Officite Review

Officite is a pioneer in connecting local practitioners to patients in your region and offers a variety of patient marketing programs and professional healthcare website design services.
Officite Review

Officite overview

Modern website development company Officite offers organizations all around the globe complete and efficient web development services. Officite was founded in 1999 and has since become the industry leader in web development, offering inexpensive turnkey website solutions that empower company owners and promote growth. Officite guarantees that your firm is cutting-edge and competitive with its outstanding selection of products and services.

Officite assists in bridging the gap between complicated code and straightforward websites by using the most recent technological advancements. They have all the resources and tools needed to produce a beautiful and completely functional website, from simple web design to sophisticated commerce solutions. Officite also offers customized maintenance, development, and customer support services for companies of all sizes. This assistance helps companies maximize the potential of their website and develops along with them as their demands as a company evolve.

Officite makes sure your website is as good as it possibly can be by working with a skilled team of web developers. They provide you with cutting-edge website designs that look fantastic and are simple to use on any device thanks to their extensive technological knowledge and experience. Officite aims to develop the most expert, effective, and beautiful websites in the world, from simple company websites to intricate e-commerce storefronts.

What Officite has to say about itself

Officite is a cloud-based platform that assists healthcare businesses in maintaining an online presence and streamlining marketing operations by means of search engine optimization, email, or email marketing.

There is also a doctor portal included, which gives doctors the ability to organize patient appointments, keep track of leads, and make modifications to the website. Users are able to monitor the amount of visits to a website according to the number of days, months, quarters, or years.

With the aid of Officite, medical clinics are able to more easily gather reservations via their websites, integrate the data with their calendars, and automatically notify patients of confirmed appointments. The tool gives practitioners the ability to check patient feedback across many sites, compare their social media performance with that of their rivals, and improve their search engine results.

Together with you, the skilled web developers and digital strategists on the Officite team will construct a cutting-edge website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy for users to navigate. In addition to this, it offers SEO tactics and bespoke content to help you make the most of your digital efforts. In addition to ensuring that your website represents the ethics and aesthetics of your medical practice, its primary objective is to adopt efficient technologies that will assist in raising the level of pleasure felt by patients.

Officite recognizes that each of its clients has particular requirements, which is why the company offers individualized online services that can be adapted to meet any objectives you may have. The team will collaborate with you to design a digital strategy that meets all of your needs and is simple, efficient, and economical to implement. Officite also offers continuing website maintenance and training to guarantee that your website adheres to the most recent standards in the industry.

Officite Review

Year Started1999
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesOfficite offers specialty health care websites and digital marketing services. Website design, hosting, optimization, SEO, social media management, online reputation management, email marketing, PPC advertising, and content marketing are included. To promote health care practices online, they provide a range of consulting services.
FeaturesWebsite design, Patient education, Blogging, Online booking, E-commerce, Secure Emails + forms, SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Facebook ADS, Reputation tracker, Intelligent reviews
CertificationsHIMSS, AAPC, PSL, PCI-DSS

Officite price policy

Officite provides a wide range of solutions that are both affordable and scalable to meet the requirements of every practice. The monthly fee is invoiced for the services. You are able to test out the product without incurring any costs or making any commitments during the free trial period that comes included with every service. In addition, Officite provide a money-back guarantee on all of its services, so there is no risk involved. In addition, SEO services assist medical offices in optimizing their websites to get higher rankings in search engine results. Officite also provides services in the areas of integrated marketing, e-commerce, and bespoke website design for clients that are searching for solutions that are more all-encompassing.
PackagesNo two practices are the same so contact one of our Web Presence Advisors and create your own custom package.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal
Payment discountsCustomers can receive discounted rates when multiple services are combined into a package.

Officite online reputation

Online reviews for Officite are varied, including both favorable and negative comments. As a result of the excellent customer service and timely and accurate delivery of their websites, many clients express satisfaction with Officite overall. However, several consumers voiced their displeasure with their pricing policy as well as the limited customer assistance alternatives offered to them.
Our website now has a flow that is much improved thanks to the implementation of Officite, which has also contributed to the site's overall appearance of increased professionalism. Our overall appearance has much improved, and everything seems cleaner and more put together than it did before. In spite of the fact that the majority of Officite employees are now able to do their jobs remotely as a result of Covid, the quality of customer service that Officite has provided has been exceptional. We have received assistance of the greatest possible standard throughout this process. When there are alterations that need to be done, they are executed in a way that is highly efficient. Our website was made available to the general public within a few days after its first launch. - Mia G.
Officite is not very prompt in their response to support tickets. A little over a week ago, I phoned support to inquire about a link that had been added to our website in order to facilitate our patients' completion of an online COVID 19 pre-screening. After waiting for four days, the broken link was still not fixed, so I opened a support case on the website. It is quite upsetting that I have not heard anything in regard to the problem that I have brought up. It is very necessary for our patients to be able to complete this form in advance of their consultations in order to comply with the new laws regarding COVID 19 pre-screenings. As a consequence of this, we are phoning patients in order to do the pre-screening, but we do not have enough staff to finish them in this manner. - Richard T.
Officite is an organization about which we do not have even a single critical comment. Working with this firm has yielded nothing but fruitful outcomes for us. The level of customer support that we have gotten has been exceptional, and the presentation of our website is highly polished. This year has been difficult for the majority of businesses, including our own. Officite, like the vast majority of other organizations, has the majority of its staff working remotely. During this stay-at-home year, several businesses have struggled to provide adequate customer service, but Officite has not been one of them. We have always received exceptional service and have never had to wait more than one day for any adjustments or updates to be made to our website. - Christian R.
On behalf of a customer that requires some improvements, I have been attempting to get in touch with Officite EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last four days. Every every day, the "support chat" function on their website assures me that "someone in the office" will "call back" to me. There has been no more contact with me on this matter. It is completely out of date. There is essentially NO documentation for assistance available. It is not possible to make or download backups at this time. In addition, there is NO customer assistance available. It is also, without a doubt, one of the most repulsive websites that I have ever come across. - Patrick H.
Officite is attractive to me in every conceivable manner. Text styles, dimension styles, reference styles, and line styles are some of the most exciting elements of the program; all of these styles may be modified in a straightforward manner. The software on the market cannot be trusted to be of a higher quality than this one. The fact that this program never disappoints is without a doubt the finest aspect about it. The system is quite reliable and does not become unresponsive all that often. It is to everyone's advantage that the screen does not include any large tags. The convenience of the several view tabs lies in the fact that switching between them is uncomplicated. There is an overwhelming variety of videos available on the internet for users to choose from. The amount of personalization that can be applied to it is remarkable. - Megan W.
The user interface is not particularly pleasant or intuitive to those new to using computers. Some jobs are straightforward, yet they nevertheless need a fair amount of effort on your part. For 3D mouse control, internal programming is employed; however, it does not cover all of the functions. Having to troubleshoot computer problems may be really tiring. As a result of the fact that getting responses from assistance might take up to a day, resolving even relatively minor problems can take longer than necessary. - Mary P.
The CAD tools offered by Officite have a considerable influence on design processes, which helps to ensure both accuracy and efficiency. The program may have a learning curve, but once users get comfortable with its interface, they often feel that it is straightforward and easy to use after they have mastered it. Officite's interoperability with a wide range of file formats makes it simpler to incorporate the software into preexisting business processes. This, in turn, makes for more streamlined cooperation and the interchange of data. - Victoria D.
The Officite program is rather pricey for an individual to purchase on their own. Finding someone to instruct you on the program might be challenging. Very little of it can be understood, and even less can be done to make it operate the way you want it to. At this stage, we do have a website, but the advantages will not be recognized until it is operating well. This serves as our primary method of communication. Emails often fail to reach their intended recipients for a variety of reasons. - Alexa F.
The feature that appeals to me the most about Officite is that it allows microstation to do a great deal of the work itself. In addition, I am able to visualize my work and conceal, show, or cut my design without having to delete or get rid of any items. Officite is the company that provides healthcare providers with solutions for their digital presence. Since I started this work over a year and a half ago, Officite has been the major piece of software that I use. The number of functions and features is extensive, and each one is quite beneficial. - Endy P.
This program has a very dated interface and commands, neither of which are in the least bit easy to understand. However, there is an option that allows for keystrokes to be entered in addition to the numbers and letters that make up commands. When time is of the essence and you're working at a frenetic speed, it might be difficult to recall the letters and numbers that correlate to certain orders. You may make use of the toolbars if you find that you are unable to recall the instructions. Your right hand and shoulder have been put through a strenuous exercise by the time the hour is over since you have been utilizing the mouse. Your fingertips will develop a formidable strength. Instead of using key-ins, you will need to use lengthy commands. For preserving settings such as display and view choices, there is a separate save button. This is not a program that is suitable for beginners. There are not enough training materials available, and the only way to learn it is to have someone hold your hand and guide you through the process. - Nate I.

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Officite Pros&Cons


  • Many services
  • Affordable solutions for medical practices
  • Personal one-on-one support


  • Cost
  • Only provides website design
  • Difficult customize

Officite Final Conclusions

From what can be gleaned from the aggregate of client opinions, Officite looks to provide trustworthy services and a kind and knowledgeable support staff. Customers have reported having great experiences when it comes to acquiring the services they want, as well as a customer support personnel that is typically friendly and prompt. consumers have voiced their unhappiness with the price and the lack of transparency in the pricing structure. On the other side, consumers have noted that the process of launching a website or buying services may be complex or time-consuming. Because customers tend to have quite divergent viewpoints on the firm, you should instantly examine all of the reviews before deciding to work together.

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