Partnerize Review: Pricing, Features & More

The world's first and only partnership automation software and service practice can make your partnerships lucrative. The firm will amaze you. AI helps find and activate high-quality Ambassadors, Influencers, Content Commerce, Traditional Media, Voucher and Cash Back, and Complimentary Brands.
Partnerize Review: Pricing, Features & More

Partnerize overview

Partnerize makes it such that the quality of service you get is not just a number or a checkbox, but rather a deliberate choice based on your own circumstances. One of the most common inquiries get at Partnerize is whether or not a company should pursue a managed partnership program. The answer to this question depends on your preferences, your goals, and the resources available to you. Every business has its own unique system for managing relationships. The outcome is guaranteed to you. Because of this, they modify their map service solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you want them to work with your current team or agency or handle everything from start to finish.

The partnership model's pay-for-performance structure allows for both scalability and mechanization. This synergy equips modern marketers with the essential tactical advantage they need to thrive in the complex and ever-changing modern marketing landscape. Despite this, the channel was unable to advance toward being a critical part of the marketer's mix due to obsolete technology and historical biases.

Using Partnerize, marketers can finally ditch inefficient practices and unlock the full growth potential of their partnerships. Partnerize is a global partnership platform for successful marketers that automates the search, recruitment, activation, and success evaluation of your partner ecosystem without sacrificing brand integrity. This aids successful marketers in fortifying their bonds with their clientele.

What Partnerize has to say about itself

Partnerize is the industry's premier partner marketing technology platform, and it gives companies the ability to maximize the effectiveness of their partnership programs. Partnerize is able to give the power to monitor, measure, and manage all elements of partnership programs because of its comprehensive array of intelligent software solutions. This encompasses the involvement of affiliates, influencers, and employees, making it possible for companies to achieve the highest possible level of consumer engagement and to generate added value for their businesses. Partnerize has swiftly established itself as the software of choice for partnership marketing solutions because of its straightforward and intuitive user interface. This company is good for you.

Their platform is intended to make it far simpler than ever before for companies to monitor and manage the efficacy and efficiency of their partnership arrangements. By ensuring that all business partners are adhering to the company's legal and compliance regulations, the automated policy and compliance engine helps to build trust with customers and inspires confidence in the company. The support will always help you. Tracking and monitoring program effectiveness in real-time is made possible with the use of an analytics and reporting dashboard. This gives the team the ability to rapidly comprehend the impact of their work and identify areas that might benefit from further optimization.

Brands are able to develop dynamic connections and form successful and long-lasting collaborations by using the easy array of strong tools that are provided by Partnerize. Brands are able to locate and connect with the ideal partners that can assist them in expanding their business thanks to the partner marketplace that this company provides. Partnerize helps remove the guesswork and establish ideal relationships in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible by using optimization engines that are at the forefront of their respective industries as well as deep learning algorithms.

Partnerize Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasAmsterdam; Forty Fort; Ireland; London; Newcastle; New York; Singapore; Shanghai; Sydney; Tokyo
Service TypesPartnerize's revolutionary partner technology platform and professional staff help you build your alliances profitably. Only Partnerize provides both short-term help to build up your partnership program and long-term support to create an in-housing practice, providing you with the flexibility you need.
FeaturesEnhance; Accelerate; Empower; Maximize; Partner program
CertificationsPCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, SDS, PIPEDA, GDPR

Partnerize price policy

Partnerize is aware of the significance that establishing an appropriate price structure may have on the overall success of your collaboration. When it comes to how a business decides how much money to allocate to various channels, there is, after all, no universally applicable method. Because not every company allocates the same amount of money to their partnership program budget, they provide flexible price options that are based on the specific requirements of your business. As a result, Partnerize provides a licensing model in addition to a performance-based structure so that it can accommodate whichever of the aforementioned criteria your brand falls under. This means that it can accommodate you regardless of whether your budget is predetermined at the beginning of the year or financed flexibly dependent on the development and success of your channel.
PackagesThe easiest and fastest way to get you a quote would be to answer a few questions and Partnerize’ll review and get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.
Payment optionsMonthly invoicing, credit card, ACH bank payments, wire transfers, PayPal, custom payment plans.
Payment discountsCustomers may take advantage of customized discount packages provided by Partnerize. Discounts are subject to change based on the particular requirements of each individual client. You always can call for support and learn more. Partnerize provides a variety of discounts, including tiered discounts, discounts for new customers, special promotions, and affiliate-specific discounts, among other types of discounts.

Partnerize online reputation

The online customer feedback for Partnerize is varied, with some users complimenting the software's user-friendly design and extensive feature set, while others criticize the software's inability to function correctly, the pricing, the customer care, and the regular technical difficulties. Because customer feedback is very different, you must read all of them.
Despite the use of a private network, the most significant benefit is that it is possible to handle many countries with a single login, and this is true not only for advertisers but also for publishers. Using only a single login, you may manage several advertisers inside your publisher account. This is very comfortable. The control panel for Partnerize has built-in support for handling email correspondence. Using a template enables the sending of branded newsletters that may be customized to the recipient. Partnerize makes it possible to build partnerships based on performance, with variable compensation structures. Partnerize provides a solution that is applicable across several continents and countries, which helps to consolidate and expand the marketing channel. Additional functionalities allow for individualization on a per-publisher basis, which means that you can also directly supply your partners with trackable URLs that they may use. I can recommend you this company. - Julie S.
The process of establishing commissions is highly complicated, which makes it difficult to design complex commission structures in a manner that is exceptionally clear. As a result of this, designing complex commission structures may be particularly challenging. The only language other than English that help is offered in is English. The dashboard has a few sections that are too convoluted for no apparent purpose. The power to form commissions, for example, bestows a significant amount of autonomy on the individual. Almost none of the numerous possible options can be put into action if they do not have aid or backing. They will ban your account once you have sold hundreds of items without giving you a reason. Find another affiliate marketplace to take part in, or you may one day wake up with nothing in your hands and have no choice but to start again. - Eddie P.
When it comes to constructing a private network on an international scale, Partnerize is an ideal choice. Personalization options are available for both the user interface and the registration procedures. Because Partnerize handles the processing of payments to publishers in any currency, you will only be required to pay an invoice to Partnerize in the currency that is most convenient for you. It is possible to set publisher commissions on a granular level, down to the level of the advertising medium, and it is also possible to design graded models for each individual publisher. Partnerize provides a great degree of flexibility for tracking events, compensating partners for their participation in such activities, and organizing the transmission of data between partners. Dedicated support staff for both partners and customers. A technological firm that is motivated by innovation and reacts to the comments and demands of customers in the most effective manner possible. - Javier L.
Because almost everything must be made to order, the implementation process is laborious and drawn out, and it seemed as if it would never come to a conclusion. You won't get any real benefit from it unless you pay for the assistance of a trained specialist. The new dashboard is a disaster. Not helpful at all. This is a terrible method of deeplinking; as a result of the dumb manner in which it is done, you will make mistakes. Because significant advertisers are using Partnerize, I was forced to go with their platform. However, they should look at other software instead! On my mobile device, the mobile view of the platform does not function very well. According to the opinions of other users, the navigation is quite difficult to understand. The reporting that you see inside the product itself is not going to be what you are billed for. In order to figure out the commission invoices, you will need to get the reports from the transaction level and then roll them up based on the process date. When you choose for their premium service, they are attentive; but, I've always had the impression that they fall short in terms of locating suitable affiliates, particularly non-discount ones. - Robert I.
The item is capable of pretty much achieving any goal that you set for it. Utilization of their professional services team does provide them a tremendous amount of potential, but only for the proper kind of business. It is possible to deal with great marketers, and it is working. Partnerize both has what are considered to be premium-tier networks, which is a statement that will be made by any consultant or agency that specializes in the administration of affiliates and will comment on how broad the network of affiliates is. I personally use and believe in a few different businesses, therefore I decided to become an affiliate marketer for them via Partnerize. Signing up was a breeze, and even if specific businesses, brands, or products no longer fit with me or if I no longer care about them, I can still have my Partnerize account without feeling obligated to become an affiliate for new ones. - Tom S.
For the last half a year, I have been working closely with the data engineering team that I oversee in an effort to determine the most efficient method for submitting reconciled information to Partnerize. This is done in the hopes that Partnerize would be able to more correctly estimate the number of conversions that were attributed to affiliates. Imagine for a moment that you don't care to keep an eye on the method in which your conversions are being recorded. If this is the case, you may be overpaying for a variety of reasons, some of which include neglecting to cancel refunds, paying out on codes that shouldn't be credited to affiliates, and currency conversions. Partnerize's performance in the area of providing customer support is below average. The support staff were not helpful in either giving a solution to a complex tracking issue or in recognizing the issue itself as the source of the difficulty. Our email system required support for several languages as well as the capacity to arrange messages according to language; unfortunately, the most recent update to the product did not successfully support either of these capabilities. Our email system also required the ability to categorize messages according to language. There are several functionalities that are not readily accessible with the API that is currently provided. - Jeroen J.
In the past, Partnerize assisted me in getting started in affiliate marketing without applying any pressure, which was something that I found to be quite beneficial as a newbie who was just testing the waters. I also like the fact that the platform has a solid reputation and is well recognized. Partnerize is a dependable tracking platform that is able to provide in-depth data. Utilizing a GTM template may make integration simple and speed up the process. You may access data that is not shown in the product user interface by using an API that is accessible. Keeping track of referred traffic from affiliates, influencers, and other relationships, as well as paying out commissions on such traffic. Email correspondence with these parties is being maintained. They operate a sizable affiliate network and have just acquired Pepperjam. You have the option of managing the account yourself, or you may have it handled by a third party. They have really helpful and kind support staff! They are offering a means through which we may monitor the commissions earned by our affiliates and administer our affiliate program. Because of this, we are able to contact with our affiliates and provide the required customer assistance. - Kate W.
They are a wonderful bunch of individuals, but the price for managed services may be rather high, particularly if you have a large number of discount websites. I will now be managing our own account in order to make advantage of their extensive network, and I will also begin constructing our own affiliate network. I think it would be great if the "terms" of the Advertiser platform in Partnerize were a little bit simpler to accept, or if they could be manually activated and deactivated. Logging in and accepting new conditions on a consistent basis might, at times, seem a little bit monotonous. The CSV outputs have room for improvement. There are certain peculiar things that I do not appreciate. Additionally, the mobile version of the site, which may be used to monitor the speed, is not very impressive. Despite the fact that the platform provides versatility, navigating its outmoded user interface and convoluted menu structure may be a time-consuming endeavor. The procedure of signing up was complicated, and it took some time to have access to all of the capabilities, such as joining new campaigns. Reading is virtually made impossible by the hue of the dashboard. - Leonardo Y.
It's really great how The interface of Partnerize is really simple and straightforward. Their platform, in and of itself, is extremely understandable. The customer service personnel at Partnerize are always cheerful, helpful, and easy to speak with. Furthermore, they are always eager to assist customers in need. When it comes to seeing merchant connections, arranging terms, and getting contact information for the relevant accounts, Partnerize has proven to be an excellent tool for our business to use. It seems that the technique is rather reliable. The tracking is above the industry standard, and the advertisers are among the top 10 businesses in our industry. It allows us to interact with advertisements from A-brand companies. In addition to that, it is responsible for monitoring as well as reporting. Additionally, in the event that there are any problems, they are extremely quick to respond, and we have an excellent publisher manager. With the help of the Partnerize platform, we are able to implement an integrated affiliate marketing strategy internally. Partnerize makes it easier for us to preserve the loyalty of our customers, which is very important in the current CPG industry. The landscape of eCommerce is always changing, and the platform enables us to advertise our items to new consumer categories and encourage buy from more specialized client groups. Additionally, the platform enables us to adapt to these changes. - Melissa D.
The colors on the dashboard are much too vibrant and do not provide the ideal user interface or user experience. When seeking to join your program, partners may get confused because of the similarities between Partnerize and Pepperjam. New users may find it difficult to navigate and understand how to utilize the site. It would be nice if some of the reporting capabilities built into the platform were a little bit better developed. Things like an incrememntality report or even greater information into sub-affiliate networks would be beneficial. The reporting process is convoluted and makes it difficult to extract useful information. Insufficient visibility in subaffiliate partnership arrangements. The requirement that all creative works be uploaded is one that I find annoying. Other platforms have the ability to send a link that is external to the platform that leads to a creativity building affiliate network. - Jan U.

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Partnerize average reviews

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Partnerize Pros&Cons


  • Easy setup
  • Comprehensive insights
  • Fraud protection


  • Complicated setup process
  • High implementation cost
  • Limited customer support

Partnerize Final Conclusions

Partnerize offers cutting-edge tools and services to its partners in order to facilitate the development of their online enterprises. The evaluations indicate that the company's products and services assist customers in a number of different ways. Numerous customers have complained about support issues such as slow response times and extended deadlines for the resolution of problems.

The number of complaints has much beyond what would be expected. You should make the effort to study reviews and give some thought to both the positives and negatives associated with Partnerize before commencing business with the company.

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