CallFire Review

CallFire simplifies automated call campaigns, customer interaction evaluation, and voice, text, fax, and email delivery. CallFire also allows faxing to customers. Businesses may easily adapt their contact centers to meet their requirements. CallFire is ideal for support, appointment planning, and lead monitoring since it balances power and usability.
CallFire Review

CallFire overview

CallFire is an innovative contact center software solution that is hosted in the cloud. It is reinventing the way in which businesses interact with their existing customers as well as future customers. The all-inclusive platform provides a complex collection of features that, when combined, make it feasible to manage customer contacts in a manner that is both cost-effective and successful.

CallFire makes it easy to plan automated call campaigns, evaluate customer interactions, and deliver voice, text, fax, and email messages to consumers. In addition, CallFire makes it possible to transmit messages to customers via fax machines. It is not difficult for businesses to modify their contact centers so that they are better able to fulfill the needs of their operations. Because it strikes the perfect balance between power and use, CallFire is well suited for use as a support system, an appointment planner, or a lead-tracking system.

People who are looking for a comprehensive solution for their contact center will find that CallFire's ability to organize calls, build interactive voice response (IVR) phone trees, and send out mass text messages—all from a single platform—is excellent.

CallFire is an excellent choice for companies of any size and in any sector due to the scalability of its platform as well as the price structure's adaptability.

What CallFire has to say about itself

CallFire is consistently regarded as a frontrunner among competitors in its industry. As we continue to strive for excellence in all we do, we are both proud of and humbled by the numerous honors that have been bestowed upon us. Reminding customers of new prospects and developing connections with them may be accomplished through text messages and phone calls. Sending out customized messages to all of your clients and prospects can now be done in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Activate lead lists, monitor the efficacy of advertising, and reduce the length of collection cycles.

CallFire Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasCA
Service TypesTexting and calling solutions that help you reach more customers
FeaturesSMS marketing, voice broadcasting, local presence numbers, interactive voice response, mobile Web, cloud call center automation, text-to-voice, business intelligence, reporting, and analytics
CertificationsHIPAA, PCI DSS, TCPA, SAS-70, A2P

CallFire price policy

CallFire offers usage-based subscriptions to meet the varying needs of its customers on a monthly basis. The pay-as-you-go plan gives customers the flexibility to pay for services only when they need them, with pricing options starting as little as $0.01 per message. Larger businesses may choose from many subscription plans that provide additional features like automated calling and thorough reporting for a flat monthly fee. Membership options range in price from $99 to $599 per month, depending on the features and services desired.
PackagesPRO - $599/month, 20000 - minutes/texts; GROW - $299/month, 10000 - minutes/texts; STARTUP - $199/month, 5500 - minutes/texts; LITE - $99/month, 2500 - minutes/texts; PAY AS YOU GO - 6¢per minute/text, no monthly fee
Payment optionsCredit cards, ACH Payments, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
Payment discountsCallFire gives holiday and special deals, as well as price breaks based on the number of packs a customer buys. Some of the services that may be reduced are pay-as-you-go minutes, auto-recharge minutes, and toll-free lines. Some goods and services, such as SMS packages or foreign phone lines, might also be on sale.

CallFire online reputation

CallFire's customers have very high praise for the company. Many clients have expressed their complete satisfaction with the company's goods and services, applauding their trustworthy nature, high level of quality, and the helpfulness of the employees. A number of CallFire's clients have voiced their satisfaction with the company's cheap costs and great returns on investment. Users have also said that CallFire is simple to learn and use and that the capabilities that are provided assist them in meeting the requirements of their respective businesses.
Before I heard about CallFire from one of my business partners, I was using some other auto-dialing tools. I was amazed when I saw it work. It's easy to upload data and number names, and it doesn't matter what kind of file type it is because it works with all of them. It also shows you the exact call details as they are shared. We don't have to give unnecessary information like an address, zip code, area code, or postal code, as the rest of the dialer needs, in order to get the number list onto the software. The call connection is great, and I've never had a call break up or echo while calling (as long as I had enough internet speed). They now have cool new features, like being able to send messages from a smartphone app. You can also track your call records and stream calls. IVR, which stands for "interactive voice responses," lets you set up notes for callers, information about products, and help center escalations until the next available person can take the call. We can also use this program to make group calls and route calls. Also, this tool lets us set up as many contacts as we want. We can also always count on excellent customer service to help us with any technology problems.
I really wish that it had the capability to alter the text of a recording, or at the very least let me watch the words that are being uttered so that I may copy and paste them into another answer. When just minor adjustments need to be made, it might be a pain to have to retype everything. Customer help, which was previously of sufficient quality, is now provided in the form of an online questionnaire. The information that you provide on the form will be sent to the ether. There was no reaction to the email that was sent out about the form. The cost is considered to be somewhat steep. There is a drop rate of thirty percent for incoming calls. They continue to place the blame on our phones, despite the fact that our testing has shown that this is not the case. A programmer who I paid out to do the work for me put it up for me. I am unable to handle my setup since I lack the necessary technical skills. I really wish the firm had someone available to help me set things up and make adjustments over the phone.
My employer, a non-profit organization, has been making use of Callfire Cloud Call Center as a tool for managing our efforts to provide superior customer service for more than five years now. The program makes it possible for us to simply develop both small targeted call campaigns for individual members of our team and huge multi-user campaigns that may service our whole customer base. Because the program provides us with an interface that can be used with a minimum of fuss. That will do for the time being. Because the program provides us with analytics, we are able to watch the performance of our personnel while they are on calls, see which phone numbers are excellent and which are terrible, the number of live answers, and so on. The data/question screen gives us the ability to personalize the questions and responses that agents may fill out while a conversation is in progress. This information can then be exported to Excel for further in-depth analysis at a later time. However, when we need information but were unable to extract it from the system, the customer service department was of tremendous assistance to us. The user interface is straightforward and simple to navigate.
The user interface may need more honing in its clarity. The quality of the customer service might fluctuate a little bit at times. It has come to my attention that reporting from the Cloud Call Center might have its share of bugs. For instance, calls seem to have been answered by a live person while in reality they were answered by an answering machine. It would seem that CallFire has deprioritized the use of this product, as a result, they will no longer provide formal support for it. Because we have had accounts for a long time, we are grandfathered in; yet, I find this to be troublesome for our usage in the future. When they join a calling campaign, I'd appreciate it if my agents and callers weren't required to first create an account for themselves. The end effect is unsolicited marketing emails being sent to those who are not prospective consumers. It would be helpful if you could modify the text while you're recording so you could fix any mistakes that were made by accident. Standard reports should have the option of being customized so that they may cater to the particular requirements of a certain organization.
This is the program that I use for all of my outbound phone calls. It enables me to easily confirm appointments with my customers by just clicking a button on the calendar. The user interface is simple to browse, and all of the essential functions may be reached without difficulty from almost any location. Because the reports are so strong, we've been able to monitor and keep metrics up to date, which has helped us significantly boost our overall productivity. Simple in both its construction and its operation. After the campaigns, there were several valuable data points. When working remotely, having the ability to log in and set up accounts online is quite helpful. The Cloud Call Center offered by CallFire is a phone banking application that is simple to use. You may set up scripts, questions/responses, transfers, pre-recorded answering machine messages, etc. It allows for a great deal of personalization in the configuration process, and it is simple for us to build up a campaign that will collect data.
The message that is left in the event that the individual picks up the phone when it should have gone to their voicemail and then it hangs up on them was not to my liking. If the individual does respond, I believe it is important for them to at least listen to the tape. Or, if it is at all feasible, you may skip the choice to answer and have it shown in the voicemail box instead. The steps involved in the payment procedure are not as clear as they may be. To use the software, you will need to buy credits, which may then be converted into minutes. Simply purchasing minutes would be the most convenient option. undesired electronic mail and SMS messages that seem to be from undesired users. Another thing that irritates a lot of people is the sluggish customer service. Because of how easy it was to use, I get the impression that we were not able to modify the program nearly enough to make it suitable for the requirements of our business.
At the push of a button, you may communicate with your consumer base and get any information that is necessary to expand or enhance your company. Additionally, excellent assistance for customers. Our customer relationship management system interacts with Callfire. As a result, we have the ability to immediately insert notes into the system. The user-friendliness of the product is matched by excellent support for existing users. This tool has a multitude of features, some of which are as follows: a pre-recording function for responses; script-setting; analytics; texting; and phone banking, to mention just a few. Because of all of this, doing phone banking is a breeze. I would say that it is the greatest method for companies to reach out to clients and follow up on them, whether it entails completing a survey, seeking feedback for a specific product, or even letting them know that you are going to introduce a new product or service. I would say that it is the best way for businesses. Because it is adaptable and can be customized to suit your needs, it is an excellent option for doing online banking. Its cost is really very reasonable, and it offers you good value for your money by providing an automated dialing function for making bulk calls as well as naturally providing excellent customer support in the event that you have any issues that you would want to report.
It's frustrating because you can't review the messages you've already sent to your customers since you can't see them. That would have made it possible for me to reply to the communications of other individuals more quickly. The user interface is somewhat old at this point. There were periods of time in which the personnel providing customer assistance took a very lengthy time to reply. It is tough to switch to a certain individual since my VOIP system demands a direct phone number in order to transfer the call. This makes it difficult to switch to a specific person. This is the hardest obstacle for me to overcome. It is difficult to investigate the situation, and there are other products that perform extremely well on this platform that, when paired with CallFire, would bring a significant deal of added value to the user experience. This platform is not compatible with the Internet browser offered by Microsoft.
We were able to get staff who had little prior expertise with contact center software up and running in a very short amount of time thanks to CallFire. Additionally, customer care was quite quick to respond. The people providing customer service were fantastic. They guided me through the process of ironing out the wrinkles and provided me pointers on how to convert my pre-recorded messages into a file that could be uploaded; the whole thing was a breeze. This system takes care of everything. It supports bulk text messaging in addition to mass voicemail, and it's quite easy to use. The application is incredibly simple to install and use once it is installed. Within minutes, our outbound callers were able to be onboarded with the application and begin utilizing it. The reporting, as well as the recording of the calls, was of great use in obtaining feedback from our prospects and in caller training.
The top managers in our organization who utilize this application have expressed their frustration that it is difficult to trace talks. They had the impression that the inbox wasn't as user-friendly as it might be. I would like a more in-depth report about the identity of the individual who was involved in the post. It would be really appreciated if you could retain the Cloud Call Center (from what I gather, they were considering getting rid of it). I believe that CallFire would be able to develop even further if they merged with the Direct Messaging features of popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Setting up the IVR function may be quite challenging; perhaps providing more examples that really work would be helpful in this regard. Given that certain company procedures are still reliant on fax, it is possible that integrating the CallFire functionality into Fax may prove to be beneficial.

CallFire Social media Subscribers
CallFire has a solid reputation because to the positive feedback it has received on the user review website Reddit. Businesses in need of a comprehensive communications platform will find CallFire to be an invaluable resource. CallFire is a powerful and adaptable software service that can be accessed through the internet and used by companies of any size. Automated calling, bulk messaging, call tracking, number portability, call scoring, and outbound dialing are just a few of the many useful features offered by this software. Quick implementation and expansion are made possible by the platform's compatibility with popular customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

CallFire average reviews

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CallFire Pros&Cons


  • Ease of use
  • Offers powerful analytics
  • Compatible with SMS, Voice Broadcast, and IVR technologies


  • Expensive
  • Incompetent customer support service
  • Limited configuration services

CallFire Final Conclusions

CallFire allows businesses to quickly and easily put up automated phone advertising. The software is user-friendly and interfaces with several CRM and marketing automation systems through APIs and webhooks. CallFire also provides handy monitoring and analytics services so you can keep tabs on how things are going with your consumers. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, text messaging, and phone calls are just some of the features that make CallFire a complete solution for contact centers. It's a fully-loaded contact center solution that equips businesses with everything they need to expand their clientele and strengthen their bonds with existing patrons.

It would be nice to have more customer service replies at times when service is inefficient. Long periods of time have passed between updates to some functions. There are a number of issues with the way this business is run.

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