Refersion Review

Refersion was developed to facilitate the creation and launch of your very own promotion network in a short amount of time. They are responsible for all of the laborious tasks, which enables you to concentrate on expanding your company by forming alliances with bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, and promoters. It is time to make performance marketing as simple as possible.
Refersion Review

Refersion overview

Refersion is an innovative marketing platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and retain customers. A simple dashboard lets you set rewards, manage offers, and evaluate campaign performance in real time for an affiliate network. Refsion is a comprehensive marketing tool that helps firms manage affiliates, monitor commissions, and identify customers. It also aids campaign analysis, reward standardization, and job automation. Refersion centralizes firms' clicks, impressions, views, and sales commissions.

Refersion can track customers and affiliates in real-time via its customer portal. Businesses may track their creatives and identify the most successful campaigns. Tracking lets companies see how customers interact with their brand. Refersion has a drag-and-drop offer builder, broad integration options, and easy reporting. Marketers can manage their operations and campaigns using real-time information and visualizations. Because of its wide variety of features and services, Refersion is one of the most efficient and reliable marketing solutions.

What Refersion has to say about itself

Influencer and affiliate marketing programs for direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others, may be used to drive development in e-commerce sales. You can increase the performance of your affiliate marketing, brand ambassador, and influencer marketing programs while managing, tracking, and growing them. Refersion is without a doubt the most efficient and user-friendly affiliate management tool that is currently accessible. The program has received over 850 reviews on Shopify rating it five stars.

You can easily enroll an infinite number of affiliates and monitor their success using the built-in data for any and all of your affiliate, influencer, and brand ambassador programs. Build trust with your affiliates by offering them individualized compensation structures and a variety of payment methods. Your e-commerce platform may be easily connected to a variety of popular marketing tools. Integrate the product feed for your shop, get webhooks and developer APIs, and make use of our certified Shopify Plus capabilities for more involved applications.

You may develop strong affiliate partnerships that will generate new income growth for your e-commerce company by searching through a network of 3.6 million premium affiliates and content publishers and then reaching out to them. You can keep track of sales using first-party as well as multi-domain and shop monitoring. Compliance with GDPR and CCPA standards is maintained through Refersion's industry-trusted first-party data.

To reach large audiences and expand coverage, it is important to manage agreements with publications such as networks, editorial and media websites, newsletters, and blogs. Collaborate with a wide variety of industry influencers as well as professional producers to expand your reach to new consumers in your sector. Offer incentives to friends, new and current customers, and fans that spread positive word-of-mouth about your company.

Refersion Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesPerformance-based marketing platform Refersion helps organizations build affiliate, influencer, and referral networks. The software automates program administration, commissions, and payments and tracks outcomes, SEO, and program success in real-time. Refersion supports Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento payment gateways. Dashboards, billing, and client data are managed via it.
FeaturesAffiliate Discovery, Campaigns & Management, On-Time Payments, Advanced Offers & Commissions, Attribution & First-Party Tracking, Data Insights & Privacy, Integrations & Partners

Refersion price policy

Refersion provides users with a selection of price options to choose from in order to fulfill their requirements in the most effective manner. The Professional plan costs $99 a month and includes link monitoring, monthly reporting, affiliate automation, as well as the other tools that are included in the Basic plan. This plan also has three users. The Business plan is $199 a month and includes five users, link monitoring, monthly reports, affiliate automation, store insights, and fraud detection in addition to the features that are included in the Professional plan. Last but not least, the Enterprise plan offers unlimited users, link monitoring, monthly reports, affiliate automation, store insights, fraud detection, brandable portals, deep linking, shop-level tracking, influencer marketing, and any other capabilities that are accessible on the Professional and Business plans. When it's required, customer assistance is included with all Refersion plans.
PackagesProfessional (up to 50 monthly order conversions) - $99 per month (if paid annually)/$119 per month if paid monthly Business (up to 200 monthly order conversions) - $249 per month (if paid annually)/$299 per month if paid monthly Enterprise (unlimited monthly order conversions) - Includes Affiliate Discovery, Guided Onboarding and more.
Payment optionsCredit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, PayPal, Direct Debit or ACH.
Payment discountsRefersion offers discounts for referring other users, registering multiple stores, and entering into yearly commitments with discounts up to 10%.

Refersion online reputation

Refersion consumers have been satisfied. Refersion's easy-to-use design, extensive capabilities, and friendly assistance have been lauded. Customers like the many connectors and flexibility to modify the application for their organization. However, some users have had trouble installing or using the application. Refersion usually resolves client issues fast. Refersion looks to be a dependable and strong affiliate marketing option for organizations.
The program in question is quite simple to use. It keeps track of all of your affiliate stats in one convenient location for you, and the data is quite helpful when making choices about your company. I am delighted to report that our affiliates have also found it simple to operate. One of the best affiliate software choices is this one. It comes with a large number of features, and in general, it is quite simple to use and useful. I like the statistics that it gives as well as the way that it records all of the data that influencers and affiliates contribute to sales and traffic. The judgments that we've made as a result of using this data have been really beneficial. I really like how simple it is to keep track of sales that come through affiliates and influencers. The data that Refersion provides is incredibly helpful for assessing their performance and making choices that are appropriate for that analysis. The number of customers making use of the discount codes that were offered by our brand advocates has clearly increased in recent times. When we monitor the performance of our referral program in such a manner, not only can we, but also our affiliates, have peace of mind. - Taylore W.
If I wanted to make an affiliate link for a certain product, I wouldn't want to have to go to the website of that product and key in the URL by hand each time. Instead, I would like it if there was an integrated search function that could be used to find certain goods. I am still able to quickly create links for individual products; but, if I am working with a big number of affiliate links, saving even one minute of time might save me a substantial amount of time over the life of a project. When affiliates tried to sign in, they would sometimes run into problems, and the response time of customer care professionals could probably be improved, but other than those two things, everything functioned well. The fact that this piece of software has so many issues, the majority of which need the aid of customer service, is both incredibly frustrating and inefficient. Fraudsters have been misusing the discount codes that we give so that they may make money off of us. This is possible due to the fact that registrations are completed instantly. Because of this, our firm is now facing a number of challenges. - Zach P.
It is a good idea to use referrals as a type of manual monthly payment when trying to incentivize people who advocate for a business. It is a fantastic idea to have a referral program in which both the user who makes the reference and the customer who is suggested earn a discount on their purchases. When it comes to our affiliate marketing, this software has been of great use to us. We are able to modify our offer, keep it up to date, and put it into effect without any problems. Additionally, tracking is completely reliable at all times. Signing up and monitoring of affiliates is done without any hassle. They provide fantastic assistance for customers, who reply promptly to any questions or problems that users may have using the application, and even follow up with us. You have the option of uploading banners for affiliates to use, paying commissions straight to your affiliates' PayPal accounts, or even paying them with gift cards. In general, if you are looking for a simple affiliate monitoring program, this is an excellent option for you to consider. Although it does not have an abundance of features, it did seem to be trustworthy, and it was very easy to set up, and the support crew was excellent. - Sjoerd H.
What I didn't like about the basic plan was that you couldn't utilize tracking links and specific discount coupons for affiliates simultaneously. In order to combine both functionalities, we would have had to spend additional money, which was not efficient financially. The platform that we ultimately decided to move to for WordPress was capable of doing both for the same price as the basic Refersion bundle. The fact that we are switching to Shopify should enable the simple Refersion package to successfully apply the tracking links and track properly with the Shopify discount codes. This would solve the problem that I've been having with the program. Once you have hit a certain threshold of conversions, the pricing model will change to one that is based on a percentage of sales and an extended contract period. We, like with many other internet businesses, have extremely limited room for profit margin. As a result of Refersion tacking on a percentage of sales commission ON TOP of affiliate commissions, the affiliate commissions are doubled; a one-year contract is required; and, most importantly, the company does not inform prospective customers that this is their pricing model when they sign up for the service. This is a very poor business practice. - Frank F.
The fact that it is quite uncomplicated and simple to put together is the aspect that appeals to me the most. Additionally, the support crew is excellent. When I first joined up for this program, we were already using WordPress. After a short while, we decided to switch to a different affiliate software that could offer more at a cost that was comparable to what we were paying for Refersion. After a number of years, we have finally decided to transfer our online shop to Shopify and will soon be moving our affiliate program back to Refersaion. I've been assured by members of our team that it connects more seamlessly with Shopify, and as a result, I'm anticipating that this iteration will actually be an improvement. Simple to use, quick to configure, and the user interface is spotless and well arranged. I have a lot of respect for Refersion as a tool for preventing chargebacks and fraudulent purchases, and I would suggest it to any developing or big business. - David P.
Unfortunately, they employ pricing strategies that are similar to bait and switch, despite the fact that their systems run smoothly and effectively. If a firm does not give specific information on their pricing structure and then surprises you with significant price hikes and extended contract terms after you have upgraded from their most fundamental plan, which entails a flat monthly rate, I would never suggest that company. I have tried to bargain with them, but at this point, I am not even certain that I will be able to get the information on my affiliate commission since it is disguised. I strongly advise you to search elsewhere for your affiliate requirements and to work with a firm that is transparent about the cost of their products and the length of their contracts. The back end system might provide further information on the reasons why orders were not accepted. We haven't come up with a lot of methods to utilize the information that our ambassadors have supplied, nor have we figured out how to group them according to how well they've done their jobs. Due to their location, they are required to be in close proximity to the retailers. If they are confident in the quality of their service, the minimum amount of money that must be paid as a down payment should be reduced, and the amount that must be paid should be depending on sales. - Sarah O.
This solution has a direct integration with the Shopify checkout procedure. It analyzes prior purchases and chargebacks throughout their whole system to determine whether or not to accept an order, depending on whether or not the buyer poses a high risk. The charge back reimbursement and avoidance capabilities of this system have helped us save money over time. The system was simple to put into place. The use of referrals is an effective method for managing our micro-ambassadors. Instead of paying an expensive sum to a "macro-ambassador" for advertising, we can simply depend on our loyal customers to spread the word (and reward them with commissions for doing so). Establishing a referral was a breeze. via the use of a Shopify landing page, we were able to encourage micro-influencers who were interested in our ambassador program to sign up for it via Refersion. After that, all that's left to do is check that our prospective ambassadors are of an age to take part and that their coupon codes don't violate any guidelines. Even the processing of payments is a breeze, provided that each ambassador is equipped with a PayPal account. - Abera H.
Because the integration is not yet operational for Amazon retailers, you have charged me for a service that is not yet offered. I have been charged $499 U.S. dollars per month for a system that is not yet operational. Despite being situated in Canada and having the majority of my market there, I was informed after four months that the service was not accessible in Canada, and I was told that there would be no refund. It is clearly a bogus business. They provided me with the opportunity to cancel the contract, but they did not reimburse me for the money I had already paid for the months during which I was unaware of the geographical restriction. They took thousands of dollars from me without providing the service that was promised. Despite bringing this problem to Refersion's notice, and despite their acknowledging that it is an issue, the commission calculation was incorrect. Ask someone who is an associate with numerous businesses, and they will tell you that when I leave a company and they don't remove me from referral, I have absolutely no means of removing myself and closing down the account, which is something that bothers me. For newer marketers, the market might be a little bit of a challenge to comprehend. It would be wonderful if it provided more elucidating explanations for them. - Anne H.
A good beginning would consist of a comprehensive collection of features, an affordable introductory pricing for sellers interested in testing it out, and a design from this century. Easy installation and connection with a third-party platform such as Shopify, as well as what seems to be a straightforward experience for the affiliates, help to boost sales. It has been one of the smoothest and easiest experiences I have had to date with an affiliate program, and it ranks up there among the most user-friendly. As a user, I really enjoy how everything is written out in a clear and straightforward manner, how simple it is to comprehend each and every component, and how prompt the customer support staff is. I am able to monitor which customers are the most effective marketers of this product, and I can also provide incentives to key opinion leaders. I appreciate that we can immediately monitor payments, and that the program itself can enable us to execute payments. I really appreciate how you can utilize the discount codes rather than the URLs so that influencers may include them on their Instagram posts. This is a great feature. This is excellent software for affiliate marketers. It is a fantastic method for monitoring the progress that the marketers are making. It offers a wealth of new perspectives. How marvelous! Working with Refersion has provided me with an enjoyable experience, and the company is one that I would recommend to others. - Martin M.
In order to retrieve reports, it was necessary to contact CSM. You are only able to retrieve reports in bulk. Because you cannot discern between all links and unique connections, the monitoring is not accurate one hundred percent of the time. Connecting applications such as MailChimp was the aspect that I disliked the most since I do not have any prior experience using a number of those things (API, etc.). It is somewhat difficult to set up, but not quite as difficult as some of the others that we have tried. I am also never one hundred percent certain that tracking is successful. When we made the changeover, several of my affiliates saw a significant drop in income, and as a result, I lost some of them. The API has very few available features. More reporting tools and the ability to download CSV files are required. MailChimp is not synchronizing correctly at the moment. Because of this, in order to send our affiliates bulk emails via MailChimp, we first need to manually export and then import them into our system. Frustrating as it may be, customer support representatives often take too long to respond. In order to cancel conversions after the program has already given its stamp of approval to them, you will need to get in touch with support. As the administrator of this account, I'd want to have the ability to reject conversion requests on my own. - Ben A.

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Refersion Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Automated and tracking features
  • Free account types


  • Technical support can be slow at times
  • Limited language and location coverage for merchants
  • Limited customizability

Refersion Final Conclusions

In general, Refersion is a well-known affiliate marketing organization that a great number of companies and people utilize to boost their overall sales. Is a respectable corporation that excels in both the quality of its products and its treatment of its customers. Customers have generally positive opinions about the quality of the company's customer service and products; nevertheless, some customers have voiced concerns over the dependability of the company's technology and the slowness with which are updated.

Nevertheless, when everything is considered together, it seems that the majority of Refersion's clients are pleased with the service they get and believe they are being cared for properly. Refersion is still able to provide profitable affiliate marketing campaigns to its customers, therefore assisting those customers in growing their companies' sales and earnings.

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