CloudCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

The key to success is having a productive workplace, thus CloudCall can help you evaluate data and provide the resources your workers need to execute their jobs. Keep your company one step ahead of the competition with a cutting-edge phone system.
CloudCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

CloudCall overview

The breakthrough cloud-based communications technology known as CloudCall improves client interaction as well as collaboration and the overall customer experience. It makes it possible for consumers and enterprises to communicate in real-time using means such as phone calls, video conferences, and online chats, regardless of where they are located. Businesses have an easier time establishing connections with consumers, streamlining activities related to customer support, and increasing the productivity of their personnel when they use CloudCall.

The technology known as CloudCall is cutting-edge and enables companies and their clients to communicate with one another in an effortless manner. The phone and video conferencing technologies provided by CloudCall enable organizations to provide improved customer experiences and interact with clients located in a variety of locations across the globe. CloudCall also provides customer support solutions that are helped by artificial intelligence. These tools enable organizations to automate operations such as the assignment of tickets and the management of client requests in an easy manner. CloudCall's sophisticated chat apps make it simple for companies who get a lot of their revenue from customers sending them text messages to deliver individualized service to those customers.

What CloudCall has to say about itself

Integration of customer communication software with a customer relationship management system. You will be able to gain more control, establish more intelligent teams, and increase overall performance if you integrate your phone with your CRM.

CloudCall is the only communication software available now that is expressly designed to meet the requirements of businesses that make use of CRMs. By recording all incoming and outgoing calls and conversations and keeping them in the CRM records, CloudCall helps businesses to make more educated decisions, keep control over teams who are working remotely, and finish more work in a shorter amount of time. CloudCall also enables businesses to complete more work in a shorter period of time.

CloudCall provides customers with the ability to make and receive calls online, and it also provides them with possible direct network access. This contributes to an even greater streamlining of the way in which companies operate. The hosted PBX telephone system provided by CloudCall is the one responsible for simplifying this process. CloudCall is also capable of interacting with a large variety of frequently used software packages, which makes it easier for businesses to coordinate tasks such as customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and customer support.

You will have the ability to automate essential activities, discover vital insights, and record data from your discussions all inside the same platform. time savings, more productivity, and higher revenues are all potential benefits. Keep track of everything in your customer relationship management system, and use it to evaluate how effectively your employees are doing from any location. You will be able to make more placements, complete more deals, and get more done in a shorter period of time if you make use of tools such as Click-to-call, Power Dialer, and automated processes.

CloudCall Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasAustralia, UK, USA
Service TypesCloudCall's cloud-based services improve company communication and customer service. Audio, video, conference, chat, contact centers, and message systems are connected media. Their products improve company customer involvement and service.
FeaturesBroadcast SMS, CRM Integration, Local Presence, Reporting, SMS
CertificationsISO 27001, SOC2, and GDPR, PCI-DSS, Ofcom (UK), FCC (USA), and MTC (Japan). CloudCall is also a Certified Microsoft Partner.

CloudCall price policy

Because CloudCall bases pricing on a pay-as-you-go approach for its services, the cost of using the platform might vary significantly. Users have the option of paying a fixed monthly charge of either $20 or $50 for fundamental services such as call routing, SMS/MMS, auto attendant, contact directory, and analytics. This is the lowest possible price point. CloudCall also provides individualized plans, including an Enterprise package, for those that want more comprehensive services. Included in this package are high-end features such as softphone calls, CRM connectors, call recording, and customizable API access. CloudCall also provides customers that make a significant number of calls with discounts based on their call volume. A toll-free number, interactive voice response system, virtual branch office setup, and international calling are some of the add-on services that may be purchased via CloudCall for a nominal fee in addition to the base service. Overall, CloudCall offers a pricing strategy that is fair and cost-effective, which makes it an appealing option for organizations that are searching for a dependable contact center solution.
PackagesPro Edition from £15 per user/month, Advanced Edition from £25 per user/month
Payment optionsCredit or debit card, PayPal, invoice, and direct debit.
Payment discountsCloudCall will knock up to 25% off the price of any product or service you purchase from them. These reductions are offered to clients who meet the requirements, and the website for CloudCall is the only place where they may be accessible. In addition, clients are sometimes given the opportunity to take advantage of special deals and promotional coupons.

CloudCall online reputation

CloudCall gives its users access to a variety of useful features and services, such as web conferencing capabilities and recordings of previous calls made using the service. Customers tend to have a generally favorable impression of the product, with many appreciating its user-friendliness and lauding its dependable performance. On the other hand, there have been a few complaints about the quality of the customer care and on occasion there have been technical problems. In spite of these problems, users appear to have a positive opinion of CloudCall overall, and the service is definitely one that should be investigated by anybody searching for an inexpensive cloud-based telecommunications option.
The fact that I just needed to install it once in order for it to continue running in the background and provide one-click dialing across all platforms is something that I really appreciate. How much simpler it is to know who is contacting, how it enables my staff to listen to their calls and ensure that they record all the important information, which is then prompted to be put back into our CRM, and how much easier it makes it to know who is calling. During times of remote work, when I was responsible for the onboarding of new recruiters, I found it to be extremely helpful. Because I can listen to conversations and communicate with my team without the client or applicant listening, we have been able to increase the quality of our work more quickly than ever before. The transition from a PBX located inside the office to a remote PBX that is managed by CloudCall has made things much simpler to administer. The ability to examine call statistics and recordings from any place, as well as to monitor incoming calls and make outgoing calls, has contributed to the improvement of our customer's overall experiences.
Although we had a generally bad impression of Cloudcall as a service provider, the fact that we opted to leave was ultimately the driving factor that led to our departure from the company. Despite the fact that we have identified a suitable replacement and have asked for the number to be changed, this issue has persisted for the last two months without being resolved. In spite of the fact that we promised to pay out on the contract, which meant paying for three months even though we would not be using the software, they are dragging out the process and not migrating the data. This is despite the fact that we made a pledge to pay out on the contract. Terrible service; we would have stayed if the platform had been forward thinking in any fashion and contributing, but they just won't let us to relocate to another firm that gives better service at the same price or at a reduced price. The process to switch from our previous provider to Cloudcall only took a few days to complete once we made the switch. In comparison to what we had encountered in the past, this was a major advancement. Outrageous.
Since it was implemented, Cloudcall has offered my employees and I with superior capabilities for communication. I am grateful for these advancements. As a result of the recent establishment of our EMEA office, we have been compelled to make phone calls to a wide range of countries spread out over Europe and Africa. It has been operating without a single glitch, and the quality of the calls that have been made has been outstanding. Because we have it integrated with Salesforce, our employees are able to economize a substantial amount of time by calling with the simple touch of a button. This allows them to focus on other important tasks. When making the decision to switch to a new platform, one of the factors that was taken into account was whether or not consumers would be able to use the phone system over the internet. CloudCall works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS on iPhones. Because of this, we are now able to successfully operate our company even when we are not physically there. When it comes to teaching new staff and doing quality checks on conversations, having the option to monitor, whisper, and barge on calls is a major advantage. This is true regardless of whether the training is being done in the office or remotely.
We are counting down the days until we are free of our agreement with CloudCall. We are unable to leave early because, despite the fact that they are aware that we are unhappy, they continue to refuse to allow us to escape early. The service is just good enough that I don't want to pay twice as much for my phone service (paying out CloudCall and the other carrier), but we won't be sticking around for long since we'll go at the earliest available chance. Occasionally, in order for updates to be successfully sent through, it has been necessary for me to uninstall and then reinstall the software. Their customer service and technical support teams are horrible. They are unresponsive from the very beginning, from the onboarding process, all the way through everyday concerns. In order to get them to work on our tickets, it is usually necessary to send repeated requests and reminders. When we voice our concerns to management, they "escalate" the status of our tickets. Then, after a few days have passed, I am required to phone them once again to "double-escalate" the ticket in order for anything to take place. In order to get things done, we constantly have to repeat ourselves and go over the details numerous times.
The integration of the system was completed successfully and without incident. The service is of high quality. Support is constantly available and helpful, however, they are unable to handle many of the issues that customers are experiencing with the product due to the limitations of their roles. Cloudcall's ability to communicate with Bullhorn and automatically add incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages to the profiles of our clients and applicants is a handy tool that we highly recommend. Great Experience. As was said before, any issues that could crop up are dealt with and fixed in a timely and efficient way should they materialize. We experience troubles with the application only on a very infrequent basis. If that's the case, I particularly like the fact that the staff members who handle customer support inquiries are constantly accessible and prepared to provide a helping hand. Fixing the problems could not take much work at all. This is the software that we use for our contact center, and thus far, our representatives have had a favorable experience with it. The installation and deployment of agents is a straightforward process, and we get outstanding technical support.
It is a logical assumption to make that the CloudCall program, just like any other piece of software, may on sometimes run into technical problems. This is something that should not come as a surprise. Even if the interface with our CRM does not have all of the possibilities that it does with other CRM integrations, it does have the essential components that are necessary for it to work in an efficient way. This is the case even though it does not have all of the possibilities that it does with other CRM integrations. The procedure of putting it into action took a very long time, and there were a number of unanticipated road bumps that came up that almost sent us in a different direction. There are a great many qualities that have the potential to be described as "almost there." If only the mobile application on the phone could function as it should, that would be fantastic. It would be nice if the computer add-on didn't have nearly so many issues with its operation. However, it does have quite a few of these issues. Even if it is possible to find all of the essential components of the software, the experience as a whole still has a great deal of development work to do before it can be lauded as an excellent service or product.
I've been making use of CloudCall for the better part of the last year and a half. I've gone through a few different phone systems in my time, but this one is without a doubt the one that's the least complicated to use. The whole procedure is now completely automated as a result of our successful integration with Salesforce. It has a fantastic interface with the Salesforce product that we provide to our customers. Easy to set up and manage with little effort required. Their technical support team is the best feature; not only are they very fast to reply and give help, but they also constantly provide great advice and carry out follow-up. My expectations were not met, not only by the quality of the products but also by the caliber of the service. The integration of our company's communications with our customer relationship management system has been an enormous boon to the business, and it has made a sizeable amount of previously allocated time available. The customer relationship management system (CRM) tracks all conversations and produces call recordings; these records are shown to callers as soon as they come through the phone line, enabling instant access to the client's profile and any prior notes that have been made.
I really do wish that things could be simplified and made a little bit easier to understand. Even if there are ten different methods to do one task, I believe that our configuration is remarkable. When this happens, I have to disconnect and then rejoin after a considerable amount of time has passed. This program and its user interface are very clumsy, sluggish, and frustrating to try to go through on a regular basis. Because it was such a time drain and a pain in the buttocks to set up, I switched to RingCentral, which is clearly much better financed and ohh so much easier to use and set up. The technology used by CloudCall is somewhat outdated. And there are no APIs to connect to other software. They are greedy for money; in the first three months, there were quite a few billing errors, including incorrect charges that had to be returned and random billing on a different date for a different amount that was not an amount I had paid previously. They operate on contracts, and throughout the first year I used CloudCall, I paid a little more than 2300 dollars, but the company never once offered to reduce the price or give me credit for any of the problems I had during the year. Shameful.
Before we began utilizing CloudCall, we had to manually call the numbers of prospective clients and then document the activities after each conversation. The UI of the CloudCall one-click dial function allowed users to choose from a pre-installed list of drop-down fields pertaining to a certain activity, and once they had made their selection, they were finished making use of the tool. During the course of the phone blitz, this not only helped us save a large amount of time but also decreased the probability that we would fail to report any actions that had taken place. It was a really astute decision on our part to sign up for the system around three or four years ago, and it has paid off for us in spades. At that time, the functionality was adequate, and there existed a link with Salesforce, although a connection that was not totally dependable. In addition to the fact that their prices were comparable to those of other providers, this was a major factor in our decision to go with CloudCall. Amazing tool that can be used with very little effort and needs very little upkeep. It seems like such a natural progression to make, and I can't wait till we get to the next level with it.
In the most recent few years, there has not been much in the way of significant progress that is beneficial. When compared to other software platforms in terms of the integrations they provide, the simplicity with which data can enter and exit the platform, and the ease with which teams and agents can be managed, cloud call is presently well behind. Because CloudCall might sometimes become unresponsive, you may have to force-reload the page while you were working on your SalesForce account. I have a suspicion that there was a problem with SF, but no one has been able to identify the offender. However, the ease of the situation does not outweigh the significance of this occurrence. I need to have a dashboard for real-time important customers that is crafted just for them. When nobody tells you who to ask, you are at a loss for who to ask. The phones do not display the identities of other people who are using them. The user interface that is used online is becoming more dated, and several of the options, particularly those that deal with configuring out-of-hours messaging and the like, are cumbersome.

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CloudCall average reviews

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CloudCall Pros&Cons


  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Cost-effective
  • Comprehensive feature set


  • Limited customer service
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Limited integrations

CloudCall Final Conclusions

It is feasible to deduce, on the basis of the client feedback, both positive and negative, that CloudCall is a trustworthy and well-appreciated firm that is also an invaluable partner in the supply of solutions for issues relating to customer service. This conclusion is strengthened by the fact that the feedback obtained from consumers includes both positive and negative thoughts in equal measure. Despite this, there are still a wide number of possible avenues of expansion that the organization may choose to focus on at some point in the future.

The delayed response times for customer questions, the occasional difficulties in adding and altering things, and the lack of ability for working with other systems are just a few examples of the sorts of problems that might develop in these areas. There are likely many more potential issues that could come up. Additionally, there is a possibility that other kinds of issues exist. If CloudCall is successful in accomplishing the aforementioned changes, the firm should be in a position to give its customers an experience that is even more pleasurable than what it now is.

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