Review is a strong and purpose-built platform that assists organizations, including brands, publishers, and agencies, in establishing genuine, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial connections with customers as well as other publications. They are able to collect, coordinate, and optimize the complete value of the full mix of relationships with simplicity and transparency, which in turn drives growth and creates new value for consumers. This is made possible by offering insight throughout the entire path taken by the customer. Review overview understands every step of the consumer experience, making high-value collaborations feasible. You have to increase client acquisition while demanding more of your money as the cost of advertising increases and its efficacy decreases. Any organization may increase income most effectively via partnerships, but managing them all requires the appropriate technology. It all comes together because automates the whole relationship lifetime.

Create connections with artists and influencers to draw in higher-value clients. You may tailor influencer agreements and compensation schemes using to maximize brand and performance initiatives. With a varied affiliate marketplace, you can reduce risk, do away with manual procedures, and increase ROI. With, you can create unique affiliate relationships, personalize agreements, and gauge real partner worth.

The most economical approach to boost income, expand your subscriber base, and create more leads is via referral agreements. A pay-for-performance strategy that really improves both the user experience and the business result is not possible via any other channel. With native integrations, you may increase in-app revenue and compensate partners for post-install conversion activities like sales, vacation reservations, or new subscriptions. Increase partner app use and establish connections with new, mobile-first partners.

What has to say about itself is revolutionizing the way businesses manage and maximize the effectiveness of all different kinds of relationships. Trusted by thousands of premium publications across the world in every major industry category, including news, lifestyle, technology, fashion, parenting, and travel, amongst others. The one and only comprehensive technological solution that ensures publishers can maintain their competitive edge in an environment that is always changing. provides its publishers with state-of-the-art technologies that may help them launch, expand, and scale their commerce content initiatives.

Discover hundreds of potential relationships that will generate money in the future, then sign a contract with them and start working together immediately using a cost-per-action pricing model. Publishers are able to submit applications to collaborate with the companies that provide their favorite products, and they can subsequently monetize their content by increasing the number of clicks and sales made by their partners.

Utilizing its connectors with the e-commerce platform may help increase income and open up new avenues of expansion. The app provides a comprehensive answer to your needs so that you may navigate your way through the world of affiliate and influencer marketing. Our e-commerce platform's interfaces with other businesses, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Hubspot, amongst others, allow for the generation of money and the opening of new revenue channels.

Discover an infinite number of potential worldwide partners and easily incorporate them into your existing partnership program. You may save time by automating time-consuming processes like discovery and recruiting. Customers are the company's compass bearing. works with its clients to solve their difficulties, conducts seminars to better understand their companies, and addresses their obstacles. It is obsessed with the success of its customers because it knows that by empowering their company development and careers, it is empowering its own. In order to do this, ongoing innovation is required. Because the factors that contribute to success now may not be the same factors that contribute to growth tomorrow, is open to new ideas and methods. Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUSA
Service hastens business development by scalably expanding affiliate, influencer, mobile app, strategic, and other forms of relationship discovery, recruiting, onboarding, engagement, and optimization.
FeaturesInfluencer marketing, Affiliate marketing, Mobile partnerships, Business development, Analytics and attribution, Saas partnership marketing, Services, Managed services: influencer
CertificationsISO/IEC 27001, EU-U.S., Swiss-U.S., CPCP, CompTIA, AWS, MGCPP, GCPP price policy

The various price options that offers are adaptable to accommodate the specific requirements of each individual client. Regarding bespoke plans, which provide additional room for storage and larger monthly traffic quotas than standard ones. Additional savings are made available to patrons who sign on for longer-term commitments in the form of discounts. Get in touch with to get up-to-date price information. has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact to obtain current pricing.
Payment optionsPayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers
Payment discountsDiscounts are available from on a case-by-case basis. The number of users, duration of the contract, the services bought, and other factors all affect the extent of the discount. To talk about particular discounts and pricing, get in touch with directly. online reputation

There are very mixed reviews about On the one hand, customers are satisfied with their cooperation and the opportunities provided by the company. But many customers had problems with the support service and financial problems. Before starting cooperation, it is better to read all the reviews in detail.
The affiliate network that I use and recommend the most is Since the year 2020, I have been use this site without experiencing any problems.It keeps careful track of everything, and it always shows you the most recent results within the next two to three hours. In addition to this, the money are distributed on schedule, and it offers superior service to customers through support tickets. Impact has proven to be a very valuable tool for me in my role as an affiliate marketer. There is a diverse selection of firms with which to collaborate, and I like the ads and bargains that are offered to assist with marketing the various businesses and the things they sell. has all of the necessary capabilities that are expected of a modern affiliate network. Because of this, it is now much simpler to generate money online via affiliate marketing. The site is prompt with payments and will respond to any issues you submit with a solution to your issue within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. - Olaf H.
I would really appreciate it if I could cash out at a better rate. Since 2016, I've been an associate partner with this organization, and I can honestly say that it's the worst employer I've ever had. This is the platform that will pay your commission after a year and hundreds of emails have been sent, so only use it if you do not want to be paid. This is the worst possible place to do business. Never paid on time because Impact never pushed their advertising to pay their account, which resulted in a commission that was late for many months. During the onboarding process, the set up staff was helpful, but they could not provide satisfactory answers to many of the problems that were raised. During this procedure, it is recommended that you make connections with people in the United States rather than abroad. It is not as affordable as some of the other options, and a fixed rate is charged regardless of whether or not any sales are made. - Cherry T.
All of an affiliate's requirements met at a single convenient location. Simple administration of several accounts from a single location. The platform fulfills all of our requirements while being far less expensive than CJ. It follows instructions and performs as expected. It's true that it's more costly than some of the others, but if you put it to good use, you won't regret the investment at all. Additionally, I enjoy the network that Impact provides, which allows it to link to its other products and get additional knowledge. In particular when it comes to locating other companies that will write about you (using Mediarails) and working with influencers (using Activate). Despite the fact that I'm currently trying to make more sales in order to cover the expense, I'm really delighted. - Heide T.
The aspect of this program that I dislike the most is how difficult it was, at first, to locate everything that is required and to switch between different logos. When compared to bigger platforms like Commission Junction or Shareasale, this platform does not provide nearly as many options to participate in affiliate marketing programs. It is not easy to pick up, and it does need a significant amount of practice. However, considering the capabilities of the program in question, it is to be anticipated. Capabilities for conveying messages. When it comes to delivering messages to partners, you will want the assistance of a third-party platform such as SendGrid. It is just former workers from CJ who have formed a new network under the guise of a software firm in order to compete with other networks. - Don P.
The majority of my interactions with have been positive. It's convenient because after setting everything up, everything is now in its proper place for me to access it. When I enter onto the program, it is very exciting for me to be able to immediately see how well everyone is doing. This program has made my life simpler, and it has enabled us to collaborate with individuals with whom we may not otherwise have been able to collaborate. I enjoy how this combines the legal aspect with the monitoring to free me from having to worry about anything and everything. By consolidating everything into a single location, this relieves the stress that comes with handling everything in many distinct locations. This platform is well-maintained and includes several years of industry expertise as part of the service. When it comes to the administration of their affiliate programs, affiliates and publishers alike will find numerous reasons to like Impact. - Ankit K.
There may be some ambiguity about the terms of the affiliate program. It's possible that some shops may take their sweet time paying out profits. The lack of sufficient promotional resources is the aspect of Impact that I dislike the most. It may be easier to use for everyone if certain changes were made. Due to the fact that there is a little learning curve. has indicated that they would not pay me the commission that is due to me for my profits. In addition, my account was disabled for having incorrect information, despite the fact that I had filled in the proper information. They come up with one reason after another to avoid paying you. Avoid going near or standing on this platform. There is a plethora of other viable choice available. I have had this account for close to four years, and recently I got a payment into it, which resulted in the increase of my amount. After a week, I still haven't received the cash that was promised to me. It used to arrive within 24 hours!!!! Support has requested my identification, which I have already given them, but I have not received any answer. - Elisa B.
The monitoring capabilities of this software for online businesses are what appeal to me the most, followed closely by the multiplicity of partners that may be used with this program. I wanted some kind of program that would help me keep track of my clients. I appreciate that there are options for reporting. The technology is light years ahead of any other affiliate network that is currently on the market. Capability to manage in-house operations while also working with partnering teams. My whole experience has been really positive. The customer service is excellent, and they react to inquiries really quickly. I have taught myself how to blog over the course of the last many years. Impact makes it simple to include advertisements into my websites and blogs in a way that is neither spammy or obtrusive. The firm is expanding and does really have a reliable operating system. In comparison to a conventional network, this one has a greater number of features and functionalities. - David O.
For the last three months, has entirely disregarded my mails, despite the fact that they are fake in every way. They have been misleading me by saying that they would offer updates on monies from brands and then providing them after they have already been distributed. My communications have been ignored by this phony network, which does not react to any of them. You need to steer clear of such people since they could also waste your money. In recent years, it has had a dramatic fall from favor, and the support is horrible; customers get assistance from people in third-world nations who are unable to spell correctly. I used to be able to receive a response from a representative that was headquartered in the United States about a decade ago. Con artist's website, After you choose a currency for your account, you won't be able to change it again, and the only way to access your funds is via a wire transfer, which comes with very expensive transaction fees. Customer assistance is completely useless; this has been the worst experience of my life. - Ian W.
I really like making use of Impact for both affiliate networking and the production of lead sales. You may simply route more sales traffic to your website by applying for affiliations with numerous different firms, enrolling in their ad networks, and placing advertisements in your blogs with ease. Anyone who writes as a hobby or who is working to grow their brand may simply earn extra cash by creating holiday gift recommendations utilizing their affiliates. This can be a lucrative opportunity for bloggers who want to expand their audience. Impact is the platform that we utilize for affiliate marketing. The primary reason for this is to meet new people. As a user and affiliate of a number of different Impact partners, I have, up to this point, had a positive experience with each of them. The merchants have been open and honest about the profits they make from sales, and they keep their customers informed whenever the percentages change. Impact provides its affiliate marketers with access to a diverse array of retail partners. You won't have any trouble applying to the store. - Rufus D.
I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to utilize the software; but, from the very beginning, the customer success team for the influencer program ignored my email for a number of weeks before delivering the first email in the series. I requested that their billing staff provide me an invoice for the whole year so that I could pay it in full. Although it took them two months and multiple changes to present me with an invoice, I was still billed for an additional month due to a mistake on their end. I asked to talk to a management and requested a call multiple times, but there hasn't been any manager that steps in to help. After I paid for a whole year's worth of membership fees, you'd think that they'd let you off the hook for the one month that wasn't delivered owing to the several mistakes made by their crew. They do not put the needs of their customers first and act in dishonesty. - Vanessa A. Social media Subscribers average reviews

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It would seem that individuals have conflicting opinions on the firm The professional quality of the services and the friendly customer care are both appreciated by some clients. There were many concerns from patrons voiced.

When these criticisms are taken into account, it would seem that Impact is not really dependable. Before making a decision to work with you, be sure to read all of the evaluations of and determine whether or not it is a good fit for you.

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