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Changes to the Terms & Conditions

Please note that we reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions as new services can be added to our website, particular laws can be changed, or new ones can be implemented. You won’t receive any notice before the privacy policy changes, so make sure to review this section from time to time.

General Use

  • To visit the website, you are not obligated to register. You have the right to browse it anonymously without providing any personal data. Although, this does not apply to the comments sections. Once you want to leave a comment, you will be asked to fill out personal data, like your name, email address, etc.
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  • If you want to post any piece of content on our website (such as comments or reviews), we highly recommend you use your real name since it will appear under each post.
  • Each user is entitled to have only one profile on our website, which cannot be transferred or used by anyone else.


  • Information on our website left by its users in the form of comments or reviews in the future may be used by the website for its own needs.
  • The content may be used for non-commercial purposes only upon our written consent or as permitted by applicable law.


The information provided on the website is the result of research, evaluation, and personal estimation of our team members. We keep the right to delete any piece of content provided by our users that have been considered abusive or in violation of our terms and conditions or privacy policy.