Zoho Review

Zoho provides a suite of online web tools that may boost your productivity and make collaboration simple. These applications can be accessed from any web browser. The online office tools offered by Zoho consist of a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation tool, hosted wiki, notepad, customer relationship management system, and other applications.
Zoho Review

Zoho overview

Zoho is a one-of-a-kind and highly effective software package that will completely change the way you operate. Built by a firm that places a high priority on protecting your privacy, this solution is adaptable to companies of any size. You can run your complete company on Zoho with their unified cloud software. This software is meant to help you break down barriers between departments and boost the productivity of your corporation.

Enjoy everything that the Zoho ecosystem has to offer, including its breadth and depth, along with the professional services, infrastructure, support, and security that a major company needs. Streamline difficult company procedures, focus on developing solid connections with customers, and promote scalable growth.

Trust, according to Zoho, is the most important component of every connection. It does not control your data, nor does it sell it, and it in no way relies on advertising-based economic models in any way, shape, or form. The payment of software licensing fees is the sole source of revenue for our company. Software is its trade, and it supports its art with unceasing expenditures in research and development. To such an extent that it would rather control the complete technological stack, including the operation of its data centers throughout the world.

What Zoho has to say about itself

With the help of the integrated Zoho suite of tools, your team can increase productivity to new heights. It has an office and collaboration suite, a file management tool, and an email service with plenty of features. Zoho is the most dependable workplace solution for your workers, with more than 16 million users.

The consolidated dashboard consolidates all of your applications' data in one location. You may now concentrate on what requires your complete attention rather than juggling a number of unrelated programs. The dashboard widgets show your daily schedule, including meetings, emails, and other items that need your immediate attention. You may modify the dashboard anyway you like. Alternate between themes, select your favourite language, and get to work.

Its powerful word processor, Zoho Writer, is thoughtfully designed to meet all of your writing requirements. You may have a concentrated writing experience with Writer's lean, basic design, and easy tools. A clever and safe spreadsheet data management solution is Zoho Sheet. You may create interactive spreadsheets and use charts and pivot tables to visualize your data. Sheet is your go-to solution for managing the data for your team, including bespoke functionality as well as automated data cleansing.

You can build captivating presentations with Zoho Show and offer them to your audience from any location. Show provides a selection of layouts together with cutting-edge animation capabilities that may improve your presentations.

A new generation of social media-style mailbox collaboration is offered by Zoho. Instead of exchanging emails back and forth, discussions may be direct and to the point. You can publish ideas, lead fruitful conversations, and create action plans all from one location with Zoho Mail's Streams. Access all of your data and resources from anywhere by storing them in the cloud. Your team files are stored separately in WorkDrive's Team Folders. Give permissions depending on access while keeping total control over your data.

Zoho Review

Year Started1996
Company Websitezoho.com
Service Areasmore than 150 countries
Service TypesZoho offers CRM, project management, office suite, HR, analytics, accounting, task management, invoicing, and enterprise connectivity services. Zoho also provides entire CRM, sales, marketing, customer support, web conferencing, collaboration, customer care, and ERP solutions.
FeaturesSales, Marketing, Service, Finance, Email & Collaboration, HR, Legal, Security & IT Management, BI & Analytics, Project Management, Developer Platforms
CertificationsISO 27001, EU-USPS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2

Zoho price policy

For its services, Zoho has a variety of price tiers available. Costs may be determined by the number of users, storage, or features and services needed, depending on the plan type selected. The Zoho One suite, which has a selection of 40 apps, is the most flexible option. Additionally, well-liked plans for Zoho Mail, ZohoBooks, and Zoho CRM are available. Zoho further provides bespoke plans for companies needing unique features. Depending on the size of the business and the demands of the client, these plans vary greatly. Before purchasing a subscription, you may also test out a lot of Zoho's products without spending anything.
PackagesZoho offers a variety of features for varying prices. For more accurate price information, you need to contact support.
Payment optionsCredit card, debit card, PayPal, bank wire transfer, check.
Payment discountsThere is a possibility that businesses might qualify for promotional discounts and volume discounts.

Zoho online reputation

Overall, Zoho is a highly recommended online business solutions company. Zoho's configurable features, simplicity, and friendly customer care are praised by customers. People may avoid Zoho since it's too hard for starters. Technology troubles and errors may also frustrate consumers. Although Zoho has these drawbacks, most clients are delighted with its services and suggest it for business.
I enjoy how it makes it easier to organize all of the emails that customers give us especially in accordance with the way that our business operates, handling all of their questions and providing them with feedback. Zoho has powerful automation tools, which assist in streamlining various sales processes. You have the ability to automate repetitive operations like lead assignment, email alerts, and reminders to follow up. You may save time, cut down on the number of mistakes, and make sure that crucial jobs do not fall through the cracks if you automate these everyday processes. Zoho is an excellent collection of software apps that are meant to make company processes more efficient. Zoho provides an all-in-one solution for companies of any size, thanks to the breadth and depth of its toolkit, which includes CRM, project management, accounting, marketing automation, and more besides. Its seamless integration, user-friendly design, and scalable nature make it an invaluable tool for maximizing both productivity and efficiency. The attraction of the program is further increased by the presence of collaborative features and devoted customer assistance, notwithstanding the possibility that there may be a learning curve during the process of setting it up and customizing it. Learn more about Zoho now to streamline the management of your company's operations. - Augusto S.
Con is that we are unable to log calls for the same day since the application only displays AM possibilities for the same day. The support crew does nothing except make things more confusing for you. Every time you give them an order, the first thing they respond with is, "But can we help you?" This is the standard response, which never provides either an answer or a resolution to the problem. They will receive your money but will not provide a refund or provide any other kind of compensation. You are ignored and essentially thrown back to the beginning of the game each time, which encourages you to leave. When anything does go wrong with Zoho, they are to blame since they created the problem, and no one has ever come up with a workable solution. You pay for all of this cash to have the system set up, just to be left high and dry when they run into a problem. The information technology firm and I went back and forth for a total of four weeks without reaching a conclusion since the problem was never resolved, and I wanted to get my company operating normally again. After waiting for eight months, we have heard nothing, and our request to discontinue the membership has been disregarded. Got it, however before we can assist you, they still insist on taking money and then refusing to give it back. - Alex P.
Zoho offers a wide range of tools that make it simple to manage my clients, staff members, and company as a whole. We absolutely like how affordable and straightforward the programs are. We picked up the information rapidly and were able to use the services almost immediately. This CRM is more effective for me since it does not need any coding expertise or any developer to make minor platform tweaks. We wanted a CRM that we could rapidly start and deploy, and this program matched all of our criteria. Its user-friendly interface makes it very efficient for processing as many accounts as necessary and for reporting data. With the help of complaint management software, you may receive, reply to, and handle client complaints. For a quicker resolution, this process calls for a streamlined approach and ongoing monitoring. The platforms are valued by our sales leaders because they make their tasks simpler. Zoho CRM provides everything you want, in contrast to other systems that require you to utilize several platforms to carry out various tasks. To manage the sales funnel, handle and segment prospects, and conduct sales meetings, we utilize the CRM. When you have a great product like Zoho that enables you to accomplish all you need to sell, selling becomes more pleasant. - Carlos D.
The fact that our personnel and the Zoho staff have some difficulty communicating due to language barriers has been a problem. When we have questions or need assistance, it is quite difficult for us to comprehend what they are saying. Their customer service isn't up to standard, and they have a terrible account administration gather to start with qualified that can never be managed with due to responsiveness. There is still some work to be done for the platform to be able to deliver on the promises that it has made, and the return on investment in terms of both time and money can be a time-consuming process. Zoho One is very new to the business world and is still in the beginning phases of its development. There is a possibility that some characteristics are absent or hard to identify at first. Their designs often include an excessive amount of clutter, and just a handful of their interfaces are user-friendly. - Harry K.
I appreciate that it is cheap for both small and large organizations, as well as having a reasonable cost and fantastic features. Since I use Google Apps and Google Docs on a regular basis, the fact that Zoho interacts so easily with these and other products makes my job much simpler. Provides a free as well as a premium version, with the paid version beginning at $14 dollars per month. The tools are able to be personalized, and doing so is quite simple. The generation and exporting of reports is a breeze, and as a result, our staff is organized at all times. The user interface of Zoho CRM is straightforward and self-explanatory, and the software needs very little to no training. In contrast to those other sophisticated comparable items, the installation takes very little time and saves a significant amount of time. Companies that handle their sales, marketing, and operations using a range of software packages would benefit tremendously from implementing Zoho One as their solution of choice. In the past, we managed our billing, CRM, and marketing funnels using three different software programs. However, with Zoho One, we are now able to do all of these tasks from a single interface window. - Joshua C.
Integrations of Zoho with other applications might on occasion present a number of bugs. There is one aspect of this customer relationship management system (CRM) that I do not like, and that is the fact that Zoho CRM is more costly than similar products offered by competitors. Due to the fact that they are established not in the United States, the support is not very strong. It is okay, but there are occasions when people are unable to comprehend what it is that I am really requesting. In the beginning, it might be difficult to grasp how to set everything up, and this is especially true if you have never used a ticketing program before. It was a little on the pricey side for a local shop in the heart of Europe. Especially considering that we were just getting started and did not need all of the capabilities that came with the package that we had to purchase in order to receive the services that we did require. - Jorge G.
We have been using Zoho services at our firm for years, and it has been a wonderful experience. Zoho One's introduction has made operations more accessible and quick since we can now access all Zoho Apps in one location. With the help of the powerful analytics and reporting features included in this all-inclusive business solution, businesses may learn important new information. I don't only see the whole Zoho family of products as an alternative to the status quo. They have designed trustworthy items that meet a variety of purposes without breaking the bank and have established a reputation for themselves. Because of this, I think it's fantastic for both large corporations and startups and SMEs. Even those without prior CRM expertise may easily utilize Zoho CRM.You can easily adapt Zoho CRM to the unique requirements of your company because to its great degree of customization. For companies searching for a simple-to-use CRM system, Zoho is a decent choice overall. My job would be completed without it, and I use it every day. I use it to deliver significant emails to clients while managing campaigns. centralized administration of all data and information. The fantastic and simple-to-understand reports and dashboard from Zoho CRM are the most significant aspect. - Mark D.
Each module is capable of communicating with the others, although on a very basic level right out of the box. You will need to modify the capabilities of each module so that they can communicate with one another in the way that you want. You will need some time to figure this out... have some patience, the device is not a "Magic Genie," but it has the potential to become one if you program it properly. As your usage of and familiarity with something increases, you will learn what you need and what you want. It is highly recommended that you pay for the support that Zoho provides; if you don't have a large number of employees, it won't cost you a lot of money since the cost is a percentage of the total license charge. The Zoho one support staff is here to provide any help that you could need at any time. There are two different levels of support that you can pick from. You may go with a Zoho partner that has an understanding of business and can help you choose how you will utilize your Zoho product. These Partners are bright, clever organizations that are aware of what they are doing and are doing it well. As a result, your prices are comparable to what they have experienced. The Zoho support group is not intuitive and has no business sense; yet, they will solve any issue you have and answer any queries you have, but they do not have any commercial understanding. - Sarah Q.
I have been using Zoho for customer relationship management for more than three years and have found it to be an absolutely incredible platform. The easiest-to-use user interface that they have is also one of their strongest selling points. It is really simple for me to utilize. Zoho CRM enables us to manage all of our databases and the information that is connected to them in a one location while providing an exceptional level of security. I am able to attest to the fact that this is an outstanding CRM. As a small to medium-sized firm that caters to other businesses, this solution meets all of our requirements well. The capabilities of the CRM system make it simple to keep track of client data. The user interface is quite simple to grasp, there are useful features, such as online forms and workflow automations, and the pricing is lower than that of competing CRMs. We chose Zoho over SugarCRM because of their strong customer focus nature, which is the most essential thing that we constantly keep in mind, and on the other side, there is a lot of wonderful features that Zoho is delivering, and in SugarCRM, these features are lacking. - Ray C.
The user interface has, from the beginning, been a little bit clumsy, and it seems that this will never change. It has also always been one of my pet peeves that individuals who enter the sales process at an early level (Leads) are unable to be immediately pushed to the 'Contacts' or 'Prospects' stage. This makes me want to pull my hair out. Initial configuration takes some time, and the default settings aren't always useful. Instructions for the webhook connection are difficult to comprehend, and it is unknown whether or not Slack integrations provide two-way capability (if they do, the process will be manual). Frequent monitoring is required for the delivery of the mail. If after six hours you still have not received any tickets, the mail fetching service has been disabled and must be manually restarted. Since there is no polling service or automatic mail fetching ping service, you will need to ensure that you remember to start this service once it has been stopped before doing maintenance on exchange. - Leonardo E.

Zoho Social media

https://www.youtube.com/zoho111000 Subscribers
People on Reddit have a good opinion of Zoho as a whole since it is dependable, user-friendly, and cost-effective business software that assists companies of all sizes in improving their workflows and expanding their operations. A great number of individuals have remarked on how user-friendly and adaptable it is, seeing it as an indispensable instrument for increasing productivity. A further factor that contributes to Zoho's overall favorable image is the company's excellent customer service. Zoho is a fantastic choice for organizations who want to get the most out of their software investments because of the extensive feature set it offers as well as its ability to interact with other applications.

Zoho average reviews

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Zoho Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive suite of cloud-based business applications
  • Easy integration
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Language support is limited
  • User interface can be confusing
  • Lack of mobile app support

Zoho Final Conclusions

Customers of the Zoho firm seem, on the whole, to have conflicting opinions towards the company. Customers are happy with the firm because it provides trustworthy goods and services, has friendly and helpful customer care representatives, has services that are simple to use, and has a broad range of available features.

However, unsatisfied customers have brought to light flaws with the installation procedure, complaints about the product's usefulness, and generally higher prices when compared to services of a comparable kind. Even while Zoho offers a lot of fantastic features and solutions, it is abundantly evident that the company still has some potential for development.

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