CloudTalk Review

Modern, user-friendly, and simple to set up, CloudTalk offers a virtual phone system. Its features include automated call routing, voicemail, conferencing, specialized call handling, and computer telephony integration (CTI). Regardless of size, its scalability enables organizations to tailor their configuration settings through the seamless addition or removal of features.
CloudTalk Review

CloudTalk overview

CloudTalk is a cloud-based unified phone system for small businesses. The company was founded in 2018 with the mission of providing a comprehensive business phone system to small businesses that is secure, reliable, and affordable. With CloudTalk, businesses can quickly and easily set up a PBX phone system for inbound and outbound calling, without the need for hardware or software installation.
CloudTalk provides a modern, user-friendly virtual phone system that is intuitive and easy to set up. Its features include differentiated call handling, voicemail, conferencing, computer telephony integration (CTI), and automated call routing. Its scalability allows businesses to customize their configuration setting through seamless add on or removal of features, regardless of size. It also offers a free 14-day trial period to experience the quality of the product before committing to a paid subscription.
Businesses can access CloudTalk from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Through its integrated dashboard, businesses can easily manage call flows, view reports, and access analytics. It is also compatible with many integrations, including Salesforce, Slack, or Google Apps, helping streamline the communications process.
On top of that, CloudTalk also offers a professional service team and expert support through both ticket and live chat. Whether through email or direct contact, they guarantee a reply within 24 hours.

What CloudTalk has to say about itself

There is no denying the revolutionary effect that cloud contact centers are having on the way that 21st-century enterprises handle customer care. Cloud-based contact centers are the ideal method to future-proof your organization, since they increase customer happiness, efficiency, and cost savings.
When it comes to customer care, CloudTalk has you covered with a full-featured cloud-based contact center solution. Improve operational efficiency, customer engagement, and service delivery with our one-of-a-kind platform, which facilitates deeper connections between global organizations and their customers than ever before.
We provide a full set of features that may be modified to meet the demands of your company. Cloud-based contact centers aid organizations in automating their customer support operations with tremendous efficiency and adaptability, from basic voice recognition to sophisticated customer journey management.
No of the size of your business, you can easily manage, personalize, automate, and grow your contact center operations with the help of our intuitive dashboard. Using CloudTalk, you can guarantee that customer service meets the same standards of reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency as all of your other mission-critical operations.
Real-time statistics, client surveys, and sentiment evaluations are just a few of the sophisticated tools for measuring CloudTalk's effectiveness in customer support. In order to better understand the customer journey and enhance service delivery, our platform allows you to track and assess customer service performance.
In addition, our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to develop bespoke customer care interactions. You can keep an eye on client contacts, enhance customer journeys, and promptly address consumer feedback thanks to our data-driven insights.
We have faith that CloudTalk will enhance your company's customer service and lead to better success. CloudTalk can assist any business, no matter how big or little, improve customer service and expand. Sign up for a free trial now to see how you can streamline and reduce the expenses of your contact center operations.

CloudTalk Review

Year Started2018
Service TypesCall Center App Inbound Call Center Outbound Call Center Business Phone System
FeaturesAPI, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Agent Interface, Alerts/Escalation, Alerts/Notifications, Answering Machine Detection, Archiving & Retention, Audio/Video Conferencing, Auto-Dialer, Automated Attendant, Automated Routing, Automatic Call Distribution, Automatic Lead Distribution, Blended Call Center, By-Extension Reporting, CRM, Call Center Integration, Call Center Management, Call Conferencing, Call Disposition, Call Duration, Call List Management, Call Logging, Call Monitoring, Call Queues, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Call Routing, Call Screening, Call Scripting, Call Tagging, Call Tracking, Call Tracking Metrics, Call Transcription, Call Transfer, Call Volume, Callback Scheduling, Caller ID, Caller Profiles, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Collaboration Tools, Commenting/Notes, Communication Management, Computer Telephony Integration, Conferencing, Contact Database, Contact Management, Conversion Tracking, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Customer History, Customizable Caller ID, Customizable Fields, Customizable Reports, Data Import/Export, Employee Coaching Tools, Employee Directory, FCC Compliance, FTC Compliance, Fax Management, Feedback Management, File Transfer, For Cloud Phone Systems, For Small Businesses, IVR/Voice Recognition, Inbound Call Center, Inbound Reporting, Integrations Management, Interaction Tracking, KPI Monitoring, Keyword Tracking, Knowledge Base Management, Lead Management, List Management, Manual Dialer, Mobile Access, Monitoring, Multi-Channel Communication, Multiple Scripts, Multiple User Accounts, On-Demand Recording, Online Voice Transmission, Outbound Call Center, Outbound Reporting, PBX, Performance Metrics, Phone Key Input, Power Dialer, Preview Dialer, Process/Workflow Automation, Progressive Dialer, Purchasing & Receiving, Quality Management, Queue Management, Real Time Analytics, Real Time Data, Real Time Monitoring, Real Time Notifications, Real Time Reporting, Real Time Updates, Recording, Remote Access/Control, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Ring Groups, Role-Based Permissions, SIP Trunking, SMS Messaging, Sentiment Analysis, Survey/Poll Management, Tagging, Text to Speech, Third Party Integrations, Unattended Call Management, Unified Communications, User Management, Video Conferencing, Virtual Call Center, Virtual Extensions, VoIP, VoIP Connection, Voice Customization, Voice Mail, Voicemail Transcription, Who Answered Log, Workflow Management, Collapse list.
CertificationsSOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015, CISPR 24, ISO/IEC 27017.

CloudTalk price policy

CloudTalk provides valuable pricing options to fit the needs of companies of all shapes and sizes. The platform allows businesses to easily articulate the best price for them while remaining flexible, leaving them free to switch plans if their usage changes or if they want to try something different. A range of discounts are available to help businesses of all sizes save even more. In conclusion, CloudTalk offers an impressive range of pricing options with varying perks and benefits. By having the freedom to choose the ideal plan to suit their individual needs, businesses of any size are in a strong position to make most of out of CloudTalk.
PackagesStarter - €25/month per user/month. Expert - €50/month per user/month. Custom - Contact us for tailor-made offer.
Payment optionsPayPal account or a credit or debit card
Payment discountsCloudTalk has not provided information for this product or service

CloudTalk online reputation

CloudTalk is a trusted & reliable communication platform, offering cutting-edge features & customer service.
We're pleased w/ CloudTalk: easy setup, clear call quality, good support/onboarding. It let us consolidate several external numbers into one w/ IVR options; a drag-and-drop editor made configuring easy & the dashboard provides useful info. So far, everything's gone great - would highly recommend them.
Prices may be prohibitive for small enterprises. The user interface could be more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, the platform's overall performance and dependability outweigh these modest disadvantages.
I'm loving CloudTalk as a cloud-based phone system - it's incredibly stable, user friendly & no unexpected fees! It's exceeded my expectations so far.
Signed up for monthly, charged for annual plan, poor call quality. Contacted support for refund, told "no" due to terms. Tired of tech company BS. Treat customers as people: if service doesn't work, don't keep their money. Come join the real world and treat people fairly.
CloudTalk's amazing autorecording and HubSpot integrations allow me to stay in the loop of previous calls, even after days/weeks have passed. It makes following up with potential clients easier and lets me easily pick up from where we left off.
Their sales promised us more services than actually delivered: spotty + slow SMS; consistently crashing/disconnecting phone + desktop apps; frequent dropped calls + voicemail void; no way to set agents Online/Offline. Poor service response + refusal to accept calls make this a poor service despite paying for it.
Cloudtalk is simple to configure and is user-friendly. Their rates are reasonable and their customer service is excellent--responsive and friendly.
Avoid the app at all costs! We've waited two months for them to port our number, & experienced countless glitches & poor call quality. Multiple support agents have been contacted to try and fix the issue with no success. They're only good at giving gift cards for reviews, not operation & customer support.
The great benefit of phone lines is that the wait time is minimal. This is fantastic for those who need quick answers.
The VoIP client often randomly stops working - calls will ring for coworkers, but not on my screen until I reload the app. Integration to external services also randomly stops working. There is no easy way to be "available to be called" without leaving ring groups and I am unable to change the ringtones on the client.

CloudTalk Social media,28k Subscribers
CloudTalk offers powerful cloud-based call center software, perfect for businesses who need to make huge numbers of calls quickly. Plenty of happy customers—give it a try!

CloudTalk average reviews

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CloudTalk Pros&Cons


  • Call center
  • IVR builder
  • VoIP


  • Features for physical IP phones
  • Three-way calling
  • Documentation

CloudTalk Final Conclusions

CloudTalk's pricing options offer a high degree of flexibility for businesses of any size. Its unlimited subscription plan is designed to accommodate growing businesses, as they require more resources to scale up their operations, while the pay as you go plan allows businesses to take a more incidental approach. With CloudTalk's competitive pricing options, businesses can explore more cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality of service. CloudTalk's secure and reliable cloud-based communications platform gives businesses a powerful and comprehensive suite of features at an economical price. Additionally, it is easy to set up and get started. Whether businesses need basic functionality or high-end features, CloudTalk's pricing plans make it possible to get the most out of their budget.

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