HubSpot Review: Pricing, Features & More

HubSpot provides a single, approachable platform with a high degree of functionality where all of your marketing data and tools are consolidated. You will save a significant amount of time and get all the information required to provide a customized experience that attracts and converts the right consumers at scale.
HubSpot Review: Pricing, Features & More

HubSpot overview

The HubSpot CRM platform makes it simple for your whole business—from marketing and sales to customer care and support—to collaborate effectively with one another. Each hub is effective on its own, but the combined power of all of them is far greater. Its marketing software has everything you want to create an effective inbound marketing plan that increases traffic, converts leads, and demonstrates a return on investment.

The HubSpot sales software comes with a comprehensive set of tools that may increase sales productivity, reduce the length of time it takes to close deals and humanize the sales process. Because of its user-friendly customer care software, connecting with clients, assisting them in achieving their goals, and converting them into brand advocates is a breeze.

The HubSpot content management platform offers marketers a high level of flexibility, developers a high level of power, and consumers an experience that is both customized and safe. Through the use of its operations software, you will be able to synchronize and curate customer data as well as automate business processes. This will allow your teams to remain aligned and provide you the ability to respond to the ever-evolving requirements of your customers.

Power up its customer relationship management platform. You may tailor HubSpot to the specific needs of your company by taking advantage of its more than 1400 available connectors and its ability to let you build your own applications.

What HubSpot has to say about itself

HubSpot enables you to expand your business while reducing the complexity of your operations, whether you use their methods, services, or software. HubSpot provides everything that is necessary for improved growth. When marketers use the whole CRM platform, they have the opportunity to create an unmatched level of alignment with sales to demonstrate return on investment and justify investments.

The job of a contemporary marketer is not an easy one. Either you have to juggle many point solutions, or you are stuck with tools that are strong but difficult to use. Neither option is ideal. This results in disorganized client data, ineffective marketing, and an excessive amount of time spent fumbling about with software. However, this outcome is not inevitable at all.

HubSpot provides its users with a robust set of tools that may assist them in converting site traffic into leads. You will get lead flows, forms, kickback emails, analytics, and more, all of which have been created to make it simple for you to expand your company in an effective manner. Get leads, figure out who they are and what they're interested in, and then improve your marketing based on the facts you collect rather than on assumptions you make. Start expanding your company now with the help of HubSpot.

HubSpot is a scalable, all-in-one marketing platform that covers a wide variety of features and capabilities. It also has unlimited potential for expansion. Blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing are just examples of the kinds of online marketing endeavors that may be carried out, tracked, and measured using the program. In addition, customers of HubSpot may utilize the platform to develop landing pages and calls to action, and the software offers SEO advice as they write.

In addition, HubSpot functions as a content management system, making it possible for users to edit the material of their websites, optimize it for search engines, and adapt it for mobile devices. Users of the HubSpot product have the ability to customize their websites for each individual visitor.

HubSpot Review

Year Started2004
Service Areasmore than 120 countries
Service TypesHubSpot offers marketing, sales, customer care, and CRM software. Marketing automation, content marketing, blogging software, social media management, SEO and analytics, website and CRM management, email marketing, and online advertising are its main offerings.
FeaturesInbound Marketing, Sales Solutions, CRM and Sales Automation, Data Analysis and Reporting, Customer Service Solutions, Partner Services

HubSpot price policy

HubSpot caters to the specific requirements of each individual company by providing a wide range of services and price tiers. Each of their plans is divided into three distinct layers. In addition, HubSpot offers its customers a wide variety of other services and solutions. All options include customer assistance from HubSpot as well as access to the large resource library maintained by HubSpot, which includes participation in live webinars. When you combine plans or include numerous products into a single subscription, you are eligible for further cost savings thanks to pricing and features that are adaptable to the needs of each company.
PackagesStarter - starts at $18/month; CRM Suite Starter - starts at $20/month; Professional - starts at $800/month
Payment optionsCredit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and certain local country payment methods
Payment discountsHubSpot will, at different intervals during the year, give various discounts, including price reductions for both individual services and packaged packages. These discounts will be available for a limited time only. Free trials, price reductions on annual licenses, and cost reductions for training and certifications are some examples of the sorts of discounts that could be given. Additionally, discounts might be made available to customers.

HubSpot online reputation

HubSpot is, all things considered, a really useful platform for organizations to develop, engage, and monitor client connections. In particular, for a platform with so many potent features, many users have remarked on how simple the platform is to use. On the other side, some users have complained that the platform is not the best choice for all companies due to the lengthy wait times for customer service responses and the dearth of extensive feature choices.
I really like how all of the information on a contact can be found in a single location. From the very first time that a user visits your website, through each and every conversion that they have done on your website, as well as any interactions that they have had with the firm, including any meetings, phone calls, or emails. Everything you need to know may be found in the Contact Record of the CRM. The marketing and sales staff will be able to apply "Smarketing" in a more seamless way as a result of this. Sales representatives have access to all of the marketing data necessary to personalize their approach to each contact they work with. Once a lead reaches a certain score, marketing is able to intelligently hand along marketing qualified leads to the sales team since they have all of the sales qualification essentials to add to their lead scoring system. It monitors the overall performance of the sales representatives, including their interactions, productivity, and other metrics. This allows sales managers to always have a clear picture of what their team is working on and how effectively they are doing it. You also have a Deals area, which allows you to monitor all of the sales possibilities that have the potential to become customers, as well as their progression toward either becoming customers or becoming opportunities that were not pursued further. This enables HubSpot to more accurately predict your month-to-month sales, which in turn improves the company's bottom line statistics. - Ann D.
On the analytics and dashboard section, there may be more room for customization, as well as opportunities for more in-depth research and insights.The use of AI to it may make it even more useful. I wish that the email tracking could be shown in a more straightforward manner, without first requiring the user to travel to the relevant contact's details. The procedure of creating a marketing email contact lead list is quite frustrating, which renders the tool worthless. The HubSpot appointment calendar is missing in two important areas: the capability to send SMS reminders and the ability to allow prospects to autonomously cancel or reschedule their meetings. As the size of the company continues to expand. Increasing the size of the user base and the number of features available to them may drive up costs significantly. The limited amount of advanced features is not something I like. The free version of HubSpot includes all of the necessary capabilities, but in order to access some of the more sophisticated functionality, such as comprehensive reporting, workflow automation, and customisation, you may need to upgrade to one of the commercial plans or use extra HubSpot products. It may be rather costly for a startup or a mid-sized firm to upgrade to the PRO account level, particularly if the upgrade will include more Hubspot capabilities. - Tod A.
The user experience is fantastic, and they offer all of the necessary elements for a decent customer relationship management system. The customer service is excellent. It is an essential tool, especially when combined with other Hubspot modules and connections, for gaining an understanding of what is occurring in your company as well as how to enhance and speed up growth. My experience with the CRM as a whole has led me to the conclusion that it is simple to use, provides the functionality that I desire, and does it in a way that does not call for a great deal of setup or menu diving. Additionally, I appreciate that it is simple to export the data to other platforms and that it is compatible with all of the other tools that HubSpot offers. The service is outstanding; I had a query, and the online chat responded within two minutes with a link to a remedy. The ability to self-serve has unquestionably improved efficiency. Throughout the whole of the go-to-market strategy, Hubspot is in charge of managing our sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. It not only acts as the foundation for all that we do but also offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the firm. - Erick A.
A few of the names of the functions aren't really straightforward. For instance, in order to access your email, you must first go to the "Conversations" tab. After a little bit of practice, it's not that tough, but it's not exactly user-friendly for first-time newbies. Despite the fact that everything has shifted to mobile in the modern day, I would expect them to have a better app where I can do more functions. The main problem I've had with HubSpot is that I can't really use it when I'm not in the office. If I want to use it outside of the office, I have to bring my desktop computer with me and set it up in the back seat of my vehicle. That's how poor their mobile app is at the moment. However, despite the fact that they have a long-running feature-request board that receives a large number of comments asking them when they would update their app to bring more incredible features to mobile, the board has not received a response from the company in nearly a year. The most important component that their software must have? The mechanism for selling tickets on mobile devices. - Jason M.
It allows us to begin with the free version before buying it to genuinely try it out, unlike the majority of other CRMs just offer you a 7-day trial, which is not enough time to determine whether or not it is a good match for your business. The All-in-One Solution is appealing to me. Not only is HubSpot useful for making sales, but it also has tools for marketing automation, providing help for customers, and providing service. This all-in-one method enables firms to manage their whole client lifecycle on a single platform, eliminating the need for several systems. The HubSpot CRM interface is incredibly simple to navigate. Even employees who have no prior experience with CRM technologies have no trouble grasping the concepts of onboarding and training. Integration with other applications is fantastic, and examples include Calendly, 3CX, and SMS. Both the assistance and the knowledgebase are excellent. Extremely simple to set up and implement. It will be easier for you to do this if you had experience using a CRM in the past. In all actuality, we got everything up and operating in a little under ten minutes.The free edition already has a lot of important features. The one that costs money, even more so. - Vanessa R.
It has already taken the place of quite a few of my platforms, but it hasn't yet taken the place of despite the fact that I had intended for it to serve as an all-in-one spot for the administration of all of my contacts when I first put it up. Additionally, there is no straightforward method for separating off the CRM, such as compartmentalizing clients who are explicitly engaged in sales as opposed to customers who are getting marketing. This necessitates maintaining two separate HubSpot accounts—one for marketing and one for sales—which is unnecessary and cumbersome. The problem could be resolved if only a user-level experience was developed in which all marketing connections could be successfully hidden from sales until such time as the marketing contacts were converted into sales contacts. We put all of our sales cycles via Monday since it is a simple platform that we can utilize for job management. This is the primary reason why we use Monday. Whereas HubSpot continues to have a subpar sales pipeline management system with changes that ought to have been implemented YEARS ago. People have been venting their frustration over the "NEW DEAL" tag that is attached to all new sales offers since 2018, and it is still there. It seems crazy to me that this pipeline system needs a makeover, yet not enough attention is being paid to it. - Rick F.
Even though I was on the business plan, which is one of the few types of plans where value for money does not appear to play a very important role, I am aware for a fact that this tool is quite reasonably priced, particularly for SMEs. We are really grateful to HubSpot for providing us with the ability to monitor all of our customers in a one location. Not only that, but there is no cost involved. The option to import data from excel files enabled us to improve our database from google sheets. When paired with HubSpot's internal database, this raised the quantity of information we had available on hand about our customers, bringing it to the next level. The fact that you can add custom fields to the CRM as well as different views for various users is another feature that we really like. Hubspot is packed to the gills with heaps and tons of features that users will like. In spite of the fact that it is offered in a free edition, the platform unquestionably has a great deal of strength. It's all done seemlessly here, and the process is so streamlined that you won't even realize the definitely enormous amount of work that's been put into it. Some of the things that are handled here include tracking clients, resolving problems, and following up with loose ends. - What is without a doubt the finest aspect? The mechanism for issuing tickets for issues. - Alice Y.
Once you upgrade to the premium version, it might get rather pricey, particularly if you don't make full use of all of the features. The goods area does not integrate very well with Google products, notably drive, and does not have a particularly extensive feature set. The add-on for Gmail is not very good. Because the free forms do not include an option to center your form on your website, the form will appear off-centered and will have a logo identifying it as coming from HubSpot. The marketing automation software offered by Hubspot is not reliable since it does not provide correct statistics. The difference can be seen in the data from both Hubspot and Google Analytics. Because the customer service representatives are not very well trained, I found that I had to figure out most of the problems on my own. Reporting capabilities are quite restricted (it is simple to import data, but it is challenging to summarize it in a way that would promote process adherence). The hierarchy of the connection between the company and the client is unable to handle increasingly complicated business models, which is a problem for B2B enterprises. - Antony T.
Excellent tools that link with your website and allow you to get statistics on what content is being seen. The pipeline of deals. Web-based forms that are connected to your site. Amazingly connects contacts, companies, and business transactions. Because HubSpot combines every facet of sales and marketing and has such a wide variety of integrations, the potential for your business's success is almost unbounded when you use it. You are able to import your complete website, perform paid media and monitor all of your campaigns, and track all of your social media efforts as well. The customer relationship management system (CRM) is entirely configurable, and the email marketing program offers a limitless supply of templates. Don't even bother starting a conversation with me about the reporting possibilities since they are almost limitless. I want to view all of the contacts who have browsed five web pages and filled out a lead form in the last three months. Done. Any procedure may benefit from segmentation, lists, snippets, automation, and sequences. Are you able to tell that I am a huge fan. - Zack U.
Do not take pleasure in the fact that "Hubspot fields that cannot be changed" exist, which means that customisation is restricted. It's not uncommon for workflows to get messed up and not always function properly. The quality of support provided by each individual varies, however the vast majority of them have at least some level of expertise. Because the vast majority of users were too reliant on API key validation, they recently discontinued their support for API key authentication, which has likely caused great distress to a great number of customers. However, it's a relief to know that creating a private app and validating it with an access token isn't that difficult. On the other hand, when it comes to addressing technical questions, their customer service is not very helpful. You must place all of your trust in the community, even if the response to your inquiry may at times be slow in coming. Despite the fact that the Hubspot documentation may be really useful for answering technical questions. The sales staff simply doesn't appear to fully grasp people at the CMO level of enterprise B2B companies (in my experience!). They have become more picky about the on-boarding process; although it used to be "all you need," it is now somewhat restrictive in terms of time. - Wiliam S.

HubSpot Social media Subscribers
People seem to have a favorable impression of HubSpot as a whole, with many mentioning the platform's intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and ease of learning as positive aspects of the software. Because of the extensive number of features that are provided, it is an excellent option for companies of any size, all of which are able to utilize the platform to tailor their digital marketing approaches to their own needs. The support service at HubSpot receives a lot of praise as well; users often comment on the competent personnel and the speed with which they get responses. To summarize, HubSpot is an excellent choice for companies that are searching for a digital marketing platform that is both highly effective and simple to use.

HubSpot average reviews

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HubSpot Pros&Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Data integration
  • Real-time analytics


  • Cost
  • Complicated Setup
  • Customer Support

HubSpot Final Conclusions

Customers' opinions of HubSpot are mostly divided. Others have expressed issues regarding customer service, support, and usability while other individuals are quite delighted with the product and its features. across spite of these complaints, HubSpot has shown to be a dependable and durable solution for companies across a range of sectors.

It offers complete capabilities for customer relationship management, sales, marketing automation, website administration, and customer experience. Creating processes to optimize operations, tracking leads, and measuring success are all things that it aids firms in doing. For companies trying to boost productivity and accomplish their objectives, HubSpot is a fantastic option thanks to its dependable features and potent tools.

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