Marchex Review

Marchex offers its clients high-tech solutions to increase revenue and streamline business processes. When offline channels, such as phone calls and text messages, are combined with online channels, such as the Internet, the resultant sales and marketing solutions provide consumers with the anticipated purchasing experience.
Marchex Review

Marchex overview

Marchex is a marketing agency that specializes in digital media and regularly achieves demonstrable results for its customers. They boast about their achievements. Look examine these results more carefully. Since 2003, the company's quick expansion and widespread acceptance across a variety of sectors can be traced back to the exceptional quality and novelty of its products. Customers have found success using Marchex's cutting-edge data and analytics solutions to accomplish measurable, data-driven goals.

Marchex's services improve ROI by increasing lead quality, enhancing customer service, and monitoring the impact of marketing campaigns. Digital advertising, analytics, and reporting will all be taken care of automatically by AI. Businesses of all sizes may benefit from Marchex's data-driven services and increase their online visibility and sales. These services help organizations zero in on their most likely customers and leads so that they can provide superior service. Marchex uses cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights into consumer behavior to provide its clients with the best digital advertising experiences available. Because of its forward-thinking methods and expert understanding of the current digital scene, it has quickly risen to prominence.

Marchex has expanded to serve more than 1400 customers as a direct consequence of the high quality of service it provides; as a result, the individuals it assists hold the company in high regard.

What Marchex has to say about itself

We hypothesized that the rapid expansion of mobile communication platforms and the large amount of information that is accessible to customers through the Internet would cause a shift in the consumer-business relationship and lead to the demise of the conventional marketing funnel. In the aftermath of this transformation, breakthroughs in data science and artificial intelligence would drive fast innovation in sales and marketing enablement technology, hence offering a new opportunity to link consumer touchpoints with results in order to "close the loop." As a result of these advances, sales, and marketing teams will be given the ability to work with suppliers of disruptive technology to enhance overall company performance in ways that were not before feasible. Since the beginning of our firm in 2003, when we became a publicly traded company, Marchex has been providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions for the development of new income and the improvement of their businesses.

We help sales and marketing teams to offer the purchasing experiences that modern consumers demand by bringing together physical channels such as phone calls and text messages with digital channels such as the Internet. Our conversation intelligence platform is the industry leader and winner of several awards. It features AI-powered sales interaction and marketing solutions, and it assists organizations in gaining the strategic insights necessary to take fast action and acquire new customers. Our primary mission is to increase our client's sales and success rates. Our business culture has always been distinguished by an intense devotion to, and emphasis on, our clientele. Our raison d'être consists of assisting clients in resolving their present business difficulties in the most effective manner possible.

Marchex Review

Year Started2003
Service AreasWA
Service TypesTrack customer actions from lead to close, determine your buyer's goal and provide the right steps to close the deal
FeaturesCall tracking, analytics, reporting and optimization, local search marketing, display advertising, marketing automation, and attribution analytics.
CertificationsHIPAA, ISO 27001, AWS

Marchex price policy

A wide variety of comprehensive, end-to-end digital marketing solutions, including everything from reporting and analytics to phone calls, mobile marketing campaigns, and more, make up Marchex's offerings. As Marchex will customize the services to meet the unique demands and budget of each individual client, the pricing of these services will depend on the particulars of the campaign. Talkers (pay per call, no long-term commitment) start at $60 per month; Audience (pay per click, no long-term commitment) start at $150 per month; and Advertisers (pay per performance) start at $500 per month. These are some of the basic price packages. Customers may speak with Marchex directly to discuss campaign details and prices in addition to these packages. Marchex also provides custom customized services.
PackagesTalkers (pay per call, no long-term commitment) start at $60 per month; Audience (pay per click, no long-term commitment) start at $150 per month; and Advertisers (pay per performance) start at $500 per month.
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Payment discountsMarchex may provide customers with a selection of discounts based on a wide range of criteria, including the nature of their company, the number of calls they make, the kind of services they purchase, the payment terms they agree to, and so on. Free trials of goods, reduced monthly rates, registration in loyalty programs, bundled packages of phone and advertising services, and other forms of savings may be offered in conjunction with discounts. Get in touch with Marchex directly for further details on the discounts that are currently available.

Marchex online reputation

The reliability of Marchex is attested to by the feedback that former customers have provided on the company's website in the form of testimonials. The firm also provides an extensive array of services that are appropriate for companies of various sizes. Customers are appreciative of the staff's eagerness to help them, their expertise, and the promptness with which they address customers' queries about the quality of the customer care they received. Customers that have used the creative solutions that Marchex has offered have claimed increased profitability and simplified operations as a direct consequence of the efforts put forward by the company. In addition to this, Marchex's customers have offered very complimentary feedback about the high standard of both the products and services that the company provides. The response to this input has been almost universally favorable. The brand has been given very positive feedback from clients, who have complimented the inexpensive prices of the products as well as their straightforward designs. It would seem that the vast majority of Marchex's paying clients are content with the services they have received so far.
The functionality of the application is not compromised by the program's user-friendliness or its capacity to process large amounts of data. The capability of this call-monitoring tool to be integrated into another tracking dashboard is a big advantage, particularly if you operate large-scale call-tracking campaigns. It gives stats inside the application, which is another advantage. This enables you to easily assess data without having to physically conduct the computations and comparisons yourself, which saves time. Having to deal with a third party may be a pain; because you handle all of your information and campaigns, this problem is eliminated. Additionally, customer support may be of great assistance in ensuring that you are maximizing the use of the software to its fullest potential. Available Keyword Level monitoring connects easily enough with Google Adwords for keyword level monitoring; but, we have not yet been able to track search keywords that have been utilized. I find it really satisfying to be able to have insight into the calls that our company is getting, not just for internal purposes but also for the purpose of helping our customers understand how they may better manage our incoming calls.
Improved capability to recognize more specific comments made by customers using Voice of the Customer data, rather than merely preset categories. A portion of the reporting must be printed rather than just presented all at once. The additional follow-up would be beneficial. From what I've seen, Marchex is most definitely a utilitarian platform; it is fairly cumbersome, and navigating it is not the simplest thing in the world. Because the design is not the most intuitive that I've come across, it may take a little bit of time to figure out where everything is kept. The setup is a little bit difficult. It would be helpful if the procedure for setting up a call tracking number and campaign, which may be a little bit complicated at times, could be simplified. The user interface might stand to be improved. After they have been put up, automated reports are difficult to discontinue. When using Google Chrome, the call review functionality may not always function properly. Because of the quantity of harassing calls that have been coming in, we have changed our phone numbers. Because some of the calls were automated, it is clear that the numbers in question were added to a list.
Calls are recorded, and the ability to generate new marketing numbers on the fly is provided. Performs its job, however, when a gets more than 20 calls in a single day, sorting through the many calls to determine whether or not it is a good call may be quite challenging. They provide a service that, for a fee, will point out certain terms; however, I believe that this should be included as standard so that they can deliver the best possible service to all of their clients. Capacity for tracking as a whole. It is difficult to place a price on the ability to properly monitor marketing initiatives; nonetheless, Marchex has truly made it feasible for us to identify what is working and what isn't working in our marketing efforts. The platform has also contributed to an improvement in our efficiency regarding the shifting to new development. It is really convenient for me to be able to listen to calls, filter them, and export reports for customers. I am delighted with the quality of the work that has been done for me!
The fact that Marchex is not very user-friendly for beginners is the aspect of the program that I dislike the most. Tutorials and manuals are needed to understand how the system works. I allocate call responsibilities to a specific group of employees each day, and you have to go through several different processes to get there. On the other hand, the % division for calls is not always followed through. Eliminating the numbers is a complicated process. We have to make sure that we don't have to pay for them despite their deactivation. When placing an order for numbers, there are times when numbers do not show up in the list of numbers purchased. The lack of a "help" option that I could have used to get more information about a component of the program that I may have trouble understanding, in general, is frustrating.
The user interface is not too complicated and is straightforward to navigate. The process of pulling reports is rather direct and to the point. The assistance provided by customer support is also quite useful. When we are seeking particular data, the option to extract reports based on a variety of different criteria is beneficial. The simplicity with which pertinent information may be found is useful. The call monitoring works without any problems, and the reports are comprehensive enough for us to provide them to customers as evidence that our advertising services are effective. The fact that it assists us in segmenting or dividing the calls to the specified individual who has to transfer the calls is the aspect that I enjoy the most about it. Leads are tracked by phone number, and we are able to get phone numbers in a very short amount of time. Call DNA is useful for determining where in the discussion you may go to in order to determine if the agent or the caller is now speaking.
The user interface seems to be out of date. I believe that it could be cleaned up and simplified a little bit more; at times, it requires quite a bit of digging to get the information that one is seeking. Failure to obtain reports on certain data points and values. You get the impression that your request is not being taken seriously when you ask for something that customer support does not presently have, even though they make an effort to assist you but are constrained in their ability to do so. Customer Support does not seem willing to truly solve issues. They assure you that they will get back to you, but occasionally they answer that they are sorry, but we are unable to assist you. A seamless connection has to be managed by more technically savvy individuals. My analytics account has not been properly connected to this website as of yet.
The fact that they provide lower prices than their rivals is a significant advantage. The user interface isn't terrible, but it might be better. The support crew has a good level of expertise. The fact that it facilitates the recording of my songs is the aspect of Marchex that I like the most. My calls are automatically stored, and the information about them, including the date, time, caller, status, and location, is all there. In addition, I am unable to print off the information or open it in a spreadsheet. Calls may be reached with little effort. I was also able to analyze, tag, and score each and every call without any difficulty. It is simple to set up new numbers and rename existing ones. The system is simple to understand and utilize. The reporting function is EXTREMELY helpful. The customer like the visual aspect of the reports as well as how simple it is to personalize them.
I really wish that some of the reporting and how specific numbers are impacted could be explained in a bit more depth. I am not quite sure what contributes to the high number of calls labeled "Other" by the status that I get; nonetheless, it may be only due to my lack of familiarity with the operation of that category. Regarding this topic, I haven't done a lot of study in the assistance manuals. In addition, I have a hard time understanding how my locations are grouped, which is why some of my properties are separated from the others and labeled simply as "other," while the others have the names of their respective locations. The process of pulling bespoke reports is challenging and tough to go through. I really wish there was some way to automate certain reports, like phone logs, but there isn't. When there is a problem, getting assistance from the technical support team might take some time, and during that time, we can lose access to some important data.
I appreciate that I can generate a new number for each strategy that I am designing and that I can both check the outcomes of the numbers and listen for call quality. Both of these features are really convenient for me. The program is very adaptable, which enables us to produce individualized settings and parameters to cater to the specific requirements of each of our clients. The reports are straightforward and include no misleading information. The voice recordings come through loud and clear. Easy to browse and alter data. I appreciate how everything is laid out on the dashboard. It gives you access to valuable information in real-time. When it comes to calling tracking, Marchex provides the complete range of services required, including the ability to purchase tracking numbers, listen to call recordings, and download call data. I see the value that may be gained by using the platform. One feature that Marchex offers that I wish other call monitoring systems had is a visual depiction of conversation time on each call. This feature differentiates between the caller, the answerer, and the ringing, which helps to make skimming through calls to rate their quality more simpler and more efficient.
It is possible for it to malfunction at times, and there is little doubt that some of the functions are not being fully exploited owing to accessibility issues. Helping customers troubleshoot their problems might be challenging at times. The interface is simple enough to use, however, the data from calls has to be downloaded before reports can be generated. It is not simple to get in contact with a salesperson, and there are not many bells and whistles available in comparison to other platforms. I believe that the reporting should be strengthened and organized a little bit better. For some reports, you must first click on one topic, such as "by client," run the report and then see the appearance of another sort of report, from which you must choose and pick which properties to go to. Some reports are difficult to find and they are concealed. You won't be able to see which reports are scheduled for which users if you want to plan them for specific users. In addition to this, there should be a means to provide access to just certain accounts rather than either one or all of them.

Marchex Social media Subscribers
Internet users who frequent the social news website Reddit have, for the most part, positive things to say about Marchex, showing that it is a trustworthy and knowledgeable internet marketing business. The evidence that was provided lends credence to the findings that have been drawn to this conclusion. They provide their clients first-rate help, a comprehensive menu of services, and a customizable and cost-effective solution that is suitable for businesses of varying sizes and scopes and that can be employed by those businesses. They provide a solution that may be tailored to meet the specific needs of companies of varied sizes. Marchex seems to have established itself as a key player in the area of online marketing by having an interface that is both quick and clear to use, giving pricing that is similar to that of rivals, and being devoted to providing outstanding customer care. If you own a business and are interested in using the most current innovations in internet marketing but are unclear how to begin your search, Marchex may be an option that is ideal for you to check into as it might be a good alternative for you to investigate.

Marchex average reviews

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trustpilot.comNo reviewsNo reviews


Marchex Pros&Cons


  • Integrations with top CRMs
  • Robust automation
  • Simple pricing structure


  • Limited localization options
  • Not as many advanced features
  • Difficulty customizing reports

Marchex Final Conclusions

Marchex specializes in creating cutting-edge marketing and advertising technologies. Along with offering services like data analytics, internet marketing, mobile advertising, and consumer data, Marchex focuses on creating innovative advertising and marketing technologies. Any internet-capable device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, may access these services. A consultancy company called Marchex employs cutting-edge technology to help companies increase sales, analyze user data, and gauge customer happiness.

A company might improve both the ROI and the substance of its customer interactions by using a unique mobile data monitoring system and analytics tool. Additionally, firms' returns on investment will rise. Marchex collects data from so many various sources that it is in a unique position to help companies understand their customers better. As a consequence, the aforementioned businesses are better equipped to decide on their marketing strategy now that they have more information. Businesses may assess the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives, boost conversion rates, and target certain consumer groups with Marchex's quick and reliable response.

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