iDevAffiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

The mission at iDevAffiliate is to provide companies with strong, resilient software solutions that are simple to use and operate. This affiliate marketing management tool was developed to monitor, manage, and optimise every facet of your affiliate program. This ensures that your program is executed without any problems and experiences remarkable development.
iDevAffiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

iDevAffiliate overview

iDevAffiliate is recognized as one of the industry's most reputable affiliate software suppliers due to its years of expertise in the affiliate tracking sector. They know the features you are searching for in your affiliate tracking software. iDevAffiliate is loaded with the most popular affiliate tracking capabilities available today, simplifying the administration process to the greatest extent feasible. iDevAffiliate is designed to accommodate you, regardless of whether you are just starting in the affiliate marketing world or are a seasoned pro.

Incorporating affiliate tracking software into your website is among the most efficient methods for boosting search engine optimization, increasing traffic, and expanding sales. Your current website can be readily integrated with its affiliate tracking software, installed in minutes. In addition to the inclusion in the affiliate program directory, your account comes with a complimentary Zoom onboarding call!

Boost your search engine optimization using appropriate backlinking and linking architectures compatible with SEO. Increasing the quality of your traffic may help you achieve a greater conversion rate. It is important to allow affiliates to profit from the people they acquire. Utilize the multi-tier functionality to enable as many as ten different levels!

What iDevAffiliate has to say about itself

You can easily expand your online company and optimize your earnings with iDevAffiliate, which offers sophisticated software for monitoring affiliates. It takes great pride in serving companies of all sizes in managing their affiliate programs and boosting the success of such programs. It is a leading supplier of solutions for affiliate marketing.

You may begin monitoring your affiliates with the help of iDevAffiliate affiliate software, which offers you reasonably priced software for affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is vital whether a company is just starting or has been around for a while. To market your goods or services, you may use the power that influencers, bloggers, and industry moguls possess by running an affiliate program. Consequently, this results in an increase in the number of visitors visiting your website, an increase in the number of transactions, and an enhancement of your brand.

It is an affiliate program, commission management, and affiliate tracking system that provides customers with customized commission payment structures, marketing templates, activity reports, shopping cart and invoicing interfaces, and more. iDevAffiliate is a solution that includes all of these features. Your marketing reach will immediately be expanded to include the dedicated followers of affiliates if you form partnerships with them. A wider audience may be engaged, which opens up the possibility of entering new markets. By ensuring that all of your affiliates get accurate and timely performance statistics, the user-friendly monitoring software that iDevAffiliate provides gives them the ability to market your company more efficiently.

iDevAffiliate is software that tracks the performance of your affiliates, brand ambassadors, influencers, and business partners. It provides the specific data and statistics necessary for your overall success. You can quickly develop credibility by using affiliate links that are consistent with search engine optimization using its affiliate management software. No cluttered links or redirects that are suspicious.

iDevAffiliate Review

Year Started1999
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesiDevAffiliate primarily offers affiliate tracking software and related services designed to assist businesses in managing their affiliate marketing programs effectively.
FeaturesSEO Linking, Localization Tools, General Lead Tracking, Tier Recruiting, Override Commissions, Performance Rewards, Fraud Prevention Tools, Sub-Affiliate Tracking, Custom Keyword Tracking, Sliding Scale Commissions, Built-In Affiliate Payment, Affiliate Dashboard, Geo Targeting, Language Packs, QR Codes
CertificationsISO 27001

iDevAffiliate price policy

The prices for iDevAffiliate's services depend on membership plans, their features, and the degree to which they can be customized. Usually, iDevAffiliate lets you buy their software either as a one-time purchase or as a tiered membership plan. Prices depend on things like the number of people, the needed features, and any extra extras. Clients may have to pay one-time license fees or regular payments. The costs vary depending on the features and amounts of help picked. For exact cost information that fits the needs of your business, you should call iDevAffiliate personally or go to their website.
PackagesCLOUD - $59/month; CLOUD WITH CUSTOM SUBDOMAIN - $79/month; CLOUD PREMIUM - $99/month.
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Check Payments.
Payment discountsiDevAffiliate may make discounts and promotional offers depending on several variables, including offering incentives or first-time discounts to new customers or enterprises, lowering prices for greater subscription volumes or longer commitments, and occasionally running specials or limited-time offers for particular modules or plans.It is advised to visit iDevAffiliate's official website or contact their sales team directly for the most accurate and current information on any discounts or promotions being offered. Direct contact with iDevAffiliate would give you the most recent details on any discounts or special offers that are currently available since companies often adjust their discount schemes.

iDevAffiliate online reputation

iDevAffiliate was praised for having a UI that was easy to use and a straightforward affiliate tracking system — several positive comments on the effective management and tracking capabilities of affiliate systems. The first setup or configuration procedure may be difficult for some people. Sometimes, there are complaints about the restrictions on the customization choices or certain features.
iDevAffiliate is a trustworthy brand. In the past, I have used various different affiliate software that did not seem to be dependable. In order to ensure that the software I use is correctly monitoring and rewarding affiliates with their referrals, I want to be able to know that it is doing so. iDevAffiliate is effective. I have found that iDevAffiliate is really dependable, and it provides all of the capabilities that I want as well as those that are required by affiliates. Investigate the other people who are using iDevAffiliate to determine whether or not it satisfies your criteria. I have been using it for a broad range of reasons for the last ten years, and I really appreciate being able to do so. Spending that little amount of money is really worth it in the long run. Because they are able to handle their own marketing and tracking, they are getting more page views from the appropriate audience, and they are getting paid on time for their efforts, my customers are happier than they were before I implemented IDevAffiliate. I have also seen an increase in the quality of service that I provide to my customers, which has led to an increase in sales. - Johnny V.
However, the process of setting up the system might be a little bit challenging, depending on the version that you select (self-hosted or hosted), as well as the shopping cart or e-commerce platform that you are using. I have used iDevAffiliate on two separate websites, and I paid them to conduct the installation and setup because I wanted to be sure that it was done correctly. The front end customization is difficult to use, there is a learning curve required in setting it up, and it is difficult to adjust it to the style of your website. All of these challenges make it difficult to use. It would seem that not all of the templates are compatible with the ones that I use for my website. Not enough clarity. It is not at all user friendly in any way. It is said that the explainer films will provide you with all of the information that you want, but in reality, they do not. When it comes to affiliates being able to utilize it as well, I believe it is difficult to understand. - Kevin C.
Installation of iDevAffiliate is straightforward, and it comes with a wide range of customization possibilities; nevertheless, geotargeting is the most astounding feature that they provide. In order to fulfill the needs of each of my clients, it is possible to tailor it with relative ease. In addition to the many marketing chances it offers for Facebook, it also offers text templates, banner adverts, and email campaign templates, all of which contribute to its seamless integration with social media. Since the year 2016, I have started making use of iDevAffiliate. When it comes to affiliate tracking software, there are a number of reasons why I prefer and recommend iDevAffiliate specifically. Listed below are a few of the reasons why. The fact that they are a firm located in the United States is the first and most significant thing to me. When I have phoned in or been in need of assistance, I am able to comprehend what they are saying. On occasion, the proprietor has called me on the phone in order to provide assistance. In terms of features, they are always developing new ones. For the reason that my affiliate program has expanded over the years, and since they are making it even simpler for me to handle my affiliate program on a daily basis, this is a significant development. - Cristina T.
Having to deal with customer service was the most frustrating aspect of it. Bad customer service is the norm most of the time. Any time he offers to "help" me, he is invariably impolite and arrogant. It seemed as if I was annoying him, and he would advise me to go to the support staff, which I could only accomplish via email communications. Calling him would allow him to respond to my inquiries, but it was obvious that he had no intention of doing so. When I put in a request to obtain some assistance, he responded to my request by telling me that I needed to do it in a different method so that I could get assistance from the support team rather than from him. Then, once I have done that, HE sends me a note later on, even if it is in an email with a condescending tone. It seems like he made an effort to make things right after I was dissatisfied with his service and decided to cancel it; nonetheless, I have no interest in attempting to resolve the issue. - Ryan R.
If I had to choose, I would say their support. They make certain that they respond to my inquiries in a way that is both comprehensive and prompt. When compared to following a script, it is comparable to having an in-house consultant since they help choose the most effective manner to carry out tasks. In the event that you are searching for a straightforward affiliate program that does not have any other features, then iDevAffiliate may be the software that best suits your needs. At a low price, it is capable of performing all of the fundamental duties. Ideal for companies of a smaller scale. Even though they aren't the fastest or friendliest customer service representatives, they do a good job of getting the job done. I am ready to make this sacrifice since it is far more economical than the alternatives (plus we have a fantastic information technology guy who is able to manage all of the little details). A number of bells and whistles that are essential to the effective selling of your items via affiliates are included in its feature list, which is very impressive. - Karoline G.
As someone who is not very technically savvy, I had some difficulties in the beginning when it came to setting up the Advanced API. I wish things were a bit less difficult. Because their help is not available around the clock, you should not anticipate receiving a rapid response if you have a query in the middle of the night. When was the last time I had to submit a serious defect and get it resolved as soon as possible? Indeed. a difficult process to implement. It would not function on my hosting provider, yet I pay a monthly fee for an incredible and responsive hosting business. After considering moving hosting firms for the cart and affiliate software, I found out that they wanted to charge me to try to install everything again. This made me reconsider my decision. For whatever reason, they were unable to make it work the first time. Seeing this made me feel quite uneasy. The absence of invoicing, the interface, the convenience of use, the support staff, and the usability are all issues. In general, it does not function in a reliable manner; we cannot fully rely on it. - Jared M.
Back in 2019, I went through the process of utilizing the program in its free trial form in order to acquire a feel for it. Almost immediately, I fell in love with the user interface. It comes with a large number of lessons and recommendations, but in reality, the user interface is really simple to comprehend and straightforward to get acclimated to. It is of the utmost importance that we have not encountered any significant problems when operating the cloud version of the application over the course of the last two years. Both from the administrator's perspective and from the user's perspective, it is simple to work with and simple to customize. An unquestionable recommendation. They have a lot of options, however geotargeting is the greatest one. iDevAffiliate is simple to set up and offers a lot of capabilities. You may simply modify it to meet the requirements of each and every one of my customers. The many marketing opportunities it offers for Facebook, as well as templates for email campaigns, banner advertisements, and text templates, make it an excellent tool for social media. Additionally, it is simple for both the developer and the end user to set up and use this program, which eventually makes it simpler for us to work on several projects at the same time. The simplicity of use is the most significant advantage of this software. - William A.
The front end customisation is tough to use, there is a learning curve involved in setting it up, and it is difficult to match it to your website. All of these things make it difficult to use. There are several templates that are not compatible with the templates I use for my website. The iDevAffiliate company has room for development. Through the use of that marketplace, we have not yet been able to acquire a single high-quality affiliate. I am hoping that iDevAffiliate will make this functionality useful and provide a return on investment because there are other affiliate programs that are filling this need (for a charge that is comparable). If I were to reach out to qualified affiliates, I would do so with great enthusiasm; however, the majority of the affiliates on the Marketplace are either unqualified or youngsters under the age of 18 (who are unable to sign a W9, making them irrelevant to our company). However, the process of integration has been difficult. We have made a number of requests for modifications that would be beneficial not just to our organization but also to a great number of other organizations; nevertheless, each of these requests has always been accompanied by an upgrade price as well as an extra flat rate charge fee. It is sad to learn this since it would only serve to advance their business and bring in more clients. - Greg B.
Do some research and find out who else is using iDevAffiliate to determine whether or not it meets your requirements. For ten years, I have been using it for a variety of tasks, and I really like it. Unquestionably, the little investment is well worth it. The majority of my clients have reported an improvement in their experience, as seen by a rise in sales and a sense of satisfaction. They are now able to handle their own marketing and monitoring, and they are drawing the appropriate amount of traffic and page views. iDevAffiliate gives my clients the ability to properly manage their payments and royalties, as well as contact prospective consumers all around the world. It is because of this that my customers are able to take control of their own marketing. An increase in sales for my clients is a direct result of the marketing efforts becoming more effective. This fraud prevention is excellent, and it gives my customers a sense of increased safety. - Brent T.
Getting the link to add the registration page to my website was something I was unsure of how to do. Every time I clicked the preview button, I was sent to a page on the back end since I was already signed in. In order to verify that the actual URL was functioning properly from the front end, I had to copy the link and then open it in a separate browser. In the event that you are paying for a whole year in advance, the initial cost may be rather overwhelming; nevertheless, if you are dedicated to expanding your affiliate program, the expense may be considered an investment. The fact that all of the alerts and notices might seem overpowering is something that I do not enjoy. I wish there was a little bit more extensive connectivity with our email service provider, as well as some more design features that would make the emails and alerts seem more "on brand" from a visual sense. There is nothing lacking since this program satisfied all of my requirements. If they are able to provide me with a list of affiliates that are appropriate for my line of work, that would be fantastic. - Bernard A.

iDevAffiliate Social media Subscribers
Opinions of iDevAffiliate are diverse, as seen by the feedback frequently noticed in Reddit discussions. Its user-friendly interface and effective affiliate tracking features, which enable smooth administration, may be highlighted in positive product evaluations. Users could praise the customer assistant for being quick to respond and helpful. Negative remarks may centre on difficulties encountered while setting up the system or restrictions in the customization choices available, resulting in some users expressing discontent.

iDevAffiliate average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
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iDevAffiliate Pros&Cons


  • Affiliate Management
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customer Support


  • Setup Complexity
  • Limited Customization
  • Price

iDevAffiliate Final Conclusions

Best known for its intuitive user interface, strong affiliate tracking features, and prompt customer service, iDevAffiliate is highly recommended. Users like how efficient it is for monitoring referrals, managing affiliates, and figuring out compensation. Yet, some users may have disadvantages due to issues encountered during setup and sporadic worries about personalization restrictions.

As an affiliate marketing program's operational backbone, iDevAffiliate is well-acknowledged for its affiliate monitoring and administration proficiency. Its attractiveness and user happiness may be increased by addressing issues with setup complexity and customization possibilities.

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