Twilio Review: Pricing, Features & More

Twilio is the engine that drives the future of corporate communications because it enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be integrated into web, desktop, and mobile applications. Twilio will automatically grow with you regardless of whether the use of your app is increasing or decreasing. There are no contracts, and there are no antics to worry about; you simply pay for what you use.
Twilio Review: Pricing, Features & More

Twilio overview

A rapidly expanding cloud communication platform called Twilio gives companies the ability to establish, scale, and extend their communication strategy quickly and efficiently. At its heart, Twilio is an extensive collection of APIs that make it simple to consistently and dependably combine text, voice, email, and push alerts. This streamlines communication between various devices and makes it possible for companies to rapidly and simply update their clients. Furthermore, Twilio enables businesses to expand and grow their communications as their requirements change.

Strong communication solutions are simple to set up and maintain thanks to Twilio's user-friendly platform. Because it is simple to configure, businesses may alter anything from message choices to user interfaces. The platform also has an effective analytics and reporting suite that aids organizations in learning more about how their clients are responding to their messages.

Businesses and companies of all sizes may quickly and effectively establish, expand, and extend their communication strategy with the potent communication platform Twilio. Businesses can build incredible client experiences and strong customer relationships by using the power of Twilio.

What Twilio has to say about itself

Twilio is a software startup that helps companies by integrating their data in order to develop informative routes to consumers. As a result, businesses using Twilio become smarter with every engagement they have with customers and are better equipped to outmaneuver their rivals. It is driven by a passion for challenging challenges and a belief in the unstoppable potential of individuals to improve the world through their creativity and resourcefulness. Twilio does not believe in the concept that something "cannot be done" and instead holds the belief that audacious ideas and fearless iteration can solve even the most difficult challenges that our customers face in the environment in which they conduct business.

Twilio is responsible for its actions and sees things through to completion. It maintains a long-term perspective, pays close attention to the smallest of details, and constantly considers how the impact of its efforts may be seen in Twilio's day-to-day operations. Twilio is aware that its employees, as well as those of its competitors, do the highest quality work when they feel both empowered and responsible for the consequences of their efforts. Twilio has the necessary infrastructure to provide assistance for communications on a global scale.

Twilio is the platform that effectively enables your customer interaction innovation, and it is the leader in the market in terms of both trust and credibility. The executive team and board of directors of Twilio have years of combined expertise in the fields of software and communications. By deploying your ideas using Twilio Functions, you won't have to worry about hosting your own code, and you'll be able to bring your concepts to life. Availability that is consistent and reliable, on which you can depend in order to power the most crucial elements of your program.

Twilio Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUSA, Canada
Service TypesTwilio offers programmable voice, messaging, chat, and authentication. Calling, conferencing, and recording are voice services. This includes SMS, MMS, group chat, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Live voice and video chat services. Phone-based two-factor authentication and password-less logins are available. Auto attendants, IVR, and customer management are also offered by Twilio.
FeaturesSMS, WhatsApp API, Conversations, Lookup, Programmable Voice, Video, Email, Marketing Campaigns, Serverless
CertificationsSOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS 3.2, CCPA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, GCP

Twilio price policy

Twilio's prices are based on a "pay-as-you-go" plan, which means that the price of services depends on how often and how much they are used. Twilio has a lot of different services, such as SMS messages, voice talks, video chat, and other ways to talk. Twilio generally charges $0.0079 per SMS message sent from the U.S. or Canada. Twilio charges by the minute for speaking calls, and rates vary depending on the target country and the rate plan picked. Video calls also usually cost between $0.0025 and $0.015 per minute, per minute. You always can call for support and learn more about prices.
PackagesTwilio Engage - pricing is customized based on your needs; Twilio Segment - starts at $120/month for up to 10k visitors/month (try free for 14 days); Twilio Flex - 5000 hours free, $1/active user hour or $150/named user per month.
Payment optionsCredit cards, ACH/wire transfer, Twilio Pay (for select countries), and PayPal
Payment discountsAs your consumption increases, discounts are activated, ensuring that you are always charged a reasonable fee. Talk to a member of our sales team about getting access to greater savings when you make a usage commitment. The sales department has different for your company discounts.

Twilio online reputation

Twilio has numerous limitations yet is a wonderful communication tool. Customers like the simplicity, price, and diversity of features. Some users have complained about technical issues setting up and using the service and the absence of customer assistance.
I enjoy how comprehensive it is as well as all of the many API options. If you are competent in what you are doing, you can accomplish a lot. A call center may be established, and everything in it, including recordings, can be monitored. Text message marketing and ringless voicemail are examples. Twilio is in charge of managing all incoming phone calls to my website. I migrated a vanity 800 number from another supplier to Twilio, and after a rather long setup procedure that entailed several visits to customer care, the number is now operational. After that point, you have the option to either keep it as is or make some quite simple adjustments to it. Now, when consumers call, they have the choice of talking to an agent (that would be me), or they may select to speak to an option tree that will help them solve their problem. If it is during business hours, the call will be sent to my cell phone, but if it is outside of business hours, they will receive my voicemail. It works well! In addition to that, I've integrated it inside my website so that visitors have the opportunity to communicate with me there. - John P.
To make advantage of the Twilio API, you will need to develop your own user interface. You also have the option to pay for software that makes use of the API, which is both simpler and less expensive. The only things that are possible with the Twilio interface are monitoring use, creating reports, managing billing, and programming IVR. Your sales staff won't be able to utilize it since it doesn't give an interface. Very steep slope in terms of learning. Because there are so many different choices and so many different ways to utilize this service, including applications from other companies, it is quite easy to get confused. In addition, their two-factor authentication method is cumbersome, which increases the risk that you may forget your number if you are not cautious. Twilio provides very unreliable customer support and a platform that is unreliable overall for organizations who rely on APIs and SMS to run their operations. Even though it was because of a mistake that the client's account was terminated, Twilio's customer support is terrible, and the company does not care about the success of its customers' businesses. - Sebastian P.
Twilio provides you with every possible choice; in terms of call centers, there is nothing further that they are unable to perform for you. You might build up automated systems to carry out menial duties on your behalf, record and transcribe all of your conversations, and even establish a contact center to assist in resolving difficulties and directing incoming communications. You are able to get add-ons from GitHub, integrate into your website—particularly Shopify—and answer calls using a number that you can either carry with you or that they deliver directly to your mobile phone. Even though you may be required to pay an additional fee, we will be discussing both local and 800 numbers. Since they only charge for what you use, this makes them a more cost-effective choice overall. In addition to this, if you need to utilize Twilio on a computer, they are the most reliable service. In addition to that, they provide an entire marketplace full of applications developed by third parties that are a wonderful addition to this service. - Juliano V.
The manner in which Twilio dealt with me and my company has left me feeling compelled to write a review, despite the fact that I do not often write reviews. Twilio provides a very subpar level of customer service. If your app, website, or product rely on its service such as API or SMS, I would look elsewhere such as Plivo or at other service providers. Due to a bug in their software, Twilio temporarily disabled my account for many weeks. Despite my repeated requests and several letters, they were slow to restore access to my account, even though my company was suffering losses on a daily basis because of the problem. Twilio is not a product that I would ever suggest to a client, whether they be a consumer or a company. - Miriam B.
I was able to make phone conversations and send text messages using the program, as well as use them in the execution of the company's job. As a result, the application has become an essential primary reference in my life, and I cannot imagine my day-to-day existence without it. Daily and applicable, I discovered integration in job performance in a very large way, and it provided me with many things and benefits in performing work and controlling it, communicating with customers, suppliers, and employees, monitoring them and their performance, knowing the desires and needs of customers, voice mail service, call recording, and a great many other features in this application. Daily and applicable, I found integration in job performance in a very large way. Twilio enables me to send transactional SMS messages to my subscribers, which is a critical function for my company, and it performs really well in this regard. However, in order to get the most out of it, I also utilize it for marketing purposes directed at certain user groups, and the results are outstanding. In general, I am pleased with Twilio's services. - Bre Y.
Because there are a plethora of options, it is recommended that you at least have a general idea of where you want to begin. This will make the experience much less daunting. The market is very competitive, and Twilio's numerous rivals offer far lower prices than it does. However, Twilio's API is still a competitive advantage that may be used for enough purposes to warrant its use. The only drawback we have discovered so far is that Twilio's SIP trunking does not allow T.38 faxing. This has been our only experience with this limitation. We do have a few of old fax machines that are configured with ATAs, but they are unstable for both sending and receiving faxes, so we have to complement this with efax service from a different provider. This configuration is functional, however it would have been more convenient to purchase everything from a single provider and have it all packaged together. Even though I'm aware that faxing is an archaic method of communication, the medical field continues to use it as the norm. - Mika J.
I was able to see the workflow, control it, and follow it up, and I was able to solve some problems. These are all benefits that I received from the application, which provided me with many functions and capabilities that helped me greatly in performing the work and presented it to me smoothly, quickly, and concisely in one place. I reaped many benefits from the application, including many benefits in the success of the work and the communication process. I was able to swiftly and pleasantly resolve many of the issues that arose with the application as a result of several workers' mistakes in their interactions with various clients. I came to the realization of numerous realities and acquired a great deal of knowledge and advantages. Twilio is able to seamlessly interface with a wide variety of other third-party services currently available. You may construct numerous processes in Zapier that trigger actions on your Twilio accounts, such as sending out transactional SMS to customers or sending out bulk SMS to customers, with the help of a single Zap. Twilio has remarkable deliverability in a great number of nations all around the globe. Therefore, Twilio should be able to contact your receiver no matter where they are located. - Madison T.
The only difficult problems we had were with WhatsApp, namely in getting them to authenticate our Facebook Business page, then granting us approval for a WhatsApp number, and lastly granting approval for our message templates so that we could utilize Twilio to deliver messages via their platform. I wouldn't say any of it was Twilio's fault, and their personnel did an outstanding job of helping us in any way they could. The only thing I would want to see improved is the navigation on their administrative dashboards so that it is more clearly put out. You have to browse around and attempt to locate whatever it is that you're searching for after having to go through menus to get to a sub menu. It would be convenient if they had a master link tree on their AWS dashboard, similar to the one that Amazon has. - Christina I.
Twilio is relatively simple to set up and operate, and its application programming interfaces (APIs) are often very well documented. The sections of the firm that deal with development and do not require direct human contact seem to be successful. It serves as the foundation for a significant portion of our essential business infrastructure. You may begin deploying right away, the service comes with user guidelines that are simple to follow, and it offers a lot of useful features. If you do not have any experience with programming, the Studio flow might be of tremendous assistance to you, and the customer support is excellent. Regardless of the size of your company, the capabilities of Twilio provide you a great deal of flexibility. We have been successful in establishing a full-fledged Marketing Center, complete with phone automation and payment processing technologies. Recording phone calls for use in training, conferences, and holding areas. Implementing Twilio's tremendous communication capabilities may be very beneficial for businesses of all sizes, and these businesses stand to benefit a large amount as a result. - Ravina M.
Even if the company is making efforts to make the product more user-friendly for those who aren't engineers, the product is still positioned as a platform that caters mostly to developers. It is a genuine platform technology, which is the source of the majority of Twilio's advantages; however, this does come at the expense of being daunting and less user-friendly to non-developers because of the nature of the platform. The only issue that we've come into is that certain carriers have begun blocking non-standard TLD connections. There is neither a success nor an error notice, and the text messages just vanish into thin air. Twillio has been less than helpful in helping to fix this problem (I assume this is because our consumption is so little that they don't really care). I get the impression that this is a very specialized issue that won't effect a large number of people. - Steve C.

Twilio Social media Subscribers
According to the comments made about Twilio on Reddit, many people are amazed by the advantages and features of the company's telecommunication services. Customers praise the polite and courteous customer service as well as the extremely fair prices. The different communication channels that Twilio offers are also quite useful in the eyes of many individuals. Overall, it seems that using Twilio is a trustworthy and practical approach to staying in contact with anybody at any time.

Twilio average reviews

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Twilio Pros&Cons


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comprehensive API set
  • Cost effective


  • Limited customer support
  • Unreliable
  • Security concerns

Twilio Final Conclusions

People generally see Twilio from a multitude of angles. On the plus side, clients could value the business' trustworthy services, excellent customer support, and ability to alter communication protocols particularly to suit their needs. Additionally, one may make use of Twilio's advantages including its global accessibility, pay-as-you-go pricing, and user-friendly layout. You must try it and draw your own conclusions.

Customers have complained about a wide range of technical issues, exorbitant charges for premium services, and a lack of responsiveness from customer care agents to specific complaints. All of these are negatives. Despite these shortcomings, Twilio is still a practical choice for satisfying their communication needs and should be investigated for that reason.

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