My Call Cloud Review: Pricing, Features & More

UniVoIP offers adaptable cloud communication solutions that will keep your team busy and your clients satisfied. With a 100% cloud-native calling platform that includes VOICE AS A FEATURE, you can develop more quickly and collaborate more effectively across all channels.
My Call Cloud Review: Pricing, Features & More

UniVoIP overview

Award-winning supplier of business VoIP and unified communications (UC), UniVoIP. UniVoIP provides everything a company needs to unify its communications, from specialized VoIP services to a cutting-edge Unified Communications platform. Each company can build up its system using a range of connected systems and tools using UniVoIP with ease, knowing that its service is in capable hands.

White-label app-based VoIP solutions, multi-channel IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, meeting and video bridging services—all are available to businesses via UniVoIP. Additionally, UniVoIP's integrated data tools assist companies in learning more about their clientele, enabling them to make better decisions and provide better customer service. Last but not least, their customer care staff is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, to assist businesses with any issues they may be having.

The variety of services offered by UniVoIP is always expanding. They provide a broad variety of supplementary services, including IP PBX systems, call centers, SIP trunking, and disaster recovery solutions, in addition to their core regulated VoIP and UC solutions.

What UniVoIP has to say about itself

UniVoIP is able to foster growth for both its partners and its customers as a consequence of the industry's most cutting-edge technology, unparalleled pricing, and an unshakable focus on giving full and utter client pleasure. These factors combine to make it possible for UniVoIP to accomplish this goal.

UniVoIP is an industry pioneer in managed voice service providing as well as in the realm of cloud communications. Their technical team has decades of experience in developing the most cutting-edge commercial communications technology, and as a direct result of their excitement and dedication, their cloud architecture provides remarkable performance and reliability. UniVoIP cultivates strong ties with both partners and customers, and they deliver a "white hand" in each interaction. This is shown by the fact that their record customer retention rate is more than 99%.

Engaging with clients is vital to achieving corporate goals and creating experiences that will leave them with long-lasting impressions. UniVoIP acknowledges that strength is in diversity and makes it a priority to foster an atmosphere that is multicultural and welcoming to everyone.

The guiding principles of the organization have played an essential role in the establishment of a thriving culture throughout the course of its history. They have a strong conviction that the only way to assure the pleasure and success of all of their workers, partners, and customers is to achieve excellence in all aspects of their company's operations, which is why they are dedicated to achieving excellence in all aspects of their company's operations.

UniVoIP Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesUniVoIP provides cloud-hosted VoIP, Unified Communications, Contact Center, Team Collaboration, Audio/Web Conferencing, and Mobility solutions. Universal service management and reporting are also offered by UniVoIP.
FeaturesCloud Voice for Microsoft Teams, UCaaS, Contact Center, SD-WAN, Conferencing, Product Guide, Resources
CertificationsHIPAA Privacy & Security Compliance. It is also SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified.

UniVoIP price policy

UniVoIP provides a suite of services that may be customized to fit the requirements of any size company, institution of higher learning, or government agency. UniVoIP offers very flexible pricing, so you only pay for the features and functions you really use. Enterprise Voice, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center solutions, local and long-distance calling, and the quantity of international calling minutes are all factors in the overall price tag. An extra fee of $5 to $35 per user per month is added to the standard pricing for cloud-based call recording solutions.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, paper checks, and ACH bank transfers.
Payment discountsProvides savings on the installation expenses, in addition to providing packages that include reductions for purchases that are more extensive.

UniVoIP online reputation

UniVoIP is an excellent bargain for organizations wishing to connect voice and unified communications. Customer support is fast to answer inquiries and address concerns, and the product is dependable and efficient. Technical difficulties with the service have disrupted routine operations for certain clients.
Our employment at a non-profit organization, where we are part of a small staff, are complex, and we are constantly busy. As a result, we need to make investments in programs and systems that will optimize our time and efforts while also not using a significant amount of our finances. We were dealing with a different phone provider that had not kept up with technological advances, and it seemed like it was giving us more work to do. Univoip assisted us in upgrading our phone system at our own speed, taking into account the number of employees as well as our financial constraints. In the beginning, getting to know our new phones and becoming familiar with all of the new capabilities was a little like drinking from a firehose. There are more functions on our new phones than we will ever utilize. The technical support staff provided us with excellent customer service, and they were vital in ensuring our success. Just to be sure it has all of the fundamental functions you want, my one and only piece of advice is that you test out the phone first before committing to buying it. Aside from that, we couldn't be more pleased with the new system or with Univoip. We are grateful to Univoip for making us more productive with their services. - Ashish M.
The staff at Univoip squander their time by intentionally distributing incorrect information and making an effort to deceive you with the contracts that they provide. They will interact with you through email and provide you information, but then they will do the exact reverse of what they said they would do. My phone service was canceled because they didn't agree with anything I said over the phone, which they deemed to be offensive. That did end up happening in the end. The closest I got to a perfect score was a four out of five, which is the best I could do. Maybe once, at 2:00 in the morning on some random day, we got 9/9. But that's not very likely. Extremely expensive in comparison to the value that is provided. Horrible customer service; they seldom follow up on any troubles you are encountering, whether they are connected to hardware, software, or anything else in general. Whether the problem is due to hardware, software, or anything else, the service is terrible. - Douglas B.
An incredible amount of effort has been put into improving the user experience of the online platform. I am able to see the call log without any problems, and it is straightforward for me to update or add features to the device. It's hard to believe, but at our previous employment, we were never given the chance to put calls on hold. As a result, the fact that this organization offers that capability is both shocking and astounding. Furthermore, one of the most beneficial features that we provide is the ability to change both the PIN for our voicemail system as well as the auto attendant who answers calls. a prompt response, as well as employees that are kind and helpful. When you call, everyone who answers is kind and wants to be of service to you in any way they can. - Tim J.
That the receptionist is unable to connect her phone to a handset system, which would enable her to roam freely about her desk or office while answering calls despite the fact that she is unable to connect her phone to a handset system. The duration of the minimum contract is rather extensive. It could be to everyone's advantage to have contracts with shorter terms. When it comes to setting the various groups, there is a little learning curve involved. The customer success team is there to provide over-the-phone assistance in getting started with the service and is normally accessible to provide assistance anytime it is required. Getting things off the ground was a bit of a struggle. Getting the appropriate plan and block of numbers required quite a few back-and-forth emails with a customer service representative. - Philip L.
Despite the fact that we don't do anything really technical with our office phone system, we have required their customer assistance on a number of times owing to connection difficulties (none of which were UniVoIP's fault), and they have always been very quick to react and dependable. They seem to have a low proportion of employee turnover in addition to having great personnel that can be depended on. This is a very positive trait in an employer. The customer service department of that organization has never once provided us with anything other than a pleasant and gratifying experience, and this has been the case throughout the whole of our contacts with them. On the other hand, this may very certainly be attributed to the dedicated T1 connection due to the exceptionally high degree of dependability that was attained. The functionality of their web portal is adequate, but it consists of just a handful of functions; as a result, users are severely restricted in the range of actions they may do with it. - Alejandro C.
Since it's been three months, none of us has been able to text! Our application for a TCR keeps being moved from the Denied status to the Pending status without any explanation. Every time we phone UniVoIP, they tell us that the only thing they can do is speed up the application, but that speeding it up is the same as us waiting three months to find out that it was rejected for some incomprehensible reason. If you want to purchase services from UniVoIP, you must pay attention to this caution. If I had used their services, I would have been in a better position to assist myself than if I had called on them for assistance. We are only getting the calling services despite having paid for both calling and texting services. Not only have we seen a significant decrease in revenue as a direct result of our inability to send and receive text messages, but our monthly expenses for UniVoIP have also increased to a level that is unprecedented. DO NOT REGISTER FOR UniVoIP IF YOU PLACE A HIGH VALUE ON TEXTING. - Armando A.
Excellent support staff; without the one-on-one assistance, my organization would not have been able to make the change as simply and effectively as we did. This program has helped us lower our expenditures for both communication and vendors in half, which is an excellent return on our investment. Poch, Chris, and their team at Univoip provided us with an onsite visit and chatted with us multiple times about our strategy and need and how we can best make it work for the budget that we had to work with. The onboarding process might be a little bit frightening if you are not acquainted with the Cloud system. The item is, without a doubt, an exceptionally high-quality item. I was taken aback since I had no idea what to anticipate from a phone service that was hosted in the cloud. On the other hand, we are overjoyed! We are able to maintain contact with one another regardless of where we are, and the technology enables us to set up phone connection at each of our satellite offices located around the city. The only two things you need are a phone and internet connection. There are no extra charges! That is wonderful for a charitable organization! The simplicity of its operation and the excellent customer service it provides are two of UniVoIP's many strengths. - Michelle O.
The administrative user interface has a beautiful look to it, but it may be scary at first since there are so many various ways in which adjustments may be done. Despite this, the administrative user interface is really useful. In addition to this, it is not possible to test a "what-if" once you are finished programming (for instance, what-if a call comes in on X and they perform Y, where does the call get routed), which leaves you with no choice but to deploy the software into production, which may result in downtime or other problems. The organization and smooth operation of large-scale video conferences, which need some level of mobility from participants, may be difficult to achieve. The support and sales departments of UniVoIP may be difficult to work with at times, which can be a frustrating experience overall. Having said that, if you have patience and remain consistent with them, you will almost always be successful in doing what it is that you set out to achieve. - Bruce S.
We have collaborated with Univoip for a number of years, and during that time they have become one of our partners. Not only do they offer us high-quality services for our phone system, but they also provide us with various other forms of support, such as being willing to sponsor our Fundraising Breakfasts and inviting us to take part in their Nonprofit Seminar series so that we can get more exposure. I am thankful for the services that they provide as a vendor, and we will continue to collaborate with them! The migration of our company from a historical, hosted VoIP solution to a system that is completely integrated with our major communication platform, Microsoft Teams, was made possible, in large part, by the use of UniVoIP. Internally, we utilized teams to talk and phone one another, and externally, we presented using teams. Now that we have UniVoIP, we are able to utilize Teams as a unified approach to solving the problem of how to communicate with our customers. The deployment was completed quickly and without difficulty, and the experts at UniVoIP provided assistance at every stage of the process. This is by far the most beneficial investment that we have made in our company in recent memory. - Jordan C.
Where do I even begin? First things first, anytime we had an incoming call, the CNAM search would only display the name of the city that the call was coming from. This may be an issue for customers in Canada, but it was always the case for us. Neither the name nor the number was correct. After a long conversation with the technical support team, the only possible solution was to disable the CNAM lookup completely so that we could at least see the number. One of the most mentally taxing experiences in my life was trying to get this half-fast workaround to function properly. Talking to individuals on the other side of the globe and trying to get them to see the nature of the problem I was having despite providing screenshots and videos felt like I was yelling into a void. They were unable to see why I would have a problem with the fact that the call display just showed the name of the city. The technical support team constantly pointing to the limits of the system whenever they were unable to address a problem. We were given false information by the salesman, who assured us that we could manage several lines from a single interface. That is not the situation at all. You are need to log in to each line individually. We had a small team, so we wanted everyone to be able to access particular lines and participate in the dialogue whenever they wanted to. That is not something that can be done. Even though it was obvious that this platform was not a suitable match for us, we went ahead and signed a contract with them nevertheless. - Joshua S.

UniVoIP Social media Subscribers
It is apparent, based on the comments supplied by users on Reddit, that UniVoIP stands out from the competition owing to the fact that its features are pleasant to customers and that it provides dependable service. A comprehensive but user-friendly solution for corporate communications is provided by this product's cloud-based platform and its innovative capabilities. In addition, the crew providing customer care is quick to respond and very friendly, which ensures assistance is available at all times. Due of these many positive aspects, UniVoIP is a wonderful option for any company.

UniVoIP average reviews

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UniVoIP Pros&Cons


  • Advanced features
  • Cloud-based solution allowing for remote access and scalability
  • 24/7 customer support and live chat


  • Lack of a mobile app for easier access
  • Video conferencing features not available with all plans
  • Setup can be challenging for users with minimal IT Knowledge

UniVoIP Final Conclusions

The reviews and ratings left by former users suggest that UniVoIP is a trustworthy company that provides VoIP services that are of a high standard both in terms of their dependability and quality, in addition to offering helpful customer care.

Customers, on the general, seem to be pleased with the services that the firm provides; nevertheless, some customers have reported having less-than-desirable experiences, such as challenges in setting up the service and a scarcity of alternatives that are accessible to them. In spite of this, it would seem that customers are finding value in the services that are provided by UniVoIP overall.

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