CallAction Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallAction is sales automation software that may help your company develop to new heights. Automates time-consuming and repetitive sales procedures throughout the customer lifetime. Outbound phone calls, text messages, and email conversations are examples of these procedures. The goal of automating these activities is to improve inbound sales interactions.
CallAction Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallAction overview

Keeping track of your customers' messages is essential in today's fast-paced business world. CallAction is a solid CRM solution that may help you manage your relationships with customers. It helps businesses keep their lines of contact with clients neat because of its intuitive design and powerful capabilities. CallAction allows organizations to streamline their client contacts and better manage their connections with customers. This is a fantastic medium for companies to maintain contact with their existing and potential clientele. They are efficient in responding to questions, locating information gaps, and delegating work.

This kind of interaction guarantees that no detail is overlooked and that companies keep a good reputation among their core clientele. Keeping track of your customers' data in one place might end up saving you a lot of time and effort. Having access to this information makes it simple to fix wasteful procedures and increase output. The sophisticated automated features of the platform provide a new standard in modern consumer connection. Customers feel appreciated when they get messages that cater to their specific needs. In this way, you can give your whole attention to each customer who contacts you through text, email, or phone.

This keeps the customer interested and involved so that they don't feel left out. CallAction also enables businesses to design personalized landing pages, through which they may learn more about their consumers and better serve their needs. This all-encompassing approach boosts happy customers and produces effective marketing campaigns. Integration with other well-known applications, such as Zapier and Salesforce, is also possible with AI-based authoring tools. Doing so will guarantee that all of your company's departments are collecting and sharing information in the same way.

What CallAction has to say about itself

You can grow your business with tools for automating sales. CallAction simplifies sales jobs that take a lot of time and are done over and over again. Automate calls texts, and emails that go out to get more sales talks that come in. With the only end-to-end intelligent automation platform with 10 powerful combined systems that fill in the gaps of CRMs, you can make your business easier to run and your tech systems more efficient. Use MMS text (picture, gif, video, and audio), ringless message, email, vCards, task notes, planned Zapier Zaps, automatic tagging, and call connect to set up advanced drip campaigns.

With the built-in VoIP single-line dialer, you can add names to call lists and quickly power dial or send a text message. Outbound calls are stored and turned into text, and missed call text automation are used to set up callbacks. Use local or toll-free tracking phone numbers to record calls and text messages straight into your CRM. You can also set up advanced call alerts to let you know when calls are coming in. Set up info phrases and replies campaigns with infinite text to get leads. Follow up with leads automatically by linking drip marketing to certain keywords. Distribute new phone calls using a "first-to-claim" method by calling multiple people at the same time using "broadcast." Call analytics record and transcribe calls and figure out how much people talk compared to how much they listen.

You can answer every call, whether you missed it or not, with unique replies like vCards, follow-up voicemails, and pictures. Use pre-built holiday text campaigns with advanced delivery schedules to keep in touch with leads and past clients and get more referrals. Validate phone numbers and do a backward search on phone line type, provider, names, emails, social accounts, addresses, and property info in real-time. Users' emails, phone calls, and text message leads can be sent to them in a round-robin or jump-ball fashion at certain times, with a catch-all backup setting. In an always-improving screen, you can see lead engagement rates, track sources, average call times, call return rates, busy hours, reaction channels, and more.

CallAction Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesLead Generation, Speed to Lead Follow-Up, Long-term Lead Nurturing
FeaturesCallAction helps companies and organizations engage with prospects and consumers via automated SMS/text messaging, email follow-up campaigns, call tracking, online forms, and automated sales funnels. Additionally, the platform provides automated analytics, actionable calls-to-action, and integrations with other platforms like Salesforce, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Slack, Zapier, and Gmail.
CertificationsHIPAA and GDPR

CallAction price policy

CallAction provides small companies and entrepreneurs with services at reasonable prices. The price of services is determined by the requirements of the person or the company receiving them. Free of charge, the basic plan provides unlimited calling and text messaging as well as automatic follow-up, lead tracking, calendar scheduling, and reporting. CallAction has a number of various plans, each with a unique pricing point, that cater to users that want more sophisticated capabilities that require more data storage and support levels. The Pro plan includes unlimited contact storage, automated lead tracking, scheduled follow-up campaigns, data monitoring, and lead routing. Other features of this plan include data monitoring and lead routing. extra capabilities such as account management, automatic call scheduling, and CRM integration are included in the Agency plan. The Enterprise package comes with enhanced analytics, multi-user access, and customized branding for an additional fee. Every plan comes with a free trial that lasts for 14 days and a satisfaction guarantee that lasts for 30 days. In addition, for an extra fee, you have the option of including a bespoke text shortcode.
PackagesSolo Advanced - $224/month ($1345 every 6 months), Team Pro - $499/month ($2995 every 6 months), Group Ultimate - $2499/month ($14995 every 6 months)
Payment optionsCredit card, payment powered by Stripe
Payment discountsCallAction gives its consumers access to a diverse selection of price reductions across the board. There are a variety of ways to save money, including upgrading from a monthly plan to an annual plan, adding new members to your team, suggesting a friend, and purchasing an annual membership.

CallAction online reputation

CallAction may be seen as a useful tool that leads to an improvement in conversion and profits when considered in light of the feedback supplied by online consumers. This conclusion might be drawn in light of the information provided by clients who shop online. Customers have voiced their contentment with the overall experience they had from using this service, stating as the grounds for their joy the simplified user interface of this service, automatic user alerts, call monitoring and archiving analytics, and user-friendly tracking options. On the other hand, a number of CallAction customers have expressed their opinion that the customer service that is offered by the company is unreliable and that the system itself has a number of inconsistencies. CallAction has the potential to be considered a terrific tool that may help in expanding client engagement and raising conversion rates overall, despite the fact that it may on occasion have a few drawbacks. This is despite the fact that it has the ability to have these problems.
Campaigns can be created quickly, it supports video and text, and users like its versatility. The user interface is intuitive, obtaining technical assistance is simple, and the community on Facebook is a valuable resource. The automation is by far my favorite feature, but I also really value the feedback I receive from customers that phone in. I utilize this service on a number of different marketing pieces, and it enables me to monitor what marketing pieces are successful and which ones result in the most phone calls. The automation begins after I have received all of the calls. It is a good idea to automate the follow-up process when you get close to one hundred calls or queries per month. Helps save a ton of time and makes it easier to distinguish between leads that need urgent attention and ones that can wait until later. Although quite sophisticated, it is compatible with a variety of different platforms. I enjoy how easy it is to seek contacts in the system and how well it integrates with our CRM software. Extremely adaptable and simple to use. I have three separate phone numbers set up, and I'm able to sell each number in a unique way thanks to this setup. I really like how the messages and emails that are sent as a follow-up are automatic. In general, the technological advancements are incredible, and they keep becoming better.
You will not be able to upload your database or leads into it. This means that previous leads that have been received in the past cannot be incorporated into the campaigns. I wish that the statistics were correct to the very last detail. It's quite near, but not quite perfect. Sometimes there is a mismatch between the names and other times there is a mismatch between the addresses. You will always have the option to verify the data using alternative methods. I double verify everything using the MLS data. Too complicated, and the customer service is terrible. Since there is just one person delivering help, your availability is entirely reliant on his schedule. There were a variety of misconceptions about certain applications, and it took some time to get a handle on how the system really worked. not plug-a-play. If you do not spend a significant amount of time getting things set up correctly, it may have a detrimental impact on your company. Weeks. You must be prepared to invest that amount of time, and you must delay implementation until the system is ready; otherwise, you will have a negative experience with the contacts that you utilize in the system.
Both the customer service and the number of apps available for the smartphone exceeded my expectations. The customer service is fantastic. Once the information has been gathered, my customer relationship management system updates itself to include the telephone numbers of all of the leads. It is quite convenient for me to include a call-to-action text code on the side of each of my advertisements. Also, having distinct phone lines for the various marketing platforms (such as Yelp, Nextdoor, etc., etc.) is something that I find to be really helpful. I really enjoy how straightforward it is to use the site to check my incoming messages and phone calls, and I find that feature to be quite appealing. It is helpful that the sign calls may be split up fairly among all of the agents that are working at the same time. For all of the many kinds of campaigns that I use it for, the fact that I can give a name to each number makes it a very simple tool to work with. We are able to assure that we are not missing out on any prospective business opportunities by using call broadcasting and recording during our whole shift in combination with a text auto-responder.
The ability to include videos or gifs in the autoresponders, after they have been sent out, is something that I am quite excited about. In general, there is a LOT of technology involved, and it might be difficult to make full use of all of its functions. I really wish I had the time to find out all of the many ways in which our organization may profit from certain features. The main character's name recognition is not as reliable as I would want it to be. I am able to get the telephone numbers, but I am hesitant to contact the lead by their first name. I really wish there was a voicemail, and I also wish the automated texting effort had been more successful than it was. I am grateful that I was given the chance to test it. Because there is no clear method for the internal paperwork involved in the process of porting your number over to CallAction, it may be a little bit of a hassle to do so. After it has been submitted, the procedure is not explained in the help documents; nevertheless, you do not know where, when, or how it will be moved into the system. Due to the fact that time is of the essence, I came to the conclusion that it would be better not to transfer over the number at the end of the day.
When it comes to automation and call routing, the CallAction program has some incredible capabilities to offer. Both the recorded sign calls and the automated text campaigns for website leads are helping me teach the agents on our team, which in turn is helping us convert website leads at a greater level. In order to mimic my own behavior when following up on leads, I need a semi-automated system that also takes input from me personally. When compared to the standard operating procedure of the real estate sector, the artificial intelligence component of the system is rather sophisticated. CallAction is the industry leader in providing the next level of customer service and support. Quick, easy, and of great use to me in my day-to-day job. Because I'm utilizing this program, I can do more in the same amount of time. Quite a potent piece of software. Contains a wide variety of selectable choices and alterations. I appreciate that I can monitor where new leads are coming from, and I also like that I can monitor how many sign calls I'm getting. Utilize the text rider tool for the most part.
Although I undoubtedly overthink much of the functionality, there are instances when I find the configuration to be difficult. When it comes to email processing and API connections with a variety of lead sources, the tutorials need to clarify more about team setup as opposed to individual configuration. There are a lot of choices, which might be confusing at times. I am only aware of a small fraction of the many applications that may be found for it. I have a lot to learn about the many things I can do with it. I am still a very new user. It would be more convenient to work the lead if there was an app. I spend most of my time working on these things away from my workplace, therefore I have to log in to the app on my phone whenever I need to do so. Extremely pricey for what it really is. For the same monthly fee, we could purchase a plan for a second mobile phone. Because not many systems are as intuitive to use as CA, finding out how to integrate leads may be difficult.
As a user who is still relatively new to the platform, I've had some difficulties getting started with the settings and the functionality. I have trust in the software and will continue to make use of it; however, it would be ideal if he could employ staff for customer service or come up with a more effective way to address problems. I will continue to make use of the program. A simple and basic method is available for acquiring a virtual phone number. The feature that allows for the automatic sending of text answers. Notification that the call was routed via CallAction, provided as a text message before the call was answered and noting that CallAction was used to route the call. CA has provided me with the power to entirely automate our response to each incoming call, text, or lead. This capacity has been given to me. It makes it possible for me to keep up a continuous outreach to folks and engage with them on a deeper level. The text function, the wonderful automated alerts, and a dedicated number to track my leads and discover where they are coming from are all excellent features. The text feature also allows me to know where my leads are coming from.
The ability to make use of all of the features is not one that I have mastered just yet. It is likely that in some situations, the use of it will be considerably easier than originally anticipated. When they reach a certain point in their development, I have great expectations that they will be able to set up an automatic video access system. I want to be able to make use of all that Agent Legend is capable of without having to pay the exorbitant fee that it requires. Despite the fact that it's been a while since I utilized Agent Legend, I recall that it met my requirements in a plain and efficient manner. There will be no option to put your database or leads into it for you to use. This indicates that earlier leads that have been obtained in the past are unable to be included in the campaigns since they have already been used. After the autoresponders have been sent out, I will be able to incorporate films or gifs in them, which is something that has me quite thrilled.
Believe me when I say that I have spent my whole life searching for an easy-to-use and adaptable call tracker, and guess what? CallAction has done justice to that goal. Keep it up. I appreciate how you can send out the ads and have them fully set up, which then immediately responds to the customer. able to produce a wide variety of numbers suitable for a variety of applications. It's helpful to have a record of all of my listings as well. The automation is by far my favorite feature, but I also really value the feedback I receive from customers that phone in. I utilize this service on a number of different marketing pieces, and it enables me to monitor what marketing pieces are successful and which ones result in the most phone calls. The automation begins after I have received all of the calls. It is a good idea to automate the follow-up process when you get close to one hundred calls or queries per month. Helps save a ton of time and makes it easier to distinguish between leads that need urgent attention and ones that can wait until later. Campaigns can be created quickly, it supports video and text, and users like its versatility. The user interface is intuitive, obtaining technical assistance is simple, and the community on Facebook is a valuable resource.
Even though it's likely that I'm misinterpreting a major percentage of the functionality owing to my own inclination to overthink things, there are times when I find the setup to be tough. This is despite the fact that there are occasions when I find the setup to be challenging. Despite the fact that this is the circumstance, there are occasions when I realize that the environment makes it harder for me to do certain tasks. When it comes to email processing and API connections with a variety of lead sources, the tutorials need to give greater clarity on the process of building up a team rather than independently producing the account of a single user. This is because the process of building up a team differs somewhat from that of connecting a single user to a variety of lead sources. This is due to the fact that the procedure for putting up a team is more complicated than the procedure for establishing an account for a single user.

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CallAction Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful automation
  • Detailed reporting


  • Lack of native API integration
  • Issues with some of the export reports
  • Limited compatibility with third-party applications

CallAction Final Conclusions

CallAction's reputation may be generalized. CallAction provides trustworthy tools to enhance customer experience and support organizations. Customer input influenced this broad assumption. Read customer reviews to confirm this. Many consumers have remarked the product is straightforward to use and useful, while others have complained about how hard it is to set up or that they can't reach customer care. Before buying a product, consider its characteristics and the company's customer service. After that, you may purchase or not.

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