GoTo Review: Pricing, Features & More

GoTo is a startup that is simplifying information technology and making it accessible from anywhere in the world. GoTo offers a unified platform with a single admin solution by supplying cutting-edge remote administration and support solutions as well as powerful corporate communication tools.
GoTo Review: Pricing, Features & More

GoTo overview

Small and medium-sized enterprises are able to operate more efficiently as a result of GoTo's solutions. The sensation that one gets when their communications and IT support are working together without any problems. Maintain everyone's functionality, including that of every device, from any location. It is a comprehensive IT solution. GoToResolve simplifies complex IT problems. GoTo Connect is a single platform that combines a variety of communication methods, such as phone calls, meetings, texting, and more, making it simple to administer. At an unimaginable cost, the GoTo Essentials app combines the capabilities of corporate communications, IT assistance, and administration all into a single package.

You already have enough on your plate to worry about without having to struggle to get set up, be concerned about potential cyberattacks, or transition from the tools you are now using. GoTo is intended to have a straightforward configuration process. In times of uncertainty, the company's customer care staff is available at all times to provide assistance. GoTo ensures the safety of your company. Your company is protected from any dangers thanks to banking-grade encryption and zero-trust security. GoTo is designed to interact seamlessly with the technologies you currently use. The company's software was developed to function harmoniously with the tools that you choose to use in the workplace.

What GoTo has to say about itself

GoTo is an all-in-one communications program that was developed for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides all of the staff with one means of communication. GoTo provides IT workers with a single platform that can be used for phone, meetings, and messaging. This platform comes complete with a unified management interface that assists users in achieving their goals.

GoTo integrates cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems with the web, audio, and video features of GoToMeeting into a single solution that is easy and adaptable. With capabilities ranging from virtual voicemail and call forwarding to secure video conferencing and screen sharing, users can meet, communicate, and cooperate via web browser, desktop program, or desk phone.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the all-in-one phone, meeting, and messaging software known as GoTo was developed. Since 2003, they have been assisting companies in connecting with their clients and workers from any location to provide the highest quality of work possible. GoTo provides IT workers with only one system for phone, meetings, and messaging, along with hundreds of features and a single administration site that assists users in achieving their goals. The system is simple to implement and simple to operate.

Anywhere you go, IT may be simplified with the aid of GoTo. They provide software for work that can be done flexibly. Users of GoTo will be given the ability to interact with and provide help to workers and customers in any form, from any location, and using any device. Unified communications are included within the GoTo app, together with an all-encompassing solution for IT administration and support. Developed to contain everything necessary while excluding everything that is not. Simple and unified administration tool with a Visual Dial Plan Editor that supports dragging and dropping.

GoTo Review

Year Started2003
Service Areasmore than 100 countries
Service TypesGoTo offers a range of services in the areas of remote access, communication and collaboration, productivity, and customer engagement
FeaturesVideo Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Events, Unified Communications, Remote Access, Virtual Workspaces, Cloud Storage, Productivity Tools, Customer Engagemen, IT Support
CertificationsISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2

GoTo price policy

The amount that you will be required to pay for GoTo's services changes according to the precise services that you desire. The methods that they use for communication and cooperation, like as webinars and online meetings, are rather distinctive. You may find out more about their remote access services by contacting support. The virtual event, hybrid event, and customizable plans are available for each based on the requirements of your event. In general, GoTo provides price points that are more affordable than those of its competitors for a broad variety of service alternatives.
PackagesDepending on the particular services you need, GoTo's prices vary. Make a support and informational call.
Payment optionsCredit or debit card, PayPal, bank transfer
Payment discountsVolume Discounts, Annual Plan Discounts, Non-Profit Discounts, Special Promotions, Referral Discounts, Bundle Discounts, Loyalty Program. It is vital to keep in mind that exact discounts may differ based on the GoTo product in which you are interested as well as the area in which you are purchasing it.

GoTo online reputation

It has been clear, as a result of doing research into the opinions stated by GoTo consumers online, that the service is vulnerable to both positive and negative comments. GoTo is praised by certain customers for how user-friendly the platform is and how easy it is when it comes to virtual meetings and webinars. However, some clients are disappointed with the site owing to its technical issues and exorbitant pricing.
GoTo is quite cost reasonable while still providing access to all of their capabilities, which is something that appeals to me about the service. It enables me to do what I need to accomplish while still leaving a significant amount of time in the schedule. Since we started using GoTo, we have been able to successfully complete a huge number of calls, both incoming and outgoing. It contributes to the expansion of our company. Access may be gained by the use of a computer, a phone, or any other device. When I was looking for a VOIP service for my company, I did a lot of research and comparison shopping. There are a lot of trustworthy businesses available, and each of them provides services that are comparable to one another. I opted with GoTo because their prices were lower than those of their competitors, and since the feature set they provided was just as strong as that of their rivals. I can say that I have not been let down by this decision. The architecture at GoTo is flexible enough to meet even the most specific requirements we may have in the future, which is a comforting thought given how simple our current requirements are. In general, I think that my coworkers would benefit from using GoTo. It is a high-quality VoIP service that offers a number of more sophisticated capabilities without being excessively costly in comparison to its rivals. - David O.
You might probably describe myself as "tech savvy," but I'm not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination. It was a little frightening for someone like myself who had never set up a VOIP system before to dig through the web manuals to find out what hardware we required, how it should be setup, and other similar aspects of the process. Even while the majority of this content could be found on their website, it would have been helpful if there was also a beginner's instructional there that was more in-depth. Despite this, their call-in technical support was quite helpful in addressing my novice queries at all hours of the night, as was highlighted elsewhere in this review. If I had any complaint at all, it would be that the online material for beginners might have been expanded upon a little bit more thoroughly than it was. A "setup wizard" or anything similar could have been useful in this situation. - Christopher B.
Because our firm severed ties with its bigger parent company, we were required to come up with our own method of handling phone calls. Due to the fact that our offices are located all over the United States, I understood that rather than purchasing a cable TV package or anything like, we needed a VOIP service that was loaded with features. Even if some other providers provide the same capabilities, I wanted a business that I could rely on to guide me through the technical aspects of the installation since our firm is too tiny to have its own information technology department. In this respect, GoTo was exceptional. Their superb technical assistance situated in the United States of America helped me get up and running in a hurry. The switch from the service provided by our previous parent business to the new one that we set up ourselves via GoTo was carried out without a hitch. If I had to choose just one thing that stood out to me about my time working with GoTo, it would be the quality of their technical assistance. - William C.
The user interface of the desktop app was faulty. There was often a disruption in the audio on one or both ends of the connection. The quality of the audio itself varied greatly. GoTo continues to try to retain us under contract despite the fact that we were informed we have a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. Our Managed Service Provider was informed by one of their reps that if GoTo let customers who were dissatisfied with the program to terminate their contract, the company would be out of business. Instead of resolving the problems as any sensible business would, they choose to attempt to strong-arm you into paying for a product that is of poor quality. The so-called "money back guarantee" is more accurately a provision that reads, "we'll give you your money back if we feel like it, which we probably won't" than it is a promise in its traditional sense. - John B.
GoTo is able to provide users with high-quality video and phone conferencing options. I have been utilizing for about two years at this point, and I have very seldom had difficulties such as "robot voice" or the choppiness that you occasionally may get from a VoIP platform. In fact, I have only experienced these problems a handful of times. After moving from an on-premises version of Wave, this was our first experience with a cloud-based phone system. Having the ability to handle it from any location is quite useful. Because it is so easy to use and has a strong user interface, GoTo's ability to share screens during meetings and send reminder emails to participants before the meeting begins are two of its most appealing features. Because we use the program, we are now more connected to one another and up to date on matters relating to the organization. My company, which provides financial services, has benefited greatly from using GoTo, which makes it simple for me to make changes to the dial plan. The central hub and user interface is fantastic. I can send texts or make calls from any device, and if I have an internet connection, I can have a virtual conference from almost any location. - Sarah M.
The mobile app still has some hiccups here and there. The quality has vastly improved over the course of the last several months (and years), and although it still sometimes disconnects the call, it is nothing near as awful as it used to be. GoTo also lacks a reporting mechanism that is quite broad in its coverage. Don't get me wrong, it provides decent reports that are simple to examine; but, we are in need of some more information for our call-tracking, and it is tough to comprehend and re-build the reports that we have access to in order to acquire what we need. We are need to request a list be sent to us individually from one of our contacts, which is a process that, in my opinion, might become tiresome for the agent to have to repeat every time we have a requirement for a new list. Although these are not really fundamental problems, there are certainly some things I'd want to see improved. However, they are always working to become better and take your comments and suggestions very seriously, so I have no doubt that they will enhance some of these features in the not too distant future. - Robbi G.
GoTo is by far the most effective phone system we have ever used, and we use it to manage our remote agents. It is not difficult to compile reports. The call system has the most advanced capabilities in the business when it comes to making administrative modifications. This is, without a doubt, the greatest service that we have ever used in our more than 20 years of business. Because of this product, we have been able to simply increase the size of our business and broaden the scope of our client service. The training was quite thorough, and the process of having the system developed was handled very effectively. Setting up the system was really simple. GoTo will assign a dedicated account person to work with you throughout the first phase of the set-up process. This person will walk you through each step of the process, from the very beginning to the very end. The prior phone product that we utilized was from Windstream, and it was quite difficult to administer. The process of resolving difficulties and making adjustments was time-consuming and sometimes required making many phone calls in order to get answers. - Rick W.
The onboarding process was one that was drawn out, difficult, and demanding. The transition from a traditional wired phone system to a VOIP system is a significant one for any business, but it is particularly challenging for organizations that lack a dedicated IT staff. GoTo provides us with more features and capabilities than we are now able to comprehend or make use of. There are moments when the sheer volume of available options might make it impossible to go forward. The one "feature" that we are currently having trouble with is the ability to put an incoming call on wait, answer a second incoming call, and then swap between the first call and the second call. Those of us who had worked with the "old school" system, which consisted of a hold button and flashing lights for each line, had that procedure down to a science after only a few years of experience. Moving to a VOIP system in which you do not truly have "lines" is still causing us problems. - Aaron B.
Really simple to use and explore. Clear calls may be made (if you have sufficient bandwidth to guarantee that the packets reach their intended destination) and you can log in and utilize your extension/line using a variety of methods (web, mobile, VoIP). Excellent client service is provided. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I gave it such a good rating. They have friendly, helpful support personnel that is available to help with any problems that may arise. I've never had to wait more than three to five minutes to get a response on my call. If the problem is outside their scope of expertise, they escalate it to a higher level until it is fixed. They keep checking in until everything is resolved. It was a blessing to move to GoTo just before COVID lockdowns. The option for employees to work from home was quite beneficial. Throughout the rigorous onboarding procedure, GT personnel provided assistance at every turn. And ever then, the customer service has been outstanding at every turn and for every problem. The fact that I haven't yet been moved to a different associate when I phone in is my favorite fact. Every single agent has been able to fix my problem. - Rob N.
I believe that it took some time to have our phone numbers moved over, and at first, our temporary numbers weren't "spoofed," which means that on our caller id, it showed up as some strange telephone number rather than our company's name. When we were first setting up our system, there were a few steps that were quite difficult, but as soon as we were linked to the appropriate person, the process became much simpler. The most of the problems that we had during the first few weeks that we used the GoTo telephone system were more related to getting things sorted out. During that procedure, we interacted with a different set of customer service representatives than we normally do, and I get the impression that some of those folks lacked the same level of expertise as the usual customer support staff. Again, when we ironed out the few wrinkles, we haven't had any problems since then. It was more of a matter of getting in touch with the appropriate individual who could address the particular problem that we were experiencing. - Brandon B.

GoTo Social media Subscribers
GoTo is a very popular and extensively utilized application for webinars and remote meetings, based on comments left on Reddit. Its many features, smooth operation, and simplicity of use have all been commended by users. Many others have emphasized how technology might help remote teams become more productive by streamlining communication. Regarding security and privacy on the network, some people have voiced worries, however. With the COVID-19 epidemic, in particular, it seems that GoTo has been a useful and beneficial resource for a large number of people and organizations. Users' virtual meeting experiences might be further improved with ongoing upgrades and changes.

GoTo average reviews

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GoTo Pros&Cons


  • Easy to Use
  • Remote Access
  • Multi-Device Support


  • Cost
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Learning Curve

GoTo Final Conclusions

It is abundantly evident that GoTo has both strengths and limits, and it is possible for customers' experiences with the service to vary substantially from one another. Even while it is possible that GoTo for virtual meetings and webinars is not faultless, the bulk of comments show happiness and dependability with GoTo for these activities.

Before deciding whether or not GoTo is the best alternative, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis of one's unique needs and to do considerable research, just as one would if picking any other service.

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