Salesforce Review

Salesforce is a comprehensive platform that enables a community of sellers, sales leaders, and sales operations to grow their sales and improve their efficiency. Firms are able to sell more quickly, more intelligently, and more effectively with the #1 AI CRM for Sales because trustworthy AI and data are embedded right in. This enables firms to unleash growth right now.
Salesforce Review

Salesforce overview

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that runs on the web and allows users to make revenue projections and monitor lead activity. It is the industry standard for sales, customer service, and marketing apps. The Sales (CRM), Service, Platform, and Marketing apps provided by are all created to assist businesses in completely new ways to engage with their customers, partners, and employees. The company claims that sales professionals who use Salesforce see, on average, the following benefits: a +29% boost in sales as a result of improved visibility; a +34% improvement in sales productivity; and a +42% increase in forecast accuracy.

Find out how trustworthy artificial intelligence and unified data can help you engage with consumers in a whole new manner. It is a cloud-based program that helps companies connect to their consumers in a whole new manner, allowing them to identify more prospects, complete more sales, and amaze customers with outstanding service.

Customer 360, the company's comprehensive product suite, provides your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams with a single, unified view of your customer's information, making it possible for your business to transform into a customer-focused enterprise as well. Make use of the Marketing Cloud app to deliver prospects tailored and customized messages directly to the location where they are most likely to connect with them. When a consumer clicks on your advertisement or visits your website, an automatic message informing sales of the new lead is sent to the department.

What Salesforce has to say about itself

The comprehensive product suite offered by Salesforce comprises applications for each stage of the customer journey, beginning with the lead stage and continuing with the loyalty stage. On top of that, everything functions faultlessly together on a unified platform. There is a solution that is suited to your company no matter the size of it or the sector in which it operates.

The Sales Cloud provides sales representatives with everything they need to successfully close a transaction by enabling all members of the sales team to see and share relevant client information. Prompts that are powered by AI will inform you as to when it is the optimal moment to perform a certain action in order to move a transaction ahead. Because members of your support staff have access to all the information about your clients, they are better equipped to offer those all-important moments of surprise and joy. In addition, significant problems are handled more quickly via cross-company case swarming.

When Tableau analytics identifies a big or unusual trend or a fresh problem with the service, it will immediately send out an automatic notification. Dashboards that are easy to use make it possible for anybody to go deeper into the data, learn more, and immediately take action. Since the company's inception, Salesforce has had the overarching goal of not just ensuring the prosperity of other companies but also using that prosperity to promote social and environmental improvement.

Deliver individualized experiences together with material that is relevant on autopilot. Artificial intelligence and insights from customer involvement may help speed up the closing of deals. Using real-time data, get an understanding of how each activation affects the pipeline. Use a single source of truth as the driving force for marketing and sales alignment.

Salesforce Review

Year Started1999
Service Areasmore than 150 countries
Service TypesSalesforce is a web-based CRM application that enables users to forecast revenues and track leads, leading sales, service, and marketing app.
FeaturesCustomer 360, Artificial Intelligence, Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Data Cloud, Tableau, MuleSoft, Slack, Einstein 1 Platform, Net Zero, Small Business, Partner Apps & Experts, Customer Success

Salesforce price policy

Given that it is determined by the particular needs and circumstances of each firm, the cost that an organization must pay to use Salesforce's services is fluid. Offering three service tiers at increasingly higher pricing ranges, Salesforce's offerings include Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. For add-ons or integrations, there's also a chance that additional costs might apply. Note that contract period and user count are not the only factors that might affect pricing. There are other factors as well. Call the support line to find out more.
PackagesSmall Business Solutions Pricing: Starter - 25$ user/month; Sales Professional - 80$ user/month; Service Professional - 80$ user/month; Marketing Cloud Account Engagement - 1,250$/month up to 10,000 contacts. Sales Cloud Pricing: Starter - 25$USD/user/month; Professional - 80$USD/user/month; Enterprise - 165$USD/user/month; Unlimited - 330$USD/user/month. Service Pricing: Starter - $25 User/Month; Professional - $80 User/Month; Enterprise - $165 User/Month; Unlimited - $330 User/Month; Unlimited+ - $500 User/Month. Sales and Service Cloud Pricing: Starter - $25 user/month; Professional - $105 user/month; Enterprise - $190 user/month; Unlimited - $355 user/month. Slack Pricing: Pro - $7.25 User/Month; Business+ - $12.50 User/Month. Platform Pricing: Platform Starter - $25 user/month; Platform Plus - $100 user/month. Net Zero Cloud: Starter - $48,000 org/year; Growth - $210,000 org/year.
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, EFT, PO, Payment Plan
Payment discountsNonprofit Discount, Volume Discount, Multi-year Discount, Industry-Specific Discounts, Referral Discount, Bundled Services Discount.

Salesforce online reputation

Customers have been actively discussing Salesforce, and they have expressed a variety of opinions, both favorable and bad, about the services offered by the firm. Following an analysis of the input provided by a variety of customers, it is abundantly evident that Salesforce has both strengths and shortcomings.
When it comes to prospecting, I've found it to be pretty helpful, and I have no doubt that in the not-too-distant future, every salesman will be looking for a platform that is as user- and maintenance-friendly as this one. The most significant challenge that I was facing that Salesforce was able to assist me with was keeping track of and recording all of the prospective customers who were interested in buying our products. The way that Salesforce updates me on the progress of each offer that's currently open is one of my favorite features. I am able to keep an eye on potentially profitable trades and organize them accordingly. After inputting the task, I may make one-of-a-kind reports. It was a great advantage for us to have everyone in my cross-functional team working together in the same place while also having good visibility into how things were progressing. A consolidated location for all activities that are linked to sales, with appropriate visualization of all pertinent data. My sales are integrated via Salesforce's platform. If a client needs more time to consider whether or not they want to acquire our services, I may save time by going back to the prior order that I entered into Salesforce rather than establishing a new opportunity for them to consider. - Terry T.
If you utilize email at all, the process will go at a snail's pace since it truly isn't equipped to deal with emails in an orderly way. Simple tasks like reading an email require a number of additional steps, and the email is shown as a single block of text in a very small window on the side (there is no separation between individual answers). It is not possible to highlight or copy text by double-clicking it since doing so would entirely throw the system into disarray and is thus impossible (this is an indication that the system was not well designed or coded). Especially one that was designed for the purpose of collecting data) thus you should never do that, the first line of an email frequently needs to be scrolled down to beyond a full page down, only to scroll pages back up to add information required from the email to the details area. Never seen or used a more sloppy and user-unfriendly system I can't think of a single aspect of my day-to-day work that Salesforce hasn't made more difficult to access and more complex to process. Never seen or used a more sloppy and user-friendly system. In comparison to every other software, it has a very sloppy appearance, is not user pleasant, and may be challenging to understand and use. Unacceptably sloppy and painfully sluggish. - Rob J.
The fact that it is simple to use, that I can save all of my leads in one location, and that it can help us make our sales department more organized are all things that I like about it. In addition, an integration with Salesforce either already exists for practically every other tool or piece of software, or one is in the process of being developed for it. This is due to the popularity and scope of Salesforce. Because of the breadth and depth of the configuration choices offered by Salesforce, it's difficult for me to conceive of a situation in which the program wouldn't be able to meet the needs of the user. It is possible for a third party to develop a feature that is required but has not yet been incorporated by Salesforce and then make that feature available for purchase in the marketplace. Inquiries made by customers and transactions made by them may be tracked in real time. Users may easily manage their own or their company's unique views by defining custom fields, procedures, and validation rules, among other things. This can be done on their own or on their company's behalf. Without Salesforce, I really doubt that I would be able to maintain the same level of productivity that I now have. You need a system that allows you to remain on top of things and observe things from the points of view of your prospects if you want to be able to target the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time. - Nikolas O.
It's not good. About twice as much time is required for me to do any given task, whether it be looking for information, adding information, beginning a case, working a case, or even finishing a case. It is a lousy product developed by individuals who seem to have never had a job before or done any administrative work in the past. I can't believe that any salesman were able to sell this straight-up, badly built software to any firm, much alone all of them. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Even though Outlook is a poor application, it is capable of doing all that Salesforce can do and even doing it better. Because Salesforce is not user-friendly for inexperienced users, there is a significant learning curve involved with utilizing the platform. There is a possibility that the price structure of Salesforce is out of reach for startups and other small enterprises. However, due to the intricate nature of its pricing system and the fact that companies need modification and integerations, it is too costly for newer and more modestly sized organizations. - Jaime B.
This software automates operations for its users that would normally take a significant amount of time by using triggers, workflow rules, and approval procedures. In addition to that, it is an outstanding center for the effective management of data. I truly like how adaptable the system is, especially considering how each of our business divisions has very particular requirements. We are able to contribute to the success of any sales team by including Salesforce administrators and developers into each and every project. My favorite component about Salesforce is definitely the dashboard. We were able to put the quotas that we were obliged to fulfill out of our minds because to its bright color. In addition, I can vouch for how simple it is to use. The auto-population function of the system instantly set my mind at rest when I realized that there wouldn't be as many fields to fill out as I had first anticipated. Our business use Salesforce for the purpose of account management. It allows for a great deal of customization, but successfully configuring it calls for specialized knowledge. This software allows you to get a bird's-eye view of all of your accounts, which is a useful thing to have since it helps you keep track of everything. - John F.
Although I wouldn't really call it a complaint since every system has its own peculiarities, the poor performance of Salesforce may be sometimes aggravating. I think that we should have anticipated that, given the constraints of our network and the sheer number of individuals who use the internet at any one time. There were a few processes within the application that could have easily been skipped through for the majority of calls. I'm not sure whether this was just the firm that I worked for, but it happened to be the case. Setup and management might be challenging at times. Because of the power it has inside our organization, we have been forced to make purchases of add-ons that interface with SF. A discussion of costs and assistance at the lowest levels. Their customer care is slow to respond unless you have (pay for) their premium assistance package, which costs extra. - Kaitlin W.
Before we introduced Salesforce, we did not have a single system to handle the numerous different sales processes that were taking place across all of our divisions and locations. Because with Salesforce, we have been able to enlarge the functionality of the platform and customize it to meet the individual needs of each of our departments. The system is continuously a focus of our efforts to enhance. My work as a sales agent was made much simpler by Sales force since the software is user-friendly and explains everything that has to be done step by step. Added convenience to the process of adding notes to files. After using Siebel for a number of years, switching to Salesforce proved to be a significant advancement. Not only did the new software seem to have a much higher level of user friendliness, but it also appeared to have a lower number of recurring technical problems. I believe that Salesforce is the most effective CRM that is currently available. The Salesforce App Store is one of the features that sets this company apart from its competitors because of how dynamic it makes Salesforce. However, in order for it to be useful for enterprises of a certain size and scope, it must have a solid foundation from the start in terms of its design. When it is carried out well, several departments, including the executive team, operations, sales leadership, inside sales, direct sales, and marketing, stand to gain. - Oscar H.
We are disappointed that the marketing cloud add on comes at such a high cost. Tools such as Sprout Social and Hubspot are only two examples of the numerous accessible options that provide the similar functionalities. However, considering that it cost $6,000, the pricing seemed a bit high to me. In addition, I wish there was a little more clarity on the cost. In our experience, both the discounts and the contract durations have been quite unpredictable. The price has become prohibitively exorbitant. On the market, there are other rivals that can do it extremely effectively for a far lower price. The process of programming used to be rather simple. This has become more challenging over the course of the years. I've reached the point where I can no longer call myself a fan. CRM is an approach that I have complete faith in. In 1988, I developed my very first CRM from the ground up. Back in those days, there was no such thing as shrink wrap. However, the program has become too ambitious and is experiencing mission creep as a result. A Salesforce administrator is required in order to set up and implement the system. You can traverse certain aspects of the system on your own, but if you don't hire someone or find a consulting partner to personalize your apps, you won't get too much value out of the system. - Chris T.
VERY adaptable to individual needs. Each and every data field may be extracted for use in reporting and dashboards. You must first do a backwards analysis to determine which metrics are most relevant to your company before you can appropriately deploy them. As soon as you have a thorough comprehension of the reporting that you want to see, you can then construct fields, pick-lists, radio buttons, and other similar elements to ensure that you record all of the pertinent data. The wonderful thing about it is that you are not in the least restricted to using the default setup (which is effective but unoriginal). In the past, I have included lead sources and ROI, quality grading for appointment setup, commission reporting, stack rating, and a wide variety of additional highly customized reports. You should begin by visualizing the ultimate result, and then choose a reliable implementation partner who can help you carry out your strategy. - Jeanine V.
As your company develops and adapts over time, making modifications down the road might prove to be challenging. The adjustments, albeit necessary, may unfortunately be somewhat time consuming. Unfortunately, the load times might occasionally be rather slow. It is not easy to figure out how to utilize the application. Some tasks, like personalizing reports, are relatively easy to do, whilst others, like printing or personalizing a quotation, are more difficult to do. There are things that are visible in the Salesforce Classic view but are not visible in the so-called "better" Lightning version. To see daily tasks, you must first customize the tasks field; they will not just be shown on your dashboard in the form of a daily list. The view will alter after a lead has been converted into an opportunity, at which point tasks that you had previously put up will no longer be visible to you. Notes become more difficult to discover, which often results in the sales staff creating a duplicate account for each customer, which is messier and more difficult to keep track of. - Dan M.

Salesforce Social media Subscribers
A multitude of Salesforce's clients have praised the company's remarkable customer care. The organization has been given great recognition for its attention to the pleasure of its customers due to the rapid solutions it provides to technical concerns and the hands-on help it provides throughout the installation. This level of assistance has also assisted companies in better using the platform and increasing their ROI to its full potential. There are, however, some unfavorable remarks that have been made about the Salesforce price strategy and contract conditions. The high cost of the platform as well as the need for long-term contracts have been challenged by a significant number of clients. This has caused a great deal of irritation for some companies, particularly more modest enterprises with limited financial resources.

Salesforce average reviews

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Salesforce Pros&Cons


  • Cloud-based
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive features


  • Cost
  • Limited offline access
  • Complexity

Salesforce Final Conclusions

When everything is taken into consideration, it is evident that Salesforce has a good reputation for providing exceptional customer service and often improving its technology to react to the always-altering expectations of its loyal clients. Although the website may have some flaws, it does an excellent job of assisting businesses in growing their operations and achieving their goals, as seen by the many overwhelmingly positive testimonials and ratings provided by satisfied customers.

Salesforce, like every other company, is dedicated to fixing problems that its customers have and enhancing the products and services it offers, but there is always room for advancement. Because of its long history of success in the customer relationship management (CRM) industry, Salesforce is often regarded as an honest and reliable company.

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