Call Tracker Review: Pricing, Features & More

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Call Tracker Review: Pricing, Features & More

Call Tracker overview

Today, we will be discussing, an innovative marketing solution that is transforming the way businesses track and analyze phone calls. This advanced tool is making waves in the industry and is suitable for businesses of any scale. Within this comprehensive analysis, we shall delve into the pivotal attributes, advantages, and distinctive propositions that differentiate from its counterparts in the market. is a game changer in the area of call tracking software. It provides organizations with very sophisticated capabilities for monitoring and analyzing incoming calls like never before. To be honest, it's quite wonderful. Did you know that modern call monitoring technology may provide organizations with very important information into where their calls are originating from? It's quite interesting since they can also monitor how effectively their marketing strategies are doing and utilize that information to make better choices.

One of's best features is how simple the UI is designed. Even beginners may get started right away and begin saving time and money thanks to the platform's simplicity of use.

In addition, provides a full set of call analytics and reporting capabilities. Businesses may obtain greater insight into consumer behavior, call patterns, and campaign efficacy with real-time call data, allowing them to adjust their marketing campaigns for optimum ROI. has gained a reputation as a trusted and successful partner for businesses that want to improve the quality of their call monitoring and marketing activities. This reputation has been achieved as a result of's broad call tracking features, smooth interfaces with important marketing platforms, and great customer service.

What Call Tracker has to say about itself

Call Tracker is a revolutionary piece of call monitoring software that equips organizations with potent tools to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of incoming calls. Call Tracker is a game-changer in the call tracking software industry. Businesses are able to obtain priceless insights into the origins of their calls, measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and make choices based on the data they collect for the best possible outcomes thanks to this cutting-edge call tracking technology.

Call Tracker is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, which facilitates navigation and configuration. Even for novices, the platform's user-friendly design enables fast implementation, thereby conserving valuable time and resources.

Call Tracker provides a complete set of call analytics and reporting features. Real-time call data gives more insight into consumer behavior, call patterns, and campaign efficacy. This enables organizations to optimize their marketing strategy for optimal ROI.

Call Tracker improves marketing operations and assures a consistent user experience by integrating seamlessly with top marketing tools and platforms. Furthermore, a dedicated customer support staff guarantees that companies get quick help and direction.

Data dependability and security are given priority by Call Tracker. Businesses may be guaranteed that their sensitive information is protected from attacks thanks to sophisticated data protection procedures.

Call Tracker is a solution for call monitoring that is both effective and comprehensive. It gives organizations the ability to seize control of their call data and make better use of it for increased marketing success. Stay tuned for our comprehensive review, in which we will look further into the features and performance of Call Tracker, as well as how it may propel your company to new heights of success in the face of intense competition in the target market.

Call Tracker Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasMarketing Tracking Phone Numbers
Service TypesLocal & Toll Free Phone Numbers, White Label Call Tracking Software, Real Time Call Analytics, Call Flows, Voicemail, Manage Multiple Companies, Pre-Answer Whisper Messages, Sales Call Recording Software, SMS Text Messaging for Business, Email Summary Reports, Unlimited Users, Call & Text Message Notifications
FeaturesLocal & Toll Free Phone Numbers, White Label Call Tracking Software, Real Time Call Analytics, Call Flows, Voicemail, Manage Multiple Companies, Pre-Answer Whisper Messages, Sales Call Recording Software, SMS Text Messaging for Business, Email Summary Reports, Unlimited Users, Call & Text Message Notifications
CertificationsCapterra, G2 High Performer, Software Advice

Call Tracker price policy

We'll showcase Call Tracker's affordable plans and price alternatives. Businesses may discover the right match for their call tracking requirements with three feature-rich plans to select from. The Starter plan costs $37 per month plus how much you use it. It comes with 10 phone numbers and 500 minutes, making it a great choice for new users. For growing businesses with more complex needs, the Pro plan, which costs $87 per month plus usage, comes with 20 phone numbers and 1,000 minutes. The Agency plan costs $147 per month plus usage and is good for agencies or businesses that need more advanced features. With 40 phone numbers and 1500 minutes, this plan makes sure that companies can track calls well. Call Tracker is a good choice for businesses of all kinds that want to improve their call tracking and data for better marketing results. It has clear prices and a variety of plans.
PackagesStarter 37$/mo, Pro 87$/mo, Agency 147$/mo
Payment optionsCall Tracker has not provided information for this product or service
Payment discountsBusinesses may discover the ideal solution for their call tracking requirements at affordable costs with the help of three adaptable plans: Starter, Pro, and Agency. Even better is the 14-day free trial, which gives customers a risk-free opportunity to sample Call Tracker's potent features. Businesses may evaluate the platform's capabilities throughout the trial time before committing, giving them confidence in their choice. Call Tracker is a top option for organizations looking to efficiently maximize their call monitoring efforts because to its clear pricing, alluring discounts, and the generous free trial.

Call Tracker online reputation

Online reviews of Call Tracker are excellent in the marketing sector. It has gained reputation and confidence for its effective call monitoring and analytics solutions thanks to the good comments and testimonies of pleased users. Businesses may depend on Call Tracker's well-regarded reputation as a trustworthy and successful partner in achieving success via data-driven marketing tactics.
Both the answer and the data are straightforward and easy to understand. We were able to better manage our phone lines thanks to the call forwarding feature, and the reporting capabilities enlightened us on our offline conversions.
Because the system does not have as many third-party interfaces as we had available with other rivals, it is somewhat more difficult to report data and integrate it with client reports.
It's a helpful tool that assisted me in increasing the number of calls I get. The cost of the service is reasonable, and it is not difficult to make use of any of the available services. This was all that was necessary for me to start receiving more calls at my little company. The improvements brought about by the adjustments I was able to make are immediately apparent to me. I depend significantly on phone calls, and Call Tracker has made it much simpler for me to increase the number of calls I get via more strategic marketing. Because of the call alerts, I am able to follow up on calls that I had previously missed.
There are a few minor bugs with the front end that the Calltracker team seems to have been working to address gradually. There is nothing that could stop the product from functioning correctly, however as it is a brand new program, there are a few mistakes that appear here and there. Otherwise, it's been well polished.
Not only am I able to monitor all traffic coming into and going out of my modest contact center thanks to contact Tracker io, but I can also record everything. I am able to evaluate the marketing channels that create the most inbound replies, which enables me to focus my efforts on those places where the bulk of marketing responses are produced.
We haven't faced too many obstacles thus far. I just want to be able to import all of the data from Google statistics into my Call Tracker account so that I don't have to go away from it whenever I want to examine statistics.
The call records are easy to understand and allow me listen to conversations with previous customers. It makes it easier for me to teach my staff and provides us with a new perspective on what the needs of clients are. Call recordings have made it much simpler to single out significant aspects of discussions that take place over the phone and to recognize recurring problems that clients experience.
At first, setting up the integration seemed to be a complicated task; however, the summary made everything more clearer.
Both the scalability of Call Tracker and the fact that I may employ tracking numbers for each unique campaign are features that appeal to me. It makes it simple to isolate the channels that are responsible for producing real call traffic. The user interface is straightforward, the call summary reports are precise, and they assisted me in refining the manner in which I market my company.
There is not a single thing that I dislike about either the program or the business. Even if customer support often moves at a snail's pace, the problems are eventually solved.

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Call Tracker Pros&Cons


  • Improves marketing effectiveness
  • Helps to identify trends and patterns in phone call data
  • Saves time and resources


  • Limited customization options for Reports
  • Call recording limitations
  • Integration limitations with other plateforms

Call Tracker Final Conclusions

Call Tracker makes a good first impression with its assortment of benefits and drawbacks as a Digital Marketing Manager evaluating marketing products. On the plus side, Call Tracker considerably increases marketing effectiveness by helping companies to find patterns and trends in call data and make smarter decisions. With its effective call monitoring features, it also conserves significant time and resources.

One possible problem that may prohibit some businesses from getting relevant information is a lack of report customization options. There may also be difficulties with call recording and system compatibility.

While these limitations are unfortunate, Call Tracker remains a significant resource for businesses serious about call monitoring and analytics. It's enticing for data-driven marketing success since it has the potential to enhance processes while reducing expenses.

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