LeadDyno Review: Pricing, Features & More

Businesses and entrepreneurs use LeadDyno, a robust cloud-based affiliate marketing and referral software, to measure, manage, and develop their referral marketing and lead generating initiatives. LeadDyno makes it easy to create affiliate programs and recruit affiliates to promote your goods. LeadDyno's extensive tracking tools and connectivity with leading payment and ecommerce processors let you monitor and expand your referral and lead generating activities.
LeadDyno Review: Pricing, Features & More

LeadDyno overview

LeadDyno is a cutting-edge and all-encompassing platform that can assist you in the management and expansion of your internet company. It gives you the data and resources essential to learn about the users of your website, to bring back those people who have left, to enhance interaction with your content on social media, and finally to increase sales. LeadDyno has many features.

With LeadDyno, it is simple to establish an affiliate network that enables your customers to participate as partners in your business and receive a commission on any purchases that are generated by consumers they have referred. In addition, you have the ability to monitor the progress of your affiliate program in real-time. A lot of companies like this.

You are able to evaluate how successful your search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email marketing efforts have been with the assistance of other tools that LeadDyno has made available to you. You may be able to get insight into who visits your website and who is most likely to purchase your products if you first build unique tracking links and then segment the traffic that comes to your website. Test it out.

The LeadDyno platform offers a complete solution for expanding and developing online businesses. With LeadDyno's user-friendly structure, strong tools, and extensive statistics, you'll be able to take your online company to the next level and achieve more success.

What LeadDyno has to say about itself

LeadDyno is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that may help you increase your sales. Utilize the power of connections with customers, affiliates, and other influencers to successfully start, expand, and improve your marketing campaigns, which will have a direct effect on your bottom line. You are really interested in this company.

Connect without effort to the resources that are essential to the survival of your company. Direct connections with over 25 e-commerce platforms and business tools are available via the LeadDyno platform. Some of these platforms and products include Shopify, Stripe, BigCommerce, Hubspot, Ecwid, and Paypal. In addition, you get access to over 20 different Zapier connectors, which will further simplify your process. Take pleasure in a streamlined experience using reliable instruments. You will can alleviate your work.

You can get the most out of your affiliate program by making sure it is completely in line with your brand. Create a consistent experience for your brand by adding your company's logo, colors, and a custom domain name. You should personalize your email processes, provide shareable content, and make it simple for your affiliates to acquire brand assets in order to guarantee that your brand is portrayed in an accurate and consistent manner across all channels. You can get the most out of your affiliate program by allowing limitless monitoring, maximum commission payments, unlimited affiliates, and infinite grouping of affiliates. Flat-fee, tiered, and percentage-based compensation plans are all good options. Also, remember to take advantage of bulk payments so you can cut down on the amount of time spent paying your hard-working affiliates.

Keeping track of all of your marketing programs from a single dashboard can help you streamline your marketing efforts. In order to get a complete picture of how well your marketing is doing, you should keep track of the orders that are coming in from paid advertisements, referral links, social media, email marketing, and discounts. In order to make choices based on the data collected, you should use individual tracking links for each channel, such as Adwords, Facebook, email marketing, social shares, etc.

LeadDyno Review

Year Started2014
Company Websiteleaddyno.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesLeadDyno offers several services to assist firms build effective affiliate networks. Merchant onboarding, affiliate acquisition, program management and reporting, digital marketing, and analytics are provided. Automatic payment processing, full monitoring and reporting, email warnings and support, and secure data storage are offered.
FeaturesAffiliate Recruitment; Affiliate Management; Commissions; Payments; Lead Conversion; Reporting & Analysis
CertificationsPCI, GDPR, HIPAA

LeadDyno price policy

For customers interested in their services, LeadDyno provides four distinct options. Access to more sophisticated capabilities like affiliate management and automated marketing is available with the $49/month Starter package. Access to even more capabilities, including sophisticated analytics, user segmentation, fraud prevention, and customer monitoring, is available with the $129/month Plus plan. The Pro package costs $349 per month, while the Premium plan costs $749. Each of LeadDyno's plans is very cost-effective and offers consumers a range of options depending on their needs.
PackagesStarter - $49/month; Plus - $129/month; Pro - $349/month; Premium - $749/month
Payment optionsMasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit cards, PayPal
Payment discountsLeadDyno provides a discount of 10% off of every plan for customers that prepay for a whole year. Please visit their website or contact their customer service team if you are interested in learning more about the unique savings they provide.

LeadDyno online reputation

Because of friendly customer service agents, and speedy creation of leads and sales, LeadDyno has earned a high acceptance rating from its client base. Some customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the platform's dashboard being slow to load or with the support staff's infrequent email responses. Overall, іt іs good company in a similar іndustry.
We were seeking for an affiliate monitoring program that could be integrated into our online shopping cart platform. Since we run our store on the bigcommerce platform, LeadDyno was recommended to us, and despite the fact that we didn't know much about it, we went ahead and signed up. It turned out to be an excellent decision! Our affiliates like the fact that they are able to see all of their sales and commissions online in a manner that is both simple and fast, and the ease with which they can incorporate this feature into our ecommerce platform. This company very friandly. Because of the affiliate referral system that LeadDyno provides, we have even been able to acquire a few of new clients who are also affiliates via the use of the automatic email feature. Additionally, customer care has been incredibly productive and helpful, and it fixes any problems in real time, which is a great source of comfort. Because there is unquestionably more potential for us to grow our company by utilizing LeadDyno, I would like to express my gratitude to you for developing this system. - Bella P.
It was annoying because there was no option to personalize the manner that the automatic payment was processed. My team had previously programmed our rewards such that they would only take place when the influencer had earned a particular amount of money; however, LeadDyno solely goes off time increments as its unit of measurement. In addition, I had the impression that I would never be able to set up the integration of our new program with our other softwares in the same manner that they were set up when we were using our prior program. On the backend of our website, for instance, LeadDyno wasn't generating the influencer codes, so I had to do it myself. The fact that LeadDyno is missing several complex features, such as analytics, thorough reports, and the capability to personalize commissions, is a major drawback of the platform. In comparison to other software of a similar kind, this one has a higher price tag. - Vikkie K.
After being adjusted and added to our website, the first form had a really lovely appearance, which I thought was very wonderful. I was really honest and forthright in my behavior. I really loved the layout that the influencers see when they log in; it makes it extremely simple for them to keep track of their codes as well as the profits they get from using those coupons. LeadDyno is a strong affiliate tracking program that is also quite easy to use. It includes a number of wonderful features, such as an automatic payout system, a configurable dashboard, and referral links that are simple to use. Keeping track of affiliates has never been this simple! In general, I like using LeadDyno. When it comes to the approval procedure and the creation of the form, everything is pretty simple and straightforward. Although there are a few aspects of the software that I would have liked to have been able to be tweaked more, on the whole, it is a really nice program to use with. If you have never used an influencer program before, it is really simple to understand how to use and navigate. - Eda W.
The support is just revolting to look at. I previously experienced a problem in which I was unable to get the assistance that I need. In the end run, I was the one who fixed it. If I attempt to do it manually, I end up not being able to send it out because the email says it's spam. Therefore, I need a feature that will allow me to switch out leads from one sponsor to the next, and those sponsors will automatically receive the New Lead or New Sale Cha-Ching emails. This would be preferable to the current situation, in which I try to do it manually and end up not being able to send it out. Additionally, a customer service worker advised me to whitelist the email, but I have no idea what that phrase implies. I really wish that Stripe could be used to pay my affiliates. Something other than PayPal would be preferable for me to utilize. It has been relayed to me that they are looking into this matter. I would want for my affiliates to be able to post my material on social networks and I would like for them to have access to a more advanced mobile app. - Elise R.
LeadDyno is an excellent option for companies who are seeking for an affiliate monitoring software that is dependable and simple to use. The features are easy to comprehend and make use of, and the automatic payment mechanism is a huge benefit. Very strongly suggested! This is the second referral software that I have used, and it is a significant improvement over the first. It is simple to monitor the sales made by my affiliates, regardless of where the customer originated (Facebook, YouTube, or their own website). I am thankful that I am able to monitor the traffic that comes from my own connections. PayPal makes it very simple for me to disburse payments to my affiliates. Customer service has always responded quickly and been of great assistance. Very simple to use, and I really like how the commissions for our affiliates are automatically calculated. It works well for calculating the commissions that we get via PayPal for our affiliate programs. - Erik T.
Another reviewer on this website is completely right when they say that the customer assistance is terrible. I started LeadDyno around two years ago with the goal of having everything prepared for our debut as early as possible. Paid in whole for two years. Recently, I had the need that it should be compatible with both my Leadpages and my Infusionsoft account. I had a chat with the founder after exchanging hundreds of emails with support over the course of two months. My legal situation has been completely disregarded throughout the last month. There were no responses, and there was no solution or answer. As a result, I moved to a different system. The support for LeadDyno is just atrocious. Even the chat window included inside the program had issues functioning correctly on many occasions. There were no responses at all from support on a number of different requests; if there were, they were untimely and irrelevant, and there were no solutions. If their service does not take action to correct the difficulties with Leadpages and Infusionsoft (particularly considering that if it's in the Infusionsoft marketplace, it ought to integrate smoothly, but if you use LeadPages, it doesn't!) then I will be forced to write a negative review. - Rikkie H.
After conducting some research online to discover an affiliate tracking software, I came across many various possibilities before decided to give LeadDyno a try. Ultimately, I went with LeadDyno since it seemed to provide the most features for the lowest price. To begin, the website has an appealing appearance from the outside and goes straight to the subject without any preamble or other superfluous information. Next, the client has reported that they are having a fantastic time while using the site, and they just cannot get enough of it. The user interface (UI) of LeadDyno is excellent, and even a first-time user won't have any problem understanding how to use it. You will be given extensive information on each possible lead, and you will have the ability to keep track of activities. Affiliates and influencers will find that using LeadDyno is really straightforward in addition to having a user interface that is comfortable for administrators to interact with. As a consequence of this, they will discover that acquiring their affiliate connections is much simpler than they had anticipated. LeadDyno is the solution I will refer to everyone who comes to me seeking guidance on how to recruit affiliates and efficiently manage such relationships. - Emilie O.
Only the use of Paypal is a convenient method of payment for affiliates available. It could be useful in the future to include payment methods like Venmo or Zelle into the system. Does not perform a correct calculation of the commission, and it displays exaggerated amounts that are owed to affiliates (often by a factor of more than 10!). When you contact customer support for assistance with these issues, you are instead sent a series of emails that ask inane questions and make assertions that are devoid of any significance, such as "your affiliate is on xyz plan" (haha, as if I didn't already know that). I really wish there was a more straightforward path for me to go away from ShareASale. It is necessary to take things slowly, adding new affiliates one at a time to LeadDyno. After acquiring credit card information, the customer service was terrible, and all contacts made for support and billing concerns were completely disregarded. It appears like they don't have enough people, and all of them are working in the sales department rather than the service area. The possibility of such a firm going out of business concerns me. Their priorities are misplaced, which is detrimental to their chances of long-term success. Would not consider associating an affiliate program with a firm of this kind. - Victoria S.
Our influencer partners won't have any trouble using this feature. They can easily spread the word about their connections across all of their social media accounts. The brand-new capability to share text messages is fantastic. I use the program, and it's great; I enjoy the UI, and I appreciate that there are facilities for creating reports. The support staff is amazing, and the customer service representative is helpful with any queries. I adore the support team. The seamless incorporation into my BigCommerce website of the integration. The mobile app is essential. That is something that my affiliates utilize, and it is through there that they get their connection into Instagram and Facebook. The system may be used without much difficulty, and if assistance is required, a response will be provided in a timely manner. My affiliates have positive things to say about the system, and they like utilizing it. It provides a clear visualization of the data. I am aware of the origin of each of my consumers and the chance that they may join my affiliate program themselves. - Jack L.
One area that I believe has room for improvement is the language support. I have discovered a way to change the language that is shown on the websites; nevertheless, it would be fantastic if this process could be simplified. It's possible that it'll cost less. There are goods now available that, if I were to convert to them, would result in annual cost reductions of several hundred dollars for me. Everything about this program is terrible—the mobile app does not function, the customer assistance is atrocious, and the script causes difficulties on WordPress. It would be extremely helpful to have an option similar to a "chat room" that gives affiliates the chance to submit queries or subjects for debate and get answers from other users. Instead of only having words, it would be great if we could also include photographs as part of the material that can be shared. At the moment, we have to depend on a different software to do each one of those activities. The program suffers from a wide variety of faults and malfunctions. And it takes a significant amount of time to investigate whatever information it is that I need. - Chak I.

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LeadDyno Pros&Cons


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Allows users to track lead conversions
  • Supports various payment methods


  • Limited support options
  • Limited customization options
  • Expensive

LeadDyno Final Conclusions

LeadDyno has, all things considered, delivered an efficient solution for affiliate marketing. When it comes to tracking sales commissions, customers have found that their intuitive interface and in-depth statistics are beneficial tools. Customers have reported, however, that the process of integrating the software with their websites has been challenging for them, and they have also seen delays in receiving responses from customer care.

LeadDyno is an excellent affiliate marketing option since they are always working to enhance their platform and give exceptional customer support.

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