CallSource Review: Pricing, Features & More

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CallSource Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallSource overview

CallSource is a leading provider of contact intelligence data and solutions for the modern marketer, designed to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive contact intelligence in the industry. By leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the services industry, CallSource delivers a best-in-class technology platform that enables companies to maximize their return from their marketing and sales efforts.
From small businesses to large enterprises, CallSource provides the technology and data that help companies effectively target the right consumer – at the right time – with the right messaging. Using advanced analytics, CallSource helps marketers identify patterns and trends from contact data points that can help drive more effective marketing strategies.
The CallSource suite of products includes lead generation and verification, attribution, reporting, and monitoring services. This suite of solutions gives marketers the insights they need to effectively target prospects, as well as to analyze conversions and measure ROI on campaigns. All of this data can be accessed via a variety of mobile applications, as well as via a web-based platform, providing marketers with the flexibility to access and act on research-backed insights from anywhere and anytime – freeing up resources for other projects.

What CallSource has to say about itself

Welcome to CallSource – the industry-leading firm that offers end-to-end call tracking and analytics solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we are trusted by the largest companies in the world to help them make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
CallSource is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to better understand their customers and prospects. Company mission is to help organizations make data-driven decisions based on valuable marketing ROI insights.
Using technologies, businesses can understand exactly how their campaigns are performing in real-time. Solutions allow businesses to track and record phone calls initiated from all forms of digital media, including online, mobile, and print. Also enable companies to track and monitor the performance of various offline campaigns, such as direct mail, radio, and television.
CallSource is dedicated to offering our customers high-quality, reliable, and consistent service. Company achieve this by leveraging our patented technologies and industry-leading customer service. Team of experts are available to assist customers in customizing a solution to meet their individual needs.
Partnering with CallSource empowers businesses to measure digital media and offline campaigns, to uncover practical insights and trends, and to build successful and efficient customer relationships. Company solutions enable businesses to optimize media investment, improve customer service and increase their overall marketing ROI.

CallSource Review

Year Started1991
Service AreasUS and Canada
Service TypesCall Tracking, Lead Scoring, Healthcare, Telephone Performance Analysis, Home Services, Vanity Numbers, Attribution, Dynamic Number Insertion, Call Dispositions и Call Analytics
FeaturesActivity Tracking, Ad hoc Reporting, Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, CRM, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Routing, Call Tracking, Call Tracking Metrics, Caller ID, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Conversion Tracking, Dashboard, Event Triggered Actions, IVR/Voice Recognition, Key Performance Indicators, Keyword Tracking, Lead Management, Lead Qualification, Monitoring, Multi-Campaign, Negative Feedback Management, Performance Management, Ratings/Reviews, Real Time Monitoring, Response Management, Review Monitoring, Review Notification, Review Request, Scorecards, Sentiment Analysis, Third Party Integrations, Trend Analysis, Collapse list.
CertificationsSSAE 16 / ISO 27001 certified

CallSource price policy

CallSource offers a variety of plans to fit customers' specific needs. Each plan includes a comprehensive suite of tracking and attribution tools that help business owners understand their customers better. Customers can opt for a pay as you go plan, a monthly subscription plan, or an annual subscription plan. With the pay as you go plan, customers are charged on a per use basis and incur costs for each call tracked.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsCallSource has not provided information for this product or service
Payment discountsCallSource has not provided information for this product or service

CallSource online reputation

When it comes to online reputation management, CallSource is the go-to solution. CallSource has been in the communication industry since the early 2000s and has become a well-known brand. It provides cutting-edge features and excellent customer service, with competence in voice, chat, and digital touchpoints giving practical and dependable solutions.
The account administrators at CallSource are exceptional. Their response time to our inquiries, concerns, and account modifications has been prompt. They go so far as to double-check change requests if they believe you may have submitted incorrect information. This is better than most companies that uncritically make the change, saying “that’s what you asked for”. This extra service has been valuable on more than one occasion.
Inability to make adjustments such as renaming campaigns or changing numbers, and needing to call customer support for every difficulty. It takes too much time when it might be done more quickly in the gateway. In addition, the tracking numbers have a large lag time before connecting the call. Before the call is even diverted, the redirect time ranges between 10 and 30 seconds. This takes far too long, and the number of dropped calls has grown as a result.
Primarily, I use it to monitor incoming sales inquiries. Dealsaver Alerts are excellent. They are an excellent resource for ensuring that we do not lose an opportunity, as well as an excellent sales training tool. Excellent integration with our CRM (eLeads). Having access to call logs also allows for the measurement of direct sales results from incoming contacts.
It's not particularly adaptable. This software is used by two teams, and we use it in quite different ways. It would be preferable if, upon booting, the system instantly set itself up rather than requiring us to click through so that it is functional for us. Furthermore, we've had issues with a CSR whose voice isn't recognized, and the solution was "tell her to do things differently" despite the fact that she follows the script like the rest of the staff. The inability to point out flaws in the system was unimpressive. It's also difficult to repair calls that were recorded erroneously. Currently, I must contact a member of the support staff and hope/wait for them to resolve the problem. Not ideal when the bonuses are based on data that vary on a daily basis.
Calls are stored in their database for 30 days, and while there is an option to download them, I would prefer to be able to login and retrieve prior calls as necessary. A client's ability to compare the effectiveness of their sales teams and determine where they need to improve can be aided by access to past calls made months ago. It allows you to monitor the overall efficacy of your campaign, and if Callsource added this feature, they would be unbeatable.
The additional safeguards installed in the system that have a significant impact on the caller's experience. We had to disable the "this call is being recorded" and the call shield since they were blocking legitimate and spam numbers. Callsource appears to be intended for Call Centers or businesses that receive a high volume of calls.
We are increasing appointments while decreasing expenses. And when we have a problem with Call Source, our representative is truly on top of things. I contacted him earlier today to inform him that one of our Call Source numbers was not connecting to our office. I then sent an email to him. Before he received the voicemail, he called me to inquire about how he could assist. This man's concern for his clientele is evident.
Grading calls and categorizing callers is insufficient. We previously designed incentive programs based on Callsource success, but we've discovered so many improperly categorized "prospects," "lead savers," and whether or not a call was an opportunity that we've had to assign someone to check this information presented to us. In addition to the service, this costs us time and money.
Over the course of more than six years of collaboration, CallSource has always found a means to accommodate my sometimes "creative" requests. CallSource has given us a competitive advantage on the market by providing us with excellent key metrics and the means to monitor trends and return on investment. I wholeheartedly recommend them and am extremely satisfied with the service I have received.
I dislike the accuracy of the decisions being reviewed the most. We are a large call center that receives thousands of inquiries per month. There have always been a certain number of monthly mislabeled contacts. We have a number of calls labeled as "None-Specified" even though listening in on those calls I can clearly hear the name of the call taker that took the call. It negatively impacts our conversion rates.

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CallSource average reviews

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CallSource Pros&Cons


  • Detailed call reporting
  • Live alert when a call is not booked
  • the overall scoring of how campaigns are doing


  • Better pricing model
  • No contracts
  • It was a pain to log into the two accounts I had to use, I was always getting booted or having to reset password

CallSource Final Conclusions

Overall, CallSource is an extremely effective call tracking and reporting technology that helps businesses to improve their marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction. It is incredibly intuitive, providing businesses with valuable insights on their customers, the effectiveness of their campaigns, and how to improve customer service. Moreover, its comprehensive reporting capabilities enable businesses to measure the success of their campaigns and make better decisions. Additionally, CallSource’s customizable alerts and notifications help to ensure that businesses responded to all customers in a timely manner. With CallSource, businesses can effectively maximize outcomes by understanding how their campaigns are performing and how their customers are responding. For all these reasons, CallSource is a powerful and effective tool business owners should consider.

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