Close Review: Pricing, Features & More

Close is a sales interaction CRM created to assist SMBs in generating more money from leads. It is focused on the kind of company that will dominate in the future: distributed, intelligent teams. You've discovered the ideal sales tool if you're a tech-savvy team that wants to grow without spending too much on corporate software. Without any additional fees, Close enables you to email, phone, and text your leads.
Close Review: Pricing, Features & More

Close overview

For enterprises of the future, Close creates quick, effective sales software. Since 2013, it has been developing a CRM without the inconvenience of manual data input or a challenging user interface that focuses on improved collaboration.

Closed goal: double each sales representative's output. It is a team of thinking people who value autonomy and influence and are 100% self-funded, profitable, and remote. It is keen to create a product that its clients continue to fall in love with.

Currently, it has more than 80 team members from different countries that help and train hundreds of consumers every day toward success. Close values serve as a compass to direct all of its choices, whether they are internal or external to the consumer. You will see these principles in action whether you are a client of Close or thinking about joining its staff.

Building a home you desire to live in is its most noteworthy fundamental value. It would be nice to live in a "house" with plenty of pure water, fresh air, and renewable energy sources that allow for the unrestricted habitation of future generations on our planet. Because of this, Close donates 1% of its profits to Stripe Climate. Its efforts, along with those of several other forward-thinking companies, support the development and use of technology that reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide. Reversing the impacts of climate change is the biggest task there is. Close is pleased to provide efforts to address this problem.

What Close has to say about itself

Customers of Close will always have the impression that they are receiving full assistance from the company since Close is the only CRM that is entirely geared toward meeting the requirements of SMBs and expanding teams. Get started with a free trial right now.

Because it is loaded with productivity features such as Sequences, task reminders, and Power Dialer, you will be able to contact more prospects, follow up with them more often, and complete more transactions. Everything is consolidated into a single timeline for maximum visibility throughout the team. The performance of sales representatives may be doubled with the aid of our built-in call coaching, which allows sales managers to teach their employees without leaving their CRM.

The advantages that Close provides are both an indication of the company's fundamental beliefs and a source of great pride for the company. These may be different for you depending on the nation in which you operate. Because Close places a high priority on the applicant experience, the interview process may be structured differently for each open position. It makes an effort to offer an atmosphere that respects the time and energy of its applicants as well as the team working within.

Close has extensive capabilities for email, phone calls, and text messages that are meant to speed up the process of moving leads through your sales cycle. You can personalize Close to function the way you want it to with the help of Custom Activities, Custom Fields, and Custom Objects. Integrations for calling, SMS, Zoom, as well as email and calendar are available. Everything is included, and there is no need to download any other programs. On both mobile and desktop applications, use the Close button.

Close Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUSA, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France
Service TypesClose offers easy and powerful CRM software for SMBs. It manages contacts, deals, emails, and calls, and automates follow-ups and meetings. The program offers marketing automation, multi-channel customer assistance, pipeline tracking, and custom reporting. Integrations with major applications and services are also available.
FeaturesOverview, Communication, Automation, Integrations, Reporting, SMS, Calling, Security
CertificationsGCP, ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI Level 1

Close price policy

Close is a client relationship management tool that offers sales teams everything they need in one location. The price that you pay for its services is based on the number of people on your team, the functions that you need, and how long your subscription is. In general, it provides customers with three different bundles. The price may go up to $699 per month for five users if you want more sophisticated capabilities. In addition to that, it provides individualized pricing for bigger teams that have more than ten members. You may test out Close risk-free for 14 days with any plan to see whether or not it meets your needs and expectations.
PackagesStartup - $49 (Includes 1 user); Professional - $299 (Includes 3 users); Enterprise - $699 (Includes 5 users)
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsClose gives a number of different savings opportunities to commercial enterprises and nonprofit groups. The following are some examples of discounts: volume discounts, discounts for annual billing, discounts for resellers, and discounts for customers who recommend other customers.

Close online reputation

Close has mostly satisfied consumers. The customer service crew pleased most consumers. The software's features and integrations are robust and straightforward to use, customers said. However, some consumers have complained about customer service speed and functionality limitations. Close seems like a complete CRM product that most users prefer.
Everything worked well the first time. I was successful in configuring it to utilize my domain name email. My whole contact list was imported from Gmail. It would be simple to keep track of my customers if I added modifications. The search feature just blew me away! I had forgotten the name of a certain financing source. I was able to find the financing agency by just typing in the client's name. For those attempting to close their first sale, was developed. My clients often stay with me for three to four years, and they frequently need a little vacation from treatment. Giving customers a status like "paused" or "completed goals" was simple for me to do. Using Planso Forms, I was able to gather leads from my Wordpress website. In, they generate a fresh lead. I was taken aback by the opportunities to install a phone line and send mass emails. None of the CRMs I've used have this. Using my domain name email, I can make email templates and send messages to lists of recipients. The messages are sent in plain text, which is ideal for mobile devices. I gave my computer's phone feature a try. I've been using Magic Jack, and customers have been complaining to me about MJ. The Twilio phone line used by is significantly clearer. I may have a second phone number on my mobile and avoid giving them my personal number by downloading the app on my phone. - Brendan S.
I really wish that the pricing wasn't that costly, particularly when considering the currency exchange. In addition to having to pay for an online scheduler and a telepractice platform, I am required to pay for online treatment as a service provider. If provided integration with Verishow and Accuity Scheduling, the company would be in a position to provide online therapists, tutors, and coaches with a comprehensive virtual office solution. There is not even a single dashboard. In order to transfer your data into a location that is visually attractive, you will need to be comfortable exporting it, utilizing Zapier, or working with a few support partners. I don't like how Close obtains my intended send emails before they send; if I edit the email I'm scheduling, Close records all versions of the email. This is a problem for me. I also feel that getting acclimated to filters takes some time, and I'm not always convinced that I'm filtering things the right way. I really wish there was a video that could either address all of your concerns or guide you through the many nuances of the Close function in a one sitting. - Ashley J.
I have been researching several customer relationship management systems for my own practice. I provide speech, language, and learning treatment via the medium of the internet. The extensive capabilities and configuration options offered by really amazed me. The fact that can be used effectively by a single individual was one of my favorite features. The majority of the other CRMs on the market are geared at sales teams. Not even filler. There are not three separate locations where contacts, opportunities, accounts, and leads may be logged. It is everything included on a single page. It is simple, yet surprisingly potent in its application. Every single one of my sales associates who has incorporated it can't believe how much simpler and more streamlined it has made their lives. The link between businesses and their customers is closed by using the word "close." We are able to design a multi-touch marketing campaign that automates human-triggered emails, calls, and activities by making use of the function known as call cadence. Because of Close, leads that were thought to be dormant have been given new life; these are leads that you previously would not have chased on a regular basis. Because I can schedule follow-up emails and texts to be sent automatically, I can effectively maintain contact with the customer. As a consequence of this, it provides me with a competitive edge in the process of completing deals that I otherwise would not have been able to finish as a result of a lack of persistent follow-up and follow-through. - Chris G.
Excellent if you don't mind putting in the time to personalize everything and have access to the necessary development resources. API is beneficial, but for the vast majority of firms that are not enterprise-level, who has the time to fool with APIs? Built-in VoIP is a convenient feature, but you need do the arithmetic to see whether or not the additional cost is justified. It is really difficult to search for information. You cannot rationally filter for anything without first entering into "raw queries," therefore if you want to search for anything, you had better have some engineering background. The reporting industry is a farce. It is almost as if the reporting tools do not even exist. Be ready to ask developers to utilize the API and sync into another tool in the event that this becomes necessary. It doesn't matter what they try to offer you; this CRM is most effective when utilized by small sales teams. It is not intended for account management or businesses that have the expectation that anybody without a degree in engineering can figure out how to examine the data contained inside it. - Jaden R.
The predictive dialer rocks, voicemail drops, phone cadences, and email marketing tools are all accessible. The setup process is straightforward and analytics dashboards are straightforward to grasp. I appreciate how seamless it is to follow up on emails, as well as how much I benefit from the Smart Views in Close feature and the inbox tool. The fact that everything is in one place and that I can easily share information with my team has made me feel a lot better, and my interactions with customer support representatives have been quite positive. If you do not put a significant amount of reliance on a CRM system and only want a place to gently store items to check on across departments without having to spend a significant amount of time educating your users, then Close is a smart choice for you. If, on the other hand, you want an extensive CRM system that assists in the management of a pipeline down to the specifics and that has a highly structured or thorough structure for examining accounts, I believe that there are better solutions available on the market. - Paul G.
In fact, it's nearly too straightforward to the point that it starts to seem crowded. It's not often apparent what the "right" profile is because of how the integrations are set up, which makes it too simple to generate several entries. Similar to that, there is not much progress monitoring; it is fairly basic in that regard. Doing bulk imports is crucial for our firm. It takes longer for us to "curate" each file we wish to import since the program does not allow you to choose not to duplicate leads. I simply wish there had been more of a focus on ongoing policy management through the CRM. Only if you were linking it with a specific CRM system would I advise you to do this. The notes are disorganized, making it incredibly difficult to go through the past and identify crucial talks. Once a client is closed, it is impossible to manage contracts in ANY way, and it is also impossible to link information to an opportunity. Therefore, it is recommended to keep any relevant presentations or other paperwork that relates to a possible sale in a Google Drive and create a custom field to include the link. - Michael S.
We are in the process of launching a company that will specialize on the selling of event tickets in Mexico. We were searching for detailed information on our salespeople and ways to make it simpler for them to maintain track of their customers by the sort of customer they were. We made use of a customer relationship management system (CRM; often known as a "highrise"), but the data that it provided was no longer enough for us to determine whether or not the amount and kind of customers - and prospects - that our sales force was creating was of the appropriate sort given our present strategy. We first requested a trial by importing a selection of random data from our previous CRM; however, we later determined that this approach was ineffective since not all of the leads that were imported were applicable to our business at the present time. When's customer care offered us the chance to extend the length of our trial period, we immediately erased all of the leads that had previously been added to the platform and began uploading fresh leads instead. It is at this moment that we become aware of the primary advantage offered by, which is that after entering the email address of our first potential customer, we immediately had a complete record of all of the emails we had previously communicated with other customers. The desktop application works faultlessly. - Jose F.
Because of the manner that things were organized, it was very challenging to handle Parent Child orgs for our Enterprise department. less options for customization and fewer options for integration. We had some difficulties with the customer service and the account manager not getting back to us on a few occasions. (Our account reached its maximum number of calls, and we needed to add more on many occasions; however, this took some time to work out and, on a couple of occasions, it caused our sales department to come to a total halt. This occurred more than once, and as a result, we wanted to configure things in such a way that it would have added more time to our account before it expired. This should have been handled in order to prevent it from happening, but it was never done so.) - Andy B.
When you have a sales team that is as tiny as ours, it is quite helpful to be able to enter a lead and then check to see if any of your other coworkers have already made contact with the potential customer. Last but not least, it is incredible how simple it is to organize leads; in fact, we even use it to keep tabs on our investors, allies, and rivals. In addition to this, the call functionality injects a significant amount of much-needed new life into the process of following up. The fact that you may make calls directly from the application, that those conversations will be recorded, and that they will also be logged into the history of a lead assures that automated track of nearly any kind of contact with a lead will be maintained. Given that our internet connection is not particularly stable and the fact that we are forced to make calls by going outside the office because of the limited space in our office, we will continue to make calls in the same manner that we do now and will consider making a complete transition in the future. This is despite the fact that we gave it a try and that it functioned well. In a few words: if you have a small sales staff and you want them to conduct more closing and less data input into follow-up systems, you should think about moving to It will help you accomplish both of those goals. - Jake C.
There is a deficiency in the reporting. More specific reporting is something that would be helpful to us. Structure of the Organization. There is no easy method to set up a parent company and a kid company. The Smartviews interface is not intuitive. There are hardly many direct integrations. There is nothing wrong with the starting plan; but, if you want to make use of several phone lines and record calls, you will need to upgrade to the most costly plan. In addition to this, you are unable to identify which calls cost how much money, making it difficult to trace back your expenses. The software does not have any field modification options for additional lead or deal data for reporting, and I discovered that their connectors are quite restricted (while you can connect with Zapier, there are still some limits). Because your chores do not have their own distinct area or dashboard, it is very easy for you to lose track of the daily pending tasks that need to be completed. - Benjamin W.

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Close Pros&Cons


  • Keeps customer data organized
  • Personalized communication
  • Identifies leads that show potential for increased sales


  • Data can become inaccurate over time
  • Lack customization capabilities
  • High upfront costs

Close Final Conclusions

Overall, the Close firm offers services that are of a high quality and have rather decent customer service, which may make the investment worthwhile. Nevertheless, in order to further increase consumer satisfaction, improvements in both price and customer service are required. With the assistance of comments and suggestions from its customers, Close needs to prioritize the creation of new features and tools. When both the positives and negatives are evaluated, Close may be seen as a dependable and promising firm that has the ability to develop into an even larger success provided that it continues to be customer-driven.

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