Ringba Review

For contact centers, businesses, and marketers to better manage and optimize incoming and outgoing calls, Ringba is a powerful platform for call analytics and monitoring. With Ringba's selection of products, businesses can immediately take control of their traffic, call volume, and customer experience.
Ringba Review

Ringba overview

Ringba is a robust call analytics and monitoring platform with a wide range of functionality for call centers, enterprises, and marketers to better manage and optimize incoming and outgoing conversations. Businesses immediately take command of their traffic, call flow, and customer experience with Ringba's portfolio of products.
The Real-Time Call Routing and Ping Tree technology from Ringba simplifies the process of tracking and routing incoming calls for enterprises and contact centers, with the option to distribute calls to the most efficient live agents or best worldwide call centers. This allows companies to give their consumers uninterrupted access to the finest service possible.
When it comes to monitoring and tracking performance, spotting patterns, and diagnosing problems, Ringba has you covered with precise and all-encompassing analytics tools. When it comes to helping enterprises and call centers get off the ground, Ringba offers a wide range of consultancy and support services.
Ringba also offers a devoted team that is knowledgeable in providing bespoke routing and analytic solutions for organizations and contact centers who require assistance with design, optimization, and maintenance of their call routing. Businesses can rest easy knowing that their call routing is in good hands with Ringba's extensive tools and knowledgeable staff.

What Ringba has to say about itself

Digital marketers can't do better than Ringba when it comes to ad optimization. You can take your campaigns to the next level with the aid of this award-winning platform and the cutting-edge capabilities it offers. Using the tools provided by Ringba, you may assess and enhance performance for the best possible ROI.
With Ringba, your digital marketing campaigns are more likely to be profitable and efficient. Insights into your performance are at your fingertips thanks to the high level of sophistication of our analytics and reporting. Ringba will aid you in creating distinctive campaigns, establishing advanced tracking systems, and modifying the course of existing initiatives. The most effective initiatives will stand out, while those with room for improvement will be easy to spot.
Because of its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities, anybody can understand the nuances of their digital marketing plan using Ringba's platform. In addition, the platform is flexible, allowing you to modify it to meet the requirements of your organization, regardless of its size.
Digital marketing initiatives are crucial, and Ringba has the resources to offer you an edge. Our system will provide you with the metrics you need to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you get the return on investment you require.
When it comes to digital marketing, we make it our mission to anticipate your needs and provide cutting-edge services. Learn how to take your ad optimization to the next level by using Ringba to boost the success of your campaigns.

Ringba Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteringba.com
Service Areas60+ countries
Service TypesCall Tracking, Call Analytics, Pay Per Call, Call Centers, Call Attribution, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IVR, Interactive Voice Response
FeaturesAB Testing, API, Automatic Call Distribution, Call Center Management,Call Logging, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Call Routing, Call Tracking, Call Tracking Metrics, Caller ID, Caller Profiles, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Conversion Tracking, IVR/Voice Recognition, Inbound Call Center, Keyword Tracking, Multiple Scripts, Phone Key Input, Real Time Analytics, Real Time Data, Real Time Monitoring, Real Time Reporting, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Text to Speech, Third Party Integrations, Voice Mail
CertificationsRingba has not provided information for this product or service

Ringba price policy

Ringba is the industry standard in call optimization, using its cutting-edge set of technologies to help businesses maximize their return on investment and power effective campaigns. In order to maximize earnings and cut down on expenses, the firm provides real-time bidding and dynamic pricing optimization technologies. Using Ringba's robust capabilities, organizations can deliver a premium caller experience, save marketing costs, and boost profits. Businesses may customize criteria and automate bidding on important client groups using Ringba's AI-driven decision-making engine. Ringba also helps organizations keep ahead of the competition in call optimization because to its adaptable pricing methods and scalable technologies. Overall, Ringba is a great system for optimizing calls and increasing revenue.
PackagesBasic: Available for free; Premium: $99 per month; Enterprise: Contact Ringba directly for pricing information.
Payment optionsCredit card
Payment discountsRingba has not provided information for this product or service

Ringba online reputation

Ringba is a comprehensive platform designed to improve online reputation management. With Ringba, businesses can monitor and control their reputation on social media, reviews and customer feedback, ensuring their digital presence reflects only the most positive aspects of their services. It helps companies to create a comprehensive online reputation strategy for increased visibility, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Ringba helps automate manual tasks such as customer service and saves time by using advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies. With Ringba, businesses can easily identify areas of improvement, track customer sentiment, understand consumer trends, and measure the success of their online reputation plans.
Ringba is the most amazing inbound call tracking and analytics platform around. It helps me grow my pay per call business. It has everything I need to manage my campaigns, maximize ROI and optimize my campaigns on traffic sources.
Today, online visibility is considered a major benefit to marketing and our company specializes in that particular field. In our use case, the benefits gained by using the software were two-fold. With Ringba, we didn't just want their call tracking features as we were also in need of call intelligence and reporting tools. It's safe to say Ringba was an all in one deal that helps us providing a better caller experience and improved our conversion rates significantly.
Cheaper call tracking than any other platform, more data, easy to navigate dashboard. I can setup new campaigns in minutes and immediately start accepting traffic and proving results to my clients.
Ringba has not only helped me boost our number of calls per day but it has effectively grown our business by helping us manage clients and buyers altogether.
I have been lucky enough to meet Ringba at ASW23, work extensively with their sales team (Bob), and then sign up for the platform. Literally could not have made a better choice for a platform as they seemingly stand alone in this category. The platform is sophisticated, easy to setup out of the box with little to no dev work, number pool technology is amazing and second to none, chat support is 5 stars and always there to help with any small or large question if you are new. And we haven't even launched our pay per call affiliate program yet... Over all a great experience from day 1 and I give anyone my top recommendation.

Ringba Social media

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fdyv_T6PJMmaFBFJZpQRg1,44k Subscribers
Ringba helps marketers boost their campaigns with real-time analytics. Customers love it, giving it glowing reviews—highly recommended for any marketer!

Ringba average reviews

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Ringba Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Customizable reporting capabilities


  • Limited integrations
  • No SMS functionality
  • Mobile usage issues

Ringba Final Conclusions

Ringba is a cutting-edge software platform that offers effective monetization and optimization tools to maximize the revenue of pay-per-call campaigns. With its advanced analytics, real-time tracking capabilities, customizable bidding strategies, and flexible API integration, Ringba is a robust platform that enables businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their pay-per-call campaigns. Ringba is the ideal choice for any business that wants to maximize call campaign revenue due to its robust features and unparalleled customer service.

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