Offer18 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Offer18 - a first-rate company is developed for the purpose of meeting all of the standards posed by the Performance Marketing Industry. One platform to monitor and assess the success of businesses and affiliate networks, as well as to modernize the process. Simple to establish relationships with direct publishers. The rapid integration format enables advertising companies to integrate with their clients more quickly.
Offer18 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Offer18 overview

Offer18 - is intended to monitor all of the data points of user activity linked with a campaign, including leads, clicks, conversions, and app installs. Designed for affiliate marketers, advertisers, and ad networks as a tool to assist them in monitoring, optimizing, and assessing the effectiveness of their respective networks.

It incorporates a wide range of cutting-edge features such as Anti-Fraud, Offer Automation, Link Tester, Smart Offer, and Powerful Offer Sync API, all of which are contributing to the evolution of the performance marketing industry. Move beyond geolocation and integrate other factors such as carriers, languages, and the delivery of ads to the appropriate individuals.

Anti-fraud features can not only identify fraudulent traffic, but they can also stop it. Due to the presence of an in-house fraud detection mechanism, any fraudulent traffic will immediately be flagged for investigation. Offer18 is aware of the significance of automation and is always working to create new automated capabilities that may increase output while also reducing expenses.

Offer18 has launched a comprehensive white-label solution for the management of its affiliate network. With this new feature, customers will be able to display their own branding to the affiliates they deal with.

What Offer18 has to say about itself

Collect and examine data from anywhere that might have an impact on your online business, then utilize that information to get insight into customer behavior and drive up your revenue. The clientele are Offer18's most valuable resource. By providing customer service that has won several awards, the company treats each individual client as if they were the only one.

With it, you will have access to a large number of tools and features, all of which are designed to make the process of migrating as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Constantly developing new integrations and collaborating with new partners are two of its primary focuses. It contributes to the success of both parties' clientele.

Offer18 is recognized as a market leader by a large number of companies for its customer support services. During the onboarding process, it is essential to conduct a technology audit, make improvements to procedures, and educate team members. Offer18 continues to receive migrations of organizations.

Users will be guided through the process by professionals who are knowledgeable with the technology and provide them with professional onboarding. Users are therefore free to concentrate on their businesses rather than worrying about integrating marketing. The number of demonstration sessions that a user may book is not restricted to one or two; rather, they can schedule as many as they want at a time that is convenient for them. Our on-boarding staff is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the geographic location or time zone.

Because the team assists new users with onboarding and integrating their advertisers, affiliates, and campaigns on their platform without regard for their privacy, they do not have to delay the launch of their first campaigns while they get familiar with the functionality of the dashboard. When you schedule a meeting with a professional account manager, you will have the opportunity to get individualized help. Get guidance from knowledgeable people on the ideas and features that will best match your needs.

Offer18 Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasIndia, USA
Service TypesOffer18 offers a range of services and solutions online. Online loyalty programs and campaigns, marketing automation, CRM, data modeling, and analytics are some of their offerings.
FeaturesTracking & Analytics, Anti - Fraud, Automation, Complete Whitelabel
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 27001, SCRM, HSCRM

Offer18 price policy

Offer18 is able to provide a diverse selection of services at competitively low prices. The most fundamental service is $49 per month and provides access to all of the features included in the beginning plan in addition to limitless video conferencing capabilities and individualized customer support. Pricing for extra services is often determined by factors such as the size and scope of the project as well as the degree of customization that is required. Additionally, Offer18 is able to tailor subscription programs to meet the requirements of businesses of any size.
PackagesBasic (Unit Based) - $49/month; Advanced (Conversion based) - $149/month; Business (Conversion based) - $349/month
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, wire transfer
Payment discountsBusinesses have the ability to enjoy savings of up to 20% off of some services, depending on the plan that they choose. Trials of Offer18's services may be obtained for free or at a discount, and the company's corporate customers are eligible for special bulk discount pricing in order to get the most possible value for their money.

Offer18 online reputation

Customers have given Offer18 a variety of ratings overall. Many clients claim to have benefited from the services provided by Offer18. Customers who received subpar service, however, have also been reported. Despite these unfavorable incidents, enough users have deemed Offer18 to be a dependable and user-friendly site. As a result, Offer18 generally provides excellent services that are advantageous to users.
It is now one of the most effective performance marketing software packages available on the market. It enables us to lower long-term marketing costs while also raising overall income. It offers a rather unusual price choice for those just starting off. You may begin with a little investment, which is ideal for a small team. I am keeping track of activities using Offer18, and thus far, it has been doing well. It is simple to use, straightforward to integrate, and offers quick responses from support staff. When compared to competing softwares, I really like both the features and the pricing, and the customer support is excellent. A huge number of features are at your disposal in order to construct an automated task. It was a great assistance to me in my day-to-day business, and now I can simply develop offers with many features, such as varying payouts for each affiliate, several landing pages, multiple event tracking, and so on. In terms of tracking, we have a large number of characteristics, such as user id, click id, and so on, that allow us to better understand how people are demonstrating interest and at what time we have more answers. It's more of a deep level tracking, in my opinion. - Jason E.
There are fewer articles in the help section covering any one topic. You are required to make consistent contact with support. It does need some more capabilities, particularly on the API, in order to have the right order configuration, which would cause the production of orders to occur more quickly. The time it takes to collect data from the API and run reports is slow. Basically, the user interface only needs some little tweaking. We ran into an issue where they were unable to supply us with the genuinely limitless clicks option as they claim to have on their website. This was due to the fact that our conversion ratio was also far too low for our CPA Campaign. However, the team was able to provide us with the click capping tool at no cost in order to help us recover from this problem. On their website, Team Offer18 need to make the restrictions of their clicks very obvious to visitors. - Daniel K.
The Offer18 team has done an excellent job in providing its consumers with the many amenities that are available to them. The in-built emailer function is by far the most useful feature for the Econnectmobi team. InBulit's Email Function for Notifying Users of New Campaigns, Payout Changes, Requesting Pauses or Starts, etc. Offer Automation software provides Click Capping, the interface is simplified (making it easy for new users who have previously worked with Affise, Hasoffer, or other platforms), and unlimited offer creation is supported with practically all basic and advanced settings. Reporting is also simpler because to the API, which currently incorporates the vast majority of well-known networks. Superior to all other rivals in terms of support. The cost is not prohibitive. - Vishal M.
The offer was terminated, but it was nevertheless displayed for the benefit of other employees. Mailer was the problem, but it was related to something else. It is a really different sort of assistance, but if anything is missing and there is a need for any minor costume adjustments, they will make such modifications with as little as one week's notice. At times, integration was not completed, but when we attempted it once more, it was completed. It would be helpful and even better if the program allowed us to export the information about our advertising and publisher clients. The user interface of the affiliate dashboard need to seem more appealing. Editing is required to fill in some of the blanks in the offer, such as the impression link. - Ann A.
Together with the Offer18 team, we've had a fantastic adventure. The Most Competitive Price That They Offer, Which Comes With Almost All Of The Necessary Features. As a result of the better prices on Offer18, I've made the transfer from HasOffers. And at this point, I am glad to state that I am not the least bit disappointed. In addition to being simple to operate and nice to users, the platform should also be straightforward for company managers to comprehend and simple enough for them to run themselves. Since we were just getting started, we picked it on the basis of our operational requirements. After using a different platform, we found that Offer18 is not only more convenient to use but also more cost effective. What more one would want the product to have. It is possible to get high-quality items at prices that are just slightly over average while still maintaining financial discipline. In addition to that, they also provide fantastic assistance for customers. - Rafael M.
It may be difficult to understand for unskilled persons, particularly those who have never worked with an affiliate monitoring program before. There are occasions when Vendors do not get the message for the password reset. Therefore, the administrator will need to manually reset it for them. The operation of the API integration is not very nice. Check with your app's developer for further information. You really have to include such cost cutting strategy within the bundle. It is needed that the name of the advertiser appear on the dashboard, next to the place where the source name is mentioned for the day. Even for long-time customers, the cost of software is steadily increasing at an alarming rate. If it were up to me, I would have tweaked the design a little bit and made it a little bit clearer. - Tisha E.
Since I started my own business in 2018, Offer18 has been my go-to platform. Not only is the pricing incredibly reasonable, but the personnel is kind and helpful as well. I am able to utilize it without difficulty, and the customer assistance is quite helpful. Very helpful software for both new businesses and those that currently exist. The best affiliate platform available! have tried a few others in the past, but this one provides the most value for our money and the best assistance whenever it is required. The connection, as well as the fact that it is simple to understand and carry out, makes utilizing Offer18 quite fascinating, and every manager who has collaborated with me demonstrates a level of expertise that has the potential to retain a client for their whole lifetime. Offer18 is a communicative, user-friendly, and engaging platform. It has now occurred to me that my operating costs have significantly decreased. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, and the pricing is relatively low, which is a big assistance. Integration is an easy and uncomplicated process. There is no waiting time for tech help. - Julia D.
To tell you the truth, its UI (user interface) has a lot of room for improvement. The amount of proposals in serial order is excessive. There will be no new deals made available to existing customers or suppliers. Basically, the user interface only needs some little tweaking. The tracking does not occur in real time and has a significant lag. It needs to be edited to fill in some of the offer information, such as the impression link. The fact that the reports aren't kept around for a sufficient amount of time bothered me. The plans are rather expensive. They should not put a strain on your finances. - Oscar E.
When I am facilitating training with my Trainees, I have found that using Offer18 has made CPA Network training much simpler. I would suggest it to anyone who are just starting out since it is both very interactive and quite simple to use. This is the greatest platform that is now accessible on the market; it provides all of the features at a price that is quite reasonable, whilst other platforms charge a large fee for the same kinds of features. The user interface is excellent, and it boasts a server uptime of 99.99%, which is of critical significance. I have already recommended this platform to a couple of my friends, and they all seem to be extremely pleased with it. An Tracking system that is built in India, but in terms of its feathers and support, it is not less than what any other worldwide software agency like cake or has to offer. Maintain the high quality of your work. As a user, I believe that this program is of such high quality that it is suited for the whole AD tech Network support staff 7/24 of the time and that its purpose is both straightforward and practical. The pricing is reasonable in comparison to that of other simple applications. My experience has been quite positive overall. I count myself as one of Offer18's satisfied customers. - Birtan G.
Because users' reset password emails don't always go through, we have to do it by hand sometimes. The user interface is not very pleasant to users, but they are striving to improve it, and perhaps it will be much better in the future edition. The user interface of the affiliate dashboard has to be made more appealing. When we apply to advertise any product or service, we won't be able to readily apply since we have to apply separately to that network. This is one thing that will boost our influence as affiliate marketers. - Sara U.

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Offer18 Pros&Cons


  • Free trial
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Secure payment options


  • Customer service
  • Lack updated
  • Difficulty redeeming rewards

Offer18 Final Conclusions

The Offer18 organization gives the impression of being a respectable enterprise while receiving a variety of responses from clients. Customers, on the whole, have lauded the helpfulness of the individuals working in customer service. On the other side, there have been some consumers who have voiced their dissatisfaction with the quality of the service, the fact that the costs are more than what is stated, and the absence of refunds. In spite of these problems, it would seem that Offer18 delivers an acceptable experience to its clients on the whole.

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