Perform [cb] Review: Pricing, Features & More

The Perform[cb] is the first advertiser full-funnel digital customer generation tool set. Perform[cb] combines a highly intelligent customer acquisition platform (CAP) with a wide variety of specialist services and a carefully curated marketplace to revolutionize advertiser client acquisition. The system gives marketers the strategies, data, and insights they need to make fast, educated advertising budget choices. This breakthrough technique, supported by proprietary technology, has revolutionized digital marketing by providing “always-on” ROAS.
Perform [cb] Review: Pricing, Features & More

Perform [cb] overview

Perform [cb] think larger in everything they do, from the return on investment (ROI) they provide to their clients to the culture they cultivate for their team members to the technology they produce. In addition to the fact that it consistently aims for perfection in its own performance, Perform[cb] also expects quality from other companies and organizations in its field. It is continuously working to enhance and innovate compliance, procedures, and technology, as well as anything else that might eventually have an effect on performance. Perform[cb] is an activity that never stops moving.

The Perform [cb] crew is hardworking, proactive, and resourceful, much like a beehive. It will treat your brand like the one-of-a-kind business that it is, with a bespoke playbook that utilizes proven growth-hacking strategies. These strategies have shown its customers a threefold increase in income and a tenfold increase in return on advertising spend. All of this will take place while maintaining 24/7 compliance to keep your program clean.

At any one time, every team and team member in its affiliate marketing agency contributes value to your account. This includes affiliate program administration, leadership, compliance, and everyone in between. This provides you with 360-degree coverage for all of the complexities associated with partnerships and affiliates. In a nutshell, the active bees working on your account at Perform[cb] are continually adding value to it. A pay-for-performance approach, rather than a retainer, is used to ensure that all of this is carried out in accordance with the standards of the industry.

What Perform [cb] has to say about itself

Perform[cb] firm is a full-service digital marketing firm that focuses on assisting companies in maximizing their efforts in the digital domain. The agency's name comes from the fact that it performs all of its services in-house. They provide a package of services that, between them, cover pretty much every facet of digital marketing, and they're backed by a staff of seasoned individuals who are experts in the field. Perform[cb] has many different features. Their areas of competence include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing, amongst others.

No matter what their objectives may be, customers of Perform[cb] may always anticipate receiving the best level of service from the company. You can try and make sure of it. The firm will put in a lot of effort to design a plan that not only meets but also surpasses expectations. This includes developing a customized strategy for enhancing search ranks as well as increasing the brand's presence on social media. Not only do they have expertise dealing with a wide range of customers in a number of sectors, but Perform[cb] also takes great satisfaction in the fact that it is one of the most successful agencies when it comes to the practice of affiliate marketing.

Because the team is aware of the specific requirements that are associated with affiliate marketing, the techniques that they use are centered on attracting the appropriate kinds of traffic to their client's websites in an effort to optimize those customers' revenues. Perform[cb] is able to achieve unparalleled levels of measurable success in the market because of the innovative tools and tried-and-true strategies that it employs.

Perform [cb] Review

Year Started2002
Service AreasUSA, EU
Service TypesPerform[cb] offers performance marketing, affiliate marketing, digital media purchasing, SEO, and social media marketing. They maximize ROI for customers through data-driven performance tactics. From performance audits to competition studies, they provide consultancy services. You can call to support service to learn more details.
FeaturesMarketers solutions, affiliate program management and agency services, customer acquisition platform, vertical expertise, brand safety and marketing compliance, digital fraud protection, become a marketer
CertificationsIBCCES, ASD

Perform [cb] price policy

Perform[cb] provides a variety of tiers to accommodate a wide range of client requirements. Access to fundamental performance measurements as well as automated performance enhancements are included with the basic subscription. The Professional plan includes unrestricted access to performance reports, granular control over warnings, and comprehensive optimization of dynamic content. The Enterprise membership caters specifically to business enterprises and their employees. Access to our team of performance specialists, who are able to assist in diagnosing and improving performance problems, is included, as well as multi-user logins, the ability to produce custom reports, sophisticated tracking tools, and advanced tracking capabilities.
PackagesPerform[cb] has an individual approach to each company. You must contact support to find the right rate.
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, ACH/direct debit, ePFP
Payment discountsPerform[cb] offers a variety of discount options and periodically offers promotional discounts and sales on its services.

Perform [cb] online reputation

Perform[cb] is an all-in-one CRM solution for enterprises of all sizes. Customer reviews indicate that people like the product and support. Customers commend the product's simplicity of use, automation, reporting and analytics, and system integration. Despite these advantages, some users have complained about the system's customer support and customization opportunities.
Perform[cb], which was formerly known as Clickbooth, has been actively participating in the industry for the last ten years. The most beneficial aspect of Perform[cb] is that it offers customized and curated strategic plans to its clients in order to improve their network and performance in the market. Additionally, it makes it possible for businesses to attract new customers via a variety of digital channels by using a pay-for-performance model. Perform [cb] is a wonderful business associate to have. They are in charge of managing our Affiliate program, which they have contributed to expanding over the previous two to three years. To this day / over the whole of my time spent dealing with them, it has proven to be an excellent business partner for us. We were able to develop our company and increase our reach by adopting new techniques, all thanks to excellent account management and creative thinking. Would definitely suggest to others! - Elza S.
We would want to see some further work done on the add-on for the product called External Referral Links. This would enable lead capture forms to be placed on a different website, but they would report back to the site that has Perform[cb] installed. The workflow that is already in place makes it possible for referral traffic to come from Site B, be connected to Site A, and contain the appropriate tracking all the way through the process. We are interested in seeing whether there is a method for transactions to take place at Site B and just report through API back to Site A, which is where Perform[cb] is installed. For example, if Site B has a lead capture form and the user completes the form on Site B, the user should remain on Site B; nevertheless, the affiliate should be credited for the install of Perform[cb] on Site A. - Lily U.
Users are now able to connect directly to the marketers of a product or service via channel partners that are knowledgeable in all types of digital marketing thanks to Perform[cb], which has made this capability feasible. These channel partners are also capable of generating high-quality traffic on a pay-per-performance basis via channels such as native, social, mobile, display, email, search, and contextual advertising. Because of this, companies are able to boost the number of people using their products and, therefore, their revenue. Perform[cb] is an excellent tool for earning cash from websites and blogs since it is easy to use, can be set up in a short amount of time, and delivers the desired results. It makes it possible for companies to earn income in markets in which they had previously been unable to do so successfully. When it was first made available to the public, Perform[cb] made available a broad range of revenue streams that had not been used before. - Anastacia W.
The price is one of the drawbacks associated with using Perform[cb]. This affiliate management platform is among the most costly of those that are currently available. In addition, there is room for improvement in the customer service department in terms of both the response time and the quality of the responses. Modifications are difficult to make. We would want to make some changes, but we have not received any direction on how to proceed. It was quite annoying that the fact that other plugins would be required in order to achieve an entire integration that covered subdomains was not even addressed. In the beginning, it may seem like there is a lot of configuration to do, but I think that is the case with any program that is equivalent. Because it's a plugin, making changes to things that seem like they should be straightforward but are really rather intricate might be challenging at times. Even though it's not very common, this problem might sometimes arise. - Jessica I.
There is probably the most variety of deals available out of all the networks that I am a member of. I was successful in locating the most lucrative offers and commissions in a wide array of specialized markets. My personal job was able to be more productive because to the assistance provided by Perform [cb]. It hasn't given me any trouble in any way at all. One of the perks is that it makes the work that I do easier. Some respectable affiliates are part of their network, and they have effective tracking capabilities. Achieve higher levels of traffic and revenues. Excellent results using a plugin for affiliate programs. I was able to locate the majority of the possibilities that would lead to the success of the affiliate website, such as the points system, wallet, and affiliate user dashboard. It is incredible what this program is capable of doing and how little interaction is required. Because it automates a significant portion of the laborious work that is associated with managing affiliates, it enables me to concentrate on what is really essential. - Jason T.
There are occasions when I discover that it does not appropriately track an affiliate referral based on an affiliate discount code. It was difficult to configure the bulk payments, and the material that was available at the time was a little out of date. Nonetheless, I was able to figure it out in the end! In addition to this, the explanations about recurring payments and commissions were a little bit unclear. Because of the many personalization options available, the product might sometimes lose its straightforward nature. The affiliate dashboard is delivered unstyled out of the box and has very little room for customization. It would be wonderful if it came pre-packaged with some lovely style options already applied. I really wish that paying out affiliates from inside the program itself was a simpler process. My one and only recommendation would be to maybe include more appealing out-of-the-box layout for the pages that make up the affiliate section. In order to salvage the appearance of those pages, I added some custom styles. - Jennifer B.
Perform [cb] is a wonderful option for anybody searching for an affiliate management system that is not only comprehensive but also easily adaptable and user-friendly. Although the price is rather exorbitant, the functionality and ease of use more than justify the investment. Perform [cb] is an exceptionally potent and user-friendly affiliate management system. It is quite easy to set up, and the user interface makes it simple to customize the system so that it meets your requirements. The monitoring and reporting options are extensive, and as a result, they provide deep insights into the success of the affiliates. A further significant advantage is the opportunity to personalize both the referral links and the email alerts. The beginning has gotten off to an excellent start. There are certain adjustments that we would want to make, but we have not received a response on what is required. - Mat U.
There are times when we are faced with momentary issues, but the help that we get is excellent, and we are able to quickly move beyond any problems. Because there is neither a free version nor a free trial, you will have to exercise some confidence in order to proceed, but doing some research should set your mind at rest. There have been several problems for us. Despite the fact that the support team made an effort to assist us, the problems persist. It is difficult to customize the GUI to exactly meet the requirements. I believe that providing documentation of the tags and CSS will make it easier to customize the design and make it responsive across a variety of devices. I purchased your product as a result of the LINKS that you promoted; but, what the hell value are such links if the affiliate can't make use of them to convince others to utilize the product without requiring them to enter a code? It serves no use to provide a URL if they are also required to enter a code after that. Should not be difficult to carry through. Always deletes my set up backend emails, forcing me to start from scratch again and over and over again. - Tiffany G.
Following nearly a month of research into the many possibilities for running my own affiliate network, I came to the conclusion that Perform [cb] was the most suitable choice available on the market for those who, like me, were unfamiliar with the workings of software of this sort. It was a huge comfort to have customer service look out for my best interests on many occasions. The fact that this software could easily be integrated with WooCommerce was a pretty strong point in its favor. From a management standpoint, everything is quite clear and simple, and it is not difficult to keep track of everything. That is something I have a lot of gratitude for. You just need to configure it once and then put it out of your mind. There are a lot of very nice features that our affiliates don't seem to be using, but the aspects that they do use seem to operate well and give a good value for the cost. There are a lot of pretty cool features that our affiliates don't appear to be utilizing. - Serena W.
It comes at a hefty price. It's possible that the cost is reasonable, but it would be a significant obstacle for smaller companies. A more feature-packed dashboard for affiliates is something I'd want to see in the future. All of the many choices that may be made are somewhat of a con, but I'm not sure whether that's a very significant drawback. It really drove me to figure out what functions I need for the project and how to apply the Perform[cb] plugin in the most effective manner for what I wanted to do. Ultimately, it helped me identify what functions I need for the project. The easiest way for me to express it would be to say that I had too many options to choose from, which is not always a negative thing. The process through which we generate our monthly reports might proceed more quickly and easily. The way things are done right now aren't terrible. However, it is not particularly user-friendly and may be confusing at times. Affiliates, for their part, likewise find the reports on their end to be rather unclear. It is necessary for us to guide them through the process of locating and comprehending what they are seeing. I believe that the status of "forced pending" on new transactions is the primary source of the most of this uncertainty. We do not want to provide a refund or credit for a purchase until the specified time period for returns has elapsed. - Michelle H.

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Perform [cb] Pros&Cons


  • Improve productivity
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automate many tasks


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to learn and understand the system
  • System can be prone to errors

Perform [cb] Final Conclusions

The organization Perform[cb] has received accolades for its outstanding customer service as well as its comprehensive training and extensive expertise. Customers have nonetheless noted that the company's pricing structure might result in expenses that are greater than anticipated, that the company can be sluggish in reacting to consumer queries, and that the quality of some services can differ from customer to customer.

In general, Perform[cb] seems to be a trustworthy and dependable firm; nevertheless, buyers should be aware that there may be extra or hidden expenses associated with their purchases.

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