanding of their clientele and has responded to all of their inquiries, even some that she did not have time to address on the call, as she emailed. She did a good job of representing the firm, which is tough to find, so we decided to give it a go. I was especially impressed by their thirty-day trial offer. I am very happy with Clarus. Unfortunately, we have faced problems with our system; nevertheless, if you believe that you would be able to have ANY system without any problems, you are both unrealistic and lacking in experience.... okay, I said it. It is without a doubt the greatest method that I have used up to this point. In order to enhance training, integration with Podio, call tracking, and listening to recordings must be included. - Drew S.
I was tricked by a Clarus person to add money to my account balance while I was participating in the free trial. The functions for the use of this product were never approved by them for reasons that I am not aware of, and I was never given the opportunity to utilize this product or service even once. I told them that I did not want to use this product or service, and they still kept my money. It was a free trial period, and until they say that they are not returning my money that I was deceived to deposit to the account balance, I am not sure if I will ever get my money back. However, if I ever do get my money back, I will update this review. It is possible that the messaging will not be sent immediately to the line for tracking at times. When we begin a new text, this is what takes place. In the event that we go to an existing text message, it functions correctly. In the case of new ones, it occurs. I believe that the Google Chrome addon is one that may benefit from an update. The most recent calls are not always updated, and it might be glitchy at times. - Alec S.
When combined with Podio, this program is exceedingly simple to use. With the aid of the integration features, my team and I have been able to enhance our productivity by at least three times. It is not too difficult to use the product, and it makes it quite simple to keep track of and organize all of your data in a one location! The things that Clarus has been able to do for the productivity of my team inside my CRM have left me feeling quite satisfied. Making each and every one of our lives a great deal less strenuous and simultaneously more productive. Power dialing is available to Clarus. This is the highlight of the smart phone's capabilities. Furthermore, it interacts with Podio and Salesforce, which is a significant feature. A significant advantage. While I am on the phone, I am able to see the leads that I am now chatting with. As a member of the REIvolution team, I make regular use of Clarus in my professional life. Due to the fact that it is an excellent solution and offers a comprehensive connection with Podio, I strongly suggest it to each and every one of our clients. - Joe M.
I believe that there are certain accessibility features that may be enhanced, such as spell check, searching messages for keywords, and other similar tools, which would assist you in navigating or filtering through older messages; but, other than that, I do not have any specific concerns. Not only would I be unable to double call a lead in Clarus, but I would also be responsible for managing phone numbers. There are a number of hidden expenditures that build up to a significant amount over time. Every single one of the individuals I know who utilize the site has a distinct price structure; there is no consistency. It cannot be relied upon. The mobile application needs a great deal of improvement. A significant number of investors in the sector have voiced their dissatisfaction with the application, since it does not alert me to approaching SMS messages. I have no intention of using Clarus as my full company phone system, despite the fact that it is an excellent power dialer. It need a great deal more development. RingCentral's user interface is far more user-friendly than Clarus's, which is clumsy and prone to bugs. It is my intention to transfer over to Clarus; however, the bugs are stopping me from making the transition without any problems. - Stacy Z.
The mobile app and the capability to interact with all of these different customer relationship management systems (CRMs)—Podio, LeftMain Salesforce, and InvestorFuse—would be the most important features. One of my favorite aspects of the customer support service is how helpful, kind, and quick it is. Since I started using the Podio CRM software, I have been used Clarus for the last three years. When attempting to operate many organizations at the same time, it may have difficulties in terms of call tracking. In the case of a single company, I do not believe that it could be worse. Get the most value for your money. There is no better option available, both in terms of pricing and integration with Podio. Due to the fact that there are four lines to call the leads, the dialing session is quite quick. I am able to check my phone for text messages sent by contacts as they arrive, and I can do so while continuing with my call session. The agent is able to follow up or update the HO status thanks to the SMS and voicemail facilities that it has. It is equipped with live chats, which means that if you seek for support, you will get it right away. In addition to being provided with a caller id number, the calling page also includes a communication history section, which allows you to readily identify previous conversations with the Home Owner. - Deniz M.
The mobile application is the only item that can ever be improved upon again and again. A Zapier connection, on the other hand, is likely to make new opportunities available to you. This requires integrations. Because I am unable to choose which calls to record, I am required to pay for all phone recorded, even if my connected calls account for over ten percent of the total dials. I am charged for each outgoing or incoming call, regardless of whether the call is connected or missed. The phone numbers are shown as spam. In the absence of the fundamentals of customer service, the customer care team treats the user as if he is an idiot or a lair until the user demonstrates that he is not these things. When you get photographs that you have sent over text messaging, they are very grainy and fuzzy. You are unable to send pictures using text messaging. This particular link, in contrast to others, does not take you immediately to Zillow after you click on it. There are occasions when the address that is shown on the map is wrong. It is quite irritating as in order to access the dashboard, you are still need to end the session while you are making a callback. - James B.
I had the opportunity to use a variety of dialers, but among all of them, I discovered that smartdialer offered the most advantages in terms of following up with prospects and communicating with them in a comprehensive manner. This is the one that I would most likely suggest to others. All things considered, the product is quite straightforward and easy to use. In addition, all of the data is sent into Salesforce, which is a significant advantage for determining KPIs. Service to customers is always provided at 110%. Even in the event that they are unable to resolve our problem, they are attentive and will try their best to assist you in comprehending the circumstance. Even though it is not too complicated to set up, the integration component is comprehensive. User-friendliness and simplicity of use characterize the interface. Having it transferred to our Podio allows us to revert to any business communication activity that was carried out by any of our staff, which is something that I really appreciate. The application has been of great assistance to the organization in accomplishing its day-to-day objectives. - Ethan H.
When a voicemail is left and it is categorized as incoming call rather than missed voicemail, the labeling of calls might be incorrect and lead to confusion. In rare cases, the Chrome extension may cease functioning, and it might be difficult to reset it. There is room for improvement in the user experience design. My wish is that more of its features would be readily accessible, which would imply that you would be able to see it with only one or two clicks. The absence of the SMS dialer in the mobile app is something that I find unpleasant. This application would be ideal for my desktop computer if it were available for Mac OS X. The fact that you had to travel to a separate page on Salesforce in order to modify the relevant information was something that I did not like. This significantly decreases the overall efficiency that can be achieved when utilizing the Dialer. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to place a hold on my account. Even though I would have wanted to stop the game and pick up where I left off, I am unable to do so; the only option I have is to terminate the membership. - Jeremy C.
Their excellent customer service is the aspect that I like the most about them. I have asked easily more than one hundred questions in the last three weeks, and each one of them has been answered in a manner that is clear, gets to the point, and takes less than fifteen minutes. Users are able to maintain their connection across a variety of channels thanks to the dialing solution offered by Clarus, which interacts without any difficulty with other communication systems. Users are able to transition between numerous kinds of communication in a smooth manner thanks to integration with messaging applications, email, and social media sites. The fact that the product is compatible with Bluetooth devices and has the capability to make hands-free calls further assures that the user will have a hassle-free experience when driving or doing many tasks at once. The dialing solution offered by Clarus has a user interface that is not just user-friendly but also intuitive. It is a snap to navigate through contacts and call numbers thanks to the intuitive and uncluttered design of the interface. Because of the careful organization of the UI, it is simple to reach preferred contacts, recent calls, and voicemail among other features. In addition, the use of intelligent search functions further improves the effectiveness of locating and calling contacts, therefore saving valuable time in the process. - Wuilson F.
Even though the integration with Sales Force is not yet at its full maturity, the firm is always open to recommendations, and it already functions more effectively than our previous product would have. An expansion of the iOS and Android applications to incorporate more functionality is something that I would like to see. Make it possible for me to make changes to call flows. Include a spell check and an automatic capitalization feature in the mobile applications as well. It would also be helpful if you could create a two-way link with Citrix Podio so that I could see the name of my lead who calls rather than their phone number. It is only when someone calls me from their vehicle that I have the issue of calls disappearing, although I do experience it sometimes. It's not hard to comprehend. You need to be sure that you are using the proper number when you text somebody, especially if you have many numbers. On the other hand, when you call someone, the phone will automatically choose the number that was used the most recently. There is a significant demand for improvement in caller identification. The autodialer often causes a delay in the answering process when it is being used. "Hello" will be spoken on the other end, but you won't hear anything on your end of the conversation. On the recordings, you will be able to hear it. - Justin B.

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Clarus Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Unified Communications
  • Reliable Services
  • Ease of Use


  • Pricing Complexity
  • Customer Support
  • Integration Challenges

Clarus Final Conclusions

With a large selection of tools and services, Clarus is a complete supplier of unified communication and collaboration systems. Positive reactions emphasize its dependability, extensive feature set, and simplicity of use. Still, there are drawbacks, such as difficult integration and price complications, and customer care representatives only sometimes respond quickly enough.

Concerning its dependable services, teamwork instruments, and customized solutions, Clarus is seen favorably overall. The platform's advantages place it competitively in the unified communications market, even if it is recommended that price transparency and customer service be improved to increase user happiness. In-depth information on Clarus's functionality and user satisfaction may be obtained through various customer comments and reviews.

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