Call Tracking Metrics Review is an innovative solution with the potential to transform business strategies. Disclose its potent analytic and communication tools, as well as its sector-specific capabilities. empowers efficiency across the finance, healthcare, and marketing industries by delivering seamless automation and personalized experiences for unparalleled growth potential.
Call Tracking Metrics Review

Call Tracking Metrics overview

Businesses may get important insights into their marketing efforts by allocating unique phone numbers to each marketing channel using Call Tracking Metrics. This method allows them to properly assess the efficacy of numerous channels, such as online advertisements, social media campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO) activities. Businesses may evaluate which channels are delivering the most conversions and manage their marketing budget appropriately by attributing phone calls to particular marketing sources.

The platform's sophisticated call analytics tools enable firms to look deeper into their call data. They may learn a lot about call length, call sources, caller demographics, and other things by running detailed reports. These insights help organizations better understand their consumers, recognize trends, and make educated choices to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Call Tracking Metrics has comprehensive call routing features that guarantee calls are sent to the most appropriate agents or departments based on predetermined criteria such as geographic area, language, or caller history. This smooth and tailored client experience increases customer satisfaction and sales potential.

What Call Tracking Metrics has to say about itself

Welcome to Call Tracking Metrics, a reputable supplier of call monitoring and analytics solutions that are revolutionizing the way organizations assess and improve their marketing operations. We enable organizations to make data-driven choices, improve customer experiences, and achieve higher marketing success with our broad range of sophisticated capabilities and accessible platform.

We understand the significance of precisely attributing conversions to certain marketing channels at Call Tracking Metrics. Businesses receive significant information into the performance of their marketing plans by giving unique phone numbers to each channel, such as online advertisements, social media campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO) activities. This enables businesses to properly spend their marketing budget and concentrate on the channels that offer the best return on investment.

Businesses may delve deeply into their call data using our platform's robust call analytics features. Companies may benefit greatly from in-depth reports that provide details such as call length, call origin, caller demographics, and more. These nuggets of knowledge help companies get a deeper appreciation for their customers' actions, which in turn enables them to spot patterns, fine-tune their advertising, and boost their results.

In addition, we provide sophisticated call routing features to route incoming calls to the most qualified agents or departments according to user-specified parameters like geography, language, and past interactions. Better client satisfaction and more sales chances may be achieved with this individualized strategy.

Call Tracking Metrics places a premium on integration, seeing it as a core feature of our product. We provide simple integrations with widespread CRM and advertising platforms to ensure that your call records are seamlessly integrated with your current infrastructure. This centralization allows organizations to see the big picture of their interactions with customers and streamline their processes as a result. Time is saved while a more complete picture of client interactions is gained via the integration of data from several sources, which in turn allows for better decisions to be made.

Call Tracking Metrics is dedicated to developing cutting-edge tools that help companies maximize their advertising efforts. We'd love to have you join us on this game-changing adventure so that you may learn to make marketing decisions based on hard facts, improve your customers' experiences, and increase your ROI. By working together, we can completely transform your approach to marketing and help you achieve unparalleled success.

Call Tracking Metrics Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasUSA, UK
Service TypesMarketing automation
FeaturesDynamic Number Insertion (DNI), Call Recording and Transcriptions, Text Messaging, Web-based Softphone, Intelligent Routing Options, Surface Insights with AI, Form Tracking, Automated triggers
CertificationsAICPA SOC 2 Compliance Certification; Google Partner; HubSpot Partner; Inc. Best Workplaces

Call Tracking Metrics price policy

Discover Call monitoring Metrics, a major supplier of call monitoring and analytics solutions, and its extensive plans and competitive pricing. Call Tracking Metrics assures that you may choose the appropriate plan to match your individual demands and budget by offering a variety of adaptable solutions targeted to organizations of all kinds. Start with the Starter plan, which is geared for small companies and startups wanting to acquire important insights on their marketing efforts. The Starter plan offers a strong basis for enhancing your marketing initiatives, with low pricing and crucial features like call monitoring, dynamic number insertion, and basic call routing.
PackagesPerformance 36$/mo, Growth 99$/mo, Connect 274$/mo, Enterprice - Custom Prise
Payment optionsCredit Card, PayPal, check, bank Transfer
Payment discountsCall Tracking Metrics, a reputable supplier of call monitoring and analytics solutions, offers a wide selection of plans and great discounts. You may choose the best choice for your unique requirements from programs built for companies of various sizes. Take advantage of their cheap yearly plans, which provide considerable discounts while providing access to the whole range of services. Call Tracking Metrics provides fair pricing and customisable solutions whether you are a tiny startup or a huge corporation. With Call Tracking Metrics' customizable subscriptions and appealing discounts, you can harness the power of data-driven insights and boost your marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Metrics online reputation

Call Tracking Metrics has established itself as a reliable supplier of call tracking and analytics solutions. They have gained the confidence of organizations all around the globe because to their extensive features, simple connections, and dedication to client satisfaction. Experience their cutting-edge solutions and realize the full potential of your marketing efforts.
The capability of CallTrackingMetrics to record and analyze all phone calls that are routed via the website is without a doubt the most impressive aspect of this software. This makes it possible for both us and our customers to monitor their return on investment (ROI), whether it comes from Google Ads, other pay-per-click (PPC) channels, or their social and organic marketing efforts. The fact that you are able to extract form completions in the CTM account as well as gain a complete picture of your online performance is one of the aspects of CTM that makes it a more comprehensive solution. Tool that is essential for every organization that generates leads.
Even if there is a spelling problem, email addresses and call tags will auto-populate. When switching between calls or skipping between audio waves, the system sometimes malfunctions or lags dramatically. It only allows one item in the "Score" column. This stops a user from tagging while listening to a call or from modifying tags if an error occurs. To make any changes or add another tag, the user must delete all of the tags and start anew.
Performs really well in properly monitoring and logging all incoming calls, which in turn provides us with helpful insights into the efficacy of our efforts. It enables us to have a better understanding of which marketing channels are responsible for the highest number of calls and allows us to adjust our tactics appropriately. I appreciate that tools can be integrated, and that you can make your own rule sets for labeling and credit. The CTM platform provides access to a wide variety of functions. It simplifies the process of reporting to my customers in a significant way. In comparison to the services offered by other companies in the industry, CTM's customer support is head and shoulders above the rest. In addition to that, they provide a helpful collection of walkthroughs and articles that may be accessed for assistance.
The paperwork for assistance. They must be revised; nevertheless, the present documentation is inadequate. Good documentation includes advantages and downsides as well as justifications, etc. Poor documentation just repeats the obvious. I know they're working on it, but it's been a long time coming. I deal with Google Ads a lot, and paid traffic is highly crucial with "details" that are incredibly necessary to have it running well, such as CTM and Ads working very well together. CTM, on the other hand, should understand how these things function and what should be occurring. You shouldn't have to pay for additional help to find out how to setup CTM so that the GADC works properly with Google advertisements.
The platform for call monitoring metrics is significantly superior to other platforms of a similar nature since it enables the individual steps of the call analytics process to be dissected and adapted to the requirements of the user. For instance, we previously used a rival but discovered that the marketing attribution data it supplied was not especially dependable. Now, with CTM, the platform offers feedback on the reliability of the data, and if it is poor, you are able to take action, such as providing fresh tracking numbers. CTM is difficult to use since it does such a wide range of functions, but its support documentation is outstanding. The webhooks that we utilize to send data to and zapier are another one of my favorite things.
Occasional Delays and Interruptions in Reporting: Despite the fact that the tool, on the whole, functions rather well, there have been a few occasions in which it has had delays or stopped reporting for a few moments at a time. When we depend on real-time data analysis, it may be quite annoying to have these disruptions, despite the fact that they are uncommon. It would be helpful if the tool could handle these performance concerns in order to guarantee that the user experience will be consistently seamless.
It's great that we can create new phone numbers, so our calling departments can keep operating normally. We also like being able to allocate numbers to individuals on our team, activate voicemails, control who has access to what, and so on. Good details on the caller, including name (if any), location, and phone number, are shown in both regular and desk modes so that it may be used comfortably in any setting. Excellent for both voice conversations and text messages.
Glitches, you can select different phone numbers to do outcome calls, but something CTM just doesn't let you change or it calls from a different number, you have to constantly refresh the site to not have issues, and even after refreshing there are still some issues, like when you finish and hung up, the call is still going and doesn't stop until you close the tab and open it again. Glitches, you can select different phone numbers to do outcome calls.
The quality of service provided to customers is outstanding. It doesn't matter whether it's for salespeople, our PPC agency, or the C-suite. Call routing and other real-time adjustments are simple to implement in the system. We have been forced to rely on commanding calls since we are unable to recruit enough quality representatives. CTM speeds up the process, allowing us to do more with a smaller workforce and a higher closing percentage. I also refuse to work as a director again until CTM is implemented. I've been doing this for 30 years, and over that period I've tried a number of different call tracking solutions. Moreover, Excel is a useful tool for creating reports.
The user interface is always going through revisions. When I finally figure out how something is done, it always becomes better. Trying to remember where everything is after a few months' absence might be a source of frustration. There have also been instances in which the data presented in the CTM account does not match what is seen in Google Analytics.

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trustradius.com149.7 out of 10
trustpilot.com191TrustScore 3 out of 5 2.9


Call Tracking Metrics Pros&Cons


  • Quality of Support
  • Excellent interface
  • Ease of Use


  • Time-consuming
  • System glitches
  • No help documentation

Call Tracking Metrics Final Conclusions

When it comes to reliable call tracking solutions, Call Tracking Metrics stands out as a clear frontrunner. Users may depend on a quick-to-respond support staff because to the service's high quality. The platform's outstanding UI ensures a smooth workflow by providing a visually attractive and user-friendly experience. Because of its user-friendliness, it can be used by those with no prior experience with computers. Users, however, should be warned that using the platform might take some time, and that there may be some hiccups with the system now and then. The absence of thorough assistance documentation is another place for improvement. Call monitoring Metrics is still a viable method for efficient call monitoring despite these shortcomings.

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