Callr Review: Pricing, Features & More

Your business team will be able to develop and manage all of your company's incoming and outgoing call flows with the help of Callr, which has an easy-to-use, low-code programming interface. Simple click-to-call functionality may be easily included in any mobile application or internet platform.
Callr Review: Pricing, Features & More

Callr overview

Using Callr, your business teams may construct all your call flows without needing specialized expertise. Furthermore, the Callr AI enables you to acquire insight into every call. Your business team's incoming and outgoing call flows are managed more intelligently. The data that Callr gathers is immediately put into your customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, or business intelligence system.

When you use Callr, you will never again have to deal with the negative effects on your organization that result from requiring your staff and customers to adhere to an antiquated call scenario that is hardwired into your communication system. Business teams can construct complex call scenarios driven by AI without requiring any technological expertise. When business teams use natural language prompts, they describe the data they want the artificial intelligence to retrieve from every discussion.

Callr uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities to extract endless data from every interaction. This data includes consumer sentiment, intent, satisfaction, responses to qualitative or quantitative inquiries, and relevant information.

What Callr has to say about itself

The Callr platform is a low-code communication platform driven by artificial intelligence and provides the tools you need to incorporate conversations into your company. It specializes in offering assistance to high-value transactions for demanding internet firms, where the ability to make the correct judgment at the right moment is essential to gaining an edge over the competition.

In addition to being endlessly customizable, Callr low-code call scenarios may feature interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, transfer to voicemail, whispers, and follow-up by email or text message. You can order numbers in over seventy countries with just one click, including premium, vanity, or toll-digital numbers. Callr, hosted in the cloud, enables you to rapidly publish call scenarios without requiring you to set up any infrastructure. Callr low-code scenarios can qualify the person on the other end of the line by sending real-time pings to the APIs of all prominent customer relationship management (CRM) systems as soon as the phone rings. Using application programming interfaces (APIs) to access popular online data providers allows for further qualifying.

Callr facilitates the connection of individuals using voice and SMS solutions that may be easily integrated into any corporate stack. It is a recognized carrier, which means that it has direct fiber links with carriers all over the globe. This means that it offers dependable service and access to local numbers. Combined with our customer support available around the clock, Callr guarantees that you will always provide high-quality calls, regardless of where you do business.

When you use Callr, you will never again have to deal with the negative effects on your organization that result from requiring your staff and partners to adhere to an antiquated call scenario that is hardwired into your communication system. Without technical expertise, business teams can develop complicated call scenarios driven by artificial intelligence and enjoy the advantages of easy and low-code implementation.

Callr Review

Year Started2011
Service Areasover 70+ countries
Service TypesCallr offers a variety of telecommunication services, specializing in cloud-based communication solutions.
FeaturesCallr Actions: AI and Low-Code, Call Tracking, Conversation Intelligence, Numbers Worldwide, Click-to-Call, API Integration
CertificationsISO 27001, HIPPA

Callr price policy

The price range of Callr is designed to accommodate a range of communication requirements. The amount used, the precise services needed, and the coverage area all affect how much something costs. Businesses are afforded flexibility since they usually function on a pay-as-you-go approach. Charges for SMS messages, call minutes, or certain API use may be included in the price. Consumers may predict expenses based on their use habits thanks to clear pricing and comprehensive documentation. Contacting Callr's sales staff or visiting their official website will provide you with accurate information about pricing and various plans. Before committing to a plan, ensure it meets your needs and minimizes expenses.
PackagesESSENTIALS - $99/month; PROFESSIONAL - $299/month; ENTERPRISE (Lock in savings with a custom Enterprise plan).
Payment optionsMajor credit or debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover, PayPal or Stripe.
Payment discountsCallr may occasionally offer customers promotional discounts or special offers depending on certain conditions, subscription quantities, or collaborations. Rate reductions for increased use quantities or greater commitments are available. For new subscribers or during special events, occasional discounts or specials may be available. You should check out Callr's official website or contact their sales or customer support staff directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on any discounts or promotional deals made available by the company. Because businesses often modify their discount schemes, it is advised that you communicate directly with Callr to get the most recent information.

Callr online reputation

There is a tendency for opinions about Callr to stress both good and bad elements. Appreciation for various communications services, such as telephony, SMS, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for developers. Positive comments have been made on the dependability and quality of their communication solutions. Some consumers may need help with the price structure or complicated. Concerns arise from time to time about the timeliness or efficiency of customer service.
Our ability to demonstrate the efficacy of our services to advertising clients and to simplify the yearly renegotiation of contracts is made possible by Callr in the real estate industry, which is still dominated by telephone exchanges. Whenever I wanted to make changes to the settings, it was simple to set them up and maintain them. Callr has incorporated a wide variety of communication channels into a single application, and each of these channels may be seen alone or in conjunction with one another on a dashboard. In overall, the dashboard has proven to be of considerable use to us in the day-to-day operations of our firm. We have been able to get rid of all of our desk phones as a result of this extra benefit, which has resulted in greater space being made available on our workstations. Callr is a single software that can be installed on your personal computer and fulfils all of the key needs for efficient communication. I am able to monitor and reply to incoming phone calls, text messages, faxes, and instant chats from other users all inside a single interface. This includes the ability to monitor and analyze incoming communications. - Christopher D.
One of the disadvantages of Callr MVP is that it requires users to make the first switch from using a conventional desk phone to a desktop application. You are now able to carry your calls with you wherever you go, regardless of where you take your laptop. In spite of the fact that it takes some time to get used to it, the experience has been favorable in general. We would want to get more detailed instructions and guidance on the integration of the MPV with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The fact that a call does not record while it is being moved from one side to another is something that I find to be quite annoying. It is necessary to make improvements to the non-wireless connection or the 5G network connection. Having said that, that feature is a bit crude and might be easily developed further. The experience was terrible. We continued to work with them since we signed a contract without first doing a comprehensive analysis of the platform. The customer service representatives were kind, but they lacked sincerity. They were more interested with getting you off the line than they were with finding a solution to the problem. Furthermore, they repeated the phrase "system limitation" so often that I stopped contacting them. - Dawn J.
A crucial component of this application is the ability to see the call status of coworkers in real time, as well as the ability to record calls automatically, as well as the phone app for desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, the messaging feature is an absolute need. We had previously linked our outside sales team to Callr as a test run for agents working in the field when compliance laws came into play, and it worked without a hitch, despite the fact that there were numerous members on that team that struggled with technology. From our perspective, we have found this new platform to be enjoyable to use, and it satisfies the regulatory requirements that our organization has for phone conversations in the insurance sector. Wonderfully practical and simple to operate. The features and functions that are in place are quite easy to use, which makes it possible for you to effortlessly accomplish what you need to. Callr provided us with the chance to discover a solution that was a better match for our clients and to broaden the availability of communication. This was made possible by the fact that we are a smaller company. - Ian B.
After honoring the two-year commitment with a platform that did not fit our demands and that we were not using, the contract automatically extended itself for another two years. This was the cherry on top of the cake. After spending two or three hours on the phone with a number of different people, they refused to modify their position and demanded that we pay the whole cancellation price. The sad aspect is that I will have to pay more money in legal expenses in order to get out of this mess, but I will be damned if they will ever get another dollar from us. Whenever they were unable to find a solution to a problem, the technical support staff continued returning to the limits of the system. We were given false information by the salesman, who falsely claimed that we could control several lines from a single interface. That is not the issue at all. It is necessary for you to log into each line individually. We were a small team, and we believed that it would be beneficial for everyone to have access to certain lines and to be able to participate in a discussion. There is no way that could be achieved. We signed a contract with this platform, despite the fact that it was obviously not a good match for us, and we made the most of the situation. - Lauren S.
The experience has been positive on the whole. The process of integrating it into our system was simple, and there have been no problems reported by anybody up to this point. I really like using Callr at business, and we utilize it. I use it on a daily basis for a variety of purposes, including answering and making phone calls, as well as using the messaging capability. When we wanted to bring in a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system, we employed this. After putting it through its paces and putting it to use for a few weeks, we ultimately decided to try something else. For the most part, it is a decent system. In general, we have decided to utilize Callr in order to simplify the process of our staff handling phone calls from external partners and receiving calls from those partners. It was successful in doing just what we had hoped it would. It made life simpler and helped establish a healthy balance between work and personal life. In addition to the fact that workers were no longer had to provide their personal mobile phone numbers, they were also given the opportunity to utilize their Callr line, which was connected to the same device. The Callr software was able to integrate smoothly into iPhones, which resulted in a rather trouble-free experience. - Rick K.
Despite the fact that the deployment of Callr was not the greatest, my job is quite sophisticated, and as a result, we had a lot of questions while we were putting things up that I don't believe other organizations would generally have. A call is disconnected when it is dropped or dropped. I'd appreciate it if Callr could assist me with that. As opposed to being full-blown drawbacks, the aspects of Callr that I have disliked the most are more like opportunities for development. Most notably, the mobile app does integrate effectively and does what it sets out to achieve; nevertheless, it often has slowness and may be a little bit cumbersome. In general, the application does not have a feeling of intuitiveness, which made it difficult to use. I had to do some digging and investigation on my end in order to discover and finish messaging using the app, particularly when it came to international texting. It was not at all simple or easy to finish. It is unclear which app should be used because both look to be completely functional. Callr even upgraded their app, producing a new one altogether, but the old version is also still active and both remain on my phone. It is unclear which app should be used since both appear to be fully functional. In the end, I believe that the mobile app is the most significant disadvantage that Callr suffers from. - Gabriel A.
In addition to its many advantages, Callr is an excellent piece of software that is well suited for doing business. To get things started, Callr offers a mobile phone application that is entirely compatible with the calling system on the device. This application can be downloaded quickly and simply on either Apple or Android devices. In spite of the fact that the program provides you with a whole new phone line that we utilized for business, the calls will still be received on the device that you are now using. The fact that your phone automatically notifies you that it is a call to the Callr line whenever a call comes in has made it extremely easy to determine whether it is appropriate to take a call. The program incorporates all of the functionalities that are typically found on a phone, such as voicemail. I would also get a notice email to my work email address whenever a voicemail message was left for me. This email would contain the audio message, and I would be able to listen to it directly on the computer if I really wanted to. In addition, the ability to perform international calling and messaging, both incoming and outgoing, was the most beneficial feature that I found with Callr. My decision to use the program was influenced by this particular aspect, and it performed flawlessly thereafter. - Monica G.
The requirements for bandwidth are higher when the VoIP service is of high quality. In order for us to be able to meet the increased strain that the VoIP phones are causing, we will need to enhance both our network and our internet service. In the end, the decision to switch was a good one. When the internet was down at our workplace or in my neighborhood, the only time the phone service ever had a difficulty was when it was down. Although Ring Central was fantastic, the internet is not as dependable as it should be. My organization was attempting to utilize this not just for the reasons I outlined above, but also as a tool for managing jobs and responsibilities. Despite the fact that the program has a few tools that are designed to organize tasks, I would not advocate using it for that particular purpose. Due to the fact that the primary use of this is to communicate with coworkers, the layout is not ideal for maintaining your assignments in an orderly manner and assisting you in staying on top of all the different projects that you have going on at the same time. It is easy for individuals to lose track of the tasks that have been allocated to them because of the many notifications that are posted following the notice that the work has been assigned. In the past, when this was the only tool we had for managing work, individuals often failed to remember their assignments, missed deadlines, and other similar issues. - Brandon S.
Rather from having to constantly make arrangements for a planned conference call, I was able to accept calls from worldwide locations. Because of this, doing business became incredibly easy. It was a wonderful surprise to learn that the Callr app allowed me to send and receive texts from all around the world. Callr integrates very well across all of their platforms, including their desktop phone, mobile phone, and PC. The fact that our lawyers are always on the go makes it easier for them to maintain their connections regardless of where they are. It is possible for them to connect to their phone via the mobile platforms, allowing them to make and receive calls in the same manner as if they were sitting at their desk. Click to call and click to text are two examples of the functionality that may be found in the Chrome web browser's plugins. In light of this, we will almost never be need to manually dial a number in order to make a phone call. Overall, we are pretty pleased with the service that they provided. With the exception of the odd problem with the technical help, we have really few problems with our mobile devices. Their team is very dependable, and they provide help around the clock. They will remain with you until the issue is resolved. - Michael D.
When speaking with clients or coworkers using land line cloud phone numbers, if a call comes in over a mobile phone, the cell phone call takes precedence and often interrupts cloud system conversations that are in progress. Additionally, calls made over land line numbers are disconnected. It is inconvenient. According to the cost per user, it is one of the most costly voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services currently available on the market. In addition, they charge extra for some services, such as the caller ID name, which are included by default with other cell phone carriers. If you transfer calls to an external number, such as an answering service, more than ten times in a month, they will automatically cost you for an additional user seat. This is something that other carriers do not charge for. The last and maybe most unfortunate aspect is that their customer care is of the poorest possible quality. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to contact them, you can anticipate spending anywhere from six to ten minutes traversing their very unpleasant phone tree or interactive voice response system before you are transferred. - Brian W.

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Callr Pros&Cons


  • Diverse Communication Services
  • Reliability
  • Number Management


  • Pricing Complexity
  • Customer Support
  • Integration Challenges

Callr Final Conclusions

Callr has emerged as a complete supplier of telecommunications services, providing a wide range of communication services such as voice, SMS, and APIs that are attractive to developers. Reliability, versatility of services, and developer-friendliness of tools are some of the positive aspects highlighted since they cater to various company requirements. Concerns have been raised, however, about the complexity of the price structure, the occasional difficulties with integration, and the reported problems with the response of customer assistance.

A further user experience enhancement might be achieved by improving price transparency and customer service. Callr is generally favorable because it provides dependable services, user-friendly APIs for developers, and various communication alternatives. However, despite room for development regarding price transparency and integration issues, the platform's characteristics make it a competitive alternative in telecommunication services.

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