Nimbata Review: Pricing, Features & More

Nimbata is an easy-to-use call tracking service that provides detailed call data, down to search queries. You'll learn more about UTM codes, landing pages, campaigns, and click IDs. You'll also learn what brings the right results and how to stop wasting money on campaigns that aren't working.
Nimbata Review: Pricing, Features & More

Nimbata overview

Nimbata is a cutting-edge communications platform that aspires to change business-customer interactions. Since it's user-friendly for businesses and consumers, it's ideal for organizations that want to connect with customers more personally. Nimbata helps organizations create client loyalty through fostering connections. Automated outbound messages, interactive dialogues, and mobile texting may create these ties.

Nimbata equips companies with the tools they need to improve customer connections. Customers may ask inquiries and react on prerecorded communications. Nimbata sends personalized messages to show consumers they are valued, which increases customer loyalty.

Finally, mobile texting lets companies reach clients anywhere. Mobile-optimized messaging platform Nimbata. It facilitates conversational business-customer interactions. This gives organizations more control over their customer connections and lets them interact with customers while traveling.

What Nimbata has to say about itself

Call monitoring that is not only easy to use but also intuitive and provides complete attribution data, even down to the search phrases that were used. Discover what brings in the appropriate leads or avoid wasteful spending caused by underperforming attempts that burn through money by gaining information about UTM codes, landing sites, campaigns, and click IDs and finding out what brings in the right leads.

You may choose as many reports as you like from our report gallery to include in your custom dashboard, which will allow you to more easily manage, record, and share your phone leads with your team or customers. This will allow you to determine what aspects of your marketing strategy are most effective based on actual facts.

Send call data to your marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and reporting solutions to improve the accuracy of lead and conversion statistics, lead management, and truer marketing attribution, as well as to enable data-driven initiatives. The greatest feature is that you can use integration triggers to provide call data at the precise moment when it is most relevant.

Nimbata Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasMA
Service TypesNimbata offers a variety of services to assist marketers and eCommerce enterprises in achieving their objectives. These services include hosting and management of campaigns, development and optimization of landing pages, A/B testing, creation of multi-channel omnichannel journeys, creation of lead scoring and nurturing strategies, and comprehensive analytics and reporting.
FeaturesCall tracking, tracking numbers, analytics & reports, add ons, call flow builder, integrations, White Label solution, lead management, automation rules, integration triggers, export leads, form tracking, SMS
CertificationsHIPAA, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3

Nimbata price policy

Nimbata is a SaaS program that facilitates interaction with and contact with customers for companies. It offers flexible price levels so that it may serve businesses of varied sizes and financial means. The free, basic subscription allows companies to manage two items and provides access to the platform's core capabilities including bulk SMS and email campaigns, webhooks, and an easy-to-use UI. Up to five goods, plus advanced capabilities like custom keywords, drip campaigns, Zapier integration, and A/B testing are included in the $99/month basic plan. Up to 10 goods may be covered by the $299/month professional plan, which also provides more sophisticated capabilities like segmentation, advanced analytics, and phone automation. The corporate package includes all features and gives you access to premium product management tools at a price. There is a $50 activation charge for each plan. Political campaigns and other time-sensitive initiatives may also benefit from Nimbata's programs, which are designed to meet the unique needs of each campaign and are affordably priced.
PackagesAgency - $149/mon., Marketing - $89/mon., Pro - $39/mon.
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and SEPA direct debit. Payment can also be made using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.
Payment discountsDiscounts on annual plans, Enterprise Plan for 5+ user accounts.

Nimbata online reputation

Consumers of Nimbata have given the company varied evaluations. Customers appreciate Nimbata's user-friendliness, extensive feature set, and compatibility with other market-leading systems. Customers adore the customer service and data veracity of the platform. Nonetheless, a number of consumers have complained about the platform's sluggishness and user interface. These are both platform weaknesses. Nimbata appears to provide a service that is beneficial to marketers and shares several characteristics with other businesses. This appears to be how Nimbata is. However, consumers should be made aware that the platform may present challenges.
I enjoy how simple it is to use, and the customer assistance is excellent; as a consequence, I am always able to set up new client accounts in a way that is fast and efficient. The fact that they offered various payment alternatives was the first selling point for me when it came to giving it a go since I thought such possibilities were rather unusual. When I used other trackers in the past, I observed that the end-of-the-month payments were reducing the amount of money that I was able to keep as profit. This was the case even if I was making a profit overall. This was the case since the bills sent out at the end of the month contained interest and other costs. When compared to the cost of tracking calls with our prior trackers, the cost of monitoring each call with Nimbata was much less, coming in at a whopping 70 percent lower than the previous cost. I enjoy how simple it is to make use of the tracking number, in addition to the fact that I can generate one-of-a-kind numbers for each of the websites that I design for specific customers. Both of these features are quite convenient for me.
A more expensive membership level is required in order to have access to the functionality that allows blocking certain country codes. It ought to have been included within the fundamental subscription package. The experience is really diminished somewhat as a result. My primary complaint is that I am unable to utilize the number tracking feature to place a return call. In the event that neither I nor my clients respond, I will have to utilize the following number. It is necessary to pay for everything that you could want in a call monitoring system, despite the fact that these features are inexpensive, pointless, and wasted a significant amount of my time. Their platform is far more difficult to understand than anything else, and their support? It's interesting that they have [SENSITIVE CONTENT] answering support, since I assume that guy is just in this for the money. guy was very full of himself in the chat, and "bla-bla-bla" about how fantastic it was that his product was, but he totally forgot about my problem. What a sad experience. When I originally contacted this firm, I had the impression that they were really inexpensive. If I had to choose, I would gladly go with Twilio since it provides free phone number leases and there are no fees associated with providing statistics.
Initially, acquiring tracking numbers for the countries in which I wanted to run my adverts was not a tough task for me. Second, there is always someone there to help you whenever you get in touch with the staff who are responsible for providing customer care. In addition, I like how smoothly Nimbata integrated with the Zapier app, and I had a good time using the combination of the two. It was a tremendous triumph in every conceivable respect. One of the elements that genuinely impresses me about the platform is the user experience design that was implemented into it. This is in addition to the ease with which the application can be installed. This is likewise the case for the user interface of the platform. In addition to that, I found the large array of filters that were available to be applied on the dashboard to be pretty impressive and quite impressive overall. I like how easy it is to use, and the customer support is fantastic; as a result, I am always able to set up new client accounts in a manner that is both quick and effective. The great majority of the time that I have interacted with the functionality of this product, I have had positive experiences, and I value the product's usefulness for my company. The in-depth reports, in addition to the exceptional customer assistance that is provided nonstop around the clock.
There are other software applications available on the market that are in direct competition with this one and provide even more comprehensive analyses or, for instance, more complex interfaces with Salesforce. On the other hand, we did not have a choice in this matter at any moment. In addition, in order to purchase location-based phone numbers, you will be needed to fill out a document that is necessary throughout the process of registering phone numbers. This step must be completed before you can purchase location-based phone numbers. This is a requirement that has been mandated by the law and is not something that is exclusive to Nimbata. Consider going through the step-by-step process of goal development with the help of Analytics. I am responsible for it, but there are times when the data that emerges from analytics does not match up with the data that comes from Nimbata. The functioning of it is laborious and not at all transparent or straightforward in any way. It's possible that the user interface and the overall experience may need some tweaking.
A user-friendly platform with a fantastic user interface that is more affordable than those offered by its rivals. Because with Nimbata, I am now able to demonstrate to my customers a higher return on their investment. I really like the platform's intuitive user interface and user experience design, as well as how simple it is to install the program. In addition to that, I was astounded by the extensive variety of filters that were available on the dashboard. Nimbata allows me a deep dive into your client's' data! The click-to-call advertisements have been doing quite well in general, but we haven't been able to collect enough data to determine the ROI for individual advertisements. Nimbata has provided us with a reliable system that allows us to monitor performance and determine the return on investment (ROI) for each advertisement. The setup was not a simple task but was not too difficult either. Call campaigns provide an excellent chance for companies, and now, with the help of nimbata, you can evaluate which advertisements have the most influence. Their support service was really helpful when we wanted to start our experiment for A/B across locations, and they did it quickly and efficiently.
Because we use Nimbada in conjunction with a wide range of other marketing tools, I feel that the price need to be brought down in order to make it simpler to work with. This would also make it more affordable. Because of this, it would be less expensive. Sometimes the loading speed of specific websites is significantly slower than that of other websites, particularly when contrasted with the speeds of other websites. My expectation was that one of the features would be the capacity to prevent automated systems and botnets from listening in on phone calls and taking control of conversations of this kind; nevertheless, I was dismayed to discover that this function would not be included. Despite the fact that having access to this function at this time would be of huge advantage, sadly, access to it is not now available. This is despite the fact that having access to it would be of significant benefit.
The core role of the service, which is to allow customers to trace the origin of incoming calls and traffic, is successfully carried out by the service with high levels of efficiency. It was essential for us to have an understanding of which calls were eventually generated by which types of traffic originating from which sources. You have the ability to monitor everything on a visitor-by-visitor or traffic-source-by-traffic-source basis, depending on how you want to organize things. What makes the whole thing work is the dynamic, location-based, and rotating phone numbers that are registered with Nimbata. These are the numbers that are used to make calls. This may be achieved by including on the website a piece of code that is responsible for doing the substitution. The procedure may be finished in a fairly short length of time, despite the fact that there are several configuration options to choose from. Nimbata is, in my opinion, one of the most all-encompassing call monitoring solutions that are currently on the market. It is quite simple to set up, and it enables me to monitor the calls that come in via the many different digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Because putting it together is so basic and uncomplicated, I heartily recommend making use of it.
To acquire access to the capacity that enables blocking certain country codes, a membership level with a higher price point than the normal one must first be attained. It ought to have been included as part of the basic offering that was provided together with the subscription as a whole. There are a few small issues that need to be fixed, in addition to the user interface (UI) that has to be modified. The free plan does not have a dashboard that is fully functional, but we believe this to be for the best since it keeps costs down. There is most likely room for development in terms of the user experience (UX) that is provided on mobile devices.
To be honest, I joined Phone Wagon in order to get away from Call Rail, but, surprise, surprise, Call Rail ended up buying them. Due to the fact that I was a previous client, after call rail was unable to migrate me into one of their plans. After spending a month working on integration issues with Call Rail, I ultimately decided to quit and join nimbata instead of continuing my search for a solution. Excellent service to customers was provided, and they've been reliable ever since. The fact that a member of the staff is always available to assist me, regardless of the day or time, is one of the aspects of this company that I value the most. In addition to this, one aspect of it that I find very helpful is the variety of connectors it provides, ranging from analytics to zapier. The monitoring of phone calls was one of my most significant challenges in b2b lead production, however this technology helped me overcome that challenge. I am now able to demonstrate that there has been an increase in the number of phone calls that have been produced as a direct result of marketing activities. In addition, I am also able to monitor which channels bring in the most phone calls. Because there are other statistics about call length, who hung out, etc., I am able to make an educated guess regarding the calls' overall quality.

Nimbata Social media Subscribers
It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Nimbata reviews on Reddit indicate that customers are pleased with the product since they say so. Users have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on both the versatility of the program and the responsiveness of the support service. In addition to this, one of the most significant advantages is how simple it is to put into practice. The adaptability of this software is perhaps one of the features that contributes most to its overall allure. They also give the company high marks for its dedication to creating and upgrading the platform as well as its novel approaches to providing customer support, both of which get praise from these customers. Nimbata seems to be an excellent choice for companies who want to increase their marketing strategy and return on investment (ROI).

Nimbata average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
trustradius.comNo reviewsNo reviews


Nimbata Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate data
  • Cost-effective


  • Limited customization options
  • No automated follow-up
  • Limited tracking options

Nimbata Final Conclusions

Nimbata looks to be a trustworthy firm that offers cost-effective solutions backed up by excellent customer service. Furthermore, these solutions are supplied on time. The great majority of consumers were pleased with the company's reliability and praised the customer service agents for their efficiency and knowledge.

Nonetheless, client feedback showed that the program had a lot of flaws and that the product range lacked inadequate options. Nimbata has the potential to become the most respected market leader in their field if the firm continues to concentrate on improving the quality of their product range, as well as delivering better customer service and more chances for customisation.

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