Centrex Review

A platform that has been created and built specifically for a financial services or fintech firm. The goods that deal with finances are not easy to understand and might be difficult to keep track of. The Centrex CRM system compiles all of the information that you need into a centralized location that can be managed by you and your team.
Centrex Review

Centrex overview

Through the use of fintech, Centrex gives your company the ability to foster interactions with your clientele that are more insightful and interactive. It has established an ecosystem of fintech solutions here at Centrex, which can be utilized to start, construct, grow, and sustain your financial or fintech firm. These products may also be used individually. Its purpose is to provide you with the tools necessary to construct robust technological foundations while simultaneously fostering interactions with your clientele that are more informed and interactive via the use of technology.

There is no greater compliment than knowing that your brand is in the possession of your consumers. By including your company in the app stores for iOS and Android, you will be able to cultivate interactions with your clientele that are more interactive and insightful. Management of finances, documents, duties, loans, advances, transactions, and other related matters. Centerex has everything you could possibly need under one roof, including different payment connectors, a comprehensive syndication system, a fund management platform, and a simple method to manage your ISO network.

Construct and incorporate into your customer relationship management system (CRM) individualized WordPress web forms for things like advances, loans, ISOs wishing to submit offers, syndicates looking to invest, and more. In addition, the plugin integrates with Plaid, a financial data provider, and Xactus, a credit data provider, so that automated decision-making may take place directly on your website.

What Centrex has to say about itself

Centerex has been serving the financial industry with cutting-edge white-label fintech solutions ever since it was founded in 2009. It started out with the intention of blazing a trail and illuminating other companies' and customers' eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead in the field of financial technology. Constructing a profitable finance or fintech firm from the ground up may be a costly, perplexing, and challenging endeavor. The objective of Centrex is to provide organizations with the tools and resources (i.e., solutions) they need to achieve success for both themselves and their consumers.

As a software corporation, it adheres to the principle of being truthful and forthright about what it has and, more significantly, what it does not possess. At Centrex, it is the people who work here who are responsible for all that occurs each and every day. Without humans, it is devoid of all substance and significance. Within the financial technology industry, Centrex is committed to setting the pace and serving as a model. Its goal is to demonstrate to the rest of the world what the landscape of fintech will look like in the future.

Its software development life cycle is built on a foundation of ethical design principles. If you don't have a clear vision for your team, product, and company, they will all become stale. It allows a sufficient amount of time to conceive about Centrex's foreseeable future.

Without change, there won't be any change, you won't see any change, experience any change, or feel any change, and as a result, you won't ever develop. Here at Centrex, it places a high priority on growth, and it makes it a priority each and every day to uphold the other key principles that guide its company. Alteration is equivalent to expansion, and expansion is equivalent to achievement.

It has established an ecosystem of fintech solutions here at Centrex, which can be utilized to start, construct, grow, and sustain your financial or fintech firm. These products may also be used individually. Its purpose is to provide you with the means necessary to construct solid technological foundations while simultaneously fostering interactions with your clientele that are more informed and engaging via the use of technology.

Centrex Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitecentrexsoftware.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCentrex offers CRM, loan origination, loan and advance servicing, syndication management, white-labeled mobile app, money manager, underwriting, Esign, and website smart app builder. Centrex offers financial software consultancy, admin retainer, and managed data cloud.
FeaturesIntegrations, ClixSign® Documents, Lender Matchmaking, Text & Email Marketing, Client Portal, Contact & Deal Management, Broker/ISO Management, Software Security
CertificationsISO, CCNP, MCSE, PMP, CPA

Centrex price policy

Depending on the particular demands and requirements of a company or organization, Centrex's services have different prices. In general, Centrex provides subscription-based services with low monthly costs that include features like limitless local and long-distance calling, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and more. International calling and/or unique call routing options are examples of additional services that could incur a fee. Numerous other elements, like the required number of phone lines, extensions, and users as well as any hardware or equipment, may also have an impact on the price. Generally speaking, Centrex strives to provide customers with communication requirements that are affordable solutions.
PackagesIt is important to make direct contact with Centrex in order to establish their particular pricing since prices have the potential to change based on the company's activities.
Payment optionsCredit or Debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, EFT, Apple Pay, Google Pay
Payment discountsIt is always a good idea to check with your particular Centrex provider to see what discounts they provide and to determine whether or not you are qualified for any of those savings.

Centrex online reputation

Researching Centrex online user reviews shows varied viewpoints. Centrex's stability and user-friendliness have impressed certain consumers. They emphasize the simplicity of having call forwarding and voicemail in one system. Customer complaints about Centrex are also present. Some complaints include frequent dropped calls, technical glitches, and poor customer service response.
There is not a more effective customer relationship management system that you could employ if you work in the payday advance industry. It is ready to use right out of the box, and the drip programs are amazing. As a consequence, my organization has seen a significant and obvious boost in income as a direct result of using this product. It made my life much simpler as well as the lives of my reps, and it made managing them easier as well. The fact that we just need to use a single platform for all of our fundraising, syndication, and brokerage needs has made the life of everyone in my business 10 times simpler. Because we are a high-end commercial media production agency, the total cost of our production packages may easily reach multiple digits in the five and six figure range. We provide customers with a financing option in order to assist them in paying for their commercials, projects, and so on, and Centrex has been of incalculable assistance to us in our efforts to service these finance choices, which we provide in order to attract some of these bigger projects. In addition, we make use of Centrex during the whole process of making sales to monitor and develop our leads. Prior to using Centrex, we were using Salesforce; however, we discovered that Centrex was a better and more comprehensive match for what we required without requiring a significant amount of platform customization. - Miley P.
It sometimes moves slowly, but I've been informed that the issue is being addressed and will be resolved soon. The built-in signature platform that comes with "Clixsign" is not very good. Although it does what I need it to, I much prefer DocuSign, which is not integrated with this product in any way. Having said that, we may still utilize DocuSign on the side, and the developers of Clixsign have committed to adding more functionality in the near future. Since our firm is a media production company and we use Centrex to keep track of the many financing choices that we provide to customers who make significant purchases, the one feature that I would like to see added to Centrex is some type of project management tool. At this time, we use Centrex's Lead progress feature to keep track of the progress of individual projects. - Matew P.
Because our sales process demands a significant number of interactions with our leads, we rely on Centrex to assist us in monitoring the development of these transactions early on. As a customer moves forward with one of our major production packages, Centrex assists us in monitoring and servicing their finance to support these significant purchases. This occurs on the back end of the transaction. The drip marketing technology is unlike any other program that is now available. We also make use of the click to call function, which we like since it enables our staff to remain focused and productive throughout each and every day. The Centrex crew is very helpful and cooperative with us whenever we have a need for anything new to be added to the platform. Centerex has been there for us every step of the way, directing us along the appropriate paths, both as a broker and as we prepare to transition into the role of a lender. Both the technology and the personnel are incredible. Because we have several agents based in various areas, the program enables us to coordinate our efforts with all of the agents in a single location. The notification and calendaring systems are fantastic tools for ensuring that everyone stays on track. - Selena W.
We were required to employ the limited number of connectors that Centrex Software offers since the company conducts audits of its suppliers, which turned out to be a positive development in the long run. Because there are so many different features, becoming familiar with how to use everything required a little bit of practice. The program operates without any problems the most of the time, however it is prone to sporadic slowdowns and maintenance concerns. The technical staff is usually fantastic about providing us with advance notice, and while the slowdowns only last for a short period of time, they may sometimes create annoyance. The updates definitely slow down the system, however they are attempting to fix this issue. Even though this is not the primary purpose for which a customer relationship management system (CRM) would be used, it would be wonderful to have a mechanism to combine the several tracking applications that we are now required to use in order to monitor the progress of our productions. These applications include pre-production, writing, on-set production, post-production, and client review. - Frad G.
Our company could not function without the resources that Centrex provides. We are very impressed with how adaptable the platform is. We find that everything runs much more smoothly now that we have CRM, marketing, and reporting capabilities all in one location. Our lead stream is being managed more effectively thanks to Centrex Software. The overall productivity of the staff, as well as our sales figures, has increased substantially. The adaptability and the capacity to scale. Because of the capabilities and possibilities for status-based work flow that Centrex provides, I've been able to successfully manage and expand my company without having to further staff it. We have been able to maintain year-over-year growth and provide excellent assistance for our partners and customers while being as efficient and cost-effective as possible. The crew that provides technical assistance has always been quick to respond and really helpful as well. Recently, we were required to begin collecting recurring monthly payments from a number of our partner channels. To our great relief, Centrex has a powerful Enrollments feature and function. The Centrex staff has been really helpful in getting us organized and positioned to expand the enrollment channel. We are very grateful for their assistance. - Tom D.
The inability of this program to foresee and keep track of critical chores is the aspect that I dislike the most about it. My suggestion for a necessary enhancement is that the template development for the SMS marketing be given more attention. They had us utilize their integrated suppliers despite our objections, but in the end it was for the best. The built-in document signing software that is included with the purchase is not as reliable as DocuSign, and the company does not interface with that service. Having said that, it would seem that they are working on improving it, and if you so want, you can always continue to utilize DocuSign on the side. - Ronald R.
This technology gives you everything you need to automate debits and credits, automate marking by email and text messages, automate alerts (both internal and external), and comes with a feature that allows you to completely customize your reports. The customer service department of Centrex is also quite good. I was able to readily identify my pipeline in real time, conveniently manage my marketing efforts, and automate my financial transactions all as a result of utilizing Centrex Software. These were the challenges that I was able to tackle. We wanted a solution that was more focused on servicing the financing alternatives that we give to our customers without having to fully modify the platform, so we went from Salesforce to Centrex. This allowed us to avoid the need for any extensive platform-level customization. - Steve C.
Getting in touch with customer support in the past has been a trying experience. Having a specific phone number to use to report issues is convenient for me. Trying to locate the issue in the list of problems takes time, and the issue is not always present in the list. After that, you have to email and go back and forth, when the issue might have been resolved with a simple phone conversation that lasted between five and ten minutes. Relative rigidity, and some integrations aren't as comprehensive as they would otherwise be. Having said that, they take the suggestions of their customers seriously and work to integrate them over time. Both the Centrex fields and the interfaces with the other systems that we use are severely restricted. I do not like that the only way to get assistance is through submitting a help request; there should also be a phone number that users may dial to get in touch with someone. A significant number of the "upgrades" that they implement are only half finished, meaning that they need more improvements and bug fixes before they can be put to their intended use. - Damian O.
Our company is a high-end media production firm that specializes in the creation of promotional material for businesses and other organizations. Because the cost of many of our productions and packages may range between five and six figures, we provide our customers with the option of obtaining financing. Not only has Centrex been of great assistance to us throughout the sales cycle when nurturing leads, but it has also been of great use to us in monitoring the many financing choices that we provide to our customers. We were previously using Salesforce, but we wanted to find a solution that was more suited to service these many financing choices without requiring a significant amount of platform-level customization. Not only was setting up Centrex a breeze, but the customer service and assistance we got from their staff was outstanding. We would highly suggest Centrex to any lender or broker in the MCA space that is seeking for a CRM that gets the job done when it comes to data management, deal flow, and at the same time helping their sales teams to be more productive and efficient. - Mila K.
At first, I didn't like the iOS app, but like with everything else Centrex offers, they continue to develop new features and improve existing ones. It is now more stronger than it was before. change times might be bumpy just as they are with any program, but changing to Centrex is definitely something that is worth the change. The only thing that is giving us trouble at the moment is shifting contacts to other Workspaces inside our company. Since this is something we are unable to handle ourselves, we have to get in touch with Customer Support to get it done. It seems that there is an issue with the formatting of both the Planning notes and the client meeting note. In most cases, we go through the notes from a number of different client meetings, and we need date-based as well as topic-based subgroups. This has been a source of contention. It might be difficult to recall how to keep the 'opportunity' pipelines up to date. It seems as if I waste a lot of time trying to jog my memory on how to remove or update them, which is perhaps the most cumbersome aspect of Centrex. - Chris D.

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Centrex average reviews

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Centrex Pros&Cons


  • Cost-effective
  • Simplified management
  • Reliability


  • Monthly costs
  • Limited customization
  • Security concerns

Centrex Final Conclusions

Centrex firm has both fulfilling and unsatisfactory components in their services, as determined by an in-depth examination of both positive and negative client remarks. Many clients have good things to say about the organization, including how quickly issues are resolved, how effectively services are provided, and how dependable the technology is. These elements help to create a streamlined and easy process for the consumer.

To sum up, although Centrex isn't without flaws, the firm clearly cares about its customers and works hard to meet their needs. However, the organization should address the concerns brought up in critical feedback and strive towards openness in their procedures if they want to keep their good name and provide a better service to their clients. In the long run, with a few tweaks, Centrex may easily become a market leader.

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