RingCentral Review

RingCentral is a comprehensive communications platform designed to make it simpler for businesses to communicate with one another and collaborate. The many features and tools offered on the cloud-based platform are designed to make communication more convenient and affordable.
RingCentral Review

RingCentral overview

RingCentral is an all-inclusive communications platform made to make it easier for organizations to stay in touch and work together. The various tools and functionalities available on the cloud-based platform are geared toward making communication less time-consuming and costly.
Free video conferencing, rich audio messaging, a multi-level auto attendant, and secure business SMS are just some of the ways in which RingCentral helps organizations improve their efficiency. Various apps and integrations can be added to the platform to assist businesses with communication and collaboration management. RingCentral's Cloud PBX technology is cutting edge since it enables businesses to utilize and access phone numbers from any device, regardless of location.
System monitoring features built into the platform further guarantee that firms will be able to keep working together effectively regardless of external factors, such as power interruptions. With RingCentral's dependable unified communications platform, businesses have more options for connecting with and communicating with their consumers.
RingCentral helps organizations maintain a competitive edge by enhancing internal communication and interaction with clients. With this one platform, organizations have access to a wide variety of features and functions that improve communication and facilitate teamwork. Businesses may maintain constant communication and never miss a beat by using the platform.

What RingCentral has to say about itself

RingCentral is the world's foremost provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, connecting people, locations, and businesses regardless of device or platform. Company unleash the power of the digital workplace with a provider-agnostic, cloud-based communications and collaboration platform that unifies voice, video meetings, team messaging, business SMS, and more. RingCentral enables businesses of all sizes to increase workforce productivity, enhance efficiency, and maximize ROI and profits.
Company committed to delivering effective solutions that meet the unique requirements of enterprises of all sizes. Flexible solutions offer scalability to meet the requirements of organizations of any size or complexity, with extensive features and unmatched functionality, making us one of the world's top five cloud communications providers.
RingCentral recognizes the need for modern employees to collaborate across devices and locations in real time. Cloud-based platform is intended to facilitate worker collaboration on projects and duties as if they were in the same office or working remotely. With our industry-leading video collaboration, team messaging, VoIP, and facsimile capabilities, you can keep everyone in the loop regardless of where they are working.
RingCentral also offers robust, user-friendly integrations. Connecting your existing tools and applications to our communications and collaboration platform allows you to keep everyone connected while using the same tools. Moreover, with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, you can monitor performance, utilization, and more.
Regardless of your organization's communication requirements, RingCentral can help you stay connected. To begin, choose the product that suits your requirements best—Voice, Meetings, or Messages—and begin constructing the ideal cloud communications and collaboration solution for your organization.

RingCentral Review

Year Started1999
Company Websiteringcentral.com
Service AreasNorth America, EMEA, APAC, LATAM
Service TypesCloud-based business phone systems, virtual PBX, unified communication, smartphone apps, Internet fax, Professionals Services, VOIP, Open API/Integration, Global Office, SMS, Online Meetings, Team Messaging & Collaboration, HD Video & Audio Conferencing, Contact Center, video conferencing и Webinar
FeaturesAPI, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, Audio/Video Conferencing, Auto-Dialer, Automated Attendant, Automated Routing, Automatic Call Distribution, CRM, Calendar Management, Call Center Management, Call Conferencing, Call Logging, Call Monitoring, Call Queues, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Call Routing, Call Screening, Call Tracking, Call Tracking Metrics, Call Transfer, Callback Scheduling, Caller ID, Chat/Messaging, Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Computer Telephony Integration, Conferencing, Contact Management, Employee Directory, Event Triggered Actions, Fax Management, File Sharing, File Transfer, For Cloud Phone Systems, For Small Businesses, IVR/Voice Recognition, Microsoft Outlook Integration, Mobile Access, Monitoring, Multi-Channel Communication, Multi-User Collaboration, On-Demand Recording, Online Voice Transmission, PBX, Predictive Dialer, Presentation Streaming, Purchasing & Receiving, Recording, Remote Access/Control, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Ring Groups, Role-Based Permissions, SIP Trunking, SMS Messaging, Scheduled Recording, Screen Sharing, Single Sign On, Third Party Integrations, Two-Way Audio & Video, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Virtual Call Center, Virtual Extensions, VoIP, VoIP Connection, Voice Mail, Voicemail Transcription, Collapse list.
CertificationsSOC 2 attestation SOC 3 attestation ISO 27001 and ISO 27017-18 certifications STIR/SHAKEN (Spam blocking) HITRUST certificate HIPAA attestation of compliance GDPR PCI-certified merchant PIPEDA FINRA

RingCentral price policy

RingCentral has short wait times which boosts caller experience, lowers advertising costs & increases profits. Real-time bidding & dynamic price opt technology increases ROI & fuels successful campaigns.
PackagesEssentials Free Trial 20 Users Per Month, Standard - $27.99 monthly per user, Premium - $34.99 monthly per user, Ultimate - $49.99 monthly per user.
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.
Payment discounts30% discount on RingCentral Standard annual plan Special Holiday Off er- Up to an additional 25% Off 25% discount on RingCentral Essentials annual plan Save up to $40 with desktop VOIP phones at RingCentral Save $10 a month with RingCentral Essentials annual sign up $30 one-time fee for an extra vanity number at RingCentral Buy RingCentral Premium for $44.99/mo

RingCentral online reputation

RingCentral have a great online reputation when it comes to customer service, with consistently good reviews found online from a range of different customers. They have proven to be a reliable source for years now, which also adds to their reputation. All in all, RingCentral really proves the idea that you get what you pay for!
Our phone system was extremely simple to set up and manage because to the platform's user-friendly interface. Excellent call quality made it possible to have clear talks with clients and coworkers. The variety of services, including voicemail transcription and call routing, significantly increased our production and efficiency. All things considered, RingCentral offered a streamlined and dependable communication solution that significantly improved our company's operations. I cannot stress how great this thing is.
Customer support was terrible. A request had to be made, and you had to wait for a callback from someone in a whole different time zone. If you missed the call, only that agent would call you back if you did. I had a multi-week ordeal trying to obtain a response when I canceled and wanted to port my numbers. My contract specified I could cancel in writing, but my representative insisted I speak to the "cancellations team" over the phone. RingCentral has billed me for TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS of service after I had finished this process and received assurance that my contract was canceled. I had to dispute the charges with my credit card company because I was unable to receive a response from anyone at the business. They have little regard for clients and are unethical.
Currently, this system is in operation at all of our US branches. Prior to switching to RingCentral (soft-phone service), we had the "hard phone" option, but I can honestly state that it has completely changed the game. We used to have extensions, but there was no way to see whether someone else was calling while you were on the phone. You can use RingCentral to see who else is calling before choosing to send the call to voicemail, put the other person on hold, or hold a conference call entirely. The functions for availability and unavailability are also excellent. There is a choice for when you need to be out of the line because you are working on a project. in a conference? That has a choice, too! Overall, the adjustment has gone very well.
Having trouble reaching technical help. Numerous issues over the course of use, including dial tones that switch from normal to sounding international even if location hasn't changed. Hours can be spent by technical support personnel testing and fixing persistent problems. Wrong onboarding In the beginning, the initial account manager abandoned the client and gave incorrect phone numbers that didn't match the real address. Problem only became apparent once a new account manager took over the account. Despite my decision to end the service after 1.5 years, the contract's auto-renew clause means that I would still be charged for another 7 months even though I was given no prior notice of the auto-renewal at the time it was already 12 months old. Poor support, bugs, and inaccurate onboarding are not treated with consideration or good will.
They offer decent customer service and a flexible platform for calling services. They provide decent calling features, but in comparison to other services, they are on the expensive side. It lessens the requirement for a corporate cell plan and moves all call services online because you can accept calls on both a desktop and a cell phone. With the help of the RingCentral support representative, transferring client contacts was quite simple.
Their communication is dreadful at best. They are very prompt for the initial sales call and contract, but when you need support or wish to rescind, you will not receive a prompt response. They sent me another customer's contract and information while I was attempting to cancel, so I am unsure if they are even paying heed to what they are doing.
RingCentral has provided a very great overall user experience. It was an easy sales and implementation process. Users were accustomed to RingCentral fairly fast and were eager to try out a new communication method. RingCentral will satisfy our company's future requirements. With RingCentral, we can now replace more contracts, in-house systems, systems from other vendors, and unsupported systems with cloud-based telephony. My business and I are happy with RingCentral.
They make far too many modifications during the duration of your subscription. When something needs to be changed, updated, or seems to be malfunctioning, their customer service is absolutely terrible. They continue to transfer you from one foreign call center to the next, with no one able to give you a proper answer as to what, why, where, etc. the problem is.
RingCentral is used on a regular basis in our organization by all team members. RingCentral has been our phone system since 2005, and they have never failed to impress us with their excellent service and ever-expanding feature set. RingCentral is a one-stop shop for genuinely unified communications, including phone, fax (yes, faxing is still a thing! ), texting, conference calls, video, webinars, and collaboration (team) software. It works effortlessly across all platforms, from deskphone to flip phone.
The disadvantage of RingCentral MVP is the initial transition from a traditional office phone to a computer application. Now, wherever you carry your laptop, your calls will follow. It took some time to adjust, but the experience has been positive overall.

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https://www.youtube.com/user/ringcentral13,4k Subscribers
Reddit is one of the best places to find reviews about RingCentral. As one of few communities based on discussion of products and services, Reddit provides a reliable platform for an unbiased discussion. Posts usually consist of user experiences, opinions and reviews that are provided by other customers and potential customers as well as tech savvy individuals. There is a variety of topics and questions that are discussed in the RingCentral subreddit and the threads almost always provide opportunity to gain insights about the features, customer service, pricing, customer reviews and more. Reading posts and reviews in the subreddit is an effective way to make up your mind about RingCentral and whether it is the right choice for you. All in all, Reddit is a great way to read reviews about RingCentral and get an idea of what to expect from the product and service.

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  • Delivers important document
  • Secure customer info
  • Reliable source


  • Customer Service
  • Support
  • Communication

RingCentral Final Conclusions

RingCentral is a cutting-edge communications cloud platform that unites organizations and their remote staff in a unified, intuitive, and productive digital workspace. RingCentral provides organizations of all sizes with the most up-to-date and dependable collaboration, communication, and productivity solutions. From voice and video calls to conference calls, messaging, file sharing, and team collaboration, RingCentral gives businesses the capacity to rise to the occasion and meet the ever-changing needs of our digital age. RingCentral is a popular choice for ensuring businesses can stay connected, communicative, and productive regardless of whether is working remotely or onsite thanks to a broad range of services, unique integrations, and a customer service team that never sleeps.

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