ZINFI Review: Pricing, Features & More

As a leading Unified Partner Management (UPM) innovator, ZINFI helps vendors and their channel partners develop profitably, steadily, and quickly globally. ZINFI, a US-based company headquartered in Silicon Valley, was established by seasoned channel veterans with a wealth of international channel management expertise. It sees a huge potential to create high-achieving sales channels by implementing a user-friendly, feature-rich Unified Partner Management platform that automates and oversees the partner lifecycle.
ZINFI Review: Pricing, Features & More

ZINFI overview

Connecting, collaborating, communicating, co-marketing, and co-selling with your partners are all things that ZINFI makes possible for successful collaborations. With its partner automation software, the company provides solutions that are easy to use and do not need any coding to customize and autonomously manage the organization's partner operations. It is optional to include IT. Conversations with influential people, industry experts, and channel executives from around the globe to better understand the dynamics of Partner Ecosystems.

Use the ZINFI affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution. You can guarantee that you recruit the appropriate partners and allow them to promote your goods and services via their communication channels. Your affiliates are responsible for driving targeted visitors to your website, and you can monitor their success, pay them commission, and expand your marketing network. Gain an understanding of Channel Marketing, Partner Management, and other related topics from ZINFI specialists and industry analysts. Learn how to optimize your partner training, recruiting, demand generation, and other aspects of your channel to establish an exceptionally well-performing channel.

What ZINFI has to say about itself

Successful collaborations are made possible by ZINFI. To expand their partner ecosystem and generate profitable development, it offers enterprises an endless number of avenues to implement. A world of visibility, predictability, and control is opened up to clients by ZINFI, allowing them to speed up the connections, cooperation, and commerce between them and their partners.

It aims to empower consumers, workers, and communities to fulfil their unlimited potential, and the term ZINFI, which means "zero to infinity," signifies this mission. The word is commonly used daily to refer to an analytical and mathematical approach to marketing and sales methodologies. This approach enables customers to realize the true potential of their products and services and continuously grow their business through the channel. In other words, it uses the word to describe the most common application of the term. By implementing a collection of cloud-based modules for partner recruiting, engagement, enablement, and management that function fluidly and can be integrated into existing infrastructure, ZINFI's Unified Partner Management (UPM) SaaS platform allows vendors to generate viable revenue growth.

Affiliate Marketing Management (AMM), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Partner Marketing Management (PMM), and Partner Incentives Management (PIM) are all managed by the ZINFI Unified Channel Management Platform, which is a suite of Cloud Apps that are highly configurable and easy to use. This promise is delivered through the ZINFI platforms.

Any company may construct a highly effective channel and enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) from partner sales using ZINFI's Unified Performance Management (UPM) solutions, powered by their effectiveness and great experience. ZINFI's worldwide marketing services team members provide local support for these three key UPM SaaS apps in more than 26 countries worldwide.

ZINFI Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitezinfi.com
Service Areas26 countries
Service TypesZINFI specializes in delivering Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions to businesses.
FeaturesOnboard, Through-Channel marketing automation (TCMA), Channel marketing automation, Partner relationship management (PRM), Partner enablement and training, Channel sales enablement
CertificationsSOC2 Type 2, HIPPA

ZINFI price policy

ZINFI often provides customized solutions, with prices based on the number of users, the extent of the services, and the need for further features. Depending on the modules selected and service level agreements (SLAs), costs may include bespoke pricing structures or subscription-based models. Working with ZINFI directly or seeking a quotation will guarantee accurate evaluations tailored to particular needs and organizational scalability for comprehensive specifics on expenses in line with unique company goals.
PackagesZINFI has not provided pricing information for its service.
Payment optionsCredit/Debit cards, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), ACH Payments, Wire Transfers
Payment discountsSeveral different elements determine whether ZINFI will give discounts or promotional offers. These include lower prices for bigger subscription volumes or larger commitments, periodic reductions during certain seasons or special events, incentives or introductory discounts for new customers or companies, and so on.Checking ZINFI's official website or getting in touch with their sales staff is the best way to get the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or special deals the company may offer. Direct connection with ZINFI would offer the most up-to-date information on any discounts or promotions that are now available. This is because companies often keep their discount structures updated.

ZINFI online reputation

ZINFI is valued for providing strong channel management solutions that support marketing automation and partner partnerships — positive comments on user-friendly interfaces that support efficient partner cooperation and marketing initiatives. Occasionally, implementation issues with certain modules or functionality have been reported. Certain users may voice concerns about customer support's timeliness or degree of help.
In terms of partner management, Zinfi is without a doubt the most effective platform. Additionally, it assists in the effective communication and coordination with the partner, as well as providing precise facts about the goods and services offered by the partner. The user interface and style of the website are particularly appealing to us since it allows us to readily see all of the information that pertains to our leads, contacts, and orders. Because Zinfi has all of the pertinent partner information saved with them, it is simple to immediately share the link with the end user, and the end user can then obtain the necessary information and check that it is accurate. This program is a true partner management tool that will assist you in the day-to-day order processing efforts that you do. In terms of managing the connections that exist between the two parties, Zinfi is the most effective channel partner. The end user is provided with the information that is pertinent to their needs as well as a simple communication platform. Due to the fact that it is relatively simple to use and browse, the portal is beneficial in terms of saving time and effort. Since it has been two years since I started using Zinfi, I would definitely suggest it to other people. - Stephanie P.
In general, however, the user interface of the website may be enhanced by using a greater number of animations and bright colors in order to make it seem more attractive and presentable. It is recommended that prior to selecting ZINFI or any other PRM platform, detailed study be conducted, and if at all feasible, a demonstration or trial be requested in order to assess how well it corresponds with the specific objectives of your company. The reading of current user evaluations and the solicitation of suggestions from colleagues in the sector may also give significant information into the strengths and limitations of the platform. Everything is not flawless, and we all have room for growth. Similar to how Zinfi can be improved, it can also be improved by offering a platform that is more user-friendly, engaging, and customizable. The purpose of this website is, in fact, to present all of the information that is associated with Dynatrace. However, if this is accompanied by providing a more appealing web appearance, such as a better user interface and also content that has been arranged according to each group or menu, then visitors will have an easier time navigating the web. - Bruno C.
We are able to interact effectively with the partner as a result of Zinfi having been implemented. We are receiving assistance from Zinfi, which is offering a transparent method to monitor the order processing for each and every one of our clients. Additionally, Zinfi's customer care is excellent, and their crew is constantly available to address any problems that consumers may have. Zinfi is doing an excellent job of bridging the gap between the partner and the end user when it comes to software development. Zinfi's customer support staff is the greatest part of the company since they are always accessible to provide solutions to any problems and direct you toward the appropriate answers. The navigation to all of the knowledge base and study material that is associated with the goods and services is made more simpler with the use of Zinfi. Our staff is able to simply refer to the necessary product information with the assistance of Zinfi, and then instruct the end user in the appropriate manner. Direct communication with the partner allows us to have all of our questions answered and concerns resolved. Because the partner is able to easily and immediately follow all of the sales orders via Zinfi, our job is simplified, and our contact with the partner is conducted in an effective manner. - Hector G.
By using their partner site, Zinfi is providing a multitude of features that are in high demand. In spite of this, businesses have the option of either attempting to provide the same product at a cheaper price or implementing a pricing structure that allows the end user to pay just for the elements that are necessary. More partners will be encouraged to choose Zinfi as a result of this. We are able to suggest that Zinfi should broaden its range of services and assume responsibility for the whole partner engagement cycle, which may include following up with clients via email when necessary. In addition, I am not certain whether or not two-factor authentication is currently a feature that is available for account logins; if it is not, then you are free to build that as well, since it is the most pressing need at the moment. Some users who are not experienced with channel management or marketing automation may find the platform to be difficult to use, which may result in a steep learning curve or difficulties in using the platform. Regarding me, it goes without saying that there are some hues that are quite peculiar to look at. Just the colors to change, and I do get a bit disoriented every once in a while, but it's not a major problem. - Mariel S.
I like Zinfi's user interface and web page. Everything is simply positioned for ease of access. The Zinfi customer support staff is constantly there to answer any questions, and all of the Partner's information and data is always easily accessible. Zinfi is the best partner management software I have ever used. Zinfi is assisting us in contacting the partner and learning more about their offerings. It's the ideal channel management software for partners as well as users. It is simple and straightforward to just see and refer to the information that is necessary rather than waste time on other tasks or procedures since everything is organized neatly. By overseeing the Partner connection with the end customers, Zinfi is doing well. It is the ideal platform for interacting with clients and learning about their needs. Zinfi has proven to be an excellent tool for Partners' product and solution marketing. What I appreciate most about Zinfi is that it's easy to install with the current infrastructure, and its timely customer service is its most significant feature. - Mai V.
When the essential interoperability with other programs or platforms is not available, it might be difficult to integrate ZINFI with other corporate systems. This can be a potentially tough situation. Certain aspects of the platform's capacity to be customized to meet the requirements of individual users may be restricted. As you employ strategy, Zinfi is able to work on their price and come up with pay adjustments. Customers will be able to choose the customized plan on a more affordable basis as a result of this. It comes to me that the online interface of the website is identical to what it was two years ago. There is a possibility that you may alter the color or the interface of the website. Additionally, the scrollbar may sometimes cover the information that is located above the web page with the information that is located at the beginning of the page of titles. Zinfi, on the other hand, has the ability to improve its marketing techniques, since competitive marketing would assist them in reaching a larger market space. The ability to personalize fast access links, which would allow users to be able to access certain resources directly from the main page, is something that I may suggest upgrading. - Alfred P.
Our ERP systems interface with Zinfi smoothly. Our staff can save time and effort by entering a few information into Zinfi's partner site, which automates the process. Zinfi makes communication more effective by bridging the gap between the partner and the end user by providing the same information to them both. I like how everything is arranged and easily accessible in Zinfi's online UI and UX. Partner data and information is easily accessible, and your customer service promptly addresses our worries and issues. What I appreciate most about Zinfi is that it is built on the most recent framework, giving me the reassurance that the app's developers are knowledgeable about the security of this portal. All I can conclude is that Zinfi is the best partner management tool I have ever used. Zinfi is assisting us in getting in contact with our partners and finding out more about their offerings. It's the ideal channel management application for partners as well as end customers. With everything neatly arranged, it's simple to observe and consult what's important without spending time on pointless procedures. - Christopher V.
Nevertheless, there is always potential for development in any product or service, and what I believe about ZINFI is that there are times when I encounter some type of difficulties, but those errors did not have a significant influence on the job that I completed. Because I am an administrator of a learning management system (LMS), I need data to be accessible in a timely manner. During my time there, I discovered that the process of data collection and processing takes some time. Through the integration of SSO, the platform has become more easier to use. It is necessary for me to mention anything, and it might be the symbols and the theme. These items are rather ancient. Despite the fact that it is not an issue, it may be more futuristic. Additionally, there are instances when I have a difficult time locating things, but I do not believe that this is a fault with Zinfi. There is an issue with the netscout. I would like to make a suggestion for an upgrade to its interface, maybe a glow-up, since it has stayed unchanged over the course of the last several years. Enhancing the marketing and promotion of this product is the best course of action. I find their present methods of marketing to be unappealing, and they have room for further development. In addition to that, I have no idea if Zinfi is a poor show from a technical standpoint, from a mission crucial standpoint, or from the perspective of the experience. - Spencer H.
The communication gap that exists between the end user and the partner is unquestionably broken down by Zinfi. Zinfi, like other partner portals, shows the partner information and supports the automation of streamlined operations. However, what sets Zinfi apart from other partner portals is that it assists you in navigating the knowledge base, partner news, articles, and reports in order to get a comprehensive grasp of the goods themselves. In addition, we are able to share them with the final client in order to simplify the work process, and they are able to have faith in these papers since they originate straight from the approved user portal. Zinfi is able to directly share the database of partner goods, services, and associated resources with the client, allowing them to evaluate and comprehend the specifics of the situation. This is possible because Zinfi has the database saved. Not only does this improve our sales process, but it also helps establish trust and relationships with our customers. After used a number of partner portals, I can confidently declare that Zinfi is one of the most remarkable and unique of them all. This is due to the fact that they are paying the highest care to the clients, rather than just selling the solution. In addition to being well-versed in all of the technical parts of the product, the customer support staff at Zinfi goes above and above to assist consumers in resolving any difficulties that may arise and ensuring that they have a negative experience. - Alejandro H.
Zinfi has the potential to improve the user interface (UI) experience it offers to its consumers. Even if the existing Web experience is fantastic, there is no doubt that they have the ability to enhance it by making it more attractive to the targeted audience. There are occasions when the data may be acquired in a more efficient manner in order to make navigating somewhat simpler. Despite the fact that ZINFI is simple to use, there are maybe certain functions that other users may find difficult to understand. A suggestion that I have is to additionally give some tutorials, particularly for new users, in order to expose them to the fundamentals of the platform's implementation. Zinfi is doing quite well by offering one of the most effective use case management systems. The marketing methods that they use, on the other hand, need more of their attention. I am only familiar with Zinfi since I am utilizing the partner site; other than that, I have not seen enough advertisements for the company on social media, YouTube, or at any other events. The app may sometimes be sluggish or sluggish, which has the potential to negatively impact the entire user experience. Additionally, the frequent evaluations encourage additional users to utilize the app. - Osman Y.

ZINFI Social media

https://www.youtube.com/c/Zinfitech148 Subscribers
Generally speaking, Reddit users' experiences and opinions frequently add to a fair assessment of ZINFI. Positive comments usually focus on how easy it is to use, how well it tracks, and how many affiliate agreements are available. On the other hand, complaints center on complicated setup procedures or difficulties integrating with certain platforms. Customer feedback generally indicates that ZINFI is a useful affiliate marketing platform with various partnerships and strong tracking features; nevertheless, the user experience might be further improved with tweaks to setup procedures and integrations.

ZINFI average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
capterra.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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ZINFI Pros&Cons


  • Customer Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Marketing Automation


  • Implementation Complexity
  • Channel Management
  • Expensive

ZINFI Final Conclusions

ZINFI is recognized for its complete partner relationship management and marketing automation products and for being a reliable source of channel management solutions. Users like its interfaces' ease of use since they enable productive partner and marketing campaign cooperation. Concerns have been raised, meanwhile, about the difficulties of implementation and the disparities in customer service experiences; some consumers have noted inconsistently high levels of assistance.

ZINFI is acknowledged for its marketing automation and channel management prowess, which helps foster effective partner connections and expand brand awareness. Resolving issues with installation complexity and guaranteeing reliable, excellent customer service might increase its allure and user contentment even more.

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