800.com Review: Pricing, Features & More

Companies may evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with the help of the best call tracking software, 800.com. With the aid of 800.com, businesses can easily track the source of their calls, assess the ROI of their initiatives, and identify high-value customers. 800.com provides a complete call tracking solution with features including automated call routing, real-time analytics, and full reporting.
800.com Review: Pricing, Features & More

800.com overview

800.com has revolutionised the call tracking industry as one of the most advanced and trusted solutions available. It offers comprehensive call tracking and analytics capabilities to help businesses make more informed decisions about advertising and marketing spend. With 800.com, businesses can easily and accurately measure all customer calls related to their advertising and marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights into where their budget is most effectively spent.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for businesses to visualise their data and easily compare metrics. 800.com not only allows businesses to monitor their advertising investment over time but also provides accurate information on call performance and conversions in real-time. Its granular reporting capabilities provide invaluable insights into the customer journey from the first engagement to the end of the customer experience.

For businesses that are looking to increase their lead conversions, 800.com provides insights on call handling trends and caller behavior. This helps businesses gain a better understanding of their target audience and how to best engage them.

800.com is also one of the most secure call tracking solutions on the market, with robust data security measures and compliance with data protection regulations

What 800.com has to say about itself

The top call tracking software, 800.com, assists companies in determining the success of their marketing initiatives. Businesses can simply track the origin of their calls, evaluate the ROI of their campaigns, and spot high-value clients with the help of 800.com. With functions like automated call routing, real-time analytics, and thorough reporting, 800.com offers a comprehensive call tracking solution.

Understanding how people connect with a brand is essential for businesses to succeed. Due to this, 800.com has emerged as the top call tracking platform. The distinctive features of 800.com assist businesses in tracing the source of calls, calculating the ROI of their campaigns, and identifying high-value clients.

Businesses can automate their call tracking procedure with 800.com. Businesses can identify the origin of incoming calls and direct them to the right sales or service representative by automating call routing. This gives companies the ability to manage their employees more effectively while also improving the client experience.

Businesses are kept up to date on their marketing initiatives in real-time by 800.com's analytics. Businesses get precise information on the performance of their efforts by receiving detailed reports on each lead. Businesses may use 800.com to monitor their ROI using specific data, find ways to improve their campaigns, and boost conversion rates.

The management of client interactions by enterprises is revolutionized by 800.com. Businesses can precisely track the source of their calls, calculate their return on investment, and find high-quality leads because to their extensive feature set. Businesses can improve customer service, effectively manage their employees, and forge lasting relationships with the help of 800.com.

800.com Review

Year Started2008
Company Website800.com
Service AreasUS, Canada, or 18 other countries
Service TypesVirtual phone numbers and Telecommunication
FeaturesAPI, Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, Call Center Management, Call Conferencing, Call Disposition, Call List Management, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Call Routing, Call Scripting, Call Tracking, Call Tracking Metrics, Call Transcription, Call Transfer, Caller ID, Data Import/Export, For Small Businesses, IVR/Voice Recognition, Mobile Access, On-Demand Recording, Online Voice Transmission, Real Time Reporting, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Voice Mail.
Certifications800.com has not provided information for this product or service

800.com price policy

The call monitoring service 800.com provides a cutting-edge and trustworthy approach to monitor phone calls generated by your website. In order to assist businesses in better understanding their clients and their purchase habits, the organization provides sophisticated tracking technology as well as cutting-edge analytics. With tiered options for companies of all sizes, 800.com's pricing structure is quite competitive. 800.com is a great option for organizations of all sizes wishing to manage their phone calls efficiently and maximize their return on investment because to its competitive price strategy and cutting-edge capabilities.
PackagesYearly: Pro - $127/mo, Unlimited - $49/mo, Personal - $19/mo Monthly: Pro - $149/mo, Unlimited - $59/mo, Personal - $23/mo
Payment optionsAmerican Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards with a US or Canadian billing address.
Payment discounts800.com has not provided information for this product or service

800.com online reputation

800.com has an overall positive online reputation. Customers praise the customer support, rapid response, helpful staff and satisfaction with their overall experience. The website has helpful reviews on different consumer-related websites, and the majority of customers report satisfaction. 800.com is renowned for providing friendly, reliable, and efficient customer service. Customers state that they are quickly resolved when they have an issue and complete orders accurately and on time. Overall, customers report being very satisfied with their 800.com experience.
Finding a certain number was simple at first. I really like the intuitive UI for creating a personalized welcome and the follow-up call or voicemail to ensure that the number had been correctly activated.
First year was fine. Then I noticed they charged my credit card a lot of money. It would seem that they changed their pricing structure and just assumed they can upsell me to a higher plan that costs twice the money. Seems clearly unscrupulous. Took it on the chin and moved on to another telephony company.
I like that you can enter various word or number combinations, and they will discover a solution for you. I had no idea there were so many various 800 number prefixes. The website is incredibly simple to use after you sign up, and it has several of settings for call forwarding and answering. It was so simple that I decided to get a fax number, and now faxing is simple.
When we searched for a 1-888 number on 800.com that had the term CONSUL, we were presented with a list of possibilities. We didn't like that those selections did have a portion of the term, but not the entire word, because we didn't check too closely. This was more our fault than 800.com's, but we think the way those options were presented gave us the impression that it would be simpler to order than we had anticipated.
On the market are vanity numbers. The vanity numbers are the feature I was hoping for that other competitors lacked. Based on the numbers I selected, I was able to see what options were available and what the prices would be.
Important Restrictions Due to this tool's 60 second voicemail limit, people frequently have their explanations for problems interrupted. not useful
Setting everything up and using the number was fairly simple. Excellent user experience with a speedy and easy to use interface. Like how voicemails can be added, edited, and adjusted for business hours while sounding extremely professional. An excellent product all around that fulfills your needs and expectations at a reasonable cost.
A vanity number they had piqued our company's interest. We were instructed that it could only be leased and that a subscription was required in order to lease it; it could not be port out. The lease is set at $970 and the subscription at $260. There are no services included. It's completely ridiculous.
Very user-friendly phone system. I was able to program a number so that it would perform the tasks I needed it to. I did not need to spend time reading through documentation because it was quite intuitive.
To avoid paying an additional $48 in fees, I pre-paid for a year. Although I authorized a $228 payment, my card was actually charged $269.04. When questioned, they stated that this was for "federal and other fees". I warned them that this was incredibly deceptive and that those fees ought to have been made clear up front. Invalid number.

800.com Social media

-No Subscribers
A business can track and manage their incoming calls using the internet platform provided by 800.com. Businesses may measure client interactions, unearth insights, and improve their customer service procedures thanks to its robust analytics capabilities. The platform is simple to set up and has an intuitive user interface with features that can be customized. The majority of Reddit reviews are good, with many users complimenting its strong features, helpful support team, and excellent customer service. Many people have praised 800.com for its great call monitoring accuracy, personalized statistics, and overall value. The business is well regarded for its commitment to customer service and meeting consumers' demands.

800.com average reviews

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800.com Pros&Cons


  • Extremely simple to set up, manage, and track calls.
  • Customer service has always been outstanding.
  • The software's simplicity of use is my favorite aspect of the service.


  • There is no way to stop getting voicemail recordings.
  • The upfront disclosure of the whole monthly fees.
  • Possibly a little less pricey

800.com Final Conclusions

Businesses who wish to track and examine their calls in order to better understand their customers might consider using 800.com. Companies can monitor which calls came in through which channels and how their campaigns are doing thanks to their call tracking and analytics software. Customers may also track the success of their agents over time, providing them with the knowledge they need to improve customer service and boost sales. For companies trying to get the most out of their customers' calls, 800.com is a great option because of its affordable price options and dependable service.

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