Agile CRM Review: Pricing, Features & More

Use a single platform to automate your sales, marketing, and customer support. Prevent the loss of data and ensure that messages are consistent. Take advantage of the low cost, simple setup, excellent customer support, and cutting-edge features, integrations, and upgrades that Agile provides. A cloud-based SaaS service that is optimized for usage on mobile devices, is quick and is user-friendly.
Agile CRM Review: Pricing, Features & More

Agile CRM overview

Agile CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management system that features sales tracking, contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, telephone, and a helpdesk in addition to a clean and contemporary user interface.

With Agile CRM, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can now automate their marketing, sales, and customer retention processes using a simple and powerful drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, website traffic can be converted straight into prospects in the CRM. Leads may be automatically nurtured, tracked, and scored depending on their action on the website or in their email.

Agile CRM makes it possible to communicate across several channels, giving users the option to phone, email, or tweet directly to a contact from the same page. Monitor the behavior of your customers and get notifications in real-time whenever they engage in any activity.

You may handle helpdesk tickets while seeing the whole history of the client in a single location. Maintain a comprehensive record of all of the customer's information, including the communication history, on a single page that is arranged in chronological order. Through the use of numerous connectors, you may see client data from a variety of different business tools all on one page.

What Agile CRM has to say about itself

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to make the complete marketing and sales lifecycles more effective. The product is based on features such as sales enablement, marketing automation, social suite, and web engagement.

Increase the number of sales you close by managing your contacts on a single page. Keep the sales process on track by recording key phases and milestones of the transactions you're working on. Make use of call scripts, automated voicemail, and dialing with a single click. You can automate scheduling, invitations, and follow-ups while your calendar is being shared online. Your projects will run more smoothly thanks to drag-and-drop task lists and other features. Increased rivalry and teamwork may be used to gamify sales, which will ultimately lead to improved outcomes.

Make it possible for your company to provide a more individualized experience to its clients and customers. Improve your client connections by conducting surveys and evaluating the responses you get. Using Agile CRM, you may provide a self-service portal for your clients, which will allow them to better serve themselves. Prioritize tickets by assigning criteria to them, and see their status on the dashboard. A robust ticketing system that allows for the efficient resolution of consumer questions will always come in useful.

Agile CRM offers marketing processes that may be designed using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Make landing pages that are responsive on mobile devices and convert well by using its templates. Integrate social media with your marketing efforts and contact views in an easy and seamless manner. Get comprehensive functionality for your email marketing campaign, including newsletters, analytics, and more.

You can now add mobile messaging to your campaigns and send out tailored text messages with Agile CRM. Monitor the performance of your email account with metrics and alerts that are meaningful to you.

Agile CRM Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasIndia, USA
Service TypesCustomer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Contact Management, Project Management, Help Desk and Customer Service, Social Media Management, E-commerce Integration, Analytics and Reporting, Mobile App
FeaturesSales Enablement, Marketing Automation, Customer Service
CertificationsISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 1 & SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CSA, TRUSTe

Agile CRM price policy

To meet the demands and budgets of various enterprises, Agile CRM provides a range of plans and price alternatives. Starting at $14.99 per user per month, the Starter Plan is the most affordable option and provides functions like contact management, email monitoring, and fundamental connectors. Marketing automation, social media monitoring, and more sophisticated integrations are included in the $49.99 per user per month Regular Plan. Advanced customization and reporting features are available with the Enterprise Plan, which costs $79.99 per user each month. It is a cost-effective choice for small enterprises due to the free plan that is offered for up to 10 users.
PackagesSTARTER - $14.99/month, REGULAR - $49.99/month, ENTERPRISE - $79.99/month
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
Payment discountsIt is essential to keep in mind that available discount choices and percentages might change depending on the area, as well as the kind of plan chosen. It is in your best interest to get in touch with Agile CRM on your own to enquire about the particular savings that are available for your company.

Agile CRM online reputation

After doing research into the customer reviews and feedback available online pertaining to Agile CRM, it has become abundantly evident that the program gets a mixture of favorable and negative remarks from users. Despite this, it seems that the majority of clients have had a great experience with Agile CRM on the whole.
I put in hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts into this customer relationship management system throughout the course of using this platform for a whole year. I loved how many categories there were to describe a lead or a contact, and I thought the method that you put up to evaluate how much potential money you had to earn depending on your leads was beneficial. Additionally, the pricing is amazing, which was another thing that I enjoyed about the product. This platform allows you to utilize up to 50,000 contacts completely free of charge, which is incredible. That is very unbelievable. Because of this software, I have been able to optimize everything that is associated with the realm of sales and marketing. I have been able to generate the reports I need to demonstrate to the company how beneficial our strategies are, what aspects need to be improved, and generate our own leads. All of this has been done in a very organized manner and is very agile, just like the name of the software suggests. - Angelo B.
There is a rationale behind why I consider this one specific platform to be an effective "first step." Although Agile CRM claims that it provides marketing automation, gamification, and project management, the solution in its current state is in no way comprehensive. Even if I upgraded to the paid version, I'm not sure the platform would be able to manage the sales process that I intended to have set up. In the free edition, you are only allowed to construct a certain number of marketing automation blocks before it requires you to pay. The customer care offered by this platform is one more aspect worth mentioning about it. I have a strong suspicion that the CEO also fills the role of customer service representative. When I called about my issues with the platform, it was always the same guy who answered the phone (this happened around once or twice every month). When my issue was finally resolved, he forced me to remove the Tweet that I had put out when I requested for assistance, and then he demanded that I thank him in public. That struck me as odd in the extreme. You should give this platform a go if you're just getting starte. - Janifer E.
I've been using this platform for a little under a year. My job was (and still is) to create brand-new marketing and sales initiatives and generate leads for the business. Agile CRM has been essential since it seamlessly interacts with everything I need. I have all of my connections in one spot, making it simple for me to follow them. The simplicity of use and integration with many tools are its major advantages. Making the most of my time and effectively organizing my schedule may be done with something as basic as handling notifications and alerts. I am able to provide reports that quantify the efficacy of various techniques. For instance, the outcome of phone calls, mailers, newsletters, and other methods. I quickly and easily cleaned my contact list after importing all the contacts. The ability to integrate with other applications and the mobile app are two more fantastic features. As of right now, I've connected it with Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bria. Everything in one place, or Everything in One Place, is the most practical CRM platform that someone like me (who just began and was evaluating possibilities) has discovered, and I'm extremely happy with this program. - Brenda S.
A defect could be found in almost every aspect of the design. From having no effect whatsoever when I clicked on it to having some need for which I have to contact customer support in order to find out more about it. Additionally, their customer care is a farce. After you have made your pick on the phone, the phone will continue to ring, and then it will automatically transfer you to voicemail without giving you any prior warning. Once you get a call back, if you do, you talk with someone who you can hardly understand. This person essentially informed me that there is nothing they can do for me, that their "teams" are working on remedies for my many difficulties, and advised that I try other integrations as a work around. Once you receive a call back, IF you do, you speak with someone who you can scarcely understand. They were unable to provide me with a time estimate for when the problems would be fixed. When I tried their workaround, I found that it did not meet any of my requirements at all. I was essentially told "too bad" and to simply wait for a solution as I sat about doing nothing. Additionally, when you attempt to cancel your membership, you are informed that someone will have to phone you in order to do so, and that the wait time might be more than forty-eight hours. - Mila D.
Agile CRM serves as the basis for each and every department in our organization as a result of its ability to centralize all of our tools under a single platform, to automatically complete and maintain all of our databases, to record and track all interactions, and to monitor all of our processes. There is simply no other option but Agile, taking into consideration the cost in relation to the functionality and support. It was great since the automation was complete, there was a lot of contact with clients, and they felt like they were something unique. I had combined the agile CRM with facebook, and because we had advertisements running to gather leads, it was phenomenal. Agile CRM was one of the most significant tools for operating my company. It was fantastic for gathering leads, automating processes, and maintaining complete control over all activity. The automation of email was by far my favorite part. - Harold S.
Since I believe this to be the aspect that has been the most challenging to grasp, I believe it would be helpful if in the future they created some training films to teach how to appropriately setup the automation tools. I think this would be useful. Although it would be tough to criticize Agile on the surface, Agile CRM does not integrate with a few specialized APIs that our company happens to employ. Recently, they released a new tool, and after that, they stopped paying as much attention to this tool. Furthermore, throughout the course of many years, I persistently asked the inclusion of other currencies, but it was never done. Agile CRM has developed a product that is quite comparable to sales force, right down to the user interface and user experience, both of which are bad. Aside from that, it is a pretty good customer relationship management system, and the cost is very affordable. - Scott P.
In order to successfully operate our e-commerce company, we were forced to decide between implementing a CRM that was the finest of its kind (sales centrics) and one that covered every touchpoint along the customer journey. After looking into and evaluating a number of other systems, including Salesforce and Prosperworks, we made the ultimate decision to go with Agile CRM since it was more likely to meet our requirements in terms of the size of our company and the freedom to customise it on our own. After using Agile for a few months, we were ready to combine it with our CMS (which was WordPress-Woocommerce), Twilio (which provides phone and SMS services), and Clickdesk (which provides video and live chat). We have reached out to the support staff twice, and both times, our problems have been resolved quickly and effectively. It is helpful to have templates available for marketing campaigns, and all that is required to configure and personalize the solution on your own is to watch some video lessons. Importing contacts and deals is simple, but for some reason, we are unable to import goods into Agile CRM. This is despite the fact that there is a lack of interaction between our products database (in the CMS) and Agile CRM. It is necessary to hand fill all of the products, which is a time-consuming process. In addition to product management, we highly advocate using Agile CRM because of the intuitive nature of its interface. - Lisa G.
When I was looking for a cloud-hosted customer relationship management system that would assist me in constructing a fundamental drip email automation sequence, I came across AgileCRM. According to my research, AgileCRM is a flawed customer relationship management system that is not designed for corporate users. This has been brought to everyone's attention several times, but allow me to add my voice to the chorus: unbranded emails are not normal and need an additional price to be paid. This implies that unless you pay an additional fee (yes, to the premium plan), the footer of any email that you send using the CRM will have the phrase "Send with Agile" or something like. This stinks of extortion, and the fact that there is a hidden fee immediately dissuaded me from carrying out the examination. In addition to that, the customer care crew that is situated in India is inept. Every issue is met with a "no problem, I understand your concern" response, yet nothing is ever rectified. I was unable to add numerous professional SMTP servers, and the team didn't seem to be capable of comprehending why that was occurring (here's a hint: your SMTP editor should allow usernames even when they are not structured as email addresses). My recommendation to any user involved in business is to steer away completely. - Brian T.
My current employer makes use of Agile CRM, and I've been familiar with it. Because it has user-friendly functionalities and a relatively streamlined design, it did not take me very long to comprehend the operation of Agile CRM. It provides the possibility of adding several tabs to the dashboard, which makes it less difficult to comprehend the progress that the team is making. You have the option to set the daily job on beforehand or schedule it according to your needs, and it will be shown on the dashboard. I never have to stress about the possibility of failing to complete any of the tasks that have been given to me. Because Agile CRM is connected with other social applications, it is much simpler to get the individual information that are accessible on those websites, which in turn makes the process of creating leads much less difficult. Both the reports and the analytics are extremely easy to understand and provide improved visibility. A helpful customer relationship management system (CRM) for small and medium-sized organizations. It features a user-friendly interface and is not difficult to pick up. There is a need for enhancement in both the features of Automation and customer support. - Andy S.
Where to start? Every week, the landing page tool is unavailable. Due to this, we have lost thousands of dollars in advertising. They only say "sorry for the inconvenience and we're working on fixing the issue" instead of offering a remedy or a refund. They will give you "credit" hours equal to the number of hours your pages were unavailable. Their servers allegedly don't have enough memory for all of their customers, which is a HUGE warning sign for a software provider. Our support staff is currently busy, but someone will contact you within the next 20 to 30 minutes, the lady who answers the phone when you call their support line will always state. That has been said to me at least fifteen times lately. And each time, without fail, I have not gotten a callback within 5 hours. They often return calls the next day. Though they sometimes offer same-day appointments, you may attempt to set up a support appointment with their staff. You won't have a solution until the next day at the earliest if their software is down or faulty, which occurs often. The program has several errors, and it feels like I report these issues on a weekly basis. The issues never end. - Joel A.

Agile CRM Social media Subscribers
Technical issues and sporadic system crashes are mentioned in some unfavorable comments on the website Several users have expressed the opinion that the user interface, particularly for novices, might be confusing and unintuitive. Despite these difficulties, Agile CRM's support staff responds quickly to any concerns that could emerge.

Agile CRM average reviews

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Agile CRM Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Integrations


  • Customer service
  • Limited reporting and analytics
  • Inconsistent performance

Agile CRM Final Conclusions

Overall, it seems like Agile CRM is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, particularly those looking for a CRM system that is both scalable and affordable. Due to the extensive feature set and user-friendly interface it offers, customers often select it. Although there could be a learning curve and some technical difficulties for certain customers, the proactive customer care service helps to allay these worries and improve the overall experience. There is hence justification for assuming that Agile CRM is a reliable and effective CRM software solution.

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