My Call Cloud Review

High-quality telecommunications combined with leading-edge technologies to help you make the most of the money you spend on lead purchase and improve agent efficiency. Simplified pricing that is adapted to meet the requirements of your company's contact center. You can get up and operating in minutes, rather than days, with strong capabilities and endless integrations that assist firms in building their businesses, increasing their revenues, and achieving the greatest possible relationships with their customers.
My Call Cloud Review

My Call Cloud overview

My Call Cloud is software for contact centers that runs in the cloud and helps businesses improve their clientele management and the quality of service they provide to their customers. The program is provided by My Call Cloud. It is based on top industry standards and contains built-in features like as automated reporting, call flow automation, real-time analytics, omnichannel capabilities, and more to aid companies in making the most of their interactions with customers. In addition to this, it is constructed according to the most advanced industrial standards.

My Call Cloud is the contact center platform par excellence for a business that aspires to continue to be at the forefront of its industry in terms of delivering outstanding customer service and My Call Cloud is the best way to achieve this goal. From live customer service representatives to interactive interactive voice response systems, My Call Cloud provides you with all of the tools and features you need to provide the best possible experience for your consumers. Through the automation of repetitive tasks and the delivery of actionable data about the behavior of a company's consumers, the platform provides assistance to businesses in the increase of their productivity.

What My Call Cloud has to say about itself

When it comes to availability, My Call Cloud is light years ahead of its competitors, and it has an absolute monopoly on the market for contact center software. The organization works in conjunction with a broad variety of enterprises all around the globe. Companies who are looking for solutions that were designed by seasoned Call Center industry specialists who are business partners rather than just another vendor may find such solutions with this specific firm if they are looking for them. Companies in this industry are often on the lookout for novel methods that might improve the efficiency of their contact centers.

The information that is obtained by the dashboard of My Call Cloud is put to use to enhance the quality of the customer service experience as a whole and to aid companies in simplifying their operations. Moreover, the dashboard also helps businesses improve the quality of their customer service experience. One strategy that may be used in order to accomplish this goal is to work on enhancing the level of service that is provided to customers. The dashboard offers real-time insights as well as data that can be acted upon, which enables businesses to enhance the level of customer assistance that they provide. These insights and data might come from a variety of sources, including an analysis of interactive voice response (IVR) systems as well as surveys aimed to measure levels of customer satisfaction.

Businesses are provided with the opportunity to get insight into the behaviors of their consumers, monitor their operations, and analyze both their progress and the outcomes of their efforts thanks to the multiple reporting choices provided by the platform. Companies have the capacity to get insight into the interactions that their customers have with their contact centers and access data that is essential to those customers when they make use of My Call Cloud. Additionally, companies have the ability to obtain data about their customers. As a direct result of this discussion, they will have access to a greater quantity of data, which will enable them to significantly improve the quality of service that they deliver to their customers.

My Call Cloud Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasUSA and many other countries
Service TypesMy Call Cloud offers cloud-based communications services to enhance company operations. Hosted PBX, VoIP, Unified Communication, SIP Trunking, Call Centers, Conference Bridge, Call Recording, IVR, Contact Center, and Business Telephone Systems are offered.
FeaturesCloud contact center, Outbound call center, Inbound contact center, Blended contact center, Omnichannel contact center, Reporting & Analytics, No Dial Ringless Voicemail
CertificationsHIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. It is also ISO-27001, PCI Level 1

My Call Cloud price policy

Businesses searching for a complete, economical auto dialer solution will find My Call Cloud services quite reasonable. Unlimited minutes, concurrent operators, and accounts are included in all plans. Per-minute price makes My Call Cloud easy to grasp. No tricks, just one flat charge for all your calls. Each plan includes credits for international calling, outgoing call recordings, and personalized settings. Every plan contains something unique, so you may select the ideal one for your company. Optional features like call recording, dedicated phone lines, and more may save you money. For organizations wanting a trustworthy auto dialer, My Call Cloud's services are affordable, versatile, and powerful.
PackagesStandard - $69monthly; Premium - $99monthly; Professional - $149monthly
Payment optionsСredit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and checks.
Payment discountsOffers various discounts, discounted upgrade deals. They also provide discounts for customers who are transitioning from another service provider.

My Call Cloud online reputation

There are both favorable and bad internet customer reviews of My Call Cloud, it seems. My Call Cloud has received high marks from clients for its simplicity of use, dependability of customer care, and quick and efficient technical support. Other consumers, however, have complained about the pricey cost and sporadic technical issues. In the end, My Call Cloud seems to provide clients with a dependable, practical service at a reasonable price, while some users could run across problems that can result in unhappiness.
A lot of years ago, the way that was considered standard for call monitoring was hardcoding the tracking number into your website. The search engine optimization (SEO) performance of this strategy should be improved. My Call Cloud, on the other hand, immediately won me over with its user-friendliness, its compliance with SEO, and its call data. The arrival of numbers truly is a game-changer because to their dynamic nature. Without the use of My Call Cloud, which is now included into more than one hundred of my websites, it would be hard for me to provide a justification for my marketing efforts. Not only has the software that was given by My Call Cloud shown itself to be an efficient solution for our organization's requirements, but the members of the My Call Cloud team have also been of tremendous support to us during the whole of this process. My Call Cloud is an excellent solution for attribution of leads to certain channels when evaluated from the perspective of a marketing agency. The information gathered from clients through phone conversations and online forms is very necessary for proving the service's worth to them. - Scott P.
It would be wonderful if there were easier methods for adding numerous Keywords pools if they were required, as well as the capability for small customers to utilize as little as two phone numbers in a Keywords pool. The correctness of what was expressed in comparison to what was tagged by the system. In all honesty, the reason for writing this review is that after using their system faithfully for four years, our business outgrew it and need the services of a more complete call management provider. After we cancelled our subscription to My Call Cloud, we realized we needed to compile a report on the calls we had made. My Call Cloud has notified me that they have all of our data, but that we will not be able to access it until and until we pay up for their service once again. When I hired them years ago, I never once gave it any thought. I had the impression that our data would always belong to us. - Adrien F.
In overall, My Call Cloud performs an outstanding job of breaking up call volume, is very easy to use, and has a high degree of intuitiveness. We would not be able to track conversions from our advertising efforts in the same efficient way, with the same degree of precision, or with the same amount of analytical data as we are able to do so with My Call Cloud. My Call Cloud's customer care is unparalleled in the industry, and from the moment you sign up for the service, it will be tailored to your company's needs in order to provide a smooth onboarding experience. The ease with which My Call Cloud may be used once the first setup has been completed is the feature that sticks out the most. We use it for two things: call recording and tracking conversions, and while there are a multitude of other services that My Call Cloud offers, I have only used these two features so far. These two things are helpful to us in different ways. They interact with all of our other systems without any issues whatsoever, and in the time that I've used it, we haven't run into any difficulties at all. - Michael P.
I wish that you had the ability to choose the amount of time that must pass before two calls from the same number are distinguished from one another as separate calls. It's a lengthy period of time, so if a user phones on the first of the month and then again on the 27th of the same month, for example, it may be for two different sales or conversions. My Call Cloud has the potential to get overloaded with the dynamic number insertion if your marketing system is complex, and it may present information that is inconsistent between "Sources" and "Numbers." The fact that our clients are unwilling to pay for this software is by far the most significant challenge we have with it. It would be fantastic if there was the option to choose one's own personal phone number rather than having one allocated automatically as an add-on to the fundamental plan. This is the one and only feature that is presently missing from the product that my organization would be interested in using if it were made accessible to us. - Ashley C.
The features that I loved the most were the ease with which the transactions could be completed, the exactness of the information, and the many advantages. Regarding this issue, none of the customers have expressed any dissatisfaction. On the other hand, people never stop raving about how very user-friendly this program is, as well as how it has a great deal of latent capability. We like the fact that in addition to making and receiving phone calls, it also enables us to send and receive text messages, that it comes with a variety of phone numbers, and that it is easy to configure call flows. The arrangement of the calls on the main control screen is likewise quite basic and easy to understand. It is the easiest piece of software I have ever dealt with in a business setting, and it gives your firm the ability to record phone calls and play them back to several people at the same time. They are someone who many of us tune in to listen to, and as a result, we are able to get information from them. We were also able to monitor whether or not they are a strong lead for our company, which is incredibly crucial information to know and keep an eye on going ahead. going forward, you should keep an eye on whether or not they are a solid lead. - Taylor G.
It's not the most dependable program, and we've run into quite a few problems where things haven't gone according to plan. Additionally, it might perform better as a more robust call program and have the capability to put callers on hold or transfer calls as necessary. We are continuously looking for something better, but we haven't been able to discover it yet, which tells us that these people must be doing something right. You need connection to the internet in order to listen to the call, which is something I understand but admits is not always easy to come by. The lack of quick growth in the gadgets is the aspect that I liked the least, despite the fact that it is extremely simple and unique, but it still needs some development. Although the quantity of features and settings that are accessible might be little daunting at times, the interface is quite easy to understand. - Jude V.
My Call Cloud is an extremely sophisticated platform that allows users to manage tracking numbers, get information about call volume and type, and do a wide variety of other tasks. Because there are so many good aspects, it is really difficult to know where to begin explaining them because there are so many. We have had a lot of fun over the last several years using the system to handle both our internal lines and the lines of our customers and clients. Setting up distinct silos and seeing statistics on calls, messages, and unique callers, amongst other things, is relatively simple to do, but the available choices go much beyond those fundamentals. For starters, there is a fairly beautiful reporting section that divides the calls into acquisition and behavior categories, each of which has several extra segmentation possibilities. There are technologies available that allow call forwarding to be set up depending on the time of day as well as other data. The entire feature set is enormous, and the system has helped us achieve a great deal of success both internally and outside as a result of our use of it. - Alyssa J.
The connection with HubSpot is the feature of this product that I dislike the most, if I were forced to choose just one. I have had problems in the past were calls were not being logged in HubSpot, and I was not told that the integration had a flaw and needed to be re-verified. I have also had difficulties where I have not been able to re-verify my account. Because support was never able to resolve the problem to our satisfaction, we were forced to turn off call tracking for that account. The cost is not something that makes total sense to me. There are far too many unwanted or automated phone calls, and I'm not sure if this is an issue with MyCallCloud or with the United States as a whole. I hope that they will address this issue so that I will get less calls that are meaningless. The only potential downside is that, depending on how many phone lines you use, the cost might end up being rather costly. Not the best for making a large number of outgoing calls. - Ryan A.
Because I have a local phone number, I am able to conduct business-related communications in real time on behalf of the companies that I own. One of the most important factors that contributed to my total success was my capacity to provide accurate calling statistics to my customers. We are grateful to My Call Cloud for all of the capabilities it has bestowed onto our company phone lines, which have enabled us to achieve a great deal. It makes it possible for us to get helpful insights on a daily basis, and the options that are open to us seem to be always expanding, which is excellent. Give it some thought if you anticipate having a need for a complex call and number management system in the near future. It is the perfect solution for companies who want to get a deeper understanding of their data and develop their operations. On a day-to-day basis, the ease of use is something that I really value and enjoy a great deal. It is not essential to "stop and think" about what you are doing; rather, the approach is so user friendly that it will rapidly become intuitive to you. My Call Cloud is like opening a gift every morning in the form of the opportunity to cut down on the amount of time I spend talking on the phone. - Brad L.
It is not simple to determine where you currently are, should behave more like a video platform. There are occasions when not all of the functionality is obvious. If it is not something that can be found on one's own without much effort, then it will take some training. My Call Cloud will sometimes cease monitoring numbers; in these instances, we have been had to get in touch with assistance many times in order to have the tracking functionality reinstated. The fact that the email listening feature does not provide any further information on the call is frustrating to me. Because it would take too much time to analyze longer calls if the speeding up function wasn't included in the email, we had no choice but to sign in to the website instead. It may be necessary to go through the support material more than once in order to fully comprehend it, and accessing the menus may on occasion be a little bit unclear. When you contact the sales department of this organization for the first time, you will immediately get the impression that something is not quite right. Hold off until they can get you in touch with customer care. After you have paid for the service, you are essentially on your own to complete it on your own. If you care deeply about the success of your business, you won't collaborate with this other firm. - Brad W.

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My Call Cloud Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers voicemail transcription
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


  • Lack of integration with certain CRM services
  • Interface can be a bit cluttered and confusing
  • Missing some advanced calling features, such as call recording and call forwarding

My Call Cloud Final Conclusions

Previous clients have praised MyCallCloud as a trustworthy and easy-to-use business phone service. User-friendly design and straightforward functioning have been commended by consumers. Users say setup is easy. Consumers may also choose from a broad selection of features to match their requirements. Clients have been really satisfied with customer support and service. However, some consumers have complained about the lack of a mobile app and restricted integration choices.

After careful analysis, MyCallCloud is an excellent solution for organizations wanting a call system that effortlessly integrates a wide variety of features with user-friendly functionality.

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