Trackdesk Review: Pricing, Features & More

Trackdesk provides is a professionally prepared template for the terms and conditions of your affiliate program. In addition to being entirely customizable, these templates are by the norms of the industry. Within the platform, you may personalize the messages that you send to your affiliates. All communication should be kept in a single location, from the first onboarding to the more specific specifics of an offer.
Trackdesk Review: Pricing, Features & More

Trackdesk overview

Facilitate a smooth integration of Trackdesk with your website and payment source. No prior technical knowledge is required. Use its integrations and recommendations to your advantage. Select a template from our pre-defined options, modify it according to your preferences, and you will be ready! While you are still in the beginning phases of your firm, it may not be easy to get traction. While using Trackdesk, you will only have to worry about making an initial investment once you start seeing a return on your money. Add affiliates or invite them to join your network with branded registration forms. This will allow you to expand your network.

Trackdesk is an affiliate software that enables you to construct your affiliate, referral, and partnership marketing program with no upfront investment. Until you earn a monthly income of $5,000, you will be able to use all the features necessary for your launch at no cost. What could be more impressive? You will discover the finest deal on the market, with costs as little as $67 per month, waiting for you to take advantage of it once you have reached the point when you need to upgrade to the premium plan.

There is no initial investment required to use Trackdesk, which is software that is meant to assist you in expanding your affiliate money stream. It provides seamless interaction with an infinite number of platforms, such as Stripe, Wise, PayPal, and WooCommerce, making it possible to set up and start your affiliate programs easily.

What Trackdesk has to say about itself

You may effectively manage and interact with your affiliates using a single platform. Trackdesk makes it simpler to handle everything from payment methods and the exchange of creative assets to the distribution of newsletters, the moderation of affiliate access to offers, and the development of private campaigns. You can monitor your performance and marketing operations via affiliate monitoring, which is an essential procedure. To achieve growth, automate your marketing program. Acquiring leads with affiliate marketing and creating memorable, easy product experiences is possible.

Trackdesk makes it simple to establish recurring commissions, tiers, cookie time setups, CPL CPA CPI, and other presets, among other functionality. You can develop a more effective affiliate program by doing data and performance analysis. Access to error logs, real-time reporting, and targeting of specific locations and devices are some services offered by Trackdesk. You can personalize your dashboard, configure your time zone and terms and conditions, and submit your logo and favicon, among other adjustments.

With the correct tools, you can completely revamp your affiliate marketing program and significantly improve your success. Automating your affiliate marketing may be done in the manner of your choosing with Trackdesk. Enhanced campaigns, improved results tracking, and simplified administration are all benefits of automated affiliate marketing. Automating duties results in time savings, enhancing the experiences of affiliates. Trackdesk can help you scale your company more quickly. Workflows should be streamlined, campaigns and procedures should be automated, and alerts and requests should be tracked. Automation in affiliate marketing makes it possible to create scalable procedures that improve with the expansion of a firm.

Trackdesk Review

Year Started2022
Service AreasCZ
Service TypesTrackdesk primarily offers a comprehensive suite of services in sales automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
FeaturesAffiliate Tracking, Affiliate Management, Commission Features, Analyse & Optimise, Customisation Features, Automation, Affiliate Coupons, Affiliate Onboarding, Tax Preparation, Affiliate Technology, Affiliate Payments, Affiliate Dashboard, Affiliate Assets, White Label

Trackdesk price policy

In general, Trackdesk provides tiered subscription plans adapted to businesses' requirements. These plans consider the number of users, the mandatory functionality, and the add-ons. Depending on the selected plan's characteristics, prices may vary from monthly subscriptions to yearly commitments, with changes in expenses occurring accordingly. Consultation with Trackdesk directly or the request of a quotation is encouraged to get accurate data on charges and various plans that match particular company goals. This guarantees reliable evaluations based on individual needs and the organization's scalability.
PackagesGrowing Business (ideal for scaling businesses) - $79/month; Enterprise (best fit for affiliate marketing programs with demanding requirements) - custom price
Payment optionsPayPal, Stripe
Payment discountsTrackdesk may occasionally provide promotional discounts or deals depending on certain situations, such as seasonal specials or volume-based pricing for greater commitments. These discounts and deals may be considered promotional. Discounts for bigger subscriptions or greater user counts are available. The occasional reductions are available for new members or during certain periods. During certain promotional events or for signing up for longer contracts, we provide incentives.You should check out Trackdesk's official website or contact their sales staff directly if you want the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or special deals they may be offering. Direct engagement with Trackdesk would offer the most up-to-date information on the many discounts available since companies often adjust their discount schemes.

Trackdesk online reputation

Trackdesk acclaim for its user-friendly layout and straightforward features for managing customer relationships and sales. The sales automation system elements that successfully streamline operations and increase productivity have received praise. The price structures may be difficult to comprehend or intricate for some consumers. In general, the comments expressed show that Trackdesk is regarded for its user-friendliness, capacity to automate sales, and customer service.
In order to facilitate the management of an affiliate marketing programme, Trackdesk offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The integration with Stripe and the setting up of compensation levels for my affiliates are both simple processes. In addition to providing dependable affiliate monitoring, Trackdesk also provides fair pricing for the tracking requests that are included and excellent assistance. The great support that was provided is an important aspect to consider. The proactive participation of this organisation guarantees a smooth cooperation, which in turn improves the whole professional experience. The price system is entirely groundbreaking for new businesses who are just starting out. By charging fees only after a certain amount of income has been generated, it makes it possible to begin affiliate marketing without taking any risks. The onboarding process for startups is made easier by the lack of preliminary credit card requirements throughout the sign-up and registration procedure. Even for well-established organisations, the software demonstrates a high level of dependability and a comprehensive collection of capabilities that are easy to use. Its usefulness as a scalable solution is further shown by the fact that its pricing strategy is very flexible. - Jess S.
When I was using Trackdesk on my mobile device, there were a couple processes that I found difficult to continue on in a natural manner. To give you an example, while I was using my phone to create fee structures for affiliates, I did not see an option to continue the prompt. After some time, I came to the realisation that I needed to keep utilising the keypad on my phone. Within my desktop, there was a button that I considered to be self-explanatory that allowed me to proceed. The number of integrations is lower, but they are not very important for the decision-making process while choosing the programme. The idea that I have is that they should begin to treat even the free clients as if they were golden. mainly due to the fact that we are the ones who will disseminate the information to our Facebook friends who are members of business groups, our fellow countrymen who are also in the business sector, and so on; the other startups and small businesses that will become Trackdesk's primary source of revenue. If, on the other hand, we are viewed as citizens of a lower class, then it will never happen. Additionally, I would want to point out that I am perplexed as to why affiliate organisations do not just collect an affiliate fee for each transaction. - Hazal K.
In conclusion, this software shows to be a friend that is both adaptable and dependable, regardless of whether the company in question is an established player in the field or a young startup that is just beginning to go into affiliate marketing. As a result of its extensive features, great support, and adaptable price strategy, it is a distinctive option that can be used throughout the many phases of company development. Because of its strategic worth, it comes highly recommended. The fact that it is free up to a particular income level speaks to me. It is possible that you will not even be able to sign up an affiliate within those two weeks if you are a start-up business or if you do not have any affiliates. Other firms provide you two weeks. It was simple to set up, and the user interface is appealing to the eye. It's still early days for them, so it's likely that some input from users will assist them make adjustments to this. The affiliate and our company both benefit from the information that Trackdesk gives about the current state of our programme. This makes the experience far more fluid and makes monitoring and reporting much simpler. - Mike M.
Oh my gosh, the process of making a contract is so complicated. The only thing I want is to earn a commission of 12.5% for all affiliates, and it requires me to specify the'revenue' (no tool tips explain why this is the case). And then there is a sum that has to be paid, but I am not aware of the sum since it is a percentage. I am in favour of not answering: I have sent a message to support about the aforementioned, but they do not seem to be responding. It has been close to twenty-four hours, and all I have received are bots that direct me to help desk articles that are not useful. The articles on the help desk seem to be written in a manner that is more developer-oriented than human. Additionally, it seems to have been written by someone who is not a natural English speaker. The process of trying to uncover the information is simply really complicated. There are certain elements of the programme that are restricted unless you pay for them, which is OK. However, it seems counterintuitive to have your free option transition to a paid one when your revenue level reaches $5,000 per month, and then to limit the tools that will assist us in reaching $5,000 per month. According to WooCommerce, it seems that I am unable to conduct numerous affiliate programmes at the same time. Customers who are not paying for help are placed at the end of the line. - Derin B.
The adaptability of Trackdesk has been really impressive. When we first started looking at potential rivals, such as LeadDyno, we discovered that they did not meet our specific requirements. Due to the fact that Trackdesk was the only platform that allowed us to investigate various contract kinds and payment alternatives, including the possibility of delaying payment for a certain amount of time before distributing commission, we were able to evaluate these choices. In addition, the support crew has been quite accommodating despite the fact that we are working hard to get things set up. We have been provided with a number of recommendations on how to test things, and we will now be use Zapier to fulfil our integration requirements. You are able to begin using it right away, and it is really simple to use. A user interface that is easy to understand is the finest feature. The majority of the time, I utilise it to set up affiliate tracking for my business-to-business software of service customers. All of my customers are taken aback by the fact that they get a good value for a relatively inexpensive price. The affiliate levels may be customised with only a few clicks of the mouse. I would want to express my gratitude to them for their assistance; they completely dominate their rivals in every way. Don't stop grooving out. This is the ideal answer. - Melissa U.
We have encountered a few glitches while we have been building on the platform since it is still in its early stages of development. As an example, we attempted to modify the name of our account; nevertheless, the top right corner of the screen still does not display the revised name. Although I was informed that this will be resolved by September 15th, it is now September 14th, and it is still not functioning properly. If this will be repaired before tomorrow, it is currently unknown. In addition, we intended to establish a commission based on a predetermined price, but the offer continued to display a percentage, despite the fact that we did not want a commission that was based on a percentage. Since then, the team has resolved the user interface issue. We are attempting to release payment on a subscription service rather than a product that is purchased once, which means that the income earned at the time of commission release is less than the commission payout. This is the third problem that we are facing. In order to make Trackdesk function for our purposes, we had to manipulate the figures in this manner since the software does not let you to issue commission payments that are more than revenue. - Michal M.
Our need was for a multi-tier commissions feature. User interface that is simple to understand and implement, making it suited for novices as well as more experienced users. Both the tracking and their service have been really helpful, and the tracking seems to be accurate. This is an excellent platform for beginning your own affiliate programme. So far, we have discovered all that we need there. The design of Trackdesk is excellent. Their support materials and knowledge base were prepared in a clear and concise manner. Affiliate marketing is something I am just beginning to become involved with. After evaluating a number of alternative programmes, I ultimately decided to go with TrackDesk because of the affordable pricing and the vast capabilities it offers. The beginning of my journey has been a great one. I am really pleased to put this referral programme into action. - Barbora B.
One of the characteristics of Trackdesk that I disliked the most was the fact that it is still a relatively new product and has not yet reached its full potential. Despite the fact that it provides an incredible assortment of features and functionalities, there is opportunity for more enhancement and refinement and development. It would be possible to enhance mobile access. The native mobile applications would be of assistance. In the beginning, it was a little bit challenging to comprehend the directions that were provided online; but, I was finally able to do so, owing to their prompt customer care. However, they are always seeking for input from us and gradually implementing all that we want. Although they still need to incorporate more features, they never stop looking for it. - Martin M.
In order to boost income and get more leads, it provides you with the opportunity to profit from the audiences of your partners. Your ability to set up several affiliate levels and commission structures, as well as recurring commissions, is provided to you via this feature. In order to boost income and get more leads, it provides you with the opportunity to profit from the audiences of your partners. Trackdesk's free trial was recently used by me, and I must say that it much beyond my expectations. In terms of navigation, the interface is simple. The Trackdesk training was quite helpful in gaining an understanding of the capabilities that are available on the platform. When it came to the implementation of a third-party product such as this one, I discovered that the onboarding procedure was as smooth as it could possibly be. The whole implementation took less than a day, which is much longer than the majority of the others that were available. The issue of monitoring clicks and affiliate referrals is one that Trackdesk handles in a way that is completely unique. Both the customer service staff and the payment processes are quite prompt, and it provides a wide variety of payout options. TrackDesk is an effective affiliate management platform that provides effective tools and comprehensive statistics for the purpose of optimising the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns. Because of its user-friendly design and prompt customer service, it is an excellent option for increasing the amount of money earned from affiliate marketing endeavours. - Michal F.
My mobile device's Trackdesk interface might be difficult to navigate at times. Generally speaking, it functions well on my phone; nevertheless, initially, it was not easy to go through a few prompts since there was no 'Continue' button there. I was only able to process using the keypad on my phone, which was something that took me some time to figure out. In spite of the fact that I like how convenient Trackdesk is, it may be much more beneficial if it were to modify its cost in order to make it more affordable for tiny firms. Because of the high cost of Trackdesk, my buddy, who operates a small business from home, is unable to afford to utilise it with his company. What is very unfortunate is that a great number of proprietors of small firms are unable to make use of Trustdesk to improve their companies simply due to the fact that the prices are too high for them. It's possible that I'm the only one who feels this way, but I get the impression that the cost is the primary reason why firms aren't using this affiliate monitoring programme. - Alexander S.

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Trackdesk Pros&Cons


  • Easy to Use
  • Remote Access
  • Multi-Device Support


  • Cost
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Learning Curve

Trackdesk Final Conclusions

To facilitate efficient sales and CRM administration, Trackdesk excels at offering a user-friendly platform with powerful sales automation capabilities and attentive customer service — however, issues center on convoluted pricing schemes and sporadic restrictions on certain features or integration possibilities.

Trackdesk's usability and sales automation features are valued for their potential to improve client interactions and simplify operations. Its allure and user happiness might be increased by addressing issues with price transparency and feature limits.

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