Myphoner Review

Myphoner simplifies and clarifies the steps involved in making sales calls while at the same time lowering the expenses associated with making such calls. As a consequence of this, your company will be able to expand while keeping its current level of profitability.
Myphoner Review

Myphoner overview

Myphoner is a revolutionary sales automation platform that features state-of-the-art technologies for lead creation and customer service. Hosting on the cloud enables one to do this. Myphoner is an all-inclusive CRM that provides users with a simple drag-and-drop interface for automating a variety of tasks, including the production of leads, the segmentation of leads, the creation of customer journeys, the collection of customer metrics, and the development of automation. Each of these tasks was developed with the intention of assisting clients in simplifying the processes that they run related to sales.

Myphoner makes it easy for teams to produce leads via automated campaigns, arrange those leads into nurture streams, send automated emails and text messages, follow the development of customers, and collect information that can be used to take action. Myphoner offers a comprehensive library of integrations that may be used to develop customised solutions that are specifically adapted to meet the needs that are unique to your organization. You will not incur any additional fees if you make use of the connectors included in Myphoner's library. If a sales team wants to enhance their production, complete deals more quickly, and nurture long-lasting ties with their consumers, then Myphoner is an absolute must for that sales team.

What Myphoner has to say about itself

Myphoner is an innovative and cutting-edge approach to the use of software for conducting cold calling campaigns and following up with potential customers. You can't help but crack a grin when using it due to its user-friendly UI and clear wording. When leads are claimed and locked, it is much simpler for the whole of your team to collaborate on the same list of leads. In addition, each list may be delegated to one or many agents, depending on the situation. Navigate quickly and easily through a list of leads by dialing their phone numbers. You may contact the next lead in your queue automatically and without any wait by using the power dialer provided by Myphoner.

You're running an agency, and you have several clients, right? Make sure that the data and settings for each customer are kept completely separate by putting them in their own individual silos. Simple management of duplicate leads either as you go along or after the leads have been imported. Obtain an exhaustive report, and deal with the duplicates how it best fits you. We are aware that you need to do more than just cold calling, and we provide you the freedom to do so by allowing you to connect to practically any other service via the use of Zapier. These services include Salesforce, Pipedrive, Sendgrid, and Zoho CRM.

Myphoner Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasUSA, UA
Service TypesMyphoner offers automated calling, text messaging, email follow-up, contact management, lead scoring, conversion tracking, appointment reminders, and analytics.
FeaturesOverview, lead tracking, Email templates, Power Dialer, lead deduplication, lead routing
CertificationsSOC 2 Type 2, ISO 9001, ISO 27001

Myphoner price policy

Myphoner offers a variety of pricing options to fit your business needs. The Basic plan offers basic features. The Plus plan offers all the features of Basic, plus additional features such as a task management system and advanced analytics. For enterprise-level businesses, Myphoner offers a Premium plan. This plan offers all the features of the Plus plan, plus additional features such as predictive dialing, Salesforce integration, and lead tracking. Whichever plan you choose, all Myphoner plans include free customer service and a free 14-day trial.
PackagesBasic - $19/seat/mon (paid yearly), Plus - $29/seat/mon (paid yearly), Premium - $49/seat/mon (paid yearly)
Payment optionsCredit card or American Express
Payment discountsMyphoner provides a variety of price options, each of which may, depending on the plan selected, give savings ranging from 10% all the way up to 25%. When a customer chooses to purchase a yearly membership, there is a possibility that they may be entitled for an extra discount of 10%. In addition, Myphoner provides a discount of 15% percent to charitable organizations that meet the requirements.

Myphoner online reputation

While some users have commended the user-friendly interface of MyPhoner and claimed having positive experiences with the company's customer help, other customers have found it complicated to use and have voiced dissatisfaction with the company's customer care. Some users have complimented the user-friendly interface of MyPhoner. MyPhoner has been subjected to a wide range of reviews by users on the internet, and the responses have been contradictory. Although there have been some cases of technical issues as well as some rare troubles with customer assistance, the great majority of assessments point to a service that is trustworthy and uncomplicated. There have been some instances of technological issues. In overall, it looks like MyPhoner is an excellent choice for anybody who is seeking for something that is user-friendly as well as reliable, and this applies to a number of different scenarios.
Despite the fact that our previously personally designed solution was tailor-made and included a few features that we found particularly appealing, I find that I appreciate the service and contact, as well as the dependable platform with which to collaborate, even more. We have been using it for years now, and despite the fact that our previous personally designed solution was tailor-made and included a few features that we found particularly appealing, we have been using it for years now. The advantage that stands out to me as the most useful part of using this software is the fact that it makes it easy for a team of 10 individuals to work out of the same pipeline without stepping on each other's toes. This is the benefit that stands out to me as the most advantageous aspect of using this program. The experience is made better for ALL callers as a result of the program's capability to inform ANY caller when the next due prospect on the list is accessible for contact. Because of this, there is no need for any caller to be concerned about the possibility of depleting the same lead an excessive number of times without effectively making contact with the prospect. Ability to move about easily. Due to the fact that all of the information is shown simultaneously, there is not necessary to scroll in any direction. Beneficial in the course of putting follow-ups in place for the vendors.
The numbers for call monitoring, on the other hand, seem to constantly be wrong by a little amount in comparison to the tracking statistics that are supplied by our in-house phone software. Integration with customer relationship management systems is essential, such as Salesforce. Having an application that could be used on mobile devices would be helpful. The date feature is not working properly at the moment. The time, in the format used in the United States. If you want to change the order in which the options are presented inside the field definition, you will have to start the procedure again from the very beginning. The mobile application will now have an expanded feature set. I dislike the fact that I can only export around 5000 leads at a time in Excel before they are provided to me in CSV format, which is nearly always a little bit mixed up. I find this limitation quite frustrating. It would be to everyone's advantage if everything could eventually be made accessible in German, especially for the members of my staff. There are a few peculiarities that, if handled, would make my life easier; however, some of them are already on the to-do list at Myphoner, while others may just be incredibly personal preferences. Addressing these peculiarities would make my life easier if they were addressed.
There are a lot of features, especially if you have admin access and pay for the extra capabilities, such as being able to email and send messages. There are also a lot of features if you have admin privileges and don't pay for the other capabilities. If you have administrative access, you will also have access to a large number of functions. In most circumstances, I make use of it to automatically call numbers, record your calls, and make things simpler for me. Importing data from a CSV or Excel file is a breeze, and initial configuration consists of nothing more than a few elementary steps at most. Another element that contributes to the overall ease of use is the option to have the script shown on the screen. My favorite features of Myphoner are the ones that enable the analysis and reporting of user data. As the leader of the team, this provides me with a fantastic mechanism for keeping track of the calls that have been made as well as the results of those calls. It is astonishing how simple it is to use the system to keep track of calls, callbacks, and other operations similar to those mentioned above.
The limitation was placed by the suppliers of the service, in addition to the lack of an aid file that was more thorough. In reference to the claim that responses to messages are provided on the same day they are received. It would be wonderful if there were other options for personalizing phone numbers. A key want would be to be able to separate the activity tab into an activity tab and a tap cor comments tab. This would make it much simpler to read comments without the need to scroll down and filter through all of the missed calls, etc., which would make viewing comments much quicker. In addition, this would make it much easier to read comments. I really wish the app had a wider range of features to choose from. It is necessary for me to contact companies in order to set up face-to-face meetings with them; thus, it would be useful if I could use the app to make phone calls even while I am away from home. When you have to go through hundreds of thousands of leads, the fact that the search function is unable to locate certain leads by their last names or first names is very annoying. There is room for some enhancements in the search feature.
Myphoner is an outstanding piece of software because of its ability to automate and monitor customer outreach, construct tailored campaigns and messages, offer significant information about each call, and interface with a broad range of customer relationship management systems. The fact that it is run on a cloud-based platform and has a user interface that is easy to understand both add to the allure of the product as a whole. It is simple to use, and if you already have leads created, the notion can effectively be described as "plug and play." After making the required adjustments to the pre-existing excel files in order to fulfill the needs of myphone, I was able to start making calls in a matter of minutes. In circumstances in which one has to make a high number of calls in a relatively short length of time, the power dialer is an excellent tool to have available. The customer relationship management (CRM) functionality as well as the capacity to modify the program to match my needs in terms of follow-ups and the data of prospective organizations are both features that I find to be highly tempting in a software application. You have the ability to quickly adjust the data in real time, for instance, if your data suggests that you should be speaking to Person A but you learn that it is really Person B when you are having the discussion, you have the ability to immediately change the data.
There is no option to personalize "action buttons" that are more normal, such as callback or archive. It will not be able to make any changes to the text. It is not feasible to deactivate choices that do not contribute to the experience. There is a limit to the number of buttons that may be added. There are no actions that are carried out "behind" the buttons, such as the selection of an account manager, the appearance of popup obligatory fields, or any of the other aforementioned activities. The specified lists will not undergo any deduplication at this time. It is quite feasible for a single customer to have more than one list. You have the option of deduplicating all of the lists or just one of them according to your preferences. that it does not have any fields that are able to hold image files, nor does it have any forms that can be edited, and it does not include any changeable forms. One of the characteristics of the software that I despise the most is that it is not possible to repeat campaign settings like segments and filters. This is one of the things that bothers me the most about the program. In the case of lists, we are required to manually input the parameters.
It is helpful to be able to go back to the same point where I left off in the prior session and pick up contacting prospects from where I left off. Myphoner keeps track of where I am in the lead order and maintains my place, while prior lead databases required me to actively search for leads that needed to be reached in order to retain my position. In addition, Myphoner makes it easy to target callbacks for the goal of following up with leads by providing this functionality. MyPhoner has proven to be the most convenient and lightweight solution for our outbound calling staff to satisfy their requirements. Our attempts to generate leads have been considerably more effective as a result of this feature-rich calling tool, and it has also made it much simpler for us to set it up, so we are extremely delighted with it. A huge thank you for all of the hard work that you've put into making the application so easy to use! In addition, the feature roadmap and the great product support are two things that our team members truly like and appreciate having access to. Fantastic product, extremely user-friendly campaign setup, lightning-fast lead upload, and exceptional help from sales reps all make this a standout offering.
We need a system that allows information to be dumped into a spreadsheet in order to determine the total number of calls that were placed. If you are looking for a large predictive dialer, you should go elsewhere since this is not the right predictive dialer for you. Due to the fact that this is a click to call dialer, you will need to get used to customizing how you want to go through and dump leads, or turn leads off or dead as opposed to archiving them. I wish the software could offer me with further background information in real time and automatically on a lead so that I wouldn't have to go and seek it out on my own. This would save me a lot of time and effort. For example, if I had "John Doe" from "ABC Corp." shown on the screen, it would be amazing if it loaded other information relating to John Doe (social profiles, etc.) that was important to ABC Corp. Because of this, I wouldn't have to exit Myphoner to seek up the information elsewhere in order to be ready for a sales call; instead, I could just use this feature instead. It's not a major issue, but having this option in Myphoner would change the game in a significant way if it were available.
Myphoner is a click-to-call solution that is simple to use and will enable you to handle leads while simultaneously converting them into clients. It is not an all-inclusive CRM; rather, it is an application that focuses on list calling. After a potential customer has been converted into a prospect, you can next include them in your customer relationship management system (CRM). You may import leads from any list or format imaginable, you can dedupe them, and you can test out the service for free. Additionally, it may be customized to display the information that is most relevant to your requirements. When contacting old leads, stale leads, or even just random leads that you add to a list, I've found that this tool comes in helpful. If you want to add some email connectivity, it is just a few dollars a month per user, which makes it a rather affordable option for calling software. If you simply want to grin and dial, it will cost you some dollars a month. There is, however, a free version to try out that has restricted features but does not restrict the amount of calling you can do.
MyPhoner is a service that provides a lot of value to its users, but before I discuss any possible negatives, it is essential for me to point out that our unique use of the platform differs from that of some of the platform's other users. You may find a list of things that, in my view, need to be updated further down this page: In order for winners to take part in callbacks, it is possible that they will be rescheduled back into the same list. It's possible that the ability to dedupe is restricted to particular lists OR - The capability of establishing several "companies," together with the option to restrict list deduplication inside each "company" to a predetermined set of lists. - Integrations that are user-friendly, economical, and compatible with the most common customer relationship management systems.

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Myphoner Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Automation
  • Integration with other systems


  • No mobile app
  • High price
  • Complex setup

Myphoner Final Conclusions

Myphoner's skills as a supplier of customer relationship management (CRM) and telephone services, as well as its exceptional customer care and inexpensive service charges, are among the most enticing aspects of the service provider, according to client evaluations. The existing tools in the field of telecommunications leave a lot to be desired in terms of the quality of the user experience, the degree of customization that is available, and the interface design for such tools. These are all areas in which the tools might be improved.

There is space for advancement in terms of the overall quality of the experience that the product provides for the customer when they are using it. To summarize, Myphoner is the greatest choice for companies who are searching for a simplified and all-encompassing answer to the issues they have in maintaining connections with their clients and the telephone demands of their firm.

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