Invoca Review

Invoca is the industry leader in artificial intelligence-powered conversation intelligence solutions for sales teams. Its main goal is to help companies increase profits by allowing them to listen in on and learn from client conversations. By providing automatic actions that enhance digital touchpoints and human encounters, Invoca helps organizations increase conversions and revenue.
Invoca Review

Invoca overview

Invoca is a revolutionary cloud-based call tracking and analytics platform, designed to help businesses understand and expand their customer communications. With revolutionary data science and innovative marketing technologies, Invoca is your ultimate business solution to ensure you never miss out on a potential growth opportunity.
Invoca's award-winning tool set enables you to collect invaluable insights into customer conversations whether they take place across the phone, web, SMS, or in person. The call tracking platform allows you to monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns, and evaluate the resulting ROI in real time.
Plus, Invoca integrates with leading marketing automation platforms, such as Salesforce, Adobe Analytics, and Marketo. This allows you to gain access to unparalleled business insights to support your customer engagement strategies.
Invoca utilizes advanced analytics to identify key trends and customer behavior. It provides powerful reporting functionality and insights into unanswered calls, call quality, peak usage, and trend identification to help inform future campaigns
Invoca is the perfect solution for any business looking to streamline their customer engagement process while maximizing every growth opportunity. With a combination of cutting-edge technology and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Invoca helps you get ahead of the competition and achieve growth.

What Invoca has to say about itself

Invoca is the market leader in conversation intelligence solutions for sales teams, powered by artificial intelligence. Its primary objective is to aid businesses in boosting profits by letting them listen in on and learn from client discussions. Invoca aids businesses in increasing conversions and revenue by delivering automated actions that improve digital touchpoints and human interactions.
Discover and seize growth possibilities that might otherwise be missed with Invoca's cutting-edge solutions, which leverage potent data science and smart marketing technology. Invoca is an AI platform that aids businesses in comprehending their customers' meaning, motivation, and requirements using features including natural language processing, intent recognition, and predictive modeling. This enables businesses to give individualized services and experiences, which in turn forges strong bonds with customers.
Invoca provides AI solutions alongside a full array of marketing tools, allowing businesses to better understand which channels and messages will have the most impact on their target audiences. To make sure money is going to the appropriate places, businesses may use these technologies to create campaigns across digital media and track their success in real time.
The scalability of Invoca allows businesses to expand without encountering any performance or capacity limitations. Invoca's platform core has been tested and verified to sustain millions of requests per hour, while the system's user-friendly architecture makes it suitable for both small and big applications.
With Invoca, businesses can optimize their interactions with customers. Successful businesses realize that satisfying their customers' wants and requirements with conversational automation leads to more conversions, happier customers, and more money in the bank. Using Invoca, sales teams can anticipate their clients' needs and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with them.

Invoca Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUS, Canada, and UK
Service TypesInbound Call Marketing, Call Tracking, Call Intelligence, Pay-Per-Call Advertising, Phone Leads, Marketing Automation, Marketing Campaign Management, SaaS, Call Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Conversions, Attribution, Contact Center
FeaturesAPI, Automatic Call Distribution, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Call Routing, Call Tracking Metrics, Caller ID, Conversion Rate Optimization, Conversion Tracking, IVR/Voice Recognition, Keyword Tracking, ROI Tracking, Collapse list.
CertificationsSOC 2 Type 2 Certified, ISO 27001 Compliant, HIPAA Compliant, PCI DSS Certified, GDPR Compliant, CCPA Compliant, DPA

Invoca price policy

To improve interactions with customers, Invoca is the best option. Every conversation and contact may be more productive on an intelligent cloud platform, which is great news for customers. Discounts for big teams and yearly subscriptions are available, and the organization offers a variety of customizable solutions to meet the needs of every business, no matter its size or budget. Improve your customer interactions immediately with Invoca's cutting-edge cloud-based call monitoring and audio analytics technology.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsCredit or debit card
Payment discountsInvoca has not provided information for this product or service

Invoca online reputation

Customers praise Invoca's efficient and dependable services, and the company has an excellent online reputation.
In the first place, their customer service is unparalleled. My company's specific requirements as a client must be met. Representatives from Invoca collaborated with my team to ensure that every item on our to-do list was completed, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with.
Lack of basic features and reporting that are standard in many other similar products. Their staff provides inconsistent support and appears to be out of touch with call center environments and needs.
Invoca has been one of the most important tracking elements utilized by our company and is a primary KPI. We require tracking for hundreds of hospitals and call centers from a central location, which Invoca is able to provide. Invoca's customer service has always been prompt and precise.
The service is overpriced, and it takes 2.5 months to even terminate a "month-to-month" contract. Their competitors offer more reporting, data, and functionality and are 75-100 % less expensive. There are superior products available with superior customer service.
Using its machine learning technology, Invoca's Conversation Analyics powered by AI enables in-depth analyses of customer interactions. Invoca enables the tracking of calls, the attribution of call conversions to the campaigns that generate them, and the optimum use of advertising dollars.
Some steps are repeated. We have thousands of campaigns, and updating holiday hours across all of them is difficult. Nonetheless, Invoca was willing to provide this service for us.
The most rewarding aspect of Invoca for CHP is the immediate feedback and results for our marketing campaigns. Before Invoca, we had no data or measurements regarding the performance of our strategies and channels.
With me, reliability is a serious issue; sometimes I have a clear amazing connection, and other times not so much.
From my position, Invoca provides us with a layer of inbound call analytics that reveals the effectiveness of our marketing programs. This layer of analytics and the program-specific metrics are beneficial to program efficacy.

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Invoca Pros&Cons


  • There is no multilingual support available
  • Cannot determine the origin of all calls.


  • Extremely simple to use and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Excellent support from the customer service team
  • Simple to generate marketing performance reports

Invoca Final Conclusions

Invoca is the industry leader in call intelligence, providing businesses with the tools to boost customer satisfaction and sales. Their cloud-based platform enables the collection of insights, controls and automation to ensure optimal performance, conversions and ROI. Call tracking and analytics allow users to identify marketing trends and customer behaviors, as well as pinpoint where leads are coming from. Using automated workflows, reactions can be tailored to each situation that allows the perfect architecture to create a long-term customer relationship. Overall, Invoca provides an ideal solution for businesses that want to optimize their customer relationships though phone calls.

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