Affise Review: Pricing, Features & More

Affise's mission is to streamline all of a company's partner marketing channels in order to help them increase their income at scale. Internet advertising evolves rapidly. Affiliates, influencers, content providers, and mobile applications all play a crucial role in growing businesses and generating money. Partnership marketing is becoming an integral aspect of the marketing mix for many companies. This means there has to be a straightforward approach to expanding the reach of partner marketing internationally.
Affise Review: Pricing, Features & More

Affise overview

Affise is a cutting-edge platform for performance-based marketing that provides companies all over the world with effective techniques to promote their goods and services. With its support, businesses have a better chance of increasing their return on investment (ROI), as well as their advertising income. Some of the concerns that are tackled include fraud, the income gap between ad spending and revenues, reporting transparency, and unsuccessful campaigns. Monitoring the campaign, directing its administration, and making adjustments to it are all simplified as a result of this.

Affise monitoring, which is powered by artificial intelligence, gives marketers the ability to better target and hone the message of their adverts. Thanks to the user-friendly reporting package, customers are able to immediately monitor the progress of their initiatives and make choices based on real-time data. If marketers want to improve their efforts, using targeting tools on the platform that take into account geolocation, interests, and behavior might be useful.

When Affise was being developed, the safeguarding of advertising was one of the primary focuses. It prevents fraudulent transactions and assures correct marketing results by using state-of-the-art encryption, auditable tracking, and fraud detection technology. The result of integrating these three components is the aforementioned impact. When more trustworthy and auditable documents can be produced more quickly for marketing organizations, it is easier for such businesses to conduct their commercial interactions in a transparent and trustworthy manner.

What Affise has to say about itself

Affise is a firm that offers integrated marketing solutions for the benefit of the businesses with whom it collaborates and acts as partners. When we set out to build Affise, one of our primary goals was to create a product that could successfully fulfill the criteria of affiliate networks and digital advertising agencies. It provides access to a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, some of which include sophisticated analytics, automated processes, and anti-fraud capabilities, amongst others. Users can be guaranteed that their service will not be interrupted in any way thanks to Affise remarkable uptime of 99.99%, which ensures that there will be no downtime whatsoever. It strengthens its position as the most authoritative Single Source of Truth in the field of Performance Marketing by providing broad analytic capabilities.

If you take advantage of Affise Mobile Attribution, you will have access to a complete collection of tools that will make the process of developing your app easier. These tools will assist in increasing the number of times that your software is downloaded. Scale your user acquisition operations with little to no work, correctly monitor their progress, and swiftly evaluate the data, all while protecting yourself from fraud. You can attain the greatest potential levels of output and efficiency if you streamline the process of taking on new partners and providing them with training. Implementing partner marketing techniques that are dependable and scalable, and that showcase new goods, creative content, and enticing commissions, is an excellent way to increase brand recognition as well as produce income. This is because these methods highlight the benefits of the partner to the customer.

It is essential to efficiently enable the onboarding and training of partners if one wants to accelerate the production process. With the support of continuous and scalable partner marketing efforts, you can raise both the recognition of your brand as well as the number of sales you make. These endeavors need to include the launch of innovative new items, the production of creative content, and the provision of financially alluring inducements.

Affise Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasLithuania, Germany, Israel, India, China, Cyprus
Service TypesThe comprehensive range of performance marketing services from Affise lets advertisers, agencies, and networks manage their campaigns from one platform. These include affiliate program management, tracking & reporting, ad creatives library, offers marketplace, fraud protection & analytics, cost allocation & tracking, real-time tracking & pixel setup, account management & fraud prevention, customer support & bank reconciliation, APIs & SDKs. Affise offers free consulting, training, and bespoke development.
FeaturesOnboarding, Datafusion, CPAPI, API, Marketplace, Customization, Android SDK
CertificationsPCI DSS Level 2, GDPR and HIPAA requirements.

Affise price policy

Affise offers affordable performance marketing for SMBs. Based on business size, Affise provides multiple options to meet various demands. The entry plan. This package is appropriate for smaller firms or first-time campaigners. This subscription includes all of Affise's main features, including traffic optimization, optimal bidding, and comprehensive tracking. The Scale plan. This package offers the basic level functionality plus more APIs and ad accounts. The Custom plan suits bigger, more complicated enterprises. Includes all Scale plan features plus bespoke features like configurable API settings and extra Affise reporting data points. Finally, Affise professionals can help firms customize a package to meet their goals and finances.
PackagesEntry (for small agencies, networks that manage a limited number of campaigns and only need core features) - $500 (monthly or discounted yearly plan) Scale (for medium size agencies, networks that manage several campaigns and need more advanced tracking and targeting capabilities plus additional support) - $800 (monthly or discounted yearly plan) Custom (for large agencies, networks that need comprehensive tracking and targeting capabilities, fully flexible platform integration and exclusive support) - from $1500
Payment optionsСredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, PayPal, or wire transfers in various currencies.
Payment discountsProvides discounts based on the annual plan chosen by customers. Additionally, Affise offers discounts to agencies, startups, and non-profits.

Affise online reputation

From what we can see, Affise provides a solid service and listens to and addresses the concerns of its customers. Some users, however, have encountered issues including sluggish website loading times and platform navigation issues.
In summary, using Affise has been a positive experience and lives up to the anticipation I had for it before I began using it. Affise marketers could get a considerable amount of value from the platform as a result of the platform's capacity to provide them access to such a wide variety of opportunities. This is because the platform is able to offer access to such a complete assortment of possibilities. This system not only offers users access to a vast quantity of information and a variety of monitoring options, but it also delivers an amazing user experience to complement those features. My heart has always had a very particular place for Affise. Because it is an all-in-one platform, managing my affiliate marketing has been a great deal less complicated for me than it ever has been in the past. Because of the user-friendliness of its design, the copious amounts of data that it offers, and the robust monitoring capabilities that it offers affiliates, it is the greatest choice for affiliate marketers of any level of skill. Because of this platform, I can easily monitor, analyze, and evaluate the effectiveness of each and every one of my initiatives, as well as make any improvements that may be required. - Rinkesh P.
Despite the fact that it comes with a lot of great features, utilizing Affise comes with a few restrictions that might be annoying at times. There are times when the customer support is unresponsive, and the pricing options are extremely pricey for businesses who are just getting their feet off the ground. In addition to this, the platform is only equipped with a restricted number of connections that are compatible with many other sales and marketing tools. Out of all of the monitoring platforms that I've used, this was the one that took the longest for me to get accustomed to since it had so many different features. It only needs a little of fine-tuning here and there. For instance, if you begin modifying the measurements for a variety of causes, you can end up with conclusions that are no longer relevant to the question. We are unable to access the data on a date-by-date basis or from a certain hour when we look at the daily statistics. In addition, the gaid and the sub publisher id are not included on the new conversion logs page, despite the fact that both of these details were included in the earlier edition. - Diwakar S.
We are quite grateful for how simple it is to make use of the tools that are provided, as well as for the time and effort that Affise invested in order to get to the point where they are today, which is to provide the user with what it is that they need. Dealing with them has been and continues to be a pleasure, and if I have any issues or requests, I am always handled in a timely manner. This is true regardless of the situation. Ease of use as well as seamless integration with already installed systems. The highest possible level of service for consumers. Excellent availability and reliability in all aspects. An really satisfying adventure all the way through. A strong foundation to build on, in addition to competent professionals and a group of people with whom to cooperate. The work was more challenging when I first started using Affise; but, as time went on, the work grew easier; and today, I am unable to work on any other platform except Affise. In the past, I have used services and platforms like HasOffers and Trackier. - Nirbhay S.
When one delves too far into the analytics, the figures may be improved, but there is also the possibility that some data may be lost. There is no way to avoid the fact that there will be the occasional slip-up. The offer image and the description of the deal did not immediately show once we published the link to the offer preview. It is necessary of us to travel to either Google Play or the App Store, and once we are there, we will need to copy and save a little section of the offer icon. Alternatively stated: it is essential that we go to either Google Play or the App Store. In addition to this, we are in need of aid from the community that we are now residing in. The amount of time spent is unnecessarily long; one approach to resolving this issue would be to reduce the total amount of time spent eating. The amount of the payment might be reduced by up to two digits after the decimal point, but this would depend on the specifics of the situation. - Roysten R.
The optimization tool, conversion logs, and customer relationship management (CR) automation are the items that I use the most often, and they have been of great assistance to me in reaching key performance indicators (KPIs) for my clients. After you've been used to using Affise for a while, you'll find that it's really easy to use. The capabilities are extremely excellent, and with the most recent upgrade, I now have the ability to extract the clicks logs as well inside the panel itself. This makes it possible for me to do traffic analysis on a more granular scale. Affise has also established itself as a trustworthy brand in the eyes of the individuals who use its services. They have a wonderful community of individuals that are always there for one another to provide support and encouragement. The system is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also quite simple and straightforward to use. I will make a wish that everything works out well for you in the end and cross my fingers that it does. - Manoj B.
The callback configuration is the component or feature of it that I dislike the most because there have been instances when I have been confused about how to set up the global or campaign-based call back address. The application does not give its customers with all of the capabilities that its rivals provide, such as Tune, which was formerly known as hasoffers. This is because Tune is one of the program's competitors. As Fraud Protection, which is not truly done by Affise, and which also is not completely accurate after the testing period, we have constructed our own fraud protection algorithms. Affise also does not conduct this function. It is not truly anything that Affise does. There is a possibility that the use of some supplementary features may incur extra fees, and there is also a possibility that the system could experience random moments of operational issues. - Nisith B.
Affise is a platform that makes the process of working online more streamlined and easier to understand. The CPAPI application programming interface is, without a shadow of a doubt, my top pick among the features offered by Affise. In addition to this, we have been making use of Smart link, and as a direct consequence of this, I have seen an increase in our overall performance. The method in which everything is coming into place is one that is completely fulfilling. It refers to the capacities for assisting clients with their inquiries. If I had used the chat tool to address my question to the representatives of the customer support department, I would have received a response within the next five minutes. It integrates nicely with a broad variety of different platforms and marketing activities, and its user interface is simple and easy to use. The only additional cost is the cost of conversion, which may still be considered acceptable; nevertheless, there is no price related with clicks on their own. The features that have the potential to be chosen throughout the process of designing an offer. detailed statistics on clicks, conversions, IP address, and any other data that may be pertinent to the investigation. - Francisco G.
It may take quite a while for the affiliate portal to load, which is something that our affiliates have often complained about as well; I hope that this can be fixed in the near future. There were times when issues with the technology resulted in a decrease in revenue. The one and only thing that comes to me when I think about what I detest the most is that, in my opinion, there are not enough criteria to use as a filter for the different kinds of offers. If it is being utilized to run a performance network, I would be interested in knowing the proportion of offers that are being converted as well as the rating of the merchants or suppliers that are participating in the network. Yes, we are able to design a feature that will enable us to provide a certain affiliate a set number of campaigns from a single sponsor. This is something that we are able to do. However, if and when we add new sponsors or make new offers accessible to the public, the affiliate will ultimately see this offer on their feed. At the moment, the only option we have is to deactivate them all at the same time. - Daniel N.
API Tool that enables the process of automating the creation of an offer on my behalf, so saving me a substantial amount of time and work. It just requires an API Key and a few other pieces of information from my advertiser before it can begin automatically producing and synchronizing all of the offers from my advertiser. reducing the costs that are connected with monitoring while also saving a considerable amount of money via the process. In addition, services such as CPAPI might potentially help save a great amount of time for its users. I have compiled a list of some of the many unique features of this platform that I believe to be pretty enticing, and it is as follows: The CPA model, not the amount of clicks, will be utilized to calculate fees, and the graphical user interface (GUI) is designed to be exceedingly user-friendly and uncomplicated. It won't be difficult for you to figure out how to operate it on your own, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. It does not need the user to provide a large amount of help while being utilized, which is a major benefit. - Brian S.
It may experience various bugs from time to time, one of which is the inability to halt or activate campaigns for a period of hours but only for days or months. Need to be able to conduct vta tracking, since it is becoming more necessary. We have seen errors both when there were payment events and when there were no payment events. I am required to sign out every time I switch networks, despite the fact that they are trusted networks. A greater number of networks need to switch over to Affise. Cooperation will not be difficult to get as a result. There will no longer be any problems with traffic when the CR is too low, and you will have more time to optimize your ads. Certain features, if they can be implemented at all, have been discussed with Support. - Lilianna S.

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Affise Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use interface
  • Powerful tracking features
  • Comprehensive analytics


  • Cost
  • Limited customizability
  • Complicated setup process

Affise Final Conclusions

It would seem from the feedback provided by customers that Affise offers an outstanding level of service overall via the use of its cutting-edge and user-friendly monitoring and optimization platform. According to feedback from users, the system is simple to use, lightning quick, and packed with helpful features.

Nevertheless, there have been reports from a small number of clients indicating that they have struggled with a variety of technical problems, including poor response times from customer support as well as difficulties in debugging the platform. In spite of these challenges, however, consumers in general like using Affise owing to the robust features it offers and the exceptional assistance it provides.

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