CallPage Review

With reliable and customizable data transmission across computers, use your favorite tools with confidence. Zapier connections let you link CallPage to over 4,000 products to streamline teamwork. Meeting scheduling is simplified via CallPage Meetings. Automated lead distribution and configurable booking forms let you schedule meetings with website visitors or prospects in seconds. Sync CallPage with Google or Microsoft Calendars. Instant invites and alerts with meeting platform integrations.
CallPage Review

CallPage overview

CallPage is a cutting-edge tool for engaging customers that aims to improve the effectiveness and warmth of customer care. CallPage is a customer service app that helps companies swiftly address customer problems without requiring clients to fill out paperwork, sit on hold, or even leave their current location.

CallPage prevents consumers from falling through the cracks by using an automated approach that is both easy to use and very effective. Customers may start a live chat with a support rep right now, and they'll have the answers they need in no time. The demands of any company's customers may be reliably satisfied, no matter how big or small it is, thanks to a customer relationship management system that includes call tracking. The platform provides a central location for customer care teams to store and manage client data for enhanced targeting and segmentation. With CallPage, the team interacting with customers can quickly and simply see their whole history with them.

CallPage's cutting-edge AI powers a streamlined customer support experience that forges genuine connections. Teams can more efficiently respond to consumer questions when using a straightforward interface. CallPage uses cutting-edge technology to radically improve consumer interaction and build lasting relationships.

What CallPage has to say about itself

Make sales calls out of site visits. Make more sales-ready leads and connect them right away to the right agent. Lead gathering that works well will help you make more sales. With CallPage, you can talk to people who visit your website in real-time, increase the number of people who buy from your site, and close more deals. Try it out for free for 7 days.

CallPage makes it much easier to get leads by letting website users call you right away. With the return button, possible customers can ask for a salesperson to call them, which can lead to better relations and more sales. Connect with your potential customers when they are interested in your company and ready to do business with you.

CallPage's call handling system makes sure that possible leads are connected to the first open sales or support expert within seconds. If no one answers the phone, the system tries again to put the team in touch with possible buyers. Customers-to-be can also leave a message or set up an automatic callback for a better time. CallPage makes sure this call goes through! Make your site a lead-generation machine by adding pop-ups and score rules that you can change. A pop-up that looks nice and is easy to use will encourage people to connect to your site. Personalize the look of the CallPage pop-up to make your website viewers' experience better, and use score rules to get more potential users to give you their phone numbers.

The CallPage page lets you see all of the leads and calls that have been received. Your salespeople can make notes or tags and quickly find all the leads they have received. Also, automatic call recording and reporting give managers useful information, such as the source and quality of leads, the level of reaction, and how to handle calls.

CallPage Review

Year Started2015
Service Areasmore than 50 countries
Service TypesBusinesses may get lead generating and qualifying services from CallPage. Automated phone calls, website widgets that let website users plan calls, and AI-enabled chatbots that let clients quickly arrange calls from the comfort of their homes are the major services offered. CallPage also provides call monitoring and analytics services, giving organizations knowledge into how their calls are handled and where improvements may be made.
FeaturesClick-to-call widget, Meeting scheduling, Lead distribution, Virtual PBX
CertificationsPCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and SOC2.

CallPage price policy

CallPage has flexible price tiers to accommodate a wide range of business sizes and budgets. Key features, like unlimited calls, the dashboard, and visitor monitoring, are all available with the base package. The more expensive plans provide greater flexibility and may accommodate organizations of varying sizes. Unlimited talk time and several of extras are included with the Basic Plan. Access more comprehensive data and integrate with common CRM platforms with the comprehensive Plan. Premium services like as call forwarding, automatic follow-ups, and visitor monitoring are available to Professional Plan subscribers. In general, CallPage's price is reasonable and affordable for businesses of all sizes. In addition, it may be modified for customers that need special strategies. Voice recording and transcription are two examples of the kinds of extra functions that may be purchased for a price.
PackagesBasic + (for small teams who want to generate more leads) - $25/month; Professional (for scaling your business with powerfull lead capture tool) - $129/month; Premium (for larger companies that require flexible approach) - $329/month
Payment optionsСredit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as direct bank transfers. They also accept payments through PayU, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discountsProvides its users with access to a wide variety of various discounts, each of which is dependent on the service package that the consumer choose to buy for their account. CallPage will provide you with additional discounts on your account if you recommend a friend to their service and that friend ultimately signs up for it.

CallPage online reputation

Effective customer service is made possible for businesses through CallPage. It swiftly links customers with the appropriate contact within the company, enhancing customer satisfaction. The ease of use and time savings appeal to customers. Sadly, some customers have voiced complaints regarding uneven customer service. However, CallPage is a useful and trustworthy platform for customers to contact businesses.
CallPage has shown that it is a flexible piece of software by its capacity to carry out a diverse variety of responsibilities. We were able to minimize the length of time it took for leads to get a response as well as the amount of time it took overall by making use of CallPage, which resulted in an increase in the number of prospective sales. Because of this, there is now a greater possibility of making sales.Since we started integrating CallPage into the area of our website that is devoted to offering technical support, we have seen a significant improvement in the degree to which our staff is able to respond to enquiries from customers. This is one of the most pleasant developments to take place ever since we started employing CallPage. As a direct consequence of this, both the level of customer happiness and the general opinion of the brand have significantly improved. The most enjoyable aspect of this whole experience was listening to consumers share their excitement about the newest addition to our product. They were initially skeptical, but once we assured them that it would only take 28 seconds to make a callback, they came around to our way of thinking. - Stanislav G.
After getting off to a promising beginning, the CallPage gradually but steadily cut down on the quantity of assistance it supplied until it eventually stopped providing any kind of assistance at all. At this point, it has absolutely nothing to do with the product that I have already paid for. I am quite discouraged right now. We attempted to create leads by utilizing CallPage; however, our efforts were worthless for us since it was unable to run duplicate checks, and in the end, the agent load was the same as when they produced leads manually. since of these two factors, our efforts were unproductive for us. However, from the perspective of monitoring on the CallPage platform, this state of things is not at all wanted in any way, shape, or form at all.It's possible that even if it accomplishes what it set out to achieve, the user interface will still give off an uneasy vibe at certain points. - Kate S.
CallPage is really simple to set up, and it is vital for us since it enhances the likelihood that our potential customers will get in touch with us. Even though the leads that are created via CallPage are our least qualified (we just have the phone number, and no other information such as interest, industry, firm size, etc.), they convert quite effectively since there is such a minimal barrier for the user to overcome. The phone and chat support teams provided excellent service and were really helpful. Positive comments from the panel on the ROI that can be expected from the implementation for the marketing and sales team user interface (UX) of the widget setting that is simple to use. Integrations that are simple to use with both Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. CallPage has proven to be an effective tool for our business in the creation of new leads. One characteristic that truly jumps out is that it creates high-quality leads, some of which even turn into clients on the exact same day. This is a very useful feature. CallPage is an invaluable tool for our company as a result of the instant effect it has on the production of leads and conversion. - Richa S.
Although it may be challenging to locate some functionalities like number setting and team setup in the CallPage dashboard at times, as I have said in a prior post, I have found that the support crew is really helpful. In addition to that, I have to acknowledge that the use of the color orange in the UI is excessive. It does not have all of the connectors that we would want it to have, and the capabilities that you may use are quite restricted. In addition, we sometimes have glitches that are out of control, but the support staff at Callpage is always ready to assist us in resolving these issues. I would say that Callpage is ideal for beginning firms, but that it becomes somewhat more difficult to use for more established companies. - Larry W.
We have CallPage linked into our system to improve communication between our clients and ourselves. We have given our consumers the tools they need to fix their problems in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, by adding a widget to our contact page. We discovered that rather to using our website's standard chat-based help, our consumers prefer the convenience of a callback option. Our response time and client satisfaction have both significantly increased thanks to this practical approach. For us, CallPage's callback function is a game-changer. We've been able to reply to leads more quickly, which has increased sales. We can immediately and without any delays contact with prospective consumers thanks to this service. It's like you can reach them directly. Through this immediate connection, we are better able to respond to their queries and worries while also gaining their trust. We have seen an increase in the amount of leads that end up becoming content customers as a consequence. Our sales process is now smoother and more effective thanks to CallPage's callback option, and our clients are happy as a result. - Andrew N.
Despite the fact that they might benefit from offering more complex tools for A/B testing, the solutions that are now available nonetheless manage to perform pretty capably despite this constraint. The customer service personnel was able to help us in a matter of minutes despite the fact that we were experiencing some challenges with the way leads were being routed. In this sense, the Widgets, which provide for a great deal of flexibility in terms of editing material, are not particularly user-friendly. The process of going to the various parts of the widgets and then upgrading those components is not a straightforward one to carry out in the correct order. Making the first call is a hazardous business since it might put you in an unpleasant or awkward scenario. However, it is important to take the initiative. Due to the fact that the instructions are shown before actually commencing the chat, website users often begin talking before the connection has even been formed, which may lead to misunderstanding. - Shannon R.
CallPage helps companies save time and money so they can concentrate on other elements of their company that are just as essential. It does this by offering them with an interface that is simple to use and tools that are straightforward. The callback function that CallPage offers enables site visitors to easily and quickly get in contact with us in a manner that is both seamless and easy. It demonstrates that we respect their time and are committed to providing the very best experience we can. The price plans are within reasonable range. We have seen a significant increase in the number of clients as a direct result of using CallPage. Within a few short minutes, we were able to successfully incorporate CallPage into our website. The configuration was simple, and the widget works and looks amazing on our website. - Justyna B.
They make it very difficult for you to make any kind of modification to your email address at all. In order for you to be successful in getting it done, it is going to be required for you to discuss it with them. They need to cut down on the number of different nations in which they deliver their services. Because of the limits placed on its use, this is only valid in a limited number of countries. The level of support provided to customers is adequate, but in no means outstanding. To the same extent as the other representatives of our organization who were less skilled with technology, I need some time to get acquainted with how to operate the panel. In spite of the fact that the plans have a somewhat restricted capacity in terms of volume for the price, the calls that it puts through more than make up for the expenditures, given that each call is a possible new customer. - Bartosz M.
In a circumstance such as this one, the grading rules might prove to be of great assistance. Ever since we put them up with a little assistance from CallPage's support, we've seen an improvement in our lead generation, and our prospective customers are delighted that they can quickly get in touch with us. CallPage's support has been quite helpful in this regard. Because of the CallPage App, you now have the opportunity to convert each and every one of the individuals who go to your website into a client who pays for the service or product you provide. It is conceivable that the visitors may contact you directly, in which case you will have the chance to convert them into customers even while you are on the phone with them. If this occurs, the possibility exists that the visitors will call you directly. You may also design promos that include a link to a CallPage, which will immediately cause an increase in the number of calls coming into your business. Wow, you really outdid yourself there! Will most definitely be suggesting this to others in this regard! - Rafał K.
We sought to discontinue our subscription since our sales staff was having problems utilizing it, but we were unable to do so. Because it is difficult to stop the membership on your own, we phoned the company, and they told us that they would handle the matter themselves. This was done because it is difficult to terminate the membership on your own. Even today, three months later, they continue to charge us for it and they have not issued a return for the cash that we have made for it. We have just returned from an unsuccessful effort to downgrade, which, surprise, the company's system does every time we make such an attempt. There is a possibility that the first setup may be difficult, but the documentation and support resources provided by the firm are really helpful. In spite of the fact that I have no background in coding, the process was really quick and I did not have any difficulty as a result of it. - Joanna W.

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CallPage Pros&Cons


  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Allows for various language support


  • On-call customer service is only available during working hours
  • Limited integration options with other third-party applications
  • Can be difficult to troubleshoot if facing technical issues

CallPage Final Conclusions

Customers like using CallPage. The system is praised for its simplicity, robustness, and utility as well as its stringent standards for service quality. A few users have, however, voiced concerns about having trouble establishing accounts, experiencing long wait periods, and experiencing system issues. CallPage is a useful tool that many users find vital despite a few faults that need to be fixed to improve service.

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