FluentStream Review: Pricing, Features & More

FluentStream.com is a dynamic platform that is changing the business landscape. Explore its potent analytic capabilities, communication tools, and industry-specific solutions. Across finance, healthcare, and marketing, FluentStream.com improves efficiency with seamless automation and personalized experiences, paving the way for unprecedented business expansion in the modern era.
FluentStream Review: Pricing, Features & More

FluentStream overview

FluentStream offers organizations cloud-based phone systems and unified communication technologies. FluentStream's user-friendly design and wide feature set enhance communication between teams, departments, and customers.

The outstanding call handling capabilities of FluentStream are one of its most notable characteristics. Businesses may optimize their client interactions and improve overall call handling efficiency by using sophisticated call routing and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, call recording, and thorough call analytics.

Video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing are just some of the collaboration capabilities included in FluentStream's full package, which promotes efficient cooperation and increases productivity and innovation across a business.

FluentStream's dedication to security guarantees that all conversations are encrypted and safeguarded, giving organizations piece of mind and protecting critical data from any attacks.

FluentStream's flexible programs accommodate all business sizes and requirements, whether you're a small business seeking to expand or an established enterprise seeking to enhance consumer communication.

What FluentStream has to say about itself

FluentStream is a cutting-edge communication tool created to transform internal corporate communication and consumer engagement. We will examine the essential traits, advantages, and cutting-edge features that distinguish FluentStream as a top marketing solution in this in-depth review.

FluentStream is a communication solutions game-changer, offering businesses a comprehensive array of cloud-based phone systems and unified communication tools. FluentStream enables organizations of all sizes to optimize their communication processes, increase their productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by emphasizing simplicity and efficacy.

The outstanding call handling capabilities of FluentStream are one of its most notable characteristics. Businesses may enhance their customer interactions and receive insightful information about call handling effectiveness by using call recording, thorough call analytics, intelligent call routing, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies. Companies are able to customize their communication methods and raise overall client satisfaction thanks to this degree of sophistication.

Beyond audio communication, FluentStream provides a variety of collaboration tools to promote effective cooperation. Teams can collaborate effectively regardless of their physical location thanks to capabilities like video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing. This degree of cooperation encourages innovation, increases production, and guarantees a smooth workflow throughout the whole business.

It is critical to ensure the security of communication data, and FluentStream takes security very seriously. Businesses may be certain that their communications are safe from possible threats and weaknesses thanks to modern encryption techniques and secure data centers.

The scalable solutions offered by FluentStream are appropriate for enterprises of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. You may get the most out of your money by customizing your communication system to fit your demands and your budget with their scalable options.

A complete communication solution, FluentStream enables organizations to accomplish effective and seamless communication both internally and internationally. FluentStream is ready to revolutionize how organizations interact with their consumers and streamline processes thanks to its cutting-edge call management capabilities, strong security features, and collaboration tools. Stay tuned for our thorough analysis, in which we'll go into more depth about FluentStream's capabilities, effectiveness, and potential to propel your company to greater heights of success in the market.

FluentStream Review

Year Started2007
Company Websitefluentstream.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCloud-hosted business communications solution
FeaturesVoip, voice over ip, cloud, telephony, unified communications, Phone Systems , Business Communications, app, SaaS, and UCaaS
Certifications2022 Inc. Power Partner Award Honoree; Silver for SMB Service of the Year in Best in Biz Awards 2022; 2023 Voice Technology Excellence Award presented by CUSTOMER Magazine

FluentStream price policy

Learn more about FluentStream's selection of feature-rich plans and affordable pricing choices designed to improve communication effectiveness. Unlimited U.S. calls, HD voice quality, voicemail, support for multiple offices, web calling, and call groups are all features of the Essential Plan. For further benefits like auto attendants, call recording, internet fax, SMS/text messaging, limitless conferencing, and comprehensive call statistics, upgrade to the Advanced Plan. The Complete Plan includes everything in Advanced as well as CRM connectors, call queues, queue statistics, custom queue greetings, return call routing, incoming call filters, and dynamic agents for the best possible communication experience. Choose FluentStream to have access to cost-effective, seamless communication.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsFluentStream has not provided information for this product or service
Payment discountsCustomers are delighted with FluentStream's alluring discounts, which increase the allure of their excellent communication products. Businesses may benefit from unique discounts and exclusive offers, further reducing the cost of FluentStream's sophisticated features. Organizations of all sizes may now take use of premium communication tools without sacrificing quality thanks to these reductions. FluentStream's savings provide companies the chance to increase customer interaction and improve operations at a lower cost, whether they choose the Essential, Advanced, or Complete plan. Watch this space for the most recent FluentStream discounts to harness the power of seamless communication for your company's success.

FluentStream online reputation

FluentStream has an excellent internet reputation, having been acknowledged for its amazing communication solutions. It has achieved market confidence and reputation thanks to favorable evaluations and testimonials from delighted consumers. Businesses can depend on FluentStream's reputation as a trustworthy partner for smooth communication and exceptional customer service.
Fluent Stream is used for our incoming call center. After researching numerous choices, we discovered that FluentStream could satisfy our requirements at a far cheaper cost than rivals providing comparable functionality. We've been using FluentStream for over a year, and whenever we have questions, problems, or need help, they're there! Customer service from them goes above and beyond my expectations or today's standards. I would characterize the service we got as prompt, responsive, kind, and effective.
We had a few small hiccups when we originally launched, but nothing that hampered our capacity to service our customers. We all hope that whatever we utilized never encountered a snag or hurdle, but the fact is that they existed for us from the outset. Some of it was our fault, some of it was theirs. What I hated was that we had bumps in the road, yet despite this, FluentStream never missed a beat in taking care of us and responding with the requisite degree of responsiveness and service.
We were a two-person organization when we discovered FluentStream, but we had big hopes to grow. FluentStream was the most affordable and least intrusive technology we could find. Our community has just one trustworthy internet provider, and their offering would have cost twice as much and required thousands of dollars in equipment and installation. FluentStream was simpler to set up and manage than creating a secure network and platform on which it could function. Other carriers and possibilities have to attempt to persuade me to use a different fax function as well. With FluentStream, I can manage voicemails, incoming and outgoing faxes, and even transform my car into a mobile office with just an internet connection. Our objective was to be as robust in the field as we were in the office, and FluentStream assisted us in doing so economically.
No real disadvantage. What I use works wonderfully, but there might be more that would be beneficial that I'm not using since I haven't taken the effort to learn how to use it. This is probably the one drawback. There are technologies that I've never taken the time to master.
Over the course of our more than six years of partnership with FluentStream, we have experienced nothing short of exceptional customer service from the company. They consistently reply to us in a very quick manner for any service requests we have, and they keep their commitment to provide dependable service to their customers. I really wish that we would have been in touch with FluentStream a lot earlier.
We went through a terrible trial phase a few months ago when we decided to merge a handful of providers to see if they could compete with what FluentStream had been providing us for the prior three years. They couldn't, but there's always something you wish you could have. As a result, we noticed that Fluentstream's mobile app is not as robust as others. I may be nitpicking here, but a simpler method to organize text, calls, and faxes on the app would be fantastic. The next logical step is for the app to be able to transmit faxes. You have an image processor on your phone, and a pdf converter is common on every business equipment; please add a fax capability to the program.
As a call center, we want endless calls with features like call recording, whisper coach, barge in, and so on. This system has everything we were looking for, and the price per addition is great. We can buy DID numbers right from the web site and give function codes to workers so they can change their caller ID at any time. Even though most of the reporting choices are made for an incoming queue, we mostly use the outgoing queues.
Despite the fact that the firm seems to be expanding and developing at a quick rate - maybe experiencing a few minor growing pains in terms of work overload and the development of internal systems - our Representative did not give us the impression that this was the case due to their enthusiastic attitude to problem-solving.
The crew from Customer Service was really helpful in directing us through the new transfer process and answering all of the many questions that we had. They did all in their power to ensure that we were happy and followed up with us at every opportunity.
As is typical of and intrinsic to SAAS, downtime may be annoying. To be fair, they have been extremely fast to react to any outages, and we have only had a few cases when the effect was more than just a slow down of the interface. This is over the period of at least three years, and it refers to situations such as VOIP calls not connecting for an hour or two.

FluentStream Social media

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChl1QX8nQCKxgfSIDBc3S9w22 Subscribers

FluentStream average reviews

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FluentStream Pros&Cons


  • Low Cost
  • Good Customer Service
  • Easy to use


  • Mobile app functionality
  • Texting platform
  • VOIP calls not connecting for an hour

FluentStream Final Conclusions

Despite its fair share of flaws, FluentStream makes an excellent first impression. Companies that value efficient communication will enjoy FluentStream's reasonable pricing, top-notch customer service, and intuitive interface.

The performance of mobile apps, the messaging platform, and VOIP chat connection may be patchy at times, so it's not all flowers. Companies searching for dependable communication solutions will discover that FluentStream's inexpensive pricing, excellent customer support, and simple UI outweigh any flaws. Businesses may make an educated choice by examining the aforementioned aspects and evaluating the advantages of FluentStream's extensive capabilities.

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