Blitz Review: Pricing, Features & More

Blitz's goal is to offer advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) options that help businesses simplify and eliminate manual labor. Along with creating software, one of their main objectives is to provide customers with expert advice and support so that they can get the most out of the solutions created by the company. This is besides making software creation one of their most important goals.
Blitz Review: Pricing, Features & More

Blitz overview

Blitz is a cutting-edge customer relationship management (CRM) platform that encourages collaboration among sales teams of all sizes, facilitates the practice of sales tactics, and helps businesses increase their revenue. It puts highly effective sales information and the ability to customize the customer experience right at your fingertips. Blitz is an all-in-one solution that was developed to assist businesses in increasing their sales, increasing the level of interaction they have with their customers, and maximizing their efficiency in the sales process.

Your sales staff will be able to manage and monitor their own contact information using Blitz, as well as locate and engage prospects, collect leads, document notes and actions taken, and manage activities. Blitz makes it simple and straightforward to do precise 360-degree customer analyses with only a few clicks of the mouse. This is accomplished by providing centralized contact pages as well as a single consolidated location to monitor customer data.

The Blitz platform provides businesses with access to robust analytic tools, as well as reports that can be customized and real-time insights. By providing data on-screen in a matter of seconds, it allows teams to more swiftly respond to inquiries and satisfy KPIs. Blitz provides a full suite of time-saving automated processes, with a focus on sales productivity. These time-saving automated processes include pipeline management, automation of emails and follow-up activities, sales forecasting, and more.

What Blitz has to say about itself

You may improve the efficiency of your sales funnel and automate the manual processes that are already in place in your organization by introducing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. If you are attempting to enhance the efficiency of your lead handling or make more sales to your current customers, Blitz may be able to help you work smarter, not harder.

The sales CRM software that you use should be able to work in unison with your operations rather than being an additional load for your business that provides no advantage. Blitz is a clever, powerful, and entirely flexible solution that provides you with the capability to expand along with the apps that you use.

You will have the power and access to the resources you need to build your sales funnel and achieve your goals if you use a customer relationship management system (CRM) for sales. You should begin by establishing your system so that it can properly monitor your sales and follow-up activities. In order for you to get the most out of your system, you will have someone there to guide you through each step of the setup process, addressing any questions that you may have and ensuring that industry standards are followed.

With the aid of the Blitz Sales Software CRM, sales teams are able to get rid of the monotonous, day-to-day duties that stand in the way of completing more deals and engaging more prospects. This allows the teams to focus their efforts on bringing in more customers. If they are provided with additional time as well as reports and data that are kept up to date, they will be able to sell more swiftly and provide a more personalized experience to each individual customer.

Blitz Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasOH
Service TypesIt is the only customer relationship management (CRM) tool that sales teams can use that can compete with it. That product is called Blitz. It puts the leads, projects, chores, and client contacts in one place and gives sales teams the tools they need to be successful. It also speeds up the sales process, syncs data with other apps that users may be using, and gives information about how both client and team projects are doing. This package includes things like contact and account management, lead tracking, automatic email marketing, calendar integration, chance monitoring, reports and analytics, teamwork tools, and client feedback surveys.
FeaturesAutomation to grow, manage contacts, track communication, source tracking, artificial intelligence, reporting & insights, meeting scheduling, user management
CertificationsBlitz has several certifications that include: PCI Security Standards Council, SOC2 Type 2 certification, ISO 27001 certification, and HIPAA certification.

Blitz price policy

Blitz services offers an accessible and cost-effective subscription option for companies of varying sizes. There is a wide variety of choices available to choose from, and the right one for you will depend on your specific requirements. For information on the various price options available, please contact your customer service department. Additional services and integrations may be acquired, however the costs associated with doing so vary. The Enterprise plan is geared for very big businesses and provides a range of premium add-ons; the price of this plan is up to discussion. You may also save money by paying the bill on a quarterly or annual basis.
PackagesThe company offers three service packages: Lite, Elite, Enterprise. You can be advised on the cost of each package by the Customer Service Department
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Apple, Google Pay, and AliPay, Amazon Pay, ACH bank transfers, and checks.
Payment discountsBlitz offers discounts for annual payments, multi-year commitments, and teams.

Blitz online reputation

Designed to help sales teams better manage their client relationships and pipelines, Blitz is a feature-rich and user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Customers who have used Blitz have had mainly positive experiences, complimenting the software's user-friendliness, functionality, and support. The product's user-friendliness, ability to integrate with existing infrastructure, and powerful automation features consistently get high marks from buyers. Nonetheless, a number of buyers have complained about the product's steep asking price and the trouble they had getting started. For sales teams searching for a complete and user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Blitz seems to be an outstanding option.
The workflows feature is one of my favorites. A significant advantage is gained by incorporating email automation into an existing powerful lead generation and customer relationship management system. It is also incredibly wonderful that you can quickly personalize, organize, and tag the different sorts of lead data so that it is simple to discover precisely what you need. This makes the system much more useful. It is quite simple to put into use. It may be tailored to meet our specific requirements. It helps to keep everyone in our workplace on track throughout the day. Incredible assistance is provided to me by our account executive all of the time. He takes into account my suggestions on the functionality of the program and works to implement them. He is prompt in his responses and really " gets it " The simplicity with which fresh data may be entered into the system is one of my favorite features. In addition to this, it is simple to make any required adjustments and to update any information. By using this technology, we are able to monitor the status of both our customers and our salespeople.
The fact that I am unable to manually alter, activate, or deactivate any workflows is the source of my aggravation. In order for it to be finished, you will need to get in contact with support. On the other hand, the extensive functionality more than makes up for this deficiency in its own right. There are a few items that I would want to add to my customization, but for the time being, those choices are not accessible to me. I would like to add these things. If I were looking for a certain customer, I would want to be able to find them by pressing a single key, preferably the enter key. This would make my search much more efficient. One of the reasons why I have a hard time recommending this software is because I do not even know how to utilize all of the fantastic possibilities that it provides. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the bad aspects of the program. At the moment, our team is only making use of around a fourth of the possibilities that are made accessible to us as a result of the use of this technology. As a direct consequence of this, the biggest issue is that I have not devoted a sufficient amount of time to get familiar with all that Blitz has to offer.
I appreciate that they are always working to enhance the program and that they take user comments into consideration while doing so. When I call with one of the customer service representatives, she is quite helpful, and she regularly checks in with us to see how things are going. Outstanding assistance provided to customers for an outstanding product. We regard it as one of our many blessings that we were provided with Julie as our account representative. Despite the fact that we were not quite prepared to get things started right away, she has followed up with us and maintained in contact with us. She took us through each stage of the process, explaining everything in a way that was simple and clear, and today marks the launch of our very first marketing campaign. It assisted me with my cold calling efforts and particularly with the follow-up that I needed to do. When starting a connection from beginning, being sure to follow up is the difference between success and failure.
I am the only individual working at this organization who has a substantial level of expertise dealing with customer relationship management (CRM). After using the same product for what must have been close to seven years in total, I decided to try something else. In order for me to be able to operate properly in line with the terminology that is used in your application, my own mental processes in my head need to be retrained. Although it is possible that the graphical user interface may seem to be superior, this is not actually the most crucial thing to take into consideration. I truly wish there was an option on the website to be able to send a text message to the potential customer. I think it would be incredibly helpful. Because there are certain contexts in which text is more effective than other modes of communication, having the option to utilize it would be a very welcome addition to this feature. It is required that all of my files be converted into CSV format before I can submit even the most basic spreadsheet, so this is the very first thing that I do. This is something that really irritates me.
The journey has turned out to be rather rewarding. Both the initial instruction and the follow-up are of very high quality. When we have issues, we receive responses fast, and it is very evident that customer support wants to participate in the problem-solving process. Because of this approach, I am able to simply monitor customer follow-up and determine where they are in the various life cycle stages. The procedure is not as straightforward as it should be since other CRMs make it more complicated. Blitz never complicates things. Simple to use and readily available; you may use it on either your PC or your phone! I like that any new sales leads are sent to me in real-time through email. Both the filtering options and the display customization choices are quite helpful to me. We determine which aspects are most significant, and we can arrange things pretty rapidly. Due to the fact that we run a somewhat little business, the milestone and status choices have far less significance for us. Nevertheless, I can see how something like this may be quite useful for a bigger firm.
It is not easy to set up the automatic dialer, and there is no predetermined "folder" or "tank" that you can check to see which leads are open and active at any particular point in time. Because of this, using the automatic dialer will be more challenging. When compiling a record of history, you are required to choose one of a number of distinct categories; nevertheless, I do not have a strong preference for any of these available choices. a phrase which is analogous to "attempted to make contact". I get the idea that it is sometimes possible for lead lists to be dishonest, which leads me to believe that there should be more possibilities that can be accessed in this way. In addition, I believe that there should be more options available. The device that is provided to you does not have a soft phone pre-installed on its internal hardware. Even if it does occur, it is not likely to be the absolute worst thing that could happen; yet, it would still be beneficial to be aware of the chance that it may occur.
I like that I can make different files and folders for each person of my sales team so that they can better organize their leads. I like how easy it is to change my leads. It's easy to see when these things happened and at what time. They make it so easy to keep things going! They keep adding things that make it simpler to use. Set up is simple. The help was a BIG deal. I was lucky that my boss walked me through everything. I never once felt confused or unsure about how I could use this to help my office. Because it can be changed, I can see how versatile and useful this software could be for ANY business. Best of all, they sell this product at a fair price, which shows that they want your business to stay "in the black." The work flows are the best thing about this program. This makes a change or action happen directly after another change or action. This lets you keep in touch with your clients quickly and easily. If you set things up right, you'll never forget to follow up with a client or have to tell them.
It's probable that this may irritate you, so prepare yourself. This is what will go place in the event that there is an issue with the computer. Due to the fact that I do not have a lot of experience working with computers, I am unable to tell for certain whether or not the steep learning curve of this system is an issue or just an indication that I do not know very much about them. Because of this, it is much more difficult for me to determine whether or not this strategy has a high learning curve than it would have been otherwise. It's probable that the issue is due to the fact that I haven't had sufficient experience working with a system similar to the one I'm using now. There is no shadow of a doubt that anything like this might take place. It is very possible that this will take place. My comprehension of the reports isn't quite where it needs to be, and checking that they are correct consumes a significant amount of time that isn't strictly required. It's conceivable that I failed to complete one of the phases in the procedure due to the fact that I've been so busy recently.
Amazing, the people who work in customer support are true experts who are always ready to address and effectively answer my questions or help me setup the system so that it works the way I want it to work. The ease of use; while I was using my old CRM, it took me practically an entire year to figure out how to carry out the tasks that I needed to carry out. This one is much simpler. I was able to develop all of the functionality I required in a time frame that was much shorter than a week when I used Blitz. carries on with an approach that is both simple and VERY organized. It seems inconceivable to me that I would ever be able to live my life without Blitz. It is really popular among the members of my team. My company, Family Life Insurance Group, had a need that a new user be added to our account just today. Julie Alley did an excellent job of directing me through the process, but what really satisfied me was the fact that she called me back to help me with the setup of the new user after she had already finished her work. Nice!
It would seem that there are continual alterations; hence, if you are not a frequent user, it is as if you need to begin the procedure all over again. It would be wonderful if administrators had the opportunity to create their own procedures. Although the phone numbers have not been cleaned up yet, doing so in the near or far future would be a fantastic addition to the existing feature set. I would want to have some discretion to change the information that is fed into my system by online lead providers. I would like some liberty to change the information. In addition to this, I believe that it should be feasible to put a premium not only on revenue but also on potential. This is something that I believe should be possible. The operation of email may be clumsy at times, and users are restricted in the kind of content they can include in their messages. Email also has a smaller file size restriction.

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Blitz Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Customizable


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Limited features
  • Limited customer service

Blitz Final Conclusions

The Blitz Company has varied customer feedback, with some happy and others unhappy. Blitz seems ready to provide small firms with efficient CRM services. Many consumers say Blitz is a great tool for maintaining client connections due to its simplicity of use and price. Businesses using the platform claim increased productivity from fewer duplicate entries and customer pleasure through quicker customer care answers.

Others complain about the platform's limited flexibility and functionality. However, most customer evaluations are good, and many praise the platform's friendly customer support employees.

Blitz seems to be a good economical CRM platform for SMEs. The platform is generally praised for its cost and usability. Businesses using Blitz claim increased productivity and customer happiness, and the platform has friendly customer support representatives.

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