LeadSquared Review

LeadSquared specializes in finding solutions to sales problems for high lead volume, high-speed companies with several sales channels and teams. LeadSquared is now assisting 2000+ businesses across 40 countries in increasing their sales.
LeadSquared Review

LeadSquared overview

The marketing automation platform LeadSquared enables you to interact and cultivate relationships with your clients at every stage of the purchasing experience. With the use of automation, LeadSquared hopes to construct sales groups that are really linked, empowered, and independent of outside support. Its sales tech stack consists of digital onboarding, marketing, and process automation, as well as sales execution. It provides the most effective framework for the execution of sales for high-velocity sales teams.

LeadSquared's only mission is to cut down on the amount of time sales representatives have to spend on administrative work that does not entail face-to-face communication with clients. It accomplishes this goal by using customer journey designers, hyper-automation, and regimentation. Its goal is to ensure that sales representatives are completely productive with no interruptions whatsoever.

Instead of placing an emphasis on the software's functionality as its primary differentiator, LeadSquared was developed with an emphasis on the use cases and verticals they serve. Get more out of your contact center, feet-on-the-street sales, internet sales, and merchant operations by improving their efficiency.

What LeadSquared has to say about itself

LeadSquared is an all-in-one intelligent sales and marketing platform that provides businesses with assistance in identifying, acquiring, and accelerating leads of the greatest possible quality. LeadSquared was developed by Lead Generation Inc. It provides comprehensive lead generation and segmentation, and aid with marketing, analytics, and reporting capabilities, all of which are geared to accelerate the success of your company. Because of its simple and intuitive user interface, LeadSquared is well suited for use by companies of all sizes, especially those of a smaller or medium scope. It helps you to rapidly simplify, automate, and optimize your sales and marketing activities, which in turn enables you to create better leads more quickly and with more efficiency.

The program gives marketers a lesson that walks them through each stage of the lead collecting, administration, and nurturing processes, as well as step-by-step guidance. It provides in-depth lead analytics and tracking to help you locate, segment, monitor, and activate prospective buyers in your target market. In addition, you can easily measure your effectiveness and improve your techniques of customer engagement by monitoring sales funnels in addition to the participation of your customers.

Marketers are provided with major new alternatives by LeadSquared to boost lead generation, lead management, and the creation of more personalized customer experiences. Marketo helps marketers go beyond the standard techniques of segmentation and get insight into every aspect of a lead by using its smart native connections and customer data platform. In addition, an algorithm that is driven by AI may be able to aid in improving interactions while also providing useful insights that may be utilized to further tailor the experiences provided to customers.

In addition to this, LeadSquared has firmly established itself as the industry leader in the area of customer loyalty and referral programs. LeadSquared is a one-stop shop that can fulfill all of your needs for customer relationship management, including monitoring each individual rep, lead scorecards, and lead nurturing. LeadSquared gives you and your teams the tools essential to acquire new leads, capture those leads, qualify those leads, and nurture those leads in a way that is more productive and costs less money than traditional methods.

LeadSquared Review

Year Started2013
Company Websiteleadsquared.com
Service AreasIndia, USA, Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia
Service TypesAll sizes of companies and organizations may benefit from LeadSquared's sales acceleration services. Among other capabilities, this consists of Lead Management, Actionable Insights, Automation and Optimization, Remarketing and Retargeting, CRM Integration, and Sales Automation.
FeaturesBuilt-in email, WhatsApp and SMS marketing; Zero-code automation designer; Landing pages, forms and widgets for data capture; Complete user activity, interaction and intent tracking; Funnel-wise, channel-wise and team-wise reporting; Multi-channel and remarketing connectors such as email, text, WhatsApp, social media, phone calls.
CertificationsCPP, CIP, CAAP, CAPP, CEAP

LeadSquared price policy

For various client demands, LeadSquared provides a number of price tiers. The cheapest package offers marketing automation, smart forms, automated sales and leads nurturing capabilities and more. Customized customer path mapping, an AI-driven virtual assistant, and the capacity to add more web pages are among the extra features offered by the most costly package. Despite the fact that the majority of plans do not need long-term commitments, charges are recurrent and grow with the number of users, contacts, and extra features. LeadSquared also provides specialized solutions for customers with particular needs.
PackagesBasic (10,000 contacts) - 400USD/per month; Standard (50,000 contacts) - 1200USD/per month; Enterprise (200,000 contacts) - 2500USD/per month
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, wire transfer
Payment discountsLeadSquare provides price reductions for its yearly plans as follows: 10% for two-year contracts, and 15% for three-year contracts. There are additional bulk savings available for LeadSquared plans that have a greater number of customers.

LeadSquared online reputation

Due to its user-friendliness and substantial feature set, LeadSquared seems to be well-regarded by its users. Customers value it for its adaptability and capacity to design simple, sales-boosting initiatives. However, some more seasoned users have complained in reviews that LeadSquared may benefit from improved process automation and that the reporting mechanism is not the most efficient.
I am relieved that reminders keep popping up. Email marketing campaign, Defined dashboard, integration of landing page, auto responders, separate list for specific data, construction of HTML mailer, transactional SMS, and other kinds of analytical reports, etc. The LSQ's export and import functionality may assist in the generation of reports in excel that are more precisely specified. The report of the email campaign assists in targeting the audience based on the open rate and click rate of the mailer. Receives prompt answers from the supporting team (the Technical team) in the event of any form of technical fault or when assistance is required. I have been making use of this program for our organization for the last year and a half, and I have discovered that it is really beneficial. There are now 5 users in addition to 1 administrator. It is a highly useful and trouble-free piece of software. Because I am the administrator of the software at our company, I am able to attest to the fact that it is incredibly simple to implement, and all of our employees get along famously with the program. - Shalini S.
An unethical approach was used by blocking several of the important capabilities without providing prior warning, which according to our agreement should have been for a period of ninety days. The disabled functionality is a mission-critical component that is resulting in a loss of revenue for us. The staff is not responding, and there is currently no answer to our predicament. Integration of third parties with LSQ is a time-consuming process. There is a dependent on the Support staff, which operates on a charged basis, if I want to make a customized report or dashboard in LS that needs Lapp. Learning about filters may be a time-consuming process for non-technical people. You also have the option of adding self-customization features. - Alaric Z.
Even the end user is able to create their own automations with LS. The automation flows are able to handle lead management and are activated by an incoming API hit. Alternatively, they may be constructed whenever a lead property is modified. In general, LeadSquared is a good choice for firms who are searching for an all-encompassing answer to their requirements in the areas of marketing, sales, and CRM. I had previously used Zoho CRM, Nopaperforms, and others; but, the flexibility that LS provides is superior. The fact that the CRM is extremely modifiable and can be adapted to meet the needs of each company is the best aspect about it. During the two years that I was employed, I made use of this CRM. Although I found it challenging to comprehend at first, as soon as I got the hang of it, it became quite simple for me to keep track of my daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of sales and leads. Very simple to put into use. There are effective filters, as well as favorable settings. Simple to keep track of sales and leads. Simple branching off of the leads. Possible to add a follow-up. - Devesh V.
If you do not have any data to import from other software products, or if you are searching for extremely basic capability, then I would only propose this program to you as a solution. If you want to make use of more complex features, you should request that they provide you with a COMPLETE demonstration of it. Ask a ton of questions and avoid making any assumptions at all costs! During the assessment phase, I really regret not having spent more time conducting my research and being thorough. I most likely would have realized that it was not the optimal match for me. The procedure of setting everything up took a lot longer than expected. We needed to import data from a different system, and coordinating with the support employees who were located off-shore proved difficult. In the end, I was forced to call upon an available inside resource (a developer) in order to finish the import. I like to think of myself as quite knowledgeable when it comes to marketing automation, email marketing, and customer relationship management software products; nonetheless, the implementation was a barrier for me. After all was said and done, we were unable to get all of the reports and functionality that we previously believed we would be acquiring. - Charlz W.
After having LeadSquared implemented inside our company. Now that we are able to monitor every sort of lead source, we are better equipped to determine which channel is providing us with the best results. We are also able to determine the extent of the room for improvement throughout the lead nurturing process by using the activity notes features that are made accessible in the Leadsquared CRM. This is because the CRM logs the kind of communication that occurs during the follow-up with the lead. Because of this, we are able to increase the number of conversions for the company. Last but not least, I really enjoy and respect their customer care personnel, which is incredibly responsive and courteous, regardless of whether the conversation takes place by mail or over the phone. The software combines the firm's work process so that it meets the requirements of the company. CRM software that is completely hassle-free. It was helpful to grasp the situation by learning the reason why the service was delayed. It is simple to determine at which level the work is pending, where a delay is occurring, and what measures may be made to effectively prevent the delay. - Joy C.
Although, the tracking script that Leadsqaured provides helps to trace the source of leads, including paid, organic, referral, and crucial CTA sources. However, each of our landing pages is constructed using coding languages, and the tracking code must be installed in the body portion of each landing page before it can be used. Therefore, I always need the assistance of a developer, which consumes a significant amount of time. My sole request of the leadsquared team is that they develop a tracking script that, like the one for Google Analytics, has to be included just in the head area of the landing page in order to minimize the amount of time wasted. In the past, the automation solutions that were made available to us were a little pricey, which prevented us from totally automating the job process. The work process has gotten more complicated as a result of the absence of a solution for billing and ticketing, which necessitates the use of numerous software programs. - Hazel U.
We were seeking for a CRM platform that was both cost efficient and could provide assistance for our business process, and Leadsquared fit the bill well. It gets the job done, despite the fact that it does not offer a lot of fancy features as other customer relationship management systems do. The gathering of lead data and the setting of reminders for follow-up tasks are both beneficial. Additionally, it will be connected with the calling tool that we use, which will relieve us of part of the load. LeadSquared is an option that should be considered by businesses in the school management industry who are seeking for a solution that is both affordable and efficient. In contrast to Hubspot and Zoho, we found that LeadSquared was both more cost efficient and easier to work with. The simplicity of LeadSquared's interface is the aspect that appealed to me the most, and the software also comes with a respectable assortment of functions that may come in handy. Using LSQ as a customer relationship management solution has, on the whole, been a positive experience. I'm looking forward to testing out some of the other capabilities as well to see how this tool will improve the productivity of the team. - Barita S.
It is not very supportive to send emails using the lead squared platform. In addition, despite having a decent connection, the tool might often move at a snail's pace. As of right now, the one item about which I am not really pleased is that there is neither a planner nor a task calendar, and both of these are just about average. The user interface of the program has the potential to become tedious due to the limited number of choices available to change the appearance and feel. In addition, if you overuse the automation function of the program, you could have a latency of a few seconds every so often.Relax, there won't be a problem. There are occasions when the incorporation of third-party tools seems constrained. When it comes to reporting, all of the basic data, such as lead source and lead history, are provided; nevertheless, it seems as if advanced-level reporting is restricted. The leadsquared platform is adequate for SMBs. It would be helpful if we had the opportunity to save recordings of phone calls so that we could conduct call audits in a way that was both efficient and did not cost any extra money. Because we are still in the beginning stages of developing our business, investing in automation of any kind is currently out of the question for us. There is some ambiguity in the report area. It is possible to make it more user-friendly. There are moments when Mobile CRM becomes unresponsive. - Maria J.
No matter how large or little your company is, you will find use for each and every function that this program has to offer. The process of integration was quite thorough and extensive. The help that the staff provided both before and after the integration was excellent, and they are constantly accessible. They are willing to make adjustments at any point throughout the procedure, regardless of where you are in the process. The lead management function is the most important component of this program, and it is also the element that I like about it the most. Unrivaled in its breadth of coverage, this software expertly controls the whole path and life cycle of a lead. The utmost superior software for all of your CRM requirements. Very simple to put into use. It is not necessary to have advanced coding abilities in order to administer the system. Landing page development is simple, and features such as modules that may be shown or hidden depending on whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device are fantastic additions that don't need any code. The support is fantastic. The speed with which the customer service staff responds to inquiries from customers is excellent. In general, the tool is capable of satisfying all of the needs of any small to medium-sized business. This tool is for you to use to get things done quickly, especially if you have a small crew. - Antony A.
There are instances when the LeadSquared page requires more time due to server administration. When accessing a large number of leads via the LeadSquared portal, there is a noticeable delay, and the email task reminder is continually bugging us. Still, in the spam list, various text inputs, such as emojis, style typefaces, and some language phrases, do not show up appropriately in the lead information. It would be helpful if the dashlets on the dashboards had more editing capabilities so that we could better personalize them to meet our needs. The pace at which the CRM interface loads is different, and the Contact center systems have not seen any change in this regard. The fact that the data shown in some of the reports and in the smart views and manage leads functions are updated in real time is one of the needs that has not yet been satisfied. When utilizing this, there are quite a few minor issues. We were going to construct an automated campaign and then launch it. However, it wouldn't be possible. I would send a message to the support staff, and somewhere between three and seven days later, they would come back to me with a solution to the problem. The team is from India, and there are some translation difficulties. - Katrine P.

LeadSquared Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@Leadsquared3820 Subscribers
In the discussion thread on Reddit pertaining to LeadSquared, the general majority of thoughts is that it is an easy-to-use and intuitive program that can be used by companies of varying sizes in order to handle their leads in an effective manner. Users are pleased with the comprehensive array of features that can be accessed as well as the comprehensive customer assistance that can be obtained.

LeadSquared average reviews

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LeadSquared Pros&Cons


  • Integrates with popular applications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful analytics feature


  • Expensive
  • Limited email templates
  • Difficult to use

LeadSquared Final Conclusions

LeadSquared is, all things considered, a very useful tool for companies to use in order to manage their lead-generating and sales processes. A significant number of clients have said that it is simple to use, comprehensive, and economical and that it offers excellent assistance to clients. Nevertheless, a number of users have mentioned that the program may be sluggish at times and that maintaining synchronization between the various modules can be challenging at times.

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