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The Riptec family now includes the ConXhub system. A proprietary Mobile First VoIP system with unlimited user numbers and cloud switchboard capabilities. It's no surprise that Mobile Operators are eager to include conXhub middleware to develop new products and features, given the wide range of users for whom these services are intended.
conXhub Review

conXhub overview

Business collaboration and communication will never be the same after using conXhub.

In a matter of minutes, individuals may have their very own social network, complete with the ability to chat and interact with other users. It also facilitates networking and contact between companies directly. In terms of communication and cooperation, conXhub is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for company owners at all levels.

For the first time, conXhub offers a centralized method for enterprises of any size to maintain contact and organize their communications. ConXhub is an all-in-one platform that facilitates real-time communication, task management, and calendar administration for people. In addition, the program ensures that all communications inside an organization remain private at all times.

Features such as one-on-one and group chat, task management, file and media sharing, video conferences, appointment scheduling through drag-and-drop, and more are all available to businesses. Because of this, conXhub is the perfect tool for enterprises.

What conXhub has to say about itself

ConXhub is a communication and collaboration platform that is housed in the cloud. It offers a number of products and services to aid businesses of all kinds in improving their interactions with their customers, increasing the efficiency of their businesses, and saving money.

ConXhub was one of the first companies to develop Mobile First Technology, which positions the user's mobile phone as the primary means of communication. This is made possible by integrating the elements of voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP), unified communications, and mobile connectivity that provide the greatest potential benefits. The principal service that conXhub has to offer is a one-of-a-kind virtual phone service that allows customers to save several phone numbers on their mobile devices. This service is the company's flagship product.

A further enhancement that has been added to the service is mobile PBX technology. This technology routes calls within an organization and enables workers to make and receive conversations with each other and external parties using a shared set of phone numbers. The addition of this enhancement brings the total number of enhancements that have been added to the service to four. Managers are given power over the whole of the business via the use of the conXhub interface. Managers have the ability to add and delete users, pick and manage phone numbers from over 10,000+ worldwide destinations (including Mobile Landline, National, or International lines), monitor statistics, see reports, access recordings, and control call routing for numbers and teams all from inside one interface.

conXhub, being such a large company, has goods that are ideal for every sort of business, and each of these products can be changed to satisfy the individual needs of a given client. This is something that you would expect from a company of this size.

conXhub Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesconXhub helps enterprises of all sizes simplify communication, collaboration, and efficiency using Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions. Hosted phone systems, cloud contact centers, networks, unified communications, and mobility are its services. Its services may cut capital expenses, operational costs, and staff productivity.
FeaturesCall forwarding services, virtual phone number service, cloud phone system service
CertificationsСonXhub is certified as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encrypted platform. It also holds FIPA certification for secure information exchange within Germany, as well as ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system.

conXhub price policy

ConXhub provides several enterprise-level international phone lines at lower prices than other carriers. You may choose local access numbers from many countries, toll-free numbers from any country, or Virtual PBX. All are designed to help you interact with clients safely, effectively, and affordably. Bespoke packages let you select which functions to incorporate, making it cost-effective for any size company. Use a virtual private branch exchange (PBX) and advanced voice features like call recording, call forwarding, IVR, and auto attendant. Call analytics, dashboarding, unified communications, and other services are available on ConXhub.
PackagesWe have different kinds of packages, depending on the size of your company. You can find out the prices by contacting our customer service department.
Payment optionsCredit card, American Express, and PayPal. If you are located in the United States, you can also opt for cash payments and payments via check.
Payment discountsConXhub offers a variety of discounts to customers. Discounts include: discounts for annual subscriptions, discounts for non-profit organizations.

conXhub online reputation

ConXhub is a handy tool that consumers can use to manage their own customer service and obtain additional assistance. Consumers can also use ConXhub to get answers to their questions. This support may be obtained via the use of a broad range of different tools and information sources. Because of how straightforward it is to make use of, ConXhub's features consistently get positive feedback from its clientele. In addition to this, they like the fact that they may contact a member of the customer support staff at any hour of the day or night, which fulfills their expectations. Many consumers have expressed their displeasure with the length of time it takes for the company's customer service department to respond to their inquiries, despite the fact that they are pleased with the products themselves. ConXhub is a terrific solution for handling customer help problems in a manner that is both efficient and effective. It is conceivable for it to do both of these things.
The users of ConXhub now have access to a sizeable number of additional numbers. Due to the fact that the yearly membership cost more than $350, I arrived at the conclusion that it was not possible for me to keep my Skype number since it was not within my means to do so. The price of my ConXhub super phone, which is clearly more affordable than other phones of a comparable type and has a line that is noticeably clearer, is noticeably cheaper than the price of other phones. In point of fact, ConXhub serves no other function than to illustrate how egregiously immoral the business practices of a variety of other companies that supply phone service are.
They replied to my inquiry about whether or not it is okay for use with Microsoft Rewards by indicating that they employ "real" phone numbers despite the fact that the service in question is just VoIP. My query was whether or not it is appropriate for use with Microsoft Rewards. In addition, they guaranteed that customers would be entitled to a refund in the event that the product did not carry out its functions in the manner in which it was advertised to do so. When I phoned their customer service department earlier today, a representative informed me that they would be unable to provide a refund in this particular circumstance.
This is an excellent option for anybody who really needs a REAL phone line in the United States, as opposed to a poor virtual phone that is unable to pass any verifications, and it is available to them right here. They have access to this choice because this website gives them the link to it, which makes it accessible to them. In addition, customer service and support have been through a lot of significant changes as of late; Alex and Pablo supported me in fixing a problem I was experiencing with the application. These changes have been implemented recently. The fact that Alex and Pablo have been making extra efforts has made it possible for these shifts to take place as planned. Because my intuition tells me that this company is heading in the correct direction, I want to urge you to keep up the excellent work that you have been doing up to this point.
I was sent three emails but only received one of them. They informed me that they could get an SMS for verification from my US bank, but I never received the SMS. I tried to contact support, but the ticketing system was giving me an error message claiming that I had not entered my email address, even though I had already done so. Despite this, I continued to try to contact them. There is no way to allow at least some degree of submission. There is no way to cancel a subscription, even if it has already been paid for. Their mobile app does not transmit a code under any circumstances. I will never use the services of this company again.
My encounter with this particular user interface was, by a wide margin, both the most joyful and fruitful contact I've ever had with a user interface. This particular user interface is the one that I've used the most. As a direct result of my participation in this program, I was able to transform my previous profession as a real estate agent into a business that not only meets my desire for financial success but also allows me to continue to develop as an individual. Both of these objectives have been accomplished because to the success of this company. It not only meets my need for personal development, but it also fits the criteria of the individuals who employ me as a coach, so it's a win-win situation all around. Sending in an inquiry is all that is expected of you, and within the following few minutes, you will be provided with a response that resolves any and all worries that you could have...I would want to take advantage of this chance to show my thanks to the ConXhub team for the exceptional service that they have provided to each and every one of our customers over the course of the last few years. I am referring to the service that they have provided over the course of the previous few years. They have completed this task for each and every one of our customers in the past.
As soon as I checked the box on the Riptech system dashboard, all of my numbers disappeared at the same time. Even though the numbers associated with my account stopped receiving mail to those addresses, they did not stop charging a monthly fee for their services. Instead, they only changed the total amount that needed to be paid. THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO ANY OF MY EMAILS, NOR HAVE THEY BEEN ABLE TO REACH ME BY PHONE EITHER. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO FIND A SOLUTION TO THESE PROBLEMS AT THIS TIME. These are issues that still affect us here and now, in the present moment. I will present evidence to support my assertion that you are wrong to refute your assertion if you say that I work for a competing firm and am jealous of your success.
One Mobile, a large number of numbers, and exceptional service. It is not in the least bit difficult for me to go from one phone to another, and I am able to make use of a variety of different phone numbers on my phone. I find that it is quite entertaining, and I believe that conxhub has created a product that has a lot of potential. Despite the fact that I just signed up for the service, it looks as if everything has been running smoothly the whole time. I had never received a text message from any of the other services I used before I signed up for this one; nevertheless, as soon as I did so, I started getting them. Everything seems to be heading in the correct way so far, at least from my point of view. It is perfectly reasonable for you to pay the amount that you do for this service provided that it continues to function in the same manner.
This is the sixth outage this year. Due to this outage, our work line has not been receiving calls for the past nine days and the outage is still ongoing. The call could not be properly connected due to the communication problem that occurred. If you tried to call our number right now, you would get a recording saying that our number is "invalid" and the recording would play automatically. Because of this, consumers are unable to contact me, and as a result, I miss out on thousands of dollars in revenue. When I call ConXhub's sales department to find out how to become a new client of the firm, no one picks up the phone or returns my calls. ConXhub's customer service department is notoriously difficult to get in touch with. Because of the company's shockingly poor customer service, I will never, ever recommend this firm to anyone. Even after the power went out, they continued to bill me for services that I could not use and that I could not dispute in court.
The Superphone package that I bought is wonderful; not only does it have an outstanding phone signal, but it has also made my life a lot easier. I highly recommend getting one of these bundles. In addition, the assistance that was offered by customer service was not only instructive but also straightforward and simple to grasp. Without this software, I would be unable to run my business effectively as an independent contractor. Because of this, I am now able to communicate with prospective employers located in any area of the world at a cost that is much more manageable. In addition to being easy and uncomplicated to use, it enables me to save costs in a significant manner. Outstanding customer service and fully-functional virtual phone lines! Their customer service is fantastic; they always get back to me in a timely manner and are eager to help me find answers to any questions or concerns I may have. Unqualified support is offered!
These numbers are completely meaningless, which is why the vast majority of verification sites ignore them. This is not something worth spending money on at all. I would highly recommend that anyone and everyone, before making a conXhub purchase, read the reviews posted on most forums where this has been discussed. I strongly recommend that you improve the quality of the services offered and most importantly, "stop lying" because "false advertising is also fraud.

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conXhub Pros&Cons


  • Integration with other tools
  • Real-time reporting features
  • Process optimization


  • It is technically difficult
  • Dependence on communication technologies
  • Expensive

conXhub Final Conclusions

After taking into account both positive and unfavorable comments made by clients regarding the ConXhub business, it is evident that they, on the whole, provide them a positive experience. Customers are amazed by ConXhub's simple and user-friendly user interface (UI) and the company's ability to keep customers connected despite physical distance. Numerous customers also appreciate how easily the business may adjust to their own requirements and preferences.

However, in the past there have been some issues with the customer service representatives' responses, and right now their in-app video calling feature needs to be improved. Despite the issues brought up, ConXhub is still a solid and reliable option for customers who wish to stay connected away.

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