ZoomInfo Review: Pricing, Features & More

ZoomInfo may help bridge the gap between the marketing and sales teams by providing them with a common data source. Automation of repetitive work across all of your many channels of outreach will also allow you to increase your growth rate.
ZoomInfo Review: Pricing, Features & More

ZoomInfo overview

ZoomInfo is a cutting-edge platform that is powered by data and delivers exhaustive information on companies, contacts, and employment opportunities. ZoomInfo is a remarkable tool for gaining insights into organizations and people because of its extensive search features, personalized content, and comprehensive data. It gives you access to in-depth information that assists you in gaining a clearer view of your connections, target markets, and the most recent developments in the industry. ZoomInfo is an excellent resource for doing research in the areas of marketing, recruiting, and sales.

ZoomInfo provides extensive contact information for organizations, together with up-to-date vital sales and marketing data, which may be used for sales and recruiting purposes. It may be used to construct target lists, establish profiles for leads and prospects, as well as identify important decision-makers in the areas of finance and procurement. ZoomInfo provides extensive profiles and insights for customers, prospects, and partners for marketing efforts. Its real-time insights on the latest news and trends in the sector give up-to-date data that can be used for strategic planning and tactical execution. You will be provided with data that will assist you in identifying prospects and engaging customers via its reports on customer relationships, engagement, and purchasing patterns.

What ZoomInfo has to say about itself

ZoomInfo RevOS is a robust, cross-platform operating system designed specifically for revenue teams. Its primary objective is to promote the expansion and prosperity of each enterprise within these groups. RevOS enables businesses to realize their maximum potential and accomplish remarkable results by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features. Whether it's prospecting, lead generation, or pipeline management, this innovative platform fosters business growth and optimizes productivity.

ZoomInfo Review

Year Started2007
Company Websitezoominfo.com
Service AreasWA, MA, MD, PA, MI, GA, UK
Service TypesB2B data and tools to connect and close your best buyers in one operating system
FeaturesWe can list the following services: access to job postings and events; a set of tools for sales and marketing professionals; advanced search capabilities; automatic lead generation and personalized recommendations; an online database of business contacts and information.
CertificationsEU-U.S, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2.

ZoomInfo price policy

Both subscription-based and pay-per-use services are provided by ZoomInfo. They provide Pro, Pro Plus, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise packages as subscription services. They provide examples of prices rather than precise rates on their website since they will vary substantially based on the number of customers. They provide view, download, and contact services as pay-per-use options. Depending on how much access you need, these services have a wide range of prices.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsCredit card, check, ACH, and purchasing orders
Payment discountsNew customer discounts, increased subscription discounts, group subscription discounts, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual subscription discounts, bulk buying discounts, enterprise plan discounts, referral discounts, promotional discounts, student and academic discounts, nonprofit discounts

ZoomInfo online reputation

Customers choose for ZoomInfo because of its reliability and the ease with which it can be used. It's possible that some clients may believe the price is too high in relation to the value that they get. Bugs and other technical problems, which need to be fixed, have been reported by several users as well. Some customers were pleased with the company's customer service staff, applauding them for their timeliness and helpfulness, while others were dissatisfied with the level of support they received. On the other hand, ZoomInfo has been met with good comments almost everywhere.
The ZoomInfo system is intuitive. The UX is straightforward and simple to pick up. ZoomInfo is our go-to tool for transferring information about potential customers into our Salesforce CRM. We also set up notifications on targeted accounts so that we always have the most up-to-date information about the account to utilize when making contact with leads. With such a wide variety of options for filtering, I can quickly locate my leads(points of contact). Here I can also find their business and cell phone numbers, as well as their main office and fax lines. It saves me a ton of time since I can export my leads to Excel. It contains all the characteristics you need to fulfill your sales aim. It also has an add-on for Chrome. The data quality is high and has been steadily rising for some years now. This has been achieved by a series of acquisitions of rivals; either the firm was doomed from the start, or M&A has thrown it into such disarray that it can only manage a platform and sell whatever it can convince its customers to purchase. However useful they may be, their indifference and sluggishness as a business make dealing with them seem more like dealing with corrupt functionary officials in failed governments.
Because there is no usage of "fuzzy" logic in the connection with Salesforce, there is not a substantial source of pain. For example, if I am exporting a lead to an account that already exists in our Salesforce CRM but the account name in ZoomInfo differs somewhat from what is in our Salesforce CRM, the accounts will not match. This will happen if I export the lead to the account when exporting the lead. When I am exporting a lead to an account, this might potentially happen. For example, a client account may be referred to as "Acme Inc." in ZoomInfo, while it might be referred to as "Acme" in our instance of Salesforce. Because this is not going to be considered a match, we are going to have to seek for the Account. If we don't, a new account will be created, which will lead to a duplicate record if we don't delete the old one. In spite of the fact that it is better than other platforms, there are times when it gives out contact information that is wrong. In addition to this, I will provide a recommendation for an improvement, and that is that the user's LinkedIn profile should be maintained as up to date as possible.
The availability of ZoomInfo SalesOS has aided us in performing the routine tasks associated with sales management. By using this strategy, salespeople may zero in on the best possible leads with whom to have great discussions and build lasting business connections. Its seamless integration with Salesforce and the speed with which I can toggle between the two apps thanks to the ZoomInfo Chrome extension have made it an indispensable tool for me. The whole sales team depends on it on a daily basis, and its capacity to assist us find managers' contact information has been very useful in facilitating introductions to key decision-makers, improving the overall appeal of our offerings, and ultimately leading to more sales. It's a hit with my group, ZoomInfo! Our sales staff is able to effortlessly extract contact information thanks to this. Because of its flexible filtering capabilities, this platform is very user-friendly, and extracting lists takes just a few clicks. Websights' ability to reveal which businesses have visited our site is a huge plus. And the platform's intent data is fantastic, too! In addition to seeing who has visited our site and which pages they have seen, we can also tailor our sales team's outreach to the specific goods and services that the firm has shown interest in by comparing intent data with websites.
We were sold the incorrect benefits after spending around three months talking about our requirements with the sales agent, and the firm did absolutely nothing to remedy this despite the fact that the sales manager's first reaction upon analyzing the matter was, "Oh shoot, we've got you on the completely wrong plan." Therefore, I can't say for sure since it only partially satisfied our requirements, and the corporation never updated our plan despite our repeated demands that they do so. They just ignored us. Because ZoomInfo enables you to do such a vast array of tasks, navigating its interface might be challenging at times. It really does require some effort to properly set it up; else, it would simply be another overly powerful and often cumbersome answer in my tool bag. You receive 50 free searches each month, which is a very excellent deal; but, if you want unlimited searches, it will cost you $45 per month, which is a lot for someone who is just starting out or who is operating a small company.
The tremendous quantity of information that can be accessed with a simple search made ZoomInfo a favorite of mine. It was also great that I could refine my searches based on criteria like where I was looking and what I was doing for a living. Finding proper and up-to-date contact information was also extremely helpful. ZoomInfo enables continuous, accurate, and high-quality sales prospecting. It's always up-to-date, well-honed, and straightforward to use. I appreciate the add-on that scans the current webpage for contact information in real-time. There is a wealth of information on each company and contact, enabling us to divide and conquer data in several ways. Zoominfo's massive company and contact database is useful for both initial contact generation and expanding existing relationships. The user-friendly interface and handy Google Chrome add-on make it easy to find a lead whenever you need one.
I did not enjoy how unpleasant and difficult to use ZoomInfo is, particularly for individuals who are new to database search engines. The results of a search may sometimes be cluttered and include information that is no longer current. The technology stacks that ZoomInfo reports in each firm are two items that I have brought up in the past that I would want to see addressed. Inaccuracies have increased to a greater degree than I was used to finding in the past. The other improvement would be for more detailed information in the Websites feature. Because it is difficult to identify which pages a visitor went to, we decided to integrate Hotjar into our website. I have a desire that the platform will update business and contact information more quickly, and I also have a hope that we would be kept actively informed on any requests that we have made about the adjustments to these records. I have asked for a few updates, but it seems that such requests are ignored once I have sent them in since nobody contacts me to inform me that the update has been finished or to let me know when the update will be finished. After a few months had passed, I triple-checked the records and discovered that they had not been modified to reflect my request.
I am in the sales industry for IT staffing, and this product has shown to be the most effective one for retaining both new and current customers. Love that you can customize your search by title, location, company, and location and filter it to get a very narrow list of leads. It often includes the most up-to-date list of contacts, so you can utilize that list to cross-reference with the information you already have. Additionally, it offers you direct email addresses and phone numbers. I like the fact that it provides both! After utilizing ZoomInfo for more than two years, my workflow procedures for discovering precise contact information and prospecting new sales prospects have been significantly enhanced as a result. Because the contact information for prospects and companies is regularly updated, I've been able to save a significant amount of time when prospecting. We are able to provide a more simplified process as a result of the integration of ZoomInfo into our CRM. Another advantage of using ZoomInfo is that it enables me to examine comparable rivals of the businesses that I'm studying, which enables me to fill my pipeline with prospects more rapidly. I really like how simple it is to use ZoomInfo, as well as how precise the information that it provides is. As a salesman who spends most of his days searching, this tool makes my job a lot simpler and more enjoyable.
My least favorite feature is that ZoomInfo is not designed to be user-friendly, and navigating it may be difficult for certain people, particularly those who are not accustomed to using database search engines. This is the feature that I despise the most. There is a possibility that the search results are crowded, and they may not necessarily include the most recent information. Extremely high in cost. Data is checked for accuracy every six months (we receive a lot of bounces). Once the contract is signed, support is no longer provided (watch out for auto-renewals; if you don't pay after they've renewed your subscription, they will take you to court). Sometimes it slows down my computer. There are occasions when the contact information and business pages are erroneous and out of date. Luckily, you can submit a ticket for internal review to check on the status of a contact and see up-to-date information. Their interface with Salesforce seems to be somewhat cumbersome. The difficulty is that you cannot sync data to Salesforce until you use up all of the credits that have been granted to you. In my perspective, data enrichment ought to take place in the background and should not count toward credit accumulation.
The representative I spoke with to join up was quite kind. He briefed me thoroughly on the product and its benefits. Nothing at all beyond that point. This whole ordeal has been terrible. After the fact, I realized that the "helpful" salesperson had lied to me. They'll say or do anything to meet their sales targets and make a sale. ZoomInfo SalesOS has an impressive database of corporate connections and data. Through the platform's wide data coverage, sales teams have easy access to accurate and up-to-date information, allowing them to make educated choices and strategically focus their efforts. Users may quickly and effectively narrow down their target audience by using the platform's advanced search and filtering tools. The ability to filter and sort leads according to particular criteria saves sales teams a lot of time and energy. ZoomInfo is a reliable tool, and the company's support options are growing. My guess is that they are aware that their competition is catching up and are responding by improving their product and streamlining their processes by incorporating feedback from customers and listening to what those customers want.
Only a very tiny portion of the data could be improved, making it a pointless tool. You can only extract a certain number of names every month into an Excel sheet. Sometimes my search is ambiguous and I get hundreds of names; nevertheless, I don't want to extract a list since doing so would prevent me from later in the month from pulling additional data for other businesses. The search engine is still active, but the data cannot be extracted. I don't like that there is a limit on the number of leads you can export to your CRM (1000 to Salesforce for the year), but you can increase that amount with some cunning strategies. My interactions with this firm make them look dubious. High-pressure sales tactics, price increases after we consented, and overall crude language. Then they abruptly alter their characteristics. I utilized a function for a year and a half before it abruptly vanished, and when I asked why, I was informed that I needed to upgrade my plan and contact account support. Since I began utilizing Zoom information, I have had the feature. They continue selling their data to other clients despite the fact that they have some dead data and they don't provide you any opportunity to let them about it.

ZoomInfo Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@ZoomInformation5061 Subscribers
ZoomInfo is a useful tool for professionals who wish to acquire deep insights into prospective clients and prospects. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Salesforce. Because of its extensive database as well as its strong analytic capabilities, it is a very helpful tool for the marketing and sales departments. According to user reviews seen on Reddit, a large number of users are pleased with the precision and user-friendliness of ZoomInfo's platform, which makes it simpler for them to rapidly and precisely identify and investigate their target consumer group. Because of its commitment to providing businesses with data that is both accurate and of high quality, ZoomInfo is an invaluable tool for companies that want to build and manage client databases.

ZoomInfo average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score


ZoomInfo Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Business Profiles
  • Accurate Data
  • Integrated Solution


  • High Costs
  • Limited Contact Info
  • Foreign Data

ZoomInfo Final Conclusions

With the intention of supporting business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing teams in acquiring a more in-depth understanding of their respective target markets, ZoomInfo has firmly established itself as a dependable provider of market intelligence and business data solutions. These tools are intended to be of assistance to business-to-business sales and marketing teams in the process of extending their operations and becoming more familiar with the markets that they are targeting. The huge contact database, user-friendly search interface, and excellent data quality that the business provides have received nothing but acclaim from customers who have utilized the firm's goods and services in the past.

However, the comments left by consumers have brought to light a few different aspects that may need some improvement. The lack of a risk-free trial period and the constrained nature of the customer support that is provided are two of the many drawbacks associated with this product. In the end, ZoomInfo has turned into an extremely useful tool for companies that wish to increase their understanding of their particular sectors as well as the potential customers in those nations. ZoomInfo provides its users with access to a plethora of information as well as strong search capabilities, any one of which may be used to enhance an organization's attempts to advertise and promote itself. In spite of the fact that input from customers suggests there is an opportunity for expansion at the firm, this is the situation.

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