Call One Inc Review

In the United States, Call One Inc. provides assistance to thousands of firms operating in a wide range of sectors, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), finance, insurance, cable/media/television, telecommunications, hospitality, transportation/delivery, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, and government at all levels (federal, state, and local).
Call One Inc Review

Call One Inc overview

The in-house team of eCommerce professionals provided by Call One, Inc. helps to reduce the amount of stress and hassle that is associated with the process of procurement for corporate communications and collaboration technology. They do this by concentrating on the requirements of the customer and giving those requirements the very finest answers that are available. They are able to construct, manage, and keep the CIF and Punch Out catalogs for all of the major procurement systems, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, PeopleSoft, GHX, and others, up to date.

This feature includes the capacity to develop catalogs. In addition to this, they provide assistance for tens of millions of electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic procurement (EProcurement) transactions each and every year. If you do not already use these platforms, the staff can build a specialized website for you that is accessible around the clock (given that you have an internet connection) and gives you access to items that have been authorized at prices that have been pre-negotiated. If you do not currently use these platforms, they can do this.

What Call One Inc has to say about itself

Call One, Inc. is a market leader in the provision of telecommunications solutions of the highest caliber. More than 25 years ago, they began working with customers in a broad variety of sectors, ranging from healthcare to banking and beyond, to develop solutions that are the finest in their class and answer the issues that they face with regard to corporate communication. The company provides a broad range of goods and services, from Unified Communications and Contact Centre Solutions to Mobility and Network Solutions, in order to suit the specific demands of each individual customer. These products and services are intended to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of scenarios.

Call One, Inc. highly skilled employees are committed to offering customers the most cutting-edge and original solutions possible, which are supported by customer service that has won several awards. They are aware that adaptability and scalability are two of the most important factors that determine long-term success. This is something that can be accomplished by combining their wide library of market-leading goods and services. At Call One Inc., constantly work hard to deliver value to our customers and help their companies expand and prosper as a result of our efforts.

Call One Inc. provides not only innovative solutions but also consultation and custom design services that are adapted to meet the requirements of individual customers. The licensed technicians who make up the team possess an exceptional depth of expertise in their field as well as a significant amount of relevant field experience. The company specializes in wireless services, and it is pleased to say that at the forefront of developments in cellular network technology. As a result, they are able to provide their customers with the most effective answers to satisfy their requirements for mobile data.

Call One Inc Review

Year Started1987
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCall One Inc. offers network, VoIP, cloud, data, analytics, and managed services. Security, agreements with premier communications providers, asset management, remote monitoring, and more are also available.
FeaturesCloud Services, Budget Optimization Program, eProcurement, Agent in a Box, Hospitality, UV-C Sanitize
CertificationsNEBS Level 3; Network Equipment-Building System; Best Practices IV Certification for Contact Centers; Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE); and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP).

Call One Inc price policy

Call One Inc. provides cost-effective, customized solutions for your business. Virtual PBX, toll-free, and long distance services are all available from the provider for a flat rate. Access to PBX functionality is included in the fixed fee of a virtual PBX, and users may make toll-free calls inside the United States from almost anywhere. Plans with unlimited long-distance calling are also available for firms that often make international calls. These services are priced differently for each firm. Call our toll-free number at any time to get up-to-the-minute pricing information on all of our packages and rates. In addition, for an extra cost, you may take use of features like IVR, unlimited conference calls, and call recording. Setup is always free, and there are regular perks with every service.
PackagesCall Customer Service for individual, corporate, government and educational rates.
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, domestic bank transfers, international wire transfers, local check payments, and cash.
Payment discountsProvides a variety of price discounts for their services, including price reductions in exchange for early payment, price reductions for multiple line orders, price reductions for long-term service agreements, price reductions for volume, and price reductions for charity organizations. These price reductions may be seen on their website. On their website, you may see the price reductions that have been made. In addition, Call One Inc. is able to provide further cost savings to businesses who either make significant service purchases or engage into lengthy service contracts.

Call One Inc online reputation

Call One Inc. has reliable service and great assistance. According to the many positive online evaluations I've read, their services are popular. Some customers have had negative experiences with Call One Inc. due to service or pricing issues. Finally, I suggest Call One Inc. for reliable telecoms services.
Call One Inc. has been helpful to our company for a number of years, and throughout that period, it has seen steady growth. We use it to communicate with other people by calling them, sending them emails, and sending them text messages. You have the power to schedule your messages, send them to certain groups that you have formed, or send them to everyone who is signed into the system. All of these options are available to you. Since the microphone on your phone may be used to record your voice messages, I've found that chatting by phone is the easiest technique to utilize. In addition, the audio is of a quality that may be considered to be good. Call One Inc. will get in touch with your organization using the means of their choosing, which might be a phone call, a text message, or an email. You do not have to get in touch with the whole company in the event that the time of a meeting has to be changed. Instead, you may construct subgroups that will call just the persons that you decide to invite to the meeting. - Kelli P.
It would seem that the reporting is the domain in which there is the most significant scope for growth and development opportunities. In my opinion, there need to be a much larger selection of tools that are connected with the process of reporting. In addition, I intended to recover our recorded messages so that I could submit them for approval, but the system kept causing me problems whenever I attempted to do so. I eventually gave up trying to do so since it was taking too long. Despite this, I reached out to [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] through chat, and he is always VERY fast in replying to my questions and helping me in any way that he can. I am thankful to him for the assistance that he provided. In addition to that, I wanted to create a duplicate of all of the recorded conversations we've had together so that I could enquire about getting permission to transmit them. - Melissa P.
My review should be taken with a grain of salt since I have not assessed a large number of SMS software; nonetheless, if you are seeking a "meat and potatoes" solution that does what you need it to dependably (i.e. sends SMS to customers) without frills and whistles, this one is for you. The use of keywords, the formation of new groups, and the automation of a number of different sequences are all readily available options. Integrations with many other service providers from the outside community are also a desirable feature. My information is being gathered for me in a consistent manner throughout the day. It is quite convenient because the structuring of my lists does not need a significant amount of work on my behalf. It is helpful for me to be able to leave a message with my phone number and have potential customers get in contact with me if they are interested in what I have to offer. In addition to this, it might be useful for newbies who are anxious about phoning customers. - Linda E.
It makes a list of the mobile phone numbers that I may use for the purpose, and it does this automatically. When they give me a text message, I have to pay a charge in order to get it, and if I want to reply to the test, I have to pay an extra price. These fees are necessary in order for me to receive the message. My shoulders are going to have to bear the weight of this burden. If I want to take part in an interactive experience, like sending and receiving text messages back and forth, I have to pay for it each time I wish to do so. This is not true even if there is no charge for the event. This makes absolutely no logic at all, regardless of how you look at it. When I use the program, I have to fight against it in order to do the tasks that are necessary in order for me to make use of it. This is something that irritates me, and as soon as I find another funneling tool, I will switch to utilizing that one instead of this one as soon as I possibly can. - Alan S.
Setting it up and getting it to function wasn't too difficult, and the assistance area was helpful whenever I needed it. As a result of this technology, I have been able to expand the size of my email list. It is not necessary for anyone to visit either my website or any of my social media platforms in order to sign up for my mailing list. I really like the flawless integration that Call One Inc. has with Infusionsoft. The fact that I may choose my own keyword is quite convenient. The fact that you can construct extra follow-up steps in the text message and that you may broadcast to the subscribers is a wonderful feature that I really appreciate. Really simple to jot down your SMS messages in writing. The quality of the customer service is outstanding!! Additionally, you have the option of including a link to a website that has been abbreviated in the text message. This allows clients to get extra information about your product, event, or anything else by clicking on the link that is included in the text message. - Charles L.
Today's suppliers of software as a service (SAAS) are becoming more proficient at streamlining their user interfaces while also improving their aesthetic appeal. This one has moments when it seems as if it should be entirely extinct in its current form. Moving between groups, trying to recall the distinction between followups and triggers, and other activities along these lines may occasionally result in an increase in friction. Other related activities can have the same effect. It's possible for other activities that are quite comparable to have the same impact. It is a clear potential that the stages required in building a flow and a user group might be completed in a shorter amount of time. I would look to service providers such as Justuno, Klaviyo, or Manychat as a source of encouragement since they are all extremely easy to use and have a very soft learning curve. - Greg M.
I like how it not only gives us precisely what we want but also brings us one step closer to our objectives by enabling us to broaden our network of contacts. These two characteristics may be very beneficial. Both of these elements have a significant impact on the level of interest that I have. It is simple to transmit updates, and the peace of mind that our money will not be wasted is something that I value. It is comforting to know that we are not obligated to use them as quickly as possible in order to meet some arbitrary deadline. The software developed by Call One Inc. is excellent for sending bulk SMS messages to subscribers in order to present those subscribers with promotional and discount opportunities for a broad variety of items. To this very day, I have never used any other service provider but Call One Inc. Because it was so easy to understand and use, even someone who had never used a computer before would be able to pick up the fundamentals of how to use it in a very short amount of time. I was only granted access to the program for a few hours, but I didn't waste any time and immediately started sending out SMS blasts to a list that my firm had just acquired. - Sean S.
The version of my data that I exported looks a lot like a matrix. Up until now, I have only used it for Excel; but, in the near future, I may have to move data into a brand new customer relationship management (CRM) or booking tool. Because sending messages to large groups of people has the potential to become fairly pricey, I believe that the cost per SMS should be lowered. Finding the best way to get things organized and running well was a challenge in and of itself. Despite the fact that I am not particularly skilled with technology, I was ultimately successful in figuring out everything. There was some confusion over the integration when we were in the process of setting up the follow up. It does not seem to belong in this setting. Because I like it when things are slightly more straightforward and logical, I had to give it some consideration in order to make sure that the necessary fields were recorded in infusionsoft. I'm not really sure how to modify that; maybe adding additional text, a different flow, or something else will do the work. I'm not really sure how to fix that. In the end, I was successful in understanding it all. Simply would want things to become a little bit easier to comprehend. - Kyle L.
Notifications may be sent to me not only when new contacts are added, but also when existing contacts are deleted, which is a feature that I truly like. Very easy to use in practical situations. It took me close to a half an hour to load my contact list and send the message since I had never sent a mass text message before. Since I was a kid, I thought that both sending and receiving text messages should be easy. And this is the situation with regard to Call One Inc. They were more than happy to help me out whenever I ran into difficulties with the technology I was using since they knew I did not have a lot of expertise in the field. Just another one of those companies that you think would be beneficial to have in your arsenal. The program that I purchased from Call One Inc. gave me exactly what I need in order to expand my email list beyond the current level it was at. Because it enables you to build your list from scratch, it is an excellent complement to a business of any size, whether it be small, medium, or even large. As a consequence of this, it first adds new users to your lists and then begins sending out your email sequences. - Trip N.
I got the idea that there must be a more efficient way to be alerted whenever someone answered to one of our marketing messages; nevertheless, I couldn't quite put my finger on what that method would be. Disappointingly, there is a limit placed on the total amount of characters that may be used in any one conversation. Another one of the plan's flaws that immediately jumps out at me is the way in which payments are processed. If, rather of paying for individual credits, one could pay for a membership instead, things would be a lot less complicated. Possibly in need of an updated user interface to something that is more bootstrap, but as the Chief Executive Officer of a software company, I am more sensitive than the majority of people to particulars such as this. It is something that has piqued my interest, and I would want to find out more about whether or if there are any links with other kinds of platforms. When it comes to the manner in which data is sent from Infusionsoft to Call One Inc., I would want to have a little bit more leeway. - Brett B.

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Call One Inc Pros&Cons


  • A great selection of services and features
  • Excellent customer support
  • Flexibility and scalability


  • No mobile app
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Lack of automatic call forwarding

Call One Inc Final Conclusions

Based on reviews, Call One Inc. customers are satisfied with the service. This information is derived from the ratings left by satisfied previous customers. This company has built a solid reputation among customers for consistently providing high-quality services at competitive prices.

Nevertheless, some buyers complained about the user-friendliness of the website and the fact that the support staff did not answer their questions. Thus, over the course of its existence, Call One Inc. has gained a reputation for providing low-cost, high-quality services.

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