CJ Review: Pricing, Features & More

An easy platform that is meant to allow you to concentrate on what is most important to you, whether that be finding the appropriate partners or ensuring that your investment fulfills your objectives. Looking to make use of your current data or technology partners? CJ provides integrated technology in collaboration with a large number of partners.
CJ Review: Pricing, Features & More

CJ overview

Affiliate marketing network CJ (previously Commission Junction) is a global leader. It is the biggest affiliate network with over 3,000 merchant partners and works with tiny startups to huge worldwide brands. CJ's strong technology lets organizations construct effective customer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty programs. Its simple technology gives website owners, advertisers, and publishers powerful technology and data for performance-based marketing.

CJ offers special discounts and top brands, goods, and services to help affiliates earn more. A robust reporting and analytics package lets administrators oversee partners' actions, connections, and performance. Publishers may market items and services utilizing searchable databases.

CJ's permission-based affiliate performance analytics set it apart. Real-time strategic choices are made using this data to track client acquisition, engagement, and loyalty. Businesses in CJ may function safely with industry-leading fraud prevention and strong security.

CJ has facilitated beneficial connections between corporations and publishers for over 20 years. Companies may benefit from CJ's worldwide publisher and advertisement network by joining. It is the ideal platform for companies seeking to expand and improve their income.

What CJ has to say about itself

Enjoy success inside the world's biggest and most well-established partnership-based performance marketing ecosystem, and achieve your e-commerce development objectives via growth that is both scalable and sustainable for brands, publishers, and creators alike.

Reaching out to the appropriate clients at the right time is essential to achieving sustainable growth. Join the worldwide platform CJ, which is driven by significant data, cutting-edge technology, and industry knowledge. All of these things are meant to help you succeed and develop, regardless of where you are in your affiliate growth path.

They have been dedicated from the beginning to the development of cutting-edge technology that is tailored to the requirements of their customers. CJ is the biggest and most trusted brand in worldwide performance marketing, and the company specializes in affiliate marketing technology and services. CJ maintains its position as the industry leader, and it continues to dominate the business.

CJ is the platform of choice for creating profitable growth for over 3,800 global businesses across the globe across all verticals including retail, travel, financial, and network and home services. CJ is the market leader in all of these categories. Their technology is the driving force behind a partnership ecosystem that allows over 167 thousand publications and brands to interact with billions of people all over the globe.

They are able to deliver a fully customer-centric approach to performance marketing since they are a member of Publicis Groupe and are integrated with Publicis Media. They do this by using data, technology, and strategic skills on an unsurpassed level. People are willing to think expansively, which in turn drives even more expansive outcomes.

CJ Review

Year Started1998
Company Websitecj.com
Service AreasUSA, India, UK
Service TypesCJ helps marketers and media connect with buyers. control partner programs, find authors and help them grow, control followers and report on them, advertise to increase traffic, and use influencer marketing. CJ makes partner programs better by optimizing content, getting insights from data, optimizing ads, automating payment handling, getting information in real-time, and more.
FeaturesAdvertiser Onboarding Assistant in Platform​ , Compliance Violation Tracking, Dashboard​, Cookieless tracking suite​, Cross-Device Tracking​, FraudLogix Partnership, GDPR Compliance Solutions​, In-Platform Tag Testing Tool​, Integrated 3rd Party Shopping Carts, Integrated Digital Analytics Platforms, Integrated Tag Managers, Tracking API​
CertificationsTRUSTe, PCI DSS Level 1

CJ price policy

CJ offers a wide range of services that are customized to each advertiser's needs. Depending on the services purchased, CJ offers pay-per-click, pay-per-call, and pay-per-sale. PPC and PPCall are paid at a set rate per click or per call, and PPS is based on the number of sales. In addition, CJ provides discounts for large accounts and offers additional services such as creative content creation, optimization services, etc. Contact the company for exact prices and rates.
PackagesCJ are always innovating and adding new features to their platform. Contact CJ to learn more about their service fees.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, Paypal
Payment discountsCJ offers a variety of discounts for members. Discounts vary by program and are subject to change.

CJ online reputation

The CJ affiliate network is popular and reputable for companies. Happy consumers say the sign-up procedure is simple and the dashboard is simple. The customer support is particularly praised for its professionalism and vast feature and tool choices. Users have complained about sluggish payments and confusing conditions. The intricacy of CJ tracking system overwhelms some users. CJ is a popular, trustworthy option for companies wishing to grow their affiliate network.
This is one of the best websites for discovering affiliate programs; in the end, we stopped using Google Ads so that we could shift totally to CJ Affiliate since it enables you to have more control over the advertising that display on your website and the kind of advertisers that they are. This website is one of the best for finding affiliate programs. This website is more of a forum for users to connect with one another, making it useful for website owners and marketers alike. There is no cost associated with becoming a member either! Your company will have the opportunity to recognize and work in collaboration with its own advertising when you work with the expert firm CJ Affiliate. In addition, you will have access to high-quality tools for analyzing the performance of your adverts and advertisers via the web-based analytics portal that the firm maintains. You, as a user, are not required to pay anything to make use of their services, and the process of establishing an account with them is quick, easy, and straightforward. - David A.
Despite having a low limit, they demand that you maintain a certain level of performance during a certain period of time; else, your membership will be canceled. I am not a fan of the bidding process for ad placements since it ought to be open and accessible to all publishing partners; but, I can realize that they are trying to maximize the return on investment for their advertising money. The fact that it's not particularly useful on mobile devices was something that bothered me. Costly on a month-to-month basis, with no evidence of immediate return on investment (value). Because I have already come across some dishonest publishers using the platform, I believe that they do not do enough background checks on publishers (and maybe advertisers, as well). The long approval procedure for affiliate programs, the high minimum payment barrier, and the restricted reporting and analytics tools are all things that I find annoying. What I don't like about them is the way they handle payouts. I may either utilize Payoneer or have a bank account in the United States. I am unable to accept payments via PayPal or make direct withdrawals from my bank account. The fact that they have a minimum payment of $50 is another thing that bothers me about them. - Rinus V.
It is now possible for me to expand the income of my firm via advertising revenue, publication placements, and influencer marketing as a result of using the agency's network rather than simply relying on me as an individual publisher. I am able to employ banners and also a variety of advertising or many publications and influencers that are part of my network so that I can optimize the agency's income streams by delivering spaces that assist other users in finding items they like and discounts they are interested in. In general, this program is functional and does what it sets out to achieve. It does not have a large number of features, but it does have just what you need to monitor the growth of your affiliates, which makes it a far less daunting alternative than the others. Anyone who is interested in managing affiliates and keeping track of data in order to make better business choices should give it serious consideration. - Taylor H.
It may not be a problem with CJ, but other businesses won't get back to you at all. Should maybe simply run its course. It is not always easy to sign up, and the way that they arrange their affiliates sometimes gives the impression that the process might be carried out in a more efficient manner. Poor service to the customers. When you have earned a significant sum, put your payments on hold. One aspect of CJ that I do not like is that it takes some time to load. Their tracking system is not nearly as good as it might be. Because there are so many options available on the CJ website, loading times might be somewhat sluggish at times. Due to the design of our organization and the security standards that we use, the process of integration ran into a few snags here and there. It required far more time than anticipated to locate the appropriate technical assistance in order to remedy these issues. I would appreciate being informed of the outcome of the affiliate application by email. Thank you. (If that procedure is being carried out, the messages in question are not being sent to me.) - Jan M.
I really like how easy it is to use this program to keep track of affiliate sales. Because there are not an excessive amount of features, it is not as bewildering as some of the other choices. It keeps track of a great deal of valuable data and is quite effective when used on a desktop computer. CJ Affiliate is one of the top affiliate finders available since, unlike Google, it makes it possible to get improved advertising campaigns that are tailored to the preferences of the particular user and is also simple to use. In addition, there is no required payment to become a member of this site. It is without a doubt the most impressive affiliate program I've ever come across. When we were first getting our application up and running, the software deployment staff that I dealt with was really nice and helpful. The user interface is not too complicated. Impressed with CJ Affiliate's extensive advertising network, versatile revenue plans, and dependable payment methods. Platform that is easy to use and provides helpful assistance as well as materials for enhancing one's abilities in affiliate marketing. Strongly suggested for anybody who is beginning an affiliate network or extending their current one. - James B.
The system does not lend itself well to user interaction. When I initially began using CJ, I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to use the interface and where everything were located. This is not a platform that is easy to use. In order to do anything, you need to be knowledgeable about what you're doing. High initial costs as well as continuing costs, poor customer service and technical support, and an unsatisfactory selection of affiliates are all features of this business. No longer the same as it once was. Clearing of commission payments takes a significant amount of time. They do not differentiate themselves from other affiliate programs since they charge inactivity fees, do not show loyalty to websites who have been working with the firm for many years, and are quite similar to all of the other affiliate programs. The email tool that they provide is one that I do not like. Adding links and photos to the system, rather than directly into the template, is an extremely time-consuming process. It is not particularly easy to use, nor does it have an appealing appearance. I would recommend that they put some of their efforts towards that aspect of CJ. I have always wished that the site had analytics and reporting information. The fact that the business app does not adjust class sizes as individuals move off the waitlist is a relatively minor inconvenience; yet, this issue has been going unaddressed for many months at this point. - Billie R.
The CJ network runs a variety of campaigns for a variety of countries and locations, including India and the United States. They have a high rate of success with the campaigns they run. If they decide not to accept your application, they will provide you constructive criticism to help you improve your website. CJ offers a huge selection of affiliate programs, the most of which are among my favorites. And in comparison to other networks, it has a lot of features, which is another thing that appeals to me about it. It is convenient that various affiliates can be managed from a one site, which makes it easier to maintain tabs on revenue and monitor progress. Because of the extensive nature of the network, it offers a wealth of possibilities for the marketing of various items. You can find something to market out of almost everything. The CJ network includes a large number of accessible campaigns for a variety of areas, including the regions of the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia. The approval of campaigns is the most beneficial aspect of it. The percentage of satisfied customers is rather high. Even if they decide not to accept your application to join, they will provide a valid explanation for their decision, which will assist you in improving your website. - Tereza Y.
The fact that a team is unable to see its own dispatch and that the Team Lead is the only one who can view the dispatch is the aspect that I dislike the most. Additionally, the crew Lead is responsible for clocking in the whole crew. There are occasions when members of the team arrive at various times, and in such instances, the only way for the team to find out where they are going is to speak with the Team Leads rather than look at the IT equipment they have. CJ is lacking a number of highly important functions that competing software, like as Service Titan, provides, despite the fact that it contains a lot of features that we utilize. There is currently no mechanism in place to automatically send a text message when a technician is on their way or to provide a link to a review. When you sign in with the mobile app, you will not be able to utilize the desktop version. I haven't put that theory into practice on my own, but I have heard that it works. It is necessary for us to send a text message to the assistant technicians in order to inform them of their location if they have been allocated the role of secondary technician rather than lead technician. It's a good piece of software for what it can do, but there are a lot of things that are lacking from it that we could really benefit from. - Bagra R.
CJ is a global affiliate network that gives me consolidated access to advertisers and manages my commissions in a standardized manner. The majority of advertising businesses utilize CJ, and as an affiliate marketer, I find it simple to communicate with these organizations via CJ since the platform provides me with a wealth of helpful information and enables simple access to tracking links, placements, and data. CJ provides affiliate publishers with an easy-to-use website that speeds up the process of locating new and current merchant partners and enables them to easily access crucial facts such as commissions and contracts with just a few clicks. According to what is implied by the term, the onboarding process as a whole was uncomplicated and uncomplicated, with extensive documentation made accessible to both the business and the technical team. The user interface is straightforward, I am kept informed about newly available possibilities, and money is processed quickly. After you have gained some familiarity with the platform, you will be able to develop your company into the affiliate market. Look here if you are seeking for websites that can give you affiliate traffic and provide discounts or coupon codes. - Sabrina M.
Reports are hard to read because they are too short and the headings are hard to figure out. The name of the task should maybe be in a different type than the description. The logo should be better. When there are files, half of the task prints on one page and half on another. Our reports need to be more organized and easy for our customers to read. In the records, there are too many dark lines, box lines, and colored areas. Will there be a print sample option? There is nothing to show that a job is done and ready to be billed and reported on. When a job is finished in the field, it will be sent back to the office, but there is no way to let anyone know. The Custom Fields I talked about above are the Additional Fields. For example, you might not want some Additional Fields to show up. I'm looking for a place on the report that doesn't show up where I and the techs can write information that is only for the tech and the office and not for the customer. The device fonts don't seem to work on all devices either, because when I try to change a feature in a PDF file, it tells me that the present font is not available. As the different styles make the papers look less official. - Adam B.

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CJ average reviews

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CJ Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Reliable tracking
  • Low cost


  • Limited targeting features
  • Poor technical support
  • Clunky interface

CJ Final Conclusions

Overall, the performance of CJ is subject to mixed reviews from clients. While there are those who commend the extensive array of services provided, the program's adaptability, and the exceptional customer service, there are also individuals who express concerns regarding the higher rates and the perceived lack of accuracy in the reports.

Despite receiving some negative feedback, CJ continues to be a favored option among numerous affiliate marketers, particularly those seeking a diverse selection of products and possessing prior experience with affiliate programs.

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