ConnexCS Review

Cloud Softswitch and other communication solutions are areas in which Connex Carrier Services has been a forerunner. Cloud-based Class 4 SIP Softswitch, Class 5 PBX, ANycast SIP Load Balancer, WebRTC as a service, etc. are just some of the communication solutions they provide. You can count on their dependable communication solutions, which need no maintenance and provide instant scalability in addition to a truly global reach through a dedicated server located in your service area.
ConnexCS Review

ConnexCS overview

ConnexCS is a cloud-based telecommunications company that specializes in supplying comprehensive contact center solutions. ConnexCS is a leader in providing innovative call-routing and customer experience solutions. ConnexCS has been at the vanguard of the development of these solutions due to its more than eight years of cooperation with telecom carriers and consumers. They offer a variety of contacting services, including inbound and outbound calling, as well as cloud-based communication services and sophisticated solutions for contact centers.

ConnexCS takes great pride in the quality of its customer service and offers around-the-clock technical and customer support for any requirements relating to installation, maintenance, or features. They have earned a reputation for providing superior service among their clientele. Customers are able to modify the call-routing procedure to meet their particular needs due to the company's sophisticated technological solutions and customizable options.

ConnexCS offers a vast array of features, including call queuing, call recording, conversation analytics, and quality management instruments. All of these functions contribute to an increase in consumer satisfaction. This ensures that the voice services provided to clients will provide the finest potential experience. ConnexCS also provides an extensive selection of connectors that can be used to enhance the quality of the consumer experience as a whole. These interfaces can range from CRM tools to invoicing data systems.

What ConnexCS has to say about itself

A cloud-based call-switching technology was successfully developed by an engineering group comprised of young and talented individuals. The team first developed it to provide VoIP services to consumers; however, they soon discovered that the platform had a great deal more potential uses. After becoming aware of this opportunity, the team set out to transform the platform into a multi-tenant cloud-based communication platform, which they were ultimately successful in doing. As a result of this desire to make the most of a potentially fruitful opportunity, Connex Carrier Services was founded.

They expanded their workforce size, client base, and product selection over the course of many years. ConnexCS is confident in claiming the title of providing the best feature-packed cloud-based communication platform available anywhere in the globe. ConnexCS's primary focus has always been on the satisfaction of its clientele. This is made abundantly clear by the fact that all of their features and capabilities were created via conversation with and contributions from the company's consumers.

ConnexCS is of the opinion that the greatest approach for a company to expand is to take an active part in ensuring that its clients are successful in the market. In order to do this, they make it a point to constantly listen to our clients and work to build the capabilities and features that are most desired by those clients. By acting in this manner, they make their clients pleased, which in turn contributes to their further expansion. One additional advantage of this is that it helps them stay one step ahead of their rivals in terms of the capabilities and features that will be of the greatest value to their consumers.

They have gone a long way since its start, and their goal is to play an important part in the communication landscape on a worldwide scale. ConnexCS has high hopes that they will be able to guide the world towards a more totally linked future thanks to the proliferation of ground-breaking concepts such as Web3 and VR worlds, which will soon take center stage.

ConnexCS Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasEurope, Asia, North-America, Africa, Oceania, South-America
Service TypesVoIP, Carrier Management, and Toll Free Number Management are offered by ConnexCS. Their services include a dashboard for monitoring and controlling Voice, SMS, and MMS, routing rules, fraud detection, and more. They support international numbers and carrier tracking and auditing.
FeaturesClass 4 SIP Cloudswitch, Class 5 Cloud PBX, AnyEdge SIP, Loadbalancer, WebRTC As A Service
CertificationsHIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II, and SOC 2 Type II.

ConnexCS price policy

ConnexCS provides flexible and affordable cloud-based communications solutions for enterprises. The organization provides a range of services with different pricing levels based on business size and demands. VoIP platforms include call forwarding, voicemail, and number portability. Your customer service staff may examine phone price, which includes IVR, call recording, and two-way communication. Also reasonably priced are fax, SMS, and number portability. Hosted PBX, Asterisk, and extra service rates vary. If you subscribe to ConnexCS regularly, you may get payment options, discounts, and other incentives. ConnexCS's vast variety of services and flexible pricing make it a fantastic alternative for organizations seeking trustworthy and affordable solutions.
PackagesPricing Guide: RATE - $0.0003/min; SERVER COST - $20/server; ANYEDGE - $20/server. Anycast Loadbalancer - $1/cps/month
Payment optionsСredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), PayPal, wire transfers, and ACH/direct debit.
Payment discountsDiscount on annual or multi-year subscriptions, discount based on payment period, and discount for referrals. You can always get more information directly from the customer service department.

ConnexCS online reputation

ConnexCS is an excellent option for companies who are searching for call routing and switching services of the highest possible quality and dependability. Customers express a general sense of contentment with the company's offerings, praising the company for its exceptional levels of customer assistance and dependability as well as its continuously affordable costs. On the other hand, a number of consumers have voiced their displeasure with the limited number of accessible personalization choices, stating that the company's offerings do not cater to the particular requirements of their businesses. When dealing with bigger amounts of calls, some consumers have reported suffering technological issues, which is another issue. ConnexCS is an excellent option for the majority of companies since it provides services that are both high-quality and trustworthy.
ConnexCS has served as the switching and LCR platform for our Yeastar hosted PBX platform for more than two years at this point, and I am very pleased to say that I can wholeheartedly endorse both the switch and the firm. Personally, I've worked in the telecommunications industry for more than 40 years, and I've been engaged with VoIP virtually from the technology's first commercial implementations. We have discovered that the Connex switch is very versatile, which afterward enables us to carry out intricate manipulations and blocking on both the customer and carrier sides. This eliminates the problems of origin-based surcharging and variable sending format requirements from carriers. I would also state that the support is great, with both setup concerns and requests for modification being addressed with in a prompt and polite way. This is in addition to the switch's high level of dependability, which I have already mentioned. Connex was suggested to three of my industry colleagues, all of whom are now using the platform as their primary switch as a result of my recommendation. - Kebba J.
There are a few anomalies within the platform, the most glaring of which being the rewriting of CLI option names and the masking of numbers. ConnexCS does not possess the necessary development resources to effectively administer and maintain a platform that is robust and error-free in the way in which it should be in order for it to function as intended. Because of this, ConnexCS is unable to accomplish its aims. In addition to this, the owner's inflated sense of his own importance makes it hard for him to even become aware of the fact that his firm is failing. - Chris S.
When it comes to dealing with issues that belong to international communications, we spend each day working from the convenience of our own homes. At any given moment of the day or night, it is feasible that I may be having a conversation with a person who is situated in any region of the globe. It is true that one does need a certain level of intellect in order to fully comprehend all that is related with the technology because of the complexity of the technology. In addition, despite the fact that I have worked in customer service for a significant length of time throughout the years, I have never dealt with clients and consumers of the same caliber as these. - Chris S.
If I could change one thing, it would be a simple one. To better keep track of who we've been texting with, I believe it would be incredibly useful if there was an option to "unread" texts. As soon as possible, the data from the majority of the country must be made public. The app also sometimes experiences periods of extreme slowness. It does not show the current status of the active call. The bulk of the background and analysis should be included on monthly calls. It's annoying that a regular phone must be used. If you don't have a personal phone number already, you'll. Both incoming and outgoing calls to this number will be blocked. - Randy D.
Call routing and billing are only two of the numerous services that can be accomplished by using ConnexCS, which is a communications platform that is entirely based in the cloud. It is extremely easy to operate, it can be set up in a relatively short amount of time, and it does not call for a significant amount of initial capital expenditure. As a direct consequence of this, I am able to state that I am completely content with it. Using the program did not present me with any difficulties or problems at any step of the process. This was true throughout the whole of the operation. - Becca P.
There are a lot of choices available, such as recording live conversations and transcribing voicemails, but it really could have a lot more. However, in all honesty, you can do about all you need to do with the free package that it provides. It does become a problem with some services due to the fact that the phone number is deemed to be a VoIP or internet number rather than a "real" number, and because of this, using it to sign up for things is not possible. On the other hand, as our everyday lives get increasingly intertwined with technology, it is gaining more and more acceptance. Because the program can only function while connected to the internet, utilizing it might be a costly endeavor because it often has performance issues. These issues are especially common in regions with subpar internet connections. - Kevin S.
I am also thankful that we have folks that are immediately accessible to us... she has a great deal of expertise and is constantly very fast to respond with answers to the problems that we are having. The whole of the ConnexCS product may be broken down into its component parts, the most notable of which are the product's features and its functioning. In addition, the product also includes an exceptionally attentive support team. - Oliver M.
It is well known that ConnexCS provides call quality that is consistently great across the board. The quality of the cellular or WiFi network that is being utilized may have a big influence on how well the service functions, despite the fact that we do not often have any problems with it. However, you should be aware that this kind of behavior is rather normal with VOIP services, and you should get yourself ready for it in advance. When more than one person is using the same account, even if one person takes an incoming call, the phones of the other persons will continue to ring even if the first person has taken the call. One thing that irritates me is that when you use the copy and paste tool, it simply copies the whole message. I really hope that there is a straightforward approach of copying the message. - Eddie W.
Two of the numerous benefits provided by ConnexCS include the fact that its costs are far cheaper than those of its rivals and that its goods function precisely as they should. These are just two of the many advantages provided by ConnexCS. The service is very user-friendly, and their technical support team is lightning-fast to reply and really helpful. Interface that is intuitive and easy to use, and the services that have been provided up to this point have been dependable. There are several configuration options available. It would seem that they are making concerted efforts to create new features and enhance what is already an amazing offering. In addition, it appears that they are working actively on the creation of new features. - Ben W.
It's difficult to obtain a Voice number without having an existing number, and I believe it needs to be a mobile number as well, so I'm happy I signed up before my phone was taken. However, many individuals have their phones set up so that calls from a Voice number are not received. Another area where I struggle is when I need to enter a credit card or bank account information using a keypad. The convenience of this tool is not without limitations, though. That it has its limits is one thing. It's not a very sturdy system overall. As it is compatible with a wide variety of service providers, mobile operating systems, and hardware, the restriction makes sense. However, there is still a lack of detail. The inability to easily reduce the size of the message box while typing might be frustrating if the phone is your primary device for work. Also, it does cut out lengthy texts. Therefore, keep it in mind. - Tylan R.

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ConnexCS Pros&Cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • Multiple versions available
  • Easy to use


  • Limited international language support
  • Not as many 3rd party integration options as some competitors
  • Pricing could be considered expensive for some users

ConnexCS Final Conclusions

ConnexCS is a reputable telecommunications provider with great customer service in the forms of technical help, stability, scalability, and account management, as attested to by the company's prior clientele. Although some customers have had minor issues with some features or have had to wait longer than expected for ConnexCS to fulfill their requests, they continue to express high levels of satisfaction with the company's goods and services. Reading these reviews, it's clear that ConnexCS is committed to giving its customers a positive experience they can trust.

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